Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE 

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE. This was absolutely crazy.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,500,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin




26-Noy, 2020



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Só hfgZuera
Só hfgZuera 21 kun oldin
Arthur Rossetto
Arthur Rossetto 21 kun oldin
Deram your an mith
Matejko Rybanský
Omgggggg dream is 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Jhonny Tan
Jhonny Tan 2 oy oldin
Where my dream dragon?
Reece Liu
Reece Liu 3 oy oldin
Make another Minecraft Manhunt video plz
Anh Huệ
Anh Huệ 2 soat oldin
it you dream
layla rose
layla rose 3 soat oldin
Please the way they freaked out when dream flew off the mountain in a boat h hvjhjghgfy
Sapnap 3 soat oldin
Jeevanjot SINGH
Jeevanjot SINGH 3 soat oldin
I like how he’s says “EYYYYYY” and OOOOOO
Jillian Yates
Jillian Yates 4 soat oldin
To all the animators out there. I would love it if you could animate the scene of dream with the dolphins. (send me the link a reply) but I would literally die to see someone animate that
Gianluca Piazza
Gianluca Piazza 6 soat oldin
Dream only won because he Thanked the dolphins
Dream team TR
Dream team TR 7 soat oldin
Come on Dream PLS New Vedeyo PLSSSSSSSS
CalebD Meltzer
CalebD Meltzer 8 soat oldin
did you change the music???? I rewatched this manhunt and the music is different
Sachith Sandeep
Sachith Sandeep 9 soat oldin
at 11:18 i can't be the only one who thought he's a pirate in reverse was playing lmao
Tucker Lee
Tucker Lee 9 soat oldin
I added the hunters amount of diamond in armour and I counted 104 diamonds used as their armour how did they enchant ALL of that if they found it there is no way a rune portal desert temple and mine shaft would have to have such a low chance so how did they even find all that or at least make the armour and enchant it 🤯
JT 9 soat oldin
8:00 "i got juked shut up"
Skip add 0:59
devil Tyler
devil Tyler 10 soat oldin
Dream Big Fan Bro❤️ But I'm From Pakistan
FanaticOak 10 soat oldin
Dream I have an idea for a trap, you try to get enough wither heads and spawn the wither at the portal and when they come in/out you spawn it and make them take care of it
boyfriend 10 soat oldin
FanaticOak 11 soat oldin
"Why is so big!" Music: *stops* Everyone: *silent* Dream: *wheeze*
ali siddiqui
ali siddiqui 11 soat oldin
Dream i love u
Eli21 bg de la cité
Eli21 bg de la cité 12 soat oldin
Biolumen the catfox
Biolumen the catfox 12 soat oldin
You taught me a new trick “the boat trick”
Daniel Glz
Daniel Glz 12 soat oldin
10PercentMilk Mmmm
10PercentMilk Mmmm 14 soat oldin
Ilagoen if he did just go and get full netherite lmao
InsaneLee Zayne
InsaneLee Zayne 14 soat oldin
At 45:51 the music stopped and I thought he was going to die
Alexandra Rosu
Alexandra Rosu 15 soat oldin
Imposible TO die
Shaik Zeeshan
Shaik Zeeshan 15 soat oldin
Detrisyel AMMU
Detrisyel AMMU 15 soat oldin
Me like dream pro
aturo Hh
aturo Hh 16 soat oldin
Eres el mejor jugador del universo
putri khazana naila ahmad
Is so cool
Alex 16 PRO
Alex 16 PRO 17 soat oldin
omg how you are so pro?
Brown gaming
Brown gaming 17 soat oldin
So loud in the end
Shadow Tigla5o 1
Shadow Tigla5o 1 17 soat oldin
You are the best player in minecraft
solicitl 18 soat oldin
25:56 ...W...h...a...t...
solicitl 18 soat oldin
Sapnap: WHY'S IT SO BIG *silence* Dream: - Proceeds to swim in it -
Alex Demachev
Alex Demachev 18 soat oldin
Кто русский?
solicitl 18 soat oldin
Why does Dragon city have to be online? Nothing is done online except for the offers, and I can't play it at 2am like I want to.
Black Gamer BLOB
Black Gamer BLOB 19 soat oldin
Русские вам сюда 🙂
where who
where who 20 soat oldin
G*go ka dream
EndieTheGamer 20 soat oldin
Barely Breathing
Barely Breathing 20 soat oldin
Okay okay okay I need to breathe
roblox 20 soat oldin
roblox 20 soat oldin
If I was you I would choose the dream drgon
blackrockalex 22 soat oldin
For half the video I thought it was a 3 v 1 speedrun bc ant was gone 🤣🤣🤣
jennie kim
jennie kim 23 soat oldin
I really like your videos dream
Ivander Tjin
Ivander Tjin Kun oldin
glixei Kun oldin
Nobody: Dream: *Flies with a boat* Bad: WE’RE JUST STUCK UP ON THIS MOUNTAIN- AND DREAM FLEW😭 Me: LOL
Ms Sharmin akther
Rossana Cahilig
Rossana Cahilig Kun oldin
Is it a free dragon?
Rossana Cahilig
Rossana Cahilig Kun oldin
Aaron Aviles
Aaron Aviles Kun oldin
Robin Birnbaum
Robin Birnbaum Kun oldin
Dream: sponsors a game Me: getting out of the video and goes to the exact game
Flexy FN
Flexy FN Kun oldin
You god
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter Kun oldin
YESSSS I hope you enjoyed the video (48:27)
WD Gaster
WD Gaster Kun oldin
Way is you are love stone axe🤔🤔
Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith Kun oldin
Neti Maryani
Neti Maryani Kun oldin
Oh my GAD
Elrick Kun oldin
Minecraft Speedrunner VS 7 Hunters PLSE
Tessie Senerpida
Ang galing mo kuya
On1yyBella Kun oldin
this was so stressful to watch lol
Lucas Miguel Cavalcanti da Nóbrega
Voce jogar muitoooooooooo
Mistt Kun oldin
The 4 hunters finale is the best of the series *change my mind*
Samuel Foss hehn
Hallo Dream !!!
MrBeast IQ
MrBeast IQ Kun oldin
"that's got to be the best pirate i've ever seen..." "so it would seem..." 11:13
MrBeast IQ
MrBeast IQ Kun oldin
“i’m a disney princess”- dream 2020 “ok moana “
Sunny Love Msp
Sunny Love Msp Kun oldin
dream talking to the dolphins was the cutest thing ever omg
Faizaan Gaibi
Faizaan Gaibi Kun oldin
austyn roper
austyn roper Kun oldin
You and George need to create a game on ROBLOX because you guy like to code.
King Sushi
King Sushi Kun oldin
best vid of all time not kiddin yoo that was so goodddddddddddd
Katie Gray
Katie Gray Kun oldin
I LOVED the last death thing, antifrost didn't want to live on the same world as the endermen
angela Kun oldin
Ff sumit
Ff sumit Kun oldin
You are awesome
Risha :D
Risha :D Kun oldin
Oh my God
Oh my God Kun oldin
Oh my god dreams scream is soooooooo loud
gaming pro XP
gaming pro XP Kun oldin
Dream is so amazing i love videos
Julia T.
Julia T. Kun oldin
If someone sees this comment, do you know what the song at 30:00-31:30 is called?
jamjam Kun oldin
27:58 scared me bc i’m studying and i thought my youtube switched to a spiritual video 💀
Morgan Beecroft
Morgan Beecroft Kun oldin
Ur so cool
Erik A
Erik A Kun oldin
Dream you have the best videos ever
Renas Amani
Renas Amani Kun oldin
I will subcribe
Langit Kun oldin
27/:42 There is just the Faze logo
Izabella Azizyan
Go Dream❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎
Langit Kun oldin
21:21 That song rippped my ears
Bingo Tesla
Bingo Tesla Kun oldin
it's epic!
Tearainシ Kun oldin
And the scream that sapnap did at 47:47
Thiago Enzo
Thiago Enzo Kun oldin
Tearainシ Kun oldin
Lets kindly appreciate that Dream is this good at minecraft against 4
Leon Claasen
Leon Claasen Kun oldin
Hi Dream
Archana Chavhan
Archana Chavhan Kun oldin
5:07 Incredible Scene😲😲😲
Талгат Ахмед
Go Drim
Luisa Sanchez
Luisa Sanchez Kun oldin
dream is the best yaaaaaayaaaaay
Дима Гончар
Can you please put Russian subtitles on? I'll be grateful.
Johann Habgood
Johann Habgood Kun oldin
47:46. Bads voice crack scream is so funny
SAR Chanly
SAR Chanly Kun oldin
at 27:42 the bone blocks are shaped like faze clan’s logo lmao
zak gamingkid
zak gamingkid Kun oldin
zak gamingkid
zak gamingkid Kun oldin
zak gamingkid
zak gamingkid Kun oldin
zak gamingkid
zak gamingkid Kun oldin
Hello dream
FireCraft 9999
FireCraft 9999 Kun oldin
27:33 Who else sang it with them?
Sumaira Ijaz
Sumaira Ijaz Kun oldin
16:50 best trick ever
The most important day of my life
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