Minimal Desk Setup Tour: Samsung Smart Monitor M7 (2021) 

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Budget Desk Setups vary for the individual. It all depends on what you can afford but the great thing about desk setups is you can build slowly to get an Ultimate setup! The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 is great base to build a great affordable home office setup, desk setup for student or a productive samsung dex desk setup. More information here: bit.ly/3sPpoKE
Check Pricing here: (ITS ON SALE!)
32" 4K Samsung Smart Monitor M7: amzn.to/2MNPOwX
27" 1080P Samsung Smart Monitor M5: amzn.to/3kLVHHH
Keychron K2 Mechanical RGB Keyboard: amzn.to/2O8qgLA
Satechi Slim X3 Keyboard: amzn.to/3c02Obs
Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse: amzn.to/3qkdRRY
Logitech MX Master Mouse (Gray) : amzn.to/3c6QciD

More Desk Setup tour 2021 coming soon, if you want me to do a full budget student desk setup let me know! This video has it all the Samsung Smart Monitor M7 Unboxing, review and desk setup aesthetic all in one. Let me know what you think.
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This video is made in Partnership with Samsung. All opinions are my own.
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5-Mar, 2021



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Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
What do you think of this Affordable Smart Monitor? Do you want to see a desk setup tour under a certain price for the entire setup? What price point is the sweet spot?
Venky Prashant
Venky Prashant 26 kun oldin
@Judson Korbyn Where is your partner who comes here to shit that it worked?
Judson Korbyn
Judson Korbyn Oy oldin
I dont know if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hacker :D
Kushal Shah
Kushal Shah Oy oldin
how is the brightness holding up?
;-; 2 oy oldin
Do the same with all Huawei products include the Huawei Vision
azimus 4 kun oldin
Amazing connectivity but dim monitor...
KayP P.
KayP P. 5 kun oldin
DEX is the reason why I cant change to another smartphone brand...:)
Pendekar Lapok
Pendekar Lapok 5 kun oldin
Build in Netflix in monitor ,I am sold
Marco Deluca
Marco Deluca 7 kun oldin
What is the storage size?? GB??
Ellis Z
Ellis Z 11 kun oldin
This is actually incredible. If it came in wide screen it would be absolutely perfect.
Arissa Saffiyah
Arissa Saffiyah 14 kun oldin
I want to confirm, it means, i can just use the monitor to get my work done in office 365 without connecting it to anything?
Abhinav Chhetri
Abhinav Chhetri 14 kun oldin
ya so is the monitor any good................ I think you should talk about that too.
Flash363 16 kun oldin
Do you need a wifi connection for dex? Or does it have miracast where you can connect directly?
Christian Bernardo
Christian Bernardo 23 kun oldin
Does it support hdmi 2.1
Life TV
Life TV 24 kun oldin
I just ordered one and wanted to now which mount I can use with it and the one you recommend if possible can you provide me with the link?
Sudip Bholon
Sudip Bholon 24 kun oldin
how is the brightness and colour accuracy?
senpai 25 kun oldin
Does it have Spotify?
Majid Heidary
Majid Heidary 25 kun oldin
Could you please tell me whether I will be able to use AirPlay 2 while I am connecting my MacBook to a monitor using usb c?
dstmars1 26 kun oldin
What desk lamp is that?
Indrajeet Verma
Indrajeet Verma 27 kun oldin
Does it have KVM Switch in built ?
Tao Liu
Tao Liu 28 kun oldin
how about the wireless charge?
P S 29 kun oldin
Can you connect a keyboard and mouse via usb to the Monitor and then the laptop via USB-C and Controll the Laptop? Or do i need to plug everything into the laptop first?
Surya Teja
Surya Teja Oy oldin
Can we connect it with any mobile ?
sjow Oy oldin
So glad i clicked. Super informative. +1
John Fowler
John Fowler Oy oldin
remember its not IPS its VA but if you are up close on it you wont notice 319 on amazon today
Hybrid Fitness
Where is your apple xdr 🤔
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Oy oldin
I still have it.
Amazing thx
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo Oy oldin
Any idea why my usbc connection with Mac doesnt work? It detects it, but now showing picture
Hey Danny really it's Great and smart monitor and am gonna get it!
Allen #7
Allen #7 Oy oldin
but everywhere i read that the picture quality is shitty...so the only thing what is important about the monitor is bad...
Saad Ahmed Khan
sir can you gift me?? please
Ivan Feng
Ivan Feng Oy oldin
What’s the best Samsung configuration to watch Hitman vs. Cassidy?
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Oy oldin
It’s going to be a body so any configuration will do 🤣
おにち Oy oldin
I didnt get the USB-C cable with the M7 model, i checked the box twice and it seems I'm not the only one
Chandra morumpalli
Chandra morumpalli 14 kun oldin
if u went with FullHd 1080p 32" version , then u dont get usb c , only u get it with 4k resolution
Roman Russell
Roman Russell Oy oldin
Do you know if this compatible with the Samsung chromebook 2?
Il Colo
Il Colo Oy oldin
I can't find anywhere the color range. SRGB? DCI-P3? someone have this info?
Harvey Kent Lagura
Love your setup but your wall needs a little something something
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Oy oldin
I agree. I need some Art.
Matthew Holmes
Or instead of dex use shadow PC 😜
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan Oy oldin
VA monitor though :(
Angelo Peiris
Angelo Peiris Oy oldin
Hey man i have a one question, I'm currently using Samsung Dex with a Samsung dex station. So if i use Samsung dex wireless i can't plug my external hard drive to the phone right while using dex wirelessly? Then i need to use a usb c hub right with wired dex?
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani Oy oldin
I wish they'd launch this in India.
L.G. Quélhas
L.G. Quélhas Oy oldin
Same for Brazil...
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Oy oldin
I feel like it’s a perfect product for India! Not sure why they haven’t released it there.
Steven Lim
Steven Lim Oy oldin
Hi Danny, what is the model of the wireless phone charger in your video (0:26), really nice
gerard pascua
gerard pascua Oy oldin
What is the resolution you get when in dex mode?
ramr 17 kun oldin
I'm also curious to know the max resolution you can get with Samsung Dex on this monitor. Is it still 1080p?
Michael Nguyen
Now that is a cool.
Pep Leung
Pep Leung Oy oldin
Does it support other languages such as chinese?
อุทัย ยวนใจ
Amir Shabz
Amir Shabz Oy oldin
hey Danny, can this monitor be wall mounted?
おにち Oy oldin
Yes, it can be through VESA mount
bynahelemaal Oy oldin
Samsung always leaving out basic options... give me a damn headphone jack and an optical out!! Ffs! I
Cristian Rojas
Would have been perfect if it would go up to 120hz . I would even pay up to $500 for it .
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Oy oldin
yep same
Owusu Afrewo
Owusu Afrewo Oy oldin
It Looks very nice you made very good
Ulises Rafael Molluso
great review thanks!
The Grimm
The Grimm Oy oldin
What if my phone is a REALME device.. Can it work with the samsung Dex though? Thank you
Danny Winget
Danny Winget Oy oldin
No unfortunately Dex is a Samsung thing.
Jay Willis
Jay Willis 2 oy oldin
Does it include PIP or PBP?
Mehmet Ekin Aşkar
Any update?
Dennis Delos Santos
@Danny Winget what is brand of the cellphone stand you have on your video? Is it a wireless charger as well?
Dennis Delos Santos
@Danny Winget thank you
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
It’s is. It’s a Spigen one.
Keeps keong
Keeps keong 2 oy oldin
This monitor can see TV 's channel ? If yes need any anthena ?
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
It has Samsung TV plus which are internet channels.
Kenny 2 oy oldin
Good job Danny, I'm sold
Gordon Ramsay2077
What is the Difference between the m5 and m7?
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
1080p and I think ports are a little different. Big one is 4K vs 1080p
Sanjin Dervisevic
Can you confirm that it's only 30hz with usb-c? This is a dealbreaker for me, if it's only 30hz..
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 2 oy oldin
Thanks Danny for this video. Bought it and liked it so far
Philippe Rostin
Philippe Rostin 2 oy oldin
In Canada its almost 900 $ (712 USD) for the 4K, the only one at 400 $ is the 1080p. We are screwed as always
Bla1ze 2 oy oldin
@Philippe Rostin Nice. You're welcome, glad to help.
Philippe Rostin
Philippe Rostin 2 oy oldin
@Bla1ze yup limited time deal !!!! Just ordered one, thank you so much !
Bla1ze 2 oy oldin
@Philippe Rostin I tried linking it but comment was deleted / marked spam. It's on AMZ. I put it on your Discussion page.
Philippe Rostin
Philippe Rostin 2 oy oldin
@Bla1ze where ?
Bla1ze 2 oy oldin
It's $299 for the 32" 4K in Canada right now.
Riley Tallman
Riley Tallman 2 oy oldin
This is the best monitor money can buy right now holy sh*$. And its less than 400$ ?!?! Like wth
GamerPalmSweats 2 oy oldin
If Samsung took this same concept and added HDMI 2.1 with 4K HDR 120hz support this would be my new monitor.
fboost Oy oldin
And triple the price!
Proud Indian
Proud Indian Oy oldin
Nano IPS instead VA Panel
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
This is just the start so I am sure that will happen in the future especially if there is a high end to compliment the lineup. I think they were just looking at making the ultimate budget monitor for a wide range of people.
Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas 2 oy oldin
Great budget set up. Love how clean it looks!
What difference would it make if I just get a 40" 120Hz 4K smart tv used as monitor and pay the same price or even cheaper?
Morgan Lou
Morgan Lou Oy oldin
@CONMAN CHRONICLES Please let me know where you find a 40" 4k 120hz smart TV for 300$ :')
@Abdulrahman Alammar but for the same price, I'd rather get a bigger screen and a 40K 120Hz smart tv for $300. If you use this as a monitor for a PC, Mac or Samsung Dex, those have Bluetooth already and the Bluetooth feature of this monitor is redundant. Not worth paying extra for such a gimmicky product
Abdulrahman Alammar
Probably can't raise it or adjust the incline, and it doesn't have built in Bluetooth
Daniel Sin
Daniel Sin 2 oy oldin
Super cleaannnnn 👌
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
Appreciate that bro!
Ricardo Scott
Ricardo Scott 2 oy oldin
Can you game on here with the ps5
jar puppy
jar puppy 2 oy oldin
wow would think it was $800
Luciano Lima
Luciano Lima 2 oy oldin
Please, send the link for that mousepad ;)
J-M Tamondong
J-M Tamondong 2 oy oldin
can that monitor support charging the Macbook pro 16?
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
No not enough power for that. Macbook Pro 13" and below.
akhil menon
akhil menon 2 oy oldin
This one’s a Detailed review . Thank you
Eran Oved
Eran Oved 2 oy oldin
this was not a review my friend.. it was just an overview of the monitor and it's features.
Kev Adriano
Kev Adriano 2 oy oldin
"Universal monitor"
My Kitten Is A Black Belt
Sup Mister Winget and everyone
GrandmaHatesTech 2 oy oldin
How do they Expect someone like Me to Open that Box!...lol
ariel beato
ariel beato 2 oy oldin
Samsung Dex works great on my n20u and I use Samsung Dex a lot on my car radio
Nadeem Panjwani
Nadeem Panjwani 2 oy oldin
Hey Danny, that Target desk looks really nice. Please share the link if possible, thanks!
Chris G
Chris G 2 oy oldin
I'm intriuged, well played
Mu'iz Ad Deen
Mu'iz Ad Deen 2 oy oldin
But the real question is, can we play with PS5 / NIntendo Switch on it?
Mu'iz Ad Deen
Mu'iz Ad Deen 2 oy oldin
@Danny Winget ahaha okay thanks. Sorry I asked this before I finished the video lol.
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
Of course! I show some Xbox Series X gameplay on it. Also from a laptop.
Snehith Kalyan
Snehith Kalyan 2 oy oldin
what key board is that ? i want to buy it.
Snehith Kalyan
Snehith Kalyan 2 oy oldin
@Danny Winget sadly, it cannot be delivered to India :-( there is nepal and sri lanka but not India lollll
Snehith Kalyan
Snehith Kalyan 2 oy oldin
@Danny Winget thanks danny
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
I will put it in the description!
Dylan B !!
Dylan B !! 2 oy oldin
This is an undercover hypebeast chanel. Do you have an insta that you show your bearbricks and shoes?
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
I do. @superscientific
Nirali Nirmal
Nirali Nirmal 2 oy oldin
Awesome. Thanks for keeping updated with new tech products and options.
Wolfgang 2 oy oldin
Very cheap for 4k monitor with all this features
Susmit Das
Susmit Das 2 oy oldin
Nice But Its $300+
Susmit Das
Susmit Das 2 oy oldin
@Danny Winget Yeah still worth it!
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
But the features are insane for that price!
Jonathan Casey
Jonathan Casey 2 oy oldin
That monitor is pretty sweet! I can people getting really creative with it since it’s super universal.
Christopher Oy oldin
@Danny Winget Question: Does it have but in Wi-Fi? I've heard other people review the monitor and they said it had built in Wi-Fi.
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 2 oy oldin
Great all around first monitor.
Andrew German
Andrew German 2 oy oldin
Pretty cool setup! Great video :)
Siddharth Sazzala
Productive Setup!
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