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Mega Pokemon don't exist, but if they did, which one would win? This video gives commentary and explains why some of the things in the animation by TerminalMontage, happen.
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01:20 Explaining Begins
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17-Apr, 2021



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TerminalMontage 21 kun oldin
Thank you for the amusing script! I enjoyed bringing it to life! These collabs are always a blast! :D
Instinct-C-964 _YT
Instinct-C-964 _YT 4 kun oldin
Make Dynamax Royale
Josh 4 kun oldin
When will the Gen 8 battle royale update happen?
TruecarioZ 4 kun oldin
Please more of these pokemon battles
Aarón Sánchez
Aarón Sánchez 5 kun oldin
Why didn't Mega Lopunny appear? :(
Lil Stuff Of The Randomness
The sceptile bit was so funny
Ghalaghor McAllistor
I'm going to subscribe to you just so I can unsubscribe. What a time wasting clickbait only to wonder why you were there at the end of a previously empty video. And how did you suddenly appear out of nowhere anyway?
SwagDaddyFish 8 soat oldin
Now I never want to mega evolv my pkmn now 🤣🤣🤣
Jakub Ziarno
Jakub Ziarno 9 soat oldin
I feel kinda bad for Mega Agronn...
SharkzillaBoi Lol
SharkzillaBoi Lol 12 soat oldin
A multiple ending of mega aerodactly Normal ending:you got spared by ultra beast Good ending:you joined the party in ultra beast Bad ending:you died ;-; Best ending:you can back to the earth and kill mega rayquazza and you will be everyone fav pokemon Worts ending:you losed and the dev of pokemon deleting you
SharkzillaBoi Lol
SharkzillaBoi Lol 13 soat oldin
Latios and latias have best spiderman meme XD
Caleb Malone
Caleb Malone 22 soat oldin
So technically Alakazam is speedrunner Mario?
John Ulryck Mercado
tbh the reason why rayquaza won is prob not about its power but about its wieght like a Giant dragon is VERY HEAVY
Astroboy Kun oldin
MegaKabuteriMon Could have win!
Reyli Echeverria
You guys should do dynamax Pokémon
super gamer
super gamer 2 kun oldin
Audino is a nurse Oh no a injured pokemon Terminal montage : hit it whit a medkit
TimBTB 2 kun oldin
Mega Evolution really is messed up.
Damion Gonzalo
Damion Gonzalo 2 kun oldin
I was just happy that Mewtwo didn't get to just mow down everything in its path. That kinda ruined the legendary video for me
chaotixninja5 2 kun oldin
Okay, you guys NEED to do a Digimon Battle Royal at this point now. COME ON!!!
Spectre Dan
Spectre Dan 2 kun oldin
What amuses me is like. Most of the Mega dex entries are from Sun and Moon where they seemed to be insisting that mega evolution was extremely extremely painful and bad and evil.
Black iron Walterkus
so did you guys forget about Groudon and kyogre or do primal forms not count?
Luigicat11 3 kun oldin
So since we're doing stuff that's obviously not canon, will there be a Delta Pokémon Battle Royale? Maybe a Nuclear Pokémon Battle Royale?
Free Hugs
Free Hugs 3 kun oldin
So I take it the next one is going to be a gigantamax king of the monsters type deal
Pat Ryk
Pat Ryk 4 kun oldin
10:14 and nokia's
Ivbrem Kinjardii
Ivbrem Kinjardii 4 kun oldin
now i wonder how gigantamax mon vs mega mon would go....
Zimo CASTLE RAIDER 4 kun oldin
This was just a master piece
Tooth-Filled Void
Tooth-Filled Void 5 kun oldin
This is a Kids game everyone.
A A 5 kun oldin
The only thing is if Mega Rayquaza used dragon tail at the end, that would not effect any of the fairy megas. Plus Mega Audino's mega special shows when Mega Charizard X even tries to them, Mega Audino just emits a pulse that puts them to sleep
Lorenz 5 kun oldin
I would like to think that Mega Evolution or Zmoves doesn't exist in Sword and Shield just because Galar is too far away to be affected by the radiation from infinity energy and Z-power; or Dynamax energy radiation just cancels them both out.
DINOMAN THE GOD 5 kun oldin
Funny amogus abamasnow
Jace The Inktoling
Jace The Inktoling 5 kun oldin
Another about Rayquaza. I saw how T.M made the size of his tail and it you look at how tall Rayquaza is.....you'd be better off facing against Mega Gyarados or being captured my Mega Gengar.
Miss Pika Pika
Miss Pika Pika 6 kun oldin
Now they gotta do gigantamax next
Daniel Araújo Viana
Understood the reference of the ghost hunters the first time I watched the video this text was translated by google, any error is because of that, i'm from Brazil
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 6 kun oldin
So when a houndoom melts, I guess you could call it... A hot dog?
Penki 225
Penki 225 6 kun oldin
12:43 Yeah, but the mental can still be atacked
Ethan Unglesbee
Ethan Unglesbee 7 kun oldin
I like how at the end it acts like it's gonna be a cool epic underdog story against the God of the sky and he just crushes them.
K Jayanth
K Jayanth 7 kun oldin
Nice video keep it up make more related videos
Hero of the winds
Hero of the winds 7 kun oldin
Idea for the next Battle Royal: Gigantamax Battle Royal
dragonmasterjung 7 kun oldin
how rare is megarayquazaex cuz i have one
Hunter Huang
Hunter Huang 7 kun oldin
this guy's voice is too annoying
Jordan wang
Jordan wang 8 kun oldin
I dont get why mega rayquaza is in this but Mega groudon and mega kyogre aren't?
Woomy Kun oldin
they are primal forms. not megas
Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno 8 kun oldin
Woomy Kun oldin
battle bond greninja isn't a mega.
SirSaBen 8 kun oldin
Rayquaza has a sign in the hands and it says: Megas are cut from Sword and Shield
Not Infinity
Not Infinity 8 kun oldin
I just saw that the trash can turns into ash
Hritam Sharma
Hritam Sharma 8 kun oldin
So that lightning was manectric .I thought rotom got mega evolution 😅😅
Mamta Kumari
Mamta Kumari 8 kun oldin
zm for life
zm for life 8 kun oldin
Primal groudon and primal kyogre: am i a joke to u
AnthonyD1318 8 kun oldin
I’ve never read mega dex entries and oh my god are they dark lmao
Tom Jurevics
Tom Jurevics 8 kun oldin
I bet next one is going to be ULTRA BEASTS BATTLE ROYALE
Angel Carrillo
Angel Carrillo 9 kun oldin
Mega pokemon?
Soggy Tamales
Soggy Tamales 9 kun oldin
I Just had the teeth dream and I am at least 40% convinced that you helped bring it on.
Alona Dekel
Alona Dekel 9 kun oldin
To Mega Evolve In OrAs The Animation Starts As A Breaking Meteor And Then The Mega Evolve Logo Appears On Top
Alona Dekel
Alona Dekel 9 kun oldin
Mega Rayquaza’s Tea Party Invitations: Mega Diancie
brr.its.cold 9 kun oldin
Y'all did Sceptile dirty
Saul SD.
Saul SD. 9 kun oldin
No se Inglés, que dice ahí:(
Bekah Sp
Bekah Sp 10 kun oldin
Mega? Pokemon? They don't exist right?
Kamilo Muliaga
Kamilo Muliaga 10 kun oldin
Meh sharks are use to lossing louds of teeth so mega Shapido can handle it
Tinka van der GAARDEN
Yu-gi-oh style no no no thats goku not yu-gi-oh
Tab Grey
Tab Grey 10 kun oldin
Actually Mega Audino won worlds cause the best deck at the time had an hp average of 30-60
LEVIATAN 10 kun oldin
Swampert merecía ganar
Güijilope 10 kun oldin
Now I have a question... Maybe is dumb, maybe everyone asked it before, but I need to ask it. ¿Wishiwashi count as a mega? ¿As two different pokes? ¿As an evo? ¿Doesn't count? Because.... Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh GOD, that is radically different, O, M, G. Turns a dumb fish into a SEA MONSTER, the stats also CHANGE A Lot.... So, for me... Is a MEGA. Because... Wishi also "De-evolve" Weirder thing had happened in pokémon... Turn upside down to evolve. Have 1 PS and cross THIS SPECIFIC SITE. Evolve if: You send THIS ODDLY SPECIFIC POKEMON OR Only if I send you THIS POKÉMON with this EVEN ODDLY WEIRD OBJECT. Evolves BY LOVE. By BEAUTY. By the DAYTIME. ... ... ... ¿Why ONE POKÉMON couldn't be able to MEGA EVOLVE by ITSELF? Maybe that "Aura" (lore of sun and moon, not lore of the pokémon) is the MEGA-FORCE. maybe the "Ultra-portal" had give him the force to MEGAEVOLVE. ¿Don't you think? So, to me, WISHIWASHI IS A MEGA, ¿and you? ¿What do you think? ¡¡Chaoo!! ;-)
Kids DeMott
Kids DeMott 10 kun oldin
Khan F
Khan F 10 kun oldin
Thanks amazing video
Bhone paing Khant Youtuber
MOONWATCHER 404 10 kun oldin
*“Well it’s not as bad as poor Absolute who becomes a Deviant-art oc Karen-zone Guardian Angel.”* As a Devianart user myself, it’s almost sad but hilarious how accurate this is. 😂
Cassie 11 kun oldin
That entire animation could be summed up as "Rayquaza, duh."
Adrian Tenorio
Adrian Tenorio 11 kun oldin
I'm knon
Cassie 11 kun oldin
Tbh,I thought Mega Glaile transformed into a pile of snow
Michal Zienkiewicz
Michal Zienkiewicz 11 kun oldin
so, mega evolution is literally post chernobyl lul
Reena Diwakar
Reena Diwakar 11 kun oldin
17:26 I have that same mega rayquaza ex card but I am not interested in playing Pokemon tcg
EthanTheProGamer 11 kun oldin
Next time there gonna make gigamax
Kathryn Langlois
Kathryn Langlois 11 kun oldin
"There's canonically only one Mewtwo" Are you not counting the Genesect movie as canon for some reason? There's two. No need to nostalgia glasses Mewtwo.
max camargo111
max camargo111 11 kun oldin
So, based in the pokedex entry, Mega Alakazam should have 5 base attack and defense, and over 200 base special attack and special defense
minij hooi
minij hooi 11 kun oldin
Mega aerodactyl’s dex entry is one of the most metal/hardcore things I’ve seen
ashen 11 kun oldin
thw ype
thw ype 11 kun oldin
Finally, mega audino getting some light.. one of my fav underated forgotten Pokémon’s
minij hooi
minij hooi 11 kun oldin
Up next: either regional variants battle royale, where only Alolan and Galatian variants fight, or all gigantaamx pokemon
J 11 kun oldin
You did my boy blaziken dirty.
Sebastian Dominguez
Sebastian Dominguez 12 kun oldin
Lockstin Lockstin Good News There's gonna Be A Loud House Movie IN THIS SUMMER ON NETFLIX And Sorry For Screaming😓 But i Like Your You Tude Video's
Conner Sauchuk
Conner Sauchuk 12 kun oldin
How about gigantamax pokemon next?
IIsatomi3ii 12 kun oldin
Oh my god i didnt know mega evolution wad painful for the pokemon!
Jobis The Worst
Jobis The Worst 12 kun oldin
Hear me out, fakemon royale. You take fakemon from interesting fakemon regions like subjectively’s mazah region (subscribe to subjectively btw) and pit the fakemon against eachother, and if you are reading this nogin man please ask the people for permission to use their fakemon I don’t want you to get into any drama
Surfermario 12 kun oldin
So if i understand mega evolution it's like going super sayian except more painful.
Lucas Edmondson
Lucas Edmondson 12 kun oldin
Gengar should have won it is a GHOST!!!
Oh Hoon Hoon
Oh Hoon Hoon 12 kun oldin
Tbh,I thought Mega Glaile transformed into a pile of snow
Oh Hoon Hoon
Oh Hoon Hoon 12 kun oldin
Yeah but heracross can yeet Rayquaza into the Sun if he can hurl Mewtwo,Tyranitar,Aggron, Steelix,and Diance's crystal into space
Jenna Proulx
Jenna Proulx 12 kun oldin
Wait why does leave throws poke balls at people
paco ramon
paco ramon 12 kun oldin
9:20 That was a great detail.
Pranav J pillai
Pranav J pillai 12 kun oldin
The pain thing,they probably just tried to make people hate megas😂to remove it and replace it with trash,but it badly and no one hated it for these stupid entries and I don't even care about😂
navlesh bansiwal
navlesh bansiwal 12 kun oldin
next video on gigantamax pokemon battle royale
Jessica Blackcat
Jessica Blackcat 12 kun oldin
It is always funtertaining watching both the battle royales and the explanation videos! I actually do be learning from these videos
Kristaps Keiss
Kristaps Keiss 12 kun oldin
Up next: either regional variants battle royale, where only Alolan and Galatian variants fight, or all gigantaamx pokemon
nathan reebenacker
nathan reebenacker 12 kun oldin
What's better, obamasnow or a-bomb-of-snow?
Matthew Navavrrete
Matthew Navavrrete 13 kun oldin
Has he done ultra beast?
Mega Lucario
Mega Lucario 13 kun oldin
12:12 death of breaking everything
Maria Hidalgo
Maria Hidalgo 13 kun oldin
, 🍃🌿🌾🌵🌴🌳🌲🌱☘️🍀🍁🍂
Morella Továr
Morella Továr 13 kun oldin
Brimblam 13 kun oldin
Honestly dude props to Blastoise for managing to at least go mono a mono with Aggron even after being pierced
Skedar Itou
Skedar Itou 13 kun oldin
not accurate , You need to research mass relation to speed and photons if speed ligth you can chase or touch
Ali Jaffar
Ali Jaffar 13 kun oldin
Jason Yanes
Jason Yanes 13 kun oldin
I'd love to see a godzilla esk epic pokemon gigantomax battle royale!
44starz 13 kun oldin
Mawile :(
Jayson Silva
Jayson Silva 13 kun oldin
This was great! I love seeing people use the Pokedex entries into full and literal videos. My question is, will there be a Pokemon Gigantamax Battle Royale?
Tracer 13 kun oldin
4:16 editor is stupid and he didnt knew he meant the meme where spider man points on spider man facepalm
YEET Lord 13 kun oldin
Anubhav Patel
Anubhav Patel 13 kun oldin
let's just all unanimously agree that mega rayquaza is a banger and unstoppable force of nature! XD
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