Minecraft Death Swap 3... 

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Minecraft Death Swap 3... My friend and I switch locations every few minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win? 🎯Download FRAG PRO Shooter for free: bit.ly/2MkJvgL
Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎
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Dream: @Dream
This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
200,000 likes and we'll do this again!




28-Iyn, 2020



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Addi Baddi Wolfe is crazy Wolfe
Lol hand dream would look cute 🥰
Addi Baddi Wolfe is crazy Wolfe
I am subbed
Yeet Sunday
Yeet Sunday 4 soat oldin
1:07 ZA WARUDO and DIO is gonna win dat battle
M & Artroom
M & Artroom 5 soat oldin
Just now realizing, that whole lava thing dream was hoping that George wouldn’t break the lava on him. Cuz you could hear Dream realizing this mistake but George was too distracted to think about just killing Dream the first time they swapped. I think the whole time Dream was telling George to get out or lose was to distract him because George could’ve always trapped Dream in the lava and won.
MonikRichard 8 soat oldin
when george was stuck in that lava thing that dream made, on the swap george could of broke the block underneath him and it would've probably killed dream... just saying
peter browne
peter browne 9 soat oldin
The whole time George could've just pearled out of Dream's trap lol.
miguel atienza
miguel atienza 12 soat oldin
How you guys do that zooming 11:15
Tessa Schukkink
Tessa Schukkink 13 soat oldin
I love how they keep saying I’m stuck in your hole
Aidan Montoya
Aidan Montoya 14 soat oldin
Bro gorge is so dumb he figured out a way to get out the lava thing that dream made and he just forgot about it bro
Tone Pivk
Tone Pivk 14 soat oldin
U had ender perl in the last trap
Valentine and Games
Valentine and Games 15 soat oldin
Damien Millar
Damien Millar 16 soat oldin
GREAT IDEA!! You build something like the lava trap were there is lava all around but its all wood or glass so when you swap you break the glass and then there is no way out 😈
Lamo Roblox
Lamo Roblox 22 soat oldin
It’s the most played game in the world
Lamo Roblox
Lamo Roblox 22 soat oldin
The best game is Fortnite
VOID NATION 25 23 soat oldin
it was soooooooo!!! intense
Kaden Gaming
Kaden Gaming Kun oldin
0:29 Did he seriously say the best shooter of 2020 :|
Chance Brogan
Chance Brogan Kun oldin
Would can smelt anything for a furnace
Chelsea Meek
Chelsea Meek Kun oldin
I am a big fan
RaaThe BOI
RaaThe BOI Kun oldin
Ofc dream won
crafter25gamer Kun oldin
0:27 i know frag pro shooter i played frag at 2019
Mochaq Kun oldin
20:35 me knowing you can just wait out the time and jump into the lava and go deep into the lava and it will kill him:
Colin03 Kun oldin
29:43 u just have to Block off the arrows
Liza Corpuz
Liza Corpuz Kun oldin
I like frag so much but im just always target
Phycho Gaming
Phycho Gaming Kun oldin
You can just put anvil on top of u
Steve Frederick Lokanata
I play frag is a good game dude
Chief Seba
Chief Seba Kun oldin
11:09 what WHAT?!
Jervis Ricamara
Jervis Ricamara Kun oldin
Yes frag I'm the top 1 in leader board
Zero lacson
Zero lacson 2 kun oldin
i play frag game its my favorite i never die 🖒
Whats Wrong?
Whats Wrong? 2 kun oldin
Can’t you just go to the top of a mountain and jump off on an area of top half slabs so when someone places water it water logs the bottom half and doesnt place water on the top
crBro 2 kun oldin
Dream: ooooo
Alans_ Salty
Alans_ Salty 2 kun oldin
at the end george couldve just placed blocks in the way of the arrows and he wouldve been fine
Floren Howells
Floren Howells 2 kun oldin
I have lived 😂😂😂
Floren Howells
Floren Howells 2 kun oldin
When you want to sun on all your devices and all your parents devices but your the only one who is signed into UZblock 🥲
Ninty Fronfran
Ninty Fronfran 2 kun oldin
"The best shoting game of 2020" Fortnite: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT
Ninty Fronfran
Ninty Fronfran Kun oldin
@Megan Pinnington Also, you have to be MENTALY older that 10 to be a decent human
Ninty Fronfran
Ninty Fronfran Kun oldin
@Megan Pinnington actualy im 14 so... And Fortnite IS the best shoting game of 2020
Megan Pinnington
Yeah, I’m sure about it. Fortnite sucks. Also, it’s probably ranked by a professional. Also you have to be older than twelve to be on UZblock
Mega_ 2 kun oldin
za WARUDO and dio were the players
not Dio
not Dio 2 kun oldin
Better way to get out that Lava tower. Pearl!!
not Dio
not Dio 2 kun oldin
Za warudo
Maximiliano Cantu
Maximiliano Cantu 2 kun oldin
The first time George got in dreams trap he didn’t even try but when he heard the word win he tried
mugen _-_
mugen _-_ 2 kun oldin
I think the creeper one was a really good idea just put 2/3 of those there
Rocky Aceves
Rocky Aceves 2 kun oldin
29:34 George could've just places blocks to block the arrows
Ray Reinhart
Ray Reinhart 2 kun oldin
you guys should do death swap but allow nether since sooo much has been added to the nether but with the caviot of deaths by gravity i.e. anything that would require MLG water in the overworld not counting and meaning forfeit unless a player accidentally kills themselves when trying to set up a trap. of course a tnt launcher like dream accidentally made in death swap 2 would count even though it would be a gravity kill just because you'd have to go hunt the materials for the tnt in the first place.
Shotaro 2 kun oldin
Pro tip: 2 lava sources ready in a ravine specifically, and make sure they are spread. So even if he puts out one of the lava things, hes still taking damage
Custardd seaken
Custardd seaken 2 kun oldin
I always wanted java edition but I didn't have a pc put now i have java edition pocket edition and bedrock edition
A X Gaming
A X Gaming 3 kun oldin
No one likes my comment (╯︵╰,)
Bryn M
Bryn M 3 kun oldin
George “I gotta use my big brain and come up with a big plan.” 😂
Griffin Truxillo
Griffin Truxillo 3 kun oldin
An idea for a trap is to tower up and jump down on pressure plates so that they can’t mlg
Emily Huang
Emily Huang 3 kun oldin
i was thinking that you put lava so dream has to use water but then design your trap to be activated only by water i dont know how but that would be super cool
RobertIK 3 kun oldin
Like if Yes.
Kelvin ogoke
Kelvin ogoke 3 kun oldin
Gorge you could have just jumped in the lava at the end when the swap started so dream dies
Ashton Horner
Ashton Horner 3 kun oldin
People be like GOGY HAS FRIENDS?!?
Woody 3 kun oldin
19:50 Why Don't U Used The Ender Pearl
Sett Sett
Sett Sett 3 kun oldin
you should have right when the lava box thing was about to swap you broke the block under you and dream fell in and died and you won inside the other trapシ︎
Asma Zia
Asma Zia 3 kun oldin
This guy has 17,328,632 views and only 7.35M subscribers he isn’t lying when he say only a small percent watching are subscribed
Its Daniel!
Its Daniel! 3 kun oldin
Spoiler dweam win
Raji Dhanu
Raji Dhanu 3 kun oldin
Even I play frag from 2019 and I am level 83
Grace Scott
Grace Scott 3 kun oldin
10:11 O
Its Daniel!
Its Daniel! 3 kun oldin
Tess tickle
MEME GOD 3 kun oldin
The video say death swap dream and george swap brain george have more IQ now and then dream have less IQ now
Adela Hasić
Adela Hasić 3 kun oldin
George:so today we will be playing with my friend Dream Us:friend?😏
Marky Sharky
Marky Sharky 3 kun oldin
george should have ender pearled under the obsidian
Proxy Gamer! :D
Proxy Gamer! :D 3 kun oldin
Za Warudo and DIO. GREATO DAZE
Rubberduck 3 kun oldin
Best background music ever haha
Crazy Gurl
Crazy Gurl 3 kun oldin
If you put leaves on the floor and try to MLG, it won’t work because the leaves will become water logged so you should do that!
Wizard 3 kun oldin
Your are not only watching now
Dhruv 4 kun oldin
We need part 4
Clint Jasper Subrastas
29:47 wtf he could just block off below him hes like the worst fyou
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali 4 kun oldin
Why dream do the some thing hahahaha
Historical Technology
He could of enderpearled out of the lava trap
Charley Pecina
Charley Pecina 4 kun oldin
You and dream need to play RL craft in speed run it's so hard and different
Dominick Velasquez
Dominick Velasquez 4 kun oldin
why did he not use the ender pearl
Dandy Cabrera
Dandy Cabrera 4 kun oldin
Dream can be stopped ._.
Agi Sivertsen
Agi Sivertsen 4 kun oldin
Ju ar mai feiring jutuber
Shade Linc
Shade Linc 4 kun oldin
14:02 he could have taken the arrows out when he opened it
Miles Moise
Miles Moise 4 kun oldin
Me: *Watches George say the sponsor is FRAG* Also me: ... Welp this sucks
Eden Carpenter
Eden Carpenter 4 kun oldin
i would have done the nether portal glitch for obsidian but make it a box ur inside of then u put water in it so he cant mine out and they would drown
kobeluvsyou 4 kun oldin
we need more
MAMUD Yaweez
MAMUD Yaweez 4 kun oldin
Dream is soo funny 🤣😂🤣😆
elvis wens peeters
elvis wens peeters 4 kun oldin
11:09 😲 im stuck in your hole😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ann Waddell
Ann Waddell 4 kun oldin
At the end he had a eperl so he could have got out
Stefy 4 kun oldin
1:07 jojo reference. why
Insert Name here:
Insert Name here: 4 kun oldin
gearge couldve placed block or he couldve used his e pearl
hylx Ѱ
hylx Ѱ 4 kun oldin
George could’ve just placed blocks when he died around him
Farhan Mahmood
Farhan Mahmood 5 kun oldin
Downloaded this game already(FRAG)
Vinjanampati Balaji
I know this game i have i my mobile
BendyTheinkDemon 5 kun oldin
I also play frag pro shooter it's so cool it's a cool game
FuhQ 5 kun oldin
George could've easily survived the last on by blocking off dispensers with blocks and either putting the door down or picked up the water with his bucket
Alice's_ potat- donutz
Literally no one: Dream and george:OH! YES, YES!!
Frank Lin
Frank Lin 5 kun oldin
Look, George has a water bucket. He could just run out or mine out and use the water bucket to stop burning.
Spriots 5 kun oldin
Death swap 4 when?
Kos 5 kun oldin
The YTP Boi
The YTP Boi 5 kun oldin
/give @a diamond 1
rascalty 5 kun oldin
I dont get it, one of my best traps is basically so u build a 3x3 made by signs or more, then go high up and jump when the timer hits zero. Its easy! Dream could never
Sharkrite 5 kun oldin
I was mine blown when george did the gravel trap and dream craftet a torch
W0lf_ X
W0lf_ X 5 kun oldin
George what’s your favorite Color
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 5 kun oldin
esha fahad
esha fahad 5 kun oldin
Why your videos are so good
Neko 5 kun oldin
26:10 why craftibg table
Person Person
Person Person 5 kun oldin
“I got stuck in your hole again” -GeorgeWasTaken
Faze Alex
Faze Alex 5 kun oldin
onlygs 5 kun oldin
I downloaded frag
Aidan Hart
Aidan Hart 5 kun oldin
This was rigged in Dream's favor because he never got the achievement "DIAMONDS!" And yet was able to construct the final trap from obsidian. And before you reply with it, there's no way he did it with water and lava and also activated the trap without it killing him.
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