Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!? 

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12-Apr, 2021



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Mrwhosetheboss 27 kun oldin
Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: uzblock.info/post/video/t66No4KQnnmSfHE.html
Ozan 2 kun oldin
Tell me this. Would you buy a BMW or a Toyota if everything is the same, including price, performance, fuel consumption, design etc?
Noor Jahan
Noor Jahan 19 kun oldin
Abhishek Kumar Ojha
Abhishek Kumar Ojha 20 kun oldin
I think one major aspect where samsung just leads the way is security. Samsung's One UI is one of the most security oriented android skin if not the best(for me it is). One of the costliest thing today is our data. This pro of Samsung outworks all its cons, I think so. You may disagree with me, well it's okay. But, this is what I experienced. I do not have world class knowledge in this sector, but tried to put up whatever I thought is important. Thanks
MR_ AZIM_SARKAR 21 kun oldin
Plz Mi 11 Pro video
100_Yash Patil
100_Yash Patil 21 kun oldin
Please make small video under 10 min . It will be good to watch
ChefJakob 4 daqiqa oldin
the falling on the face line got me, has happened a couple times with my note 20 ultra lol.
Dalwinder Singh
Dalwinder Singh 8 daqiqa oldin
No bro xiomi 😂 never beat Samsung 😎👍👍
Ismael Valdivia
Ismael Valdivia 20 daqiqa oldin
chinese phones are a piece of crap
Adam Dawe
Adam Dawe 57 daqiqa oldin
I call bullshit
Tammana Sultana
Tammana Sultana Soat oldin
I might have missed the price mentioning. How much is it?
colintx800 Soat oldin
Bring back phones with removable backs!!!
LegendGamer10 mushfiq
I swear i saw rick astley there. LOLLLL
azif r
azif r Soat oldin
steve duman
steve duman 2 soat oldin
Bla..bla..bla.. bla.
Anuruddhika Jayasampath
wow 7.15M subs. all i have to do is.....................................
Mikey Pee
Mikey Pee 2 soat oldin
I drop my phone on my face All the time😂🙄👍
Ty Key
Ty Key 3 soat oldin
Donations lol
Joy Miller
Joy Miller 3 soat oldin
All it needs is a spen lol
Joy Miller
Joy Miller 3 soat oldin
It looks awesome
Usama Irfan
Usama Irfan 4 soat oldin
that intro animation 😲 how did you do that 😍
Pranav Tanwar
Pranav Tanwar 4 soat oldin
After watching this I got in love the s21 even more, I don’t know why😅
e e
e e 4 soat oldin
5:02 Never gonna let you down
Xenon 5 soat oldin
Raj Kiran
Raj Kiran 5 soat oldin
Full camera comparison of S21 ultra vs OP 9 pro vs MI 11 ultra vs IPhone 12 PM
Raj Kiran
Raj Kiran 5 soat oldin
Make a battery drain test MI 11 ultra ,S21 ultra ,One plus 9 pro and iPhone 12 pro max with all specs maxed out
Anubis RubberFox
Anubis RubberFox 6 soat oldin
*Smirks* That's what she said... Cute.
ALEXANDERCRETA1 6 soat oldin
Xiaomi have kill the competition...
CJ 7 soat oldin
Your subscription ratio to nonsubscription ratio is far higher than the average channel. Just be happy with that.
David Allen
David Allen 7 soat oldin
Which camera is best for jewelry photos? Thanks
Alvaro Pires
Alvaro Pires 7 soat oldin
seems a good mobile phone - but until they can emulate the same responsiveness on the finger print scanner and develop their software to be as good - ill stick with Samsung (and i still use a S7 but probably will change this year because the battery is starting to reach its end)
José Ribamar Pinheiro Barbosa
piu piu piu piu
SuperColoraby 7 soat oldin
when you drop even with or without the case the camaras will scratch.
Firefly 8 soat oldin
I still think without being able to hold both I'd likely go with samsung, and not just because I'm a previous user. I think it looks better and some of the slight edges that the xiaomi has don't really matter to me and the better zoom and macro of the samsung even with my limited used of the camera is a big plus for me.
Vukašin Đorđević
All I want is a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact but it is not available anywhere :(
schef-0-saurus 8 soat oldin
0:57 slow it down
Slogo 9 soat oldin
I already know S21 ultra is better first company who made screen devices
Madan A M
Madan A M 10 soat oldin
If "PRIVACY" had a points XIAOMI would left the competition. Hurts typing these words with MI phone.....
Isaac Crewoom
Isaac Crewoom 10 soat oldin
thanks to jackhacks04 on Instagram , you have done a wonderful job to me ,I lost my account one year ago and my account is recover back to me.thank you so much for your help.
Isaac Crewoom
Isaac Crewoom 10 soat oldin
thanks to jackhacks04 on Instagram , you have done a wonderful job to me ,I lost my account one year ago and my account is recover back to me.thank you so much for your help.
Dariusz Chmieła
Dariusz Chmieła 10 soat oldin
Xiaomi mi 11 burns down, so it is a killer of it's self :)
Superby 10 soat oldin
Did we just get rick rolled by mr whosethe boss
Luis Enrique Lander
Luis Enrique Lander 10 soat oldin
Almost 7 mil subs...damn i remember when you hit 50k subs lol.
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 10 soat oldin
prob has spyware in it
Faris Amran
Faris Amran 11 soat oldin
After xiomi wins in this video, people still praise samsung,, Good work people On my way to buy dslr
Karushifa 11 soat oldin
Still into edge panel
Liam Blumeris
Liam Blumeris 11 soat oldin
Love the that's what she said shout out
Taruna 12 soat oldin
Why don't you gift me a phone ..❤️
ラモン 12 soat oldin
Finally, English title video with English speaking host.😂👌🏼 Btw.. My Redmi Note 7 side buttons powerflex kinda poor quality its now broken. I just got this for a year 😒😒 but the performance is 10/10
Abeselom Lemma
Abeselom Lemma 12 soat oldin
Subscribed cus you deserve more than 50/50. Great review
Isaac P
Isaac P 13 soat oldin
It's Chinese tech, so that's a no for me.
Tomislav Krsic
Tomislav Krsic 13 soat oldin
Too expensive!
BRODYAGA - STANDOFF 2 13 soat oldin
11 ultra 👍
Eric Chavez
Eric Chavez 13 soat oldin
Why buy from this company when it has ties to Chinese Military? Makes sense when u said its trying take over the world at 1:00 lol..
Kale Bowman
Kale Bowman 13 soat oldin
I still think that samsung Is better because I love samsung🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😁😆😃😀🙈👻🤡
Jahan Akh
Jahan Akh 14 soat oldin
Ok the way the video is titled looks like a click bait and that Samsung is killed. Really.
Jason Lilli
Jason Lilli 14 soat oldin
The biggest issue in the US is the price. I'd have to pay 1200 for this and can get the s21 ultra through a carrier for half price.
Igor Escobar
Igor Escobar 14 soat oldin
Mi 11? Nah, gonna wait 3 months for the Mi 37.
Play 4 Fun
Play 4 Fun 14 soat oldin
xiaomi and samsung fighting for the top apple at the top be like 0_0
Extromnia Studios
Extromnia Studios 15 soat oldin
We have Xiaomi CCTV cameras too lol.
Binod 15 soat oldin
Saad Ahmed Khan
Saad Ahmed Khan 15 soat oldin
can you gift me ??
BABA MAT BOL 15 soat oldin
Lasha Ibrahim
Lasha Ibrahim 16 soat oldin
When he said this is going to kill Samsung I laughed so hard I fell 🤣
The Sky Walker
The Sky Walker 16 soat oldin
the back and the brand is the reason why samsung will live. Ngl, not so many people trust chinese brands if not because for the cheap price :v
Steven Re
Steven Re 16 soat oldin
*i eat samsungs for breakfast*
Xxxx Big Rich
Xxxx Big Rich 16 soat oldin
Yeah but I live in NYC and I still haven't seen the X phone here! Is it coming to TMobile or Verizon
Parag Soni
Parag Soni 16 soat oldin
What a beautiful phone is this. I really would love to feel i my hand with tradein S21 Ultra. Flagship companies have their own music of T&C. I had bitter experience with Samsung while buying S21 Ultra and loose extra money while ordering a Samsung Case, they do not accept return if you order s21 plus cover by mistake. They have weird model name so this mastake happens
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma 17 soat oldin
iPhone 6s with vivid mode - HOLD MY BEER !
Danial Ahmdi
Danial Ahmdi 17 soat oldin
y u rickroll
Naresh Gundu
Naresh Gundu 17 soat oldin
Gautam Jain
Gautam Jain 18 soat oldin
If it killed Samsung than wait for another fire back from Samsung
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT 18 soat oldin
Prediction: when the Note 21 Ultra comes out, its will get revenge on Xiaomi and obliterate it
nescon advertisement
nescon advertisement 18 soat oldin
Can i be a distributor in Ghana?
theciklia 18 soat oldin
wumao phone is nope ! CCP eat salty baaalllssss !
Bogatti Black
Bogatti Black 18 soat oldin
How can I get 1?
michał błażej
michał błażej 19 soat oldin
I am going to bring Huawei back with gov support
michał błażej
michał błażej 20 soat oldin
This charger might power the bicycle
Mashh 20 soat oldin
Meanwhile iPhone :- 😰
DadBodGaming 21 soat oldin
I think most of you knows about this but didn't Xiaomi had a contract with Samsung? That's why Xiaomi is limiting some of it's capabilities? for Samsung to Shine more? @Mrwhosetheboss
eren `
eren ` 21 soat oldin
Udit Kumar
Udit Kumar 21 soat oldin
bro,only Samsung have actual,true technology.I love the name of Samsung ❤️❤️❤️❤️
im retarded
im retarded 15 soat oldin
SIKANDER BANSAL 22 soat oldin
did I really get rickrolled twice in 5 seconds?
narendra irengbam
narendra irengbam 22 soat oldin
Aren't Samsung and other companies tired of licking Apple's ass. I mean, from removing to 3.5mm earphone jack to now not including a charging brick. Why do they think it is shameless to go with these strategies, making people wanna taunt them.
Jestersheepy 22 soat oldin
Doesn't look like you were using the macro camera at all with the Mi 11Ultra, I own it and it can get much much closer/more sharp than that
David Tiah
David Tiah 22 soat oldin
This sort of competition only benefits one party. Us. Haha
superitgel 22 soat oldin
The guy has a sublime accent.
Karl Hemsley
Karl Hemsley 22 soat oldin
the s21 doesnt have 12 gig of memory it has half the ram of the s20 plus www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s21+_5g-10625.php look at that link
superitgel 22 soat oldin
Wait... The accent doesn't match the guy 🧐
Ibrahim -_-
Ibrahim -_- 22 soat oldin
Xiaomi is just trash why are you even bothering yourself advertising that thing
im retarded
im retarded 15 soat oldin
noname 22 soat oldin
"marketing" -> oneplus i see you
Nathillien 23 soat oldin
In my book, without the jack, both are DOA.
Daniel Akorede Oluwasesin
Good one man 💫
Vincent Boulet
Vincent Boulet Kun oldin
11:57 Samsung front camera is clearly still better
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle Kun oldin
Sorry, I'm sold on Samsung!
Suzane Maharjan
Suzane Maharjan Kun oldin
Among us 🥺
im retarded
im retarded 15 soat oldin
not amogus!!!!111 NOOOOOOO!!!!!! 😢😢😥😢😥😢😥😢😥😢😥😥😢😭😭😭😭😭
nyzk Kun oldin
samsung made alot of parts in this phone
Taufik Lama
Taufik Lama Kun oldin
nice video, but got to my attention you didnt mention anything if it is water resistant or the ip whatever certification...at least thats important for me in a review...cheers
Pochi Hirosam
Pochi Hirosam Kun oldin
it doesn't have mmWave and sub6 so it's not as good as samsung s21
Tess Elaynes
Tess Elaynes Kun oldin
Ermin Kun oldin
Mi will never be S .....
Rock girl
Rock girl Kun oldin
The Subtle Rick Roll while presenting this phone is what gets me
Asad The Leo
Asad The Leo Kun oldin
Like thay expression "Oye" at 4:13 😂❤
Lucius Joe terry
Haha 1200 dolars shit
Rock girl
Rock girl Kun oldin
What is an Iphone doing there ? (13:31)
Jeckzie Kun oldin
Thats it imma throw my s10 out of the window. DAD MY PHONE'S BROKEN! NEED A NEW ONE!
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