Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It... 

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Minecraft, But If You Think Any item, You Get It...
👍 5 Likes please..
🧠 @Painful
🤝 Thumbnail & Video Inspo: @SirYakari
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18-Apr, 2021



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Painful 24 kun oldin
You have a very smart, non-bald brain.
Renzo Abetong
Renzo Abetong 16 kun oldin
Hello mr painful im yoUr faN
thatei bawitlung
thatei bawitlung 16 kun oldin
tubbi child
tubbi child 19 kun oldin
SkiddlyBopp 21 kun oldin
@UwU where’s my sub
starlink132 21 kun oldin
Not true
Caleb Kriebel
Caleb Kriebel 45 soniya oldin
Brain is smart
Angel Lara- Ramirez
Angel Lara- Ramirez Daqiqa oldin
Idk if I’m right but is the brain biconic
Cathi Egelston
Cathi Egelston 5 daqiqa oldin
Brain looks very nice in the boots
Catherine Delpont
Catherine Delpont 21 daqiqa oldin
Steve Leising
Steve Leising 29 daqiqa oldin
We love you brain!
Jar Jer
Jar Jer Soat oldin
You should put in your next video that your goal is 1k likes, OF COURSE your gonna get more than FIVE!
Carter Hingtgen
Carter Hingtgen Soat oldin
BRAIN SMART BRAIN NOT GOOD PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET BRAIN
Air Drxpz
Air Drxpz Soat oldin
you are the best brane to brane
Carter Hingtgen
Carter Hingtgen Soat oldin
brain is a little werid
Mrs. Troll
Mrs. Troll Soat oldin
good brain
the poke crusher 11
The brain is painful
Cairn Mcnabb
Cairn Mcnabb Soat oldin
Arham0 Soat oldin
i like brain
IrishTuffer Soat oldin
I feel like the brain is just the admin
Clelia Hayes
Clelia Hayes Soat oldin
meme idk
meme idk 2 soat oldin
Nestorio:um brain your getting in my brain Me:what u have 2 brains??????
Robert Olteanu
Robert Olteanu 2 soat oldin
Brain is BEST brain
Blueberry The Light Fury
“Brain I’d like you to give me, 16 of the teleportation balls, that would be *very* appreciated brain.” - xNestorio 2021
Mendoza SOFIA
Mendoza SOFIA 2 soat oldin
its painful
Radek Mróz
Radek Mróz 2 soat oldin
You are really helpfull brain!
Stella Fields
Stella Fields 2 soat oldin
Brain is asawm
VloggingWarrior Warner
It’s painful
Souhail abbad
Souhail abbad 3 soat oldin
evrey time is says "You wee teleported to "Painful"
Joesph Baccari
Joesph Baccari 3 soat oldin
DfffffdfxPlease don’t worry it is me you’re stupid at night your secret admire
Laura Peacock
Laura Peacock 3 soat oldin
its painful
Jim DeLong
Jim DeLong 3 soat oldin
Mmm yes it is brainful the brain
Connor Jacobs
Connor Jacobs 3 soat oldin
This is... not what I expected. I expected some weird monitor thingy connected to his brain, not a floating, independent brain that you can actually talk to.
Cole plays
Cole plays 3 soat oldin
the voice is ur friend
Richard Galante
Richard Galante 3 soat oldin
He wanted 5k likes ok!
Yo Mama Obama And Doody Cheese
Voice is painful
Oliver Todd
Oliver Todd 4 soat oldin
Sheila Jeffcoat
Sheila Jeffcoat 4 soat oldin
the brain is a perso named painful
Sheila Jeffcoat
Sheila Jeffcoat 4 soat oldin
brian is very smart abd he is NOT BALD
Didier Roodakkers
Didier Roodakkers 4 soat oldin
Joor vrend
•Cherrii Mikii• •ᴗ•
Brain is cute
Sadie Superstar
Sadie Superstar 4 soat oldin
brain:brain found book nesrorio:why do you sound like that brain:i like to change my voice
Eliot Block
Eliot Block 5 soat oldin
Zane Baseball
Zane Baseball 5 soat oldin
english 5 soat oldin
I just checked and I’m subscribed. Thanks for warning me, just unsubscribed.
Kamil Mainville
Kamil Mainville 5 soat oldin
is cool
MR. 1000
MR. 1000 5 soat oldin
when brain gave him so mamy diamonds i expected you to craft him an iron helmet
Barlow Kimball
Barlow Kimball 5 soat oldin
Barlow Kimball
Barlow Kimball 5 soat oldin
Brain is herobrine
Mahendra Karunaratne
BrAin is smarter than you
seth1040 seth1040
seth1040 seth1040 5 soat oldin
Unknown Account
Unknown Account 5 soat oldin
i can get a house now
Aryynn chaurasia
Aryynn chaurasia 5 soat oldin
Your brain is too smoll
Zack RobloxYT
Zack RobloxYT 5 soat oldin
You know He could have asked for directly way to the end but he didn't
Jayleen Arzate
Jayleen Arzate 6 soat oldin
He from a TV show and a TV show is called hungry danger
boyskullz 6 soat oldin
his brain is just one of his frends
Ahmed Sakhi
Ahmed Sakhi 6 soat oldin
Brain is Herrobrine🤣👌
Jackie Lyons
Jackie Lyons 6 soat oldin
It’s painful
Cody Radam
Cody Radam 6 soat oldin
Laura Henley
Laura Henley 6 soat oldin
marmot plazz
marmot plazz 6 soat oldin
brain is herobrine
Bibi Morris
Bibi Morris 7 soat oldin
Nestor says 5 like and gets 200k
Peter Marcus
Peter Marcus 7 soat oldin
Your the best Brian
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez 7 soat oldin
Ronin L
Ronin L 7 soat oldin
Kooper Estep
Kooper Estep 7 soat oldin
painful the voice
Farhan Zarar
Farhan Zarar 7 soat oldin
Brain is awsome
Rickari Simpson
Rickari Simpson 7 soat oldin
he is the best brain ever
amit gupta
amit gupta 7 soat oldin
Great brain
unnatural vlogs
unnatural vlogs 7 soat oldin
its herbrine
BlueFluffy Bunny
BlueFluffy Bunny 8 soat oldin
Brain a savage 8:36-8:46
lei tang
lei tang 8 soat oldin
Brain is cool
theeran Pather
theeran Pather 8 soat oldin
Brain sounds like he sounded like herobrine
lei tang
lei tang 8 soat oldin
I dont know who it is LOL
Shaurya Agarwal
Shaurya Agarwal 8 soat oldin
Brain was painful
Amanda Mann
Amanda Mann 8 soat oldin
You should’ve just said I want everything in the game
Cynthia Gayoso
Cynthia Gayoso 9 soat oldin
Its not shiny green stuff its exp bottle
mohamad sulaiman
mohamad sulaiman 9 soat oldin
its painfuls voice
that one memer
that one memer 9 soat oldin
''brain like white shiny stuff'' AYO WTF
Derek and Fam vlog
Derek and Fam vlog 9 soat oldin
Its painful
ZZIIZZ 9 soat oldin
Samantha K Nolk
Samantha K Nolk 10 soat oldin
It is painful it i says
Samantha K Nolk
Samantha K Nolk 10 soat oldin
It if forest
BrxydenGEF 10 soat oldin
5:00 LMFAO
Tony Simple
Tony Simple 10 soat oldin
I didnt realise brain was a player until he put on boots
Games and Vlogs With Stephen
The vice is painful
Logan Walner
Logan Walner 10 soat oldin
The voice is hero Brian
Ashley Rude
Ashley Rude 10 soat oldin
Sssssssssasssseeessseee no I don’t have to do anything else with no problem I just don’t want to go back and get it now lol lol no no lol 😆 I just want no more money 💴
Mia Walker
Mia Walker 11 soat oldin
no five likes for you
Stéphane Bédard
Stéphane Bédard 12 soat oldin
Braun is the best
Saif Ali
Saif Ali 12 soat oldin
Ankle Slap
Ankle Slap 12 soat oldin
teleport to painful hmmm who is it
Adam-Jad- Ryan-Safa
Adam-Jad- Ryan-Safa 12 soat oldin
CAYDEN CHOY Moe 12 soat oldin
this guy is weird when it comes to likes
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 13 soat oldin
Clinton Samuel
Clinton Samuel 13 soat oldin
Bran is the best
wajid qureshi
wajid qureshi 14 soat oldin
Susang kc
Susang kc 14 soat oldin
Painful was th brain
Shadma rahat
Shadma rahat 14 soat oldin
it's painful
Jackson Derrington
Jackson Derrington 14 soat oldin
Brian is painful like forrestobono friend
TRICKY 14 soat oldin
i think brain was painful
Aaron W
Aaron W 15 soat oldin
I’m nearly bald
Kostia Galybin
Kostia Galybin 15 soat oldin
Brain is funny
Mahadev Rajesh Nair
Mahadev Rajesh Nair 15 soat oldin
Brain is herobrine
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