Minecraft Manhunt (3 Hunters) Analysis And Bonus Clips 

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This is a potential new series where I analyze what happened in a Minecraft Manhunt and why it happened. I talk about my thought process, and show bonus clips. Let me know if you want to see this become a series!
If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future for future videos, let me know! I may start doing this more often, but it does take a decent amount of effort!



16-May, 2020



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ResidentEvilShrill 2 kun oldin
Wow, this was a lot of time Dream could have been doing something else.
Mughilan Paul
Mughilan Paul 4 kun oldin
Dream spends more time hunting the hunters than running from them!
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 5 kun oldin
Mayank MARATHE 7 kun oldin
A lot of timelapse's later............
Josef Macek
Josef Macek 9 kun oldin
yeahhh i LOVE this
Arne Springmann
Arne Springmann 9 kun oldin
The elevator music😂🎶🎧
Enderman 10 kun oldin
I really need friends like this
Emely Rangel
Emely Rangel 12 kun oldin
This is literally a silent movie about a serial killer
Steven Carvalho
Steven Carvalho 12 kun oldin
Pin this
Isaac George
Isaac George 12 kun oldin
everybody gansta till they find out your the one in the thumbnail
Snowfox Claw
Snowfox Claw 15 kun oldin
So, what do you do for fun? I watch pixelated characters play Minecraft and cures my depression
waanjaii 16 kun oldin
I died during the timelapse when George just appeared and died immediately, all in, like, 3 seconds 😂
Lyla Gerard
Lyla Gerard 20 kun oldin
I like Gatorade to
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
You can hear all the laryngitis he has from screaming so much and so his voice is more quiet and fucked up lmao
JL assassin
JL assassin 22 kun oldin
I thought MUFFINHED was a bad wurd
Lady Kennie Frog
Lady Kennie Frog 23 kun oldin
I'm sorry, what? This is the first analysis man hunt video I have seen. How does he even think like this. I can't even process me tripping irl fast enough to put my hands out and he's pulling of nano second decisions based of information gathered from a single glance. Yeah ok, whatever, spider man.
Yoongi’s Pasta
Yoongi’s Pasta 23 kun oldin
Shade 24 kun oldin
how did you learn to make mc plugins?? also do you still use eclippce?
ivoranyy 26 kun oldin
0:44 best cut scream i've ever heard
Koalinka 29 kun oldin
4:18 this jumping around makes me so calm
Ella Kenney
Ella Kenney Oy oldin
Plot twist: the guy in his thumbnails....are him
Geovanni Trinh
For the last analysis since he looked up he could have moved to the side and placed the water bucket.
James Fonteboa
Dream is Anakin Skywalker Confirmed
Ravi kumar Y
Ravi kumar Y Oy oldin
I feel really bad for Dream For the nether trap it is very long see in like 5x something like that so just imagine how long it took him to actually doo that
Samantha Stackpole
watching them run and jump when it’s sped up is the funniest thing
Jackie D.
Jackie D. Oy oldin
VectorFlame Oy oldin
LOL Dream just bodies George in the time lapse of him chasing bad
Gantulga Orgil
please un edited video
pan pas meard olah yob dab dnuof ton egreog dream team backwards
Lynden Norris
Lynden Norris Oy oldin
Sapnap if dream didn’t mlg clutch: hahah hey anikin
darlek _001
darlek _001 Oy oldin
The moment he looked up at the lava was the moment the "to be continued" played whilst some funky music beat in the background.
Will Liskey
Will Liskey Oy oldin
I love how dream just keeps going forward in the timelapse, even after he kills George.
VeryCoolName Oy oldin
*Elevator Music Intensifies*
M Gaming M Vlogs
"MLG placed that block" 1:17
shreeya animations
0:14 oh pumpkins :D
SleepNootFound シ
I wonder why this video was called manhunt and not goose chase
negev Oy oldin
I think the guy on the thumbnail is him lol (i know it's not him ok?)
Greyson Alexander
I apsolutely adore these analysis videos. I love hearing the why behind some things, and learning little facts that we wouldn't know otherwise, or never noticed.
Lizzie Mahler
Lizzie Mahler 2 oy oldin
Watching the stuff at full speed fells like im taking lsd lil
Carson Smith
Carson Smith 2 oy oldin
dream's thought process is like 5 billion ideas per millisecond.
Filix Gao
Filix Gao 2 oy oldin
Dream calling himself a idiot... and also being on of the best MC players alive
Jian marc Macrohon
Ahhh you would have blocked the lava you have a lot of cobble
MozzarellaStix 2 oy oldin
There’s no way dream has an inner monolouge
Isabel T.J
Isabel T.J 2 oy oldin
John Hollinshead
John Hollinshead 2 oy oldin
George “yes the water, NNOOOOOOOOO!!” splat
Ian Blackman
Ian Blackman 2 oy oldin
This is so nice of dream to say that he prepared for his manhunt plays as he doesn't want to take in all the credit
Virgen Treviño
Virgen Treviño 2 oy oldin
This made me thing you where actually better than you say you are because you plan things ahead of time if I where to do a manhunt I would die within a minute for being unprepared of ways to escape and live and have traps
Hanny Banany6788
Hanny Banany6788 2 oy oldin
I have never seen Sponge bob...............
ׁׂׅׄ 2 oy oldin
0:41 yEs yes YeS! NOO𒐫
Eureka 6945
Eureka 6945 2 oy oldin
We all chillin till we realize he’s the guy in the picture and we’ve all been freaking out over a face reveal for nothing.
Shaine Marie
Shaine Marie 2 oy oldin
Of course he's great with traps. His very first channel was named as Dream traps. Of course with. Pandas can pvp lol
Lolo Anderson
Lolo Anderson 2 oy oldin
The far-flung butcher ipsilaterally tick because weed baly print throughout a periodic trouble. zippy, secretive tax
UNPL4YED 2 oy oldin
the fact that he can think alot in a second just like every anime characters
Spoon 2 oy oldin
George’s cut off scream is Heartwarming
Leon Mc Couch
Leon Mc Couch 2 oy oldin
My favourite part about these manhunts are Read more......
Leon Mc Couch
Leon Mc Couch 2 oy oldin
Ha u thought
noah ghandour
noah ghandour 2 oy oldin
Bruh do y'all not run out of hunger or something?
Christopher Crombie
I watched the unedited version
hollypuff 2 oy oldin
Make this a series I'm not confused anymore
Tofu 2 oy oldin
Legend has it to this day Dream still doesn’t know who spongebob is
Arn Arrow
Arn Arrow 2 oy oldin
I support this😂😂
Ashlyn Blalock
Ashlyn Blalock 2 oy oldin
How did Bad make the End trap where the lava flowed RIGHT when Dream went through? I'm curious
Ehren Ente
Ehren Ente 2 oy oldin
i dont like it i love it
Colonel Kernel
Colonel Kernel 2 oy oldin
4:14 I love how he just kills george in 1 second and continues on with the chase
DreamMeme 2 oy oldin
What if dream is the guy in the thumbnail 🧐😉
reebok13map 2 oy oldin
Haley Lightcake
Haley Lightcake 2 oy oldin
If there’s one word I’ve learned from these videos it’s Muffinhead
Dane Woods
Dane Woods 2 oy oldin
0:42 is funny
H. P. Lovecraft
H. P. Lovecraft 2 oy oldin
0:42 when the imposter/impostor is sus! 😳
Timothy Basilio
Timothy Basilio 2 oy oldin
yeah dream is so good and he is clever
Luna Tavizon
Luna Tavizon 2 oy oldin
VENOM GAMING 2 oy oldin
How can u think so fast?
Judicus 2 oy oldin
0:42 perfectly cut George scream
Mr. Minecraft
Mr. Minecraft 3 oy oldin
Hasan Meer
Hasan Meer 3 oy oldin
Einstein's brain is nothing infront of Dream's brain😂
Spacemanyt 3 oy oldin
DREAM I have the high ground
FireRodan12 3 oy oldin
0:43 perfectly cut scream
Stef 3 oy oldin
bad's "ooh pumpkins" never fails to make me smile
DiamondLol 3 oy oldin
3:46 song name pls
matthewpridgen 3 oy oldin
PLEASE make more speed runs
Milo 3 oy oldin
0:44 gogys scream cut off 😭
Bobcat the Bunny
Bobcat the Bunny 3 oy oldin
*Minecraft but It’s Minecraft*
DuyAnh Nguyễn
DuyAnh Nguyễn 3 oy oldin
11:21 I think Bad literally just sneak through you to The End to make the trap
Tianna F13
Tianna F13 3 oy oldin
i was drinking Gatorade, and i kinda had a shock reaction i didn't know what was happening, alright guys that's it for this video. -11:54
Theo Geileskey
Theo Geileskey 3 oy oldin
Yes...definitely do more of these analysis videos
Demafelix Jaymark
Dream putting a jolly background music while killing people is ominous
Rylee Bergeron
Rylee Bergeron 3 oy oldin
sapnap in the boat just driving away for five minutes is my favorite part of the video
kolby derksen
kolby derksen 3 oy oldin
whos watching in 2021
Astrid Kristensen
12:00 Imagine there was a "to be continued" right there
Willie Manners
Willie Manners 3 oy oldin
this is cool
Lily Day
Lily Day 3 oy oldin
Sped up minecraft makes me throw up apparently.... good to know
Levo42 Levmox68
Levo42 Levmox68 3 oy oldin
I like these as they also give you tips and it’s interesting
Clay Allchin
Clay Allchin 3 oy oldin
00:43 georges scream cut off perfectly-
YouTuber 3 oy oldin
Bad: We're lookin' for some iron, we're lookin' for some iron... Dream: I actually thought that this was just Bad being an idiot Me: What a great friendship
DarkSunday 3 oy oldin
Dream’s files: Time-lapse music Begin manhunt Reaction timer
Oracle 3 oy oldin
That cut off “nO-“ was bloody amazing
Lev Goldstein
Lev Goldstein 3 oy oldin
also dream i love these kind of videos
Lev Goldstein
Lev Goldstein 3 oy oldin
Shawna Silva
Shawna Silva 3 oy oldin
I loved this and seeing how Dream did all the behind the scenes that are missed in the more faster/ exciting Man Hunt videos. Please do more manhunts.
Burrito Cat
Burrito Cat 3 oy oldin
0:42 perfectly cut scream
Raihan 3 oy oldin
Do you play codm
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