Minecraft Manhunt Analysis And Bonus Clips (3 Hunters Rematch) 

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This is a potential new series where I analyze what happened in a Minecraft Manhunt and why it happened. I talk about my thought process, and show bonus clips. Let me know if you want to see this become a series!
Video: uzblock.info/post/video/uLWOimSGfaafono.html
Main Channel: @Dream
If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future for future videos, let me know! I may start doing this more often, but it does take a decent amount of effort!



29-May, 2020



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Asmik Karapetyan
Asmik Karapetyan 3 soat oldin
I thought that to you were breaking the lily pads
Awesome 123
Awesome 123 11 soat oldin
7:03 the scream you let out when you realize that there is a tarantula in your room :)
Lilian K
Lilian K 14 soat oldin
Dream stop it we know ur smart as fook..jk never stop pls, be my serotonin machine forever
Cheng Lin
Cheng Lin 2 kun oldin
9:16 so wholesome :)
coolestmelon 3 kun oldin
I'm eating my chimkin
Joe Ewmm
Joe Ewmm 3 kun oldin
2:20 CHIMKIN??
Helen’s Amazing
Helen’s Amazing 4 kun oldin
The slow motion bits just make bad sound 10 times funnier
Galaxy Blue
Galaxy Blue 6 kun oldin
I had noticed Dream breaking the lily pads and went "Oh that's smart" but never commented about it. I mean the whole series was Dream being a big brain so I didn't think it would need special mentioning.
safia •ᴗ•
safia •ᴗ• 7 kun oldin
12:56 where teacher Dream comes alive
ivoranyy 7 kun oldin
9:56 best cut scream
JL assassin
JL assassin 7 kun oldin
5:44 "I lefted my iron and I really need that couldron" me confused
J. 7 kun oldin
Who is that guy in the Thumbnail?
Katelyn Dillo
Katelyn Dillo 5 kun oldin
A meme.
i am 8
i am 8 7 kun oldin
4:14 i thought that was a steave skin in the top left corner but actually. It was a zombie XD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahaha
Oanimations 8 kun oldin
The Wiggles-
Olek Yurkievych
Olek Yurkievych 9 kun oldin
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 9 kun oldin
3:20 idk if anyone knows this but this is a reference to dragon ball abridged lol
DECLAN HUGHES 9 kun oldin
11:30 at first i thought bad said "you're fucking joking"
Nicolas S.
Nicolas S. 9 kun oldin
15:33 cursed minecraft be like holding bow but is on sword
Nightmareᖭᖫッ 10 kun oldin
At 2:27 sapnap says chimkin (Chicken ) at I just thought that would be funny to say
Koalinka 10 kun oldin
You've got the fastest mind I've ever seen
Ninja Pokemon
Ninja Pokemon 10 kun oldin
I saw the lily pad trick
Olivia Kutner
Olivia Kutner 10 kun oldin
Well now I’ll have more insight for when I rewatch that video for the 10th time
CybrGaming 11 kun oldin
7:02 me when I see a spider
Fire Dog
Fire Dog 11 kun oldin
Dream has 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 iq
SocksX 11 kun oldin
*I forgot this dream account existed*
Shinelikeapearl 11 kun oldin
I love these types of vids please do more
Yunisoka 11 kun oldin
I think he should do 1 hunter v him and he has to kill the wither
Jackson Santiago
Jackson Santiago 11 kun oldin
Nobody George at 2:25 eating his chimkin
DreamMeme 11 kun oldin
What if the guy in the thumbnail is dream lol
Keski 11 kun oldin
what tf is that thumbnail
Noralma Garcia
Noralma Garcia 12 kun oldin
Did anyone here sapnap say chimpken
Billy Brown
Billy Brown 12 kun oldin
Hey dream I’m. Big fan
Billy Brown
Billy Brown 12 kun oldin
LAU Heather
LAU Heather 13 kun oldin
I never knew he was thinking that much-
nead lito
nead lito 13 kun oldin
he says he's targeting george because it was the smarter move, but he really be teasing him tho ;]]]
Joe Beans
Joe Beans 13 kun oldin
Ag419 13 kun oldin
100% real i diamond is not rare in 1.17
Ag419 13 kun oldin
-90000000000 fake
Ag419 13 kun oldin
On the thumbnail dream face reveal lol
Mitchell 14 kun oldin
Bad 2020- he jumped in the same lava as me
Jazmin1a 14 kun oldin
Frog Fire
Frog Fire 14 kun oldin
How smart are you?
Jedi Studios
Jedi Studios 14 kun oldin
Fruit salad yummy yummy 🍉🍇🍓🍌🫐🍋🍊🍐🍎🍏🍒🍍
Maria Deleon
Maria Deleon 14 kun oldin
george is always alone 😂😁
Lauren Airy
Lauren Airy 14 kun oldin
Dream, you and your friends should do a thing where it's, "Minecraft but creepers bite and zombies explode" or something.
Eureka 6945
Eureka 6945 16 kun oldin
We all are chill till we realize he’s the guy in the thumbnail
Reagan Hoff
Reagan Hoff 16 kun oldin
cold spaghetti cold spaghetti
Music Denis
Music Denis 16 kun oldin
The john wick in minecraft
Sophie Dehoff
Sophie Dehoff 17 kun oldin
his mind moves so fast
Ace 17 kun oldin
Sup prxc
Sup prxc 17 kun oldin
Joseph Beauchesne
Joseph Beauchesne 18 kun oldin
dream: "...and thats why i sounded a BIT disappointed" dream in the video he's analysing: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AriaPlayz 19 kun oldin
Smart guy
AriaPlayz 19 kun oldin
Smart guy
Venom 19 kun oldin
Moral of the lesson george is always alone
Edward Spragg
Edward Spragg 19 kun oldin
Not being critical Dream but at the end you could have ended pearled towards the dragon which was down and then you could have hit it with your sword then jump through the portal, but at least you killed it, great job 👏.
Moon Cr1tical
Moon Cr1tical 16 kun oldin
He would’ve died if he ender pearled. Because if he did, he would basically take fall damage also he had 2 hearts ( sorry not trying to be rude!)
Brooklyn Jackson
Brooklyn Jackson 20 kun oldin
Sheep: moves Dream: ok so... I saw the sheep move soo I know that sapnap is 45 blocks away so I know to run... And that tells me that the stronghold is right under me
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez 21 kun oldin
Dream 20 years later: Minecraft speedrunner vs 20 hunters but they have creative mode
Eevee Boi
Eevee Boi 21 kun oldin
13:22 It sounded like he reacted like it was a skeleton that shot him
Little B Girl
Little B Girl 22 kun oldin
Badboyhalo singing a manhunt parody of boulevard of broken dreams is my new ringtone
Smidge 22 kun oldin
Gantulga Orgil
Gantulga Orgil 22 kun oldin
plsss un edited video
The Pires Family
The Pires Family 23 kun oldin
In one of the parts badboyhalo said stupid fire resistance
Ivan Martinac
Ivan Martinac 23 kun oldin
Also in chat first is Free end And then Dream was slaid by Badboyhalo
Mira CAM
Mira CAM 24 kun oldin
the processing speed of dream's brain is INSANE
Sophist 25 kun oldin
He thinks faster than my computer does.
Noah Gadea
Noah Gadea 25 kun oldin
7:59 Getting the chicken off really came in... *cluck*
Kingsir Marcus
Kingsir Marcus 25 kun oldin
most his moves are very smart. I personally thought they were just cool and normal moves but when I watched this video and actually listened to what he plans for each move, it makes it very smart
Si Han Kelly Chang
Si Han Kelly Chang 25 kun oldin
Pure Anguish
Pure Anguish 27 kun oldin
Evrybody gangsta untill dream is that guy in the thumbnail
Abigwhale 27 kun oldin
9:18 *FrUiT sAlAd, YuMmY yUmMy* Ahhh, the good ol dayz... 😌
Abigwhale 27 kun oldin
3:53 that BadBoy "ohh!" got me so BAAAAD 😂 ( pun intended)
Cypress Gil Meneses
Cypress Gil Meneses 27 kun oldin
That was the
Space Full
Space Full 28 kun oldin
I think the person the in the thumbnails is actually actually dream, he looks like a clay
Γιάννης Α
Γιάννης Α 29 kun oldin
I love these videos Dream ;) keep doing them please and also congrats on 3 mill!!
AULIS A.O.T Oy oldin
7:01 aaAAAAAAHHhh
Yence WIZ*ONE Oy oldin
The ending song was so damn... 😂😂😂
PHANTOM Oy oldin
Lmao 17:40
Hale Ultron
Hale Ultron Oy oldin
I love dreams content but I do think that he only uploads manhunt video if he wins
Bhavye Kohli
Bhavye Kohli Oy oldin
I sometimes think that dream and CGP grey can be the same person
Ryn Ryker Aquino
Its funny when you said oooooooooooooo in bads face
Maddie Buskirk
Idea: You should get 2 lives in a manhunt, chase the hunters far away from spawn, then *oof* yourself (youtube will take down my comment) so you all the way back at spawn and have a chance to get away. Just an idea i had, kinda stupid i was just thinking a lot today. Ily
Diamond Axe
Diamond Axe Oy oldin
It's really interesting how he thinks so fast, I guess that's pretty much more than the average brain.
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Gordon Oy oldin
Why did seeing Ryan gosling wearing a hard hat in the thumbnail make me laugh so much
ASUDom 17
ASUDom 17 Oy oldin
Dream should make a channel called the muffinteers. That would be the funniest. Also YOU MUFFIN HEAD
Joshua Graber
Joshua Graber Oy oldin
Poke Tube 3
Poke Tube 3 Oy oldin
4:13 who's that
Biljana Angelova
Dream I said that you break those does Lily dinghies just I didn't comment because yeah
UnknownH Oy oldin
The amount of concentration that ADHD pills give you is quite crazy. I’m saying this cos I take them too and I’m pretty sure Dream does the same
Kean Tan
Kean Tan Oy oldin
Eric is god at minecraft
Trudy Oy oldin
The only one that was in my life was a bit too much for the kids and I didn’t know if they would like me or anything I would love them and I think I did not have a good time
Creative Libra
13:10 *I am the Spy* `Insert other shitty TF2 jokes here`
Janoah217 Oy oldin
xDissident Oy oldin
3:21 Badboyhalo it’s actually “If this situation were reverse this conversation would never have happened, you’d be dead and I’d be laughing. Oh ho it hurts to laugh”
Gaming _jay Jawad
2:19 I commented
Anastasia Oy oldin
Dream: but I still need an iron for a cauldron ••• Me: isn't it a bucket instead of cauldron???? 🤔
Anastasia Oy oldin
@E HC Maybe your right
E HC Oy oldin
He needed a cauldron to make potions in the Nether I think
Regina Oy oldin
Plot twist The buying the hard hat Is dream
K4Z4R0N1 Oy oldin
2:28 "Chimken" - Sapnap 2020
Pameliecuby Oy oldin
Can I ask, why does dream think so fast
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