[MV] Red - Calliope Mori #HololiveEnglish #HoloMyth 

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"Red" MV.
"Your Mori." Brand New EP Released by Calliope Mori.
Featuring 4 new songs and a bonus track for the physical CD release! Check it out!
Rap/Lyrics/Movie: Calliope Mori (me!)
My Twitter: moricalliope
Music Composition: てにをは
てにをは's UZblock: uzblock.info/comp/QAdXyrF2fYcqdXUUW3YxUg
てにをは's Twitter: edogawa_sampo
Mix by: AO
AO's Twitter: 2z2z
AO's UZblock: uzblock.info
Artwork by: 零
零's Twitter: rei_17
Mastered by Masato Morisaki at Artisans Mastering (TinyVoice,Production)
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tee to the hee.
(LIVE) #calliolive
(LIVE) #カリオライブ
(Music) #callioP
(Fanart) #callillust
(Fan-art) #カリイラスト
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4-Apr, 2021



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Josiah Stillings
Josiah Stillings Soat oldin
love the song but whats with the weird laughing in beginning?
Mykal Soat oldin
Heard this today instantly downloaded like calli is a queen of music
Arthur Jonathan
Arthur Jonathan Soat oldin
theaotaku1 3 soat oldin
Took a couple weeks for this song to really start hitting but now i keep coming back to it. That "time" line absolutely slaps
Jim Drosos
Jim Drosos 3 soat oldin
The rhythm is bopping but the lyrics are sad as fuck... You were everything we imagined Calli and much , much more. Thank you for everything!!!
Gogibahp 4 soat oldin
Calli is super talented and amazing but I don't think I see enough attention given to the composer teniwoha. The instrumentals and overall composition is so fucking amazing, and we need to talk about it more. This goes to most songs that either self covers or vocaloid songs. People talk about a lot about the amazing singers (or the vocaloids) but its these composers that do so much of the work.
White Rice
White Rice 4 soat oldin
This song is genuinely amazing. All of the lyrics have a deeper meaning, you can play it around the homies and vibe to it with them, and it shows how far Calli has come in terms of music and vocals even from Can You Please RIP, which was still amazing. Oh lord this comment winds on and on love you Calli
The Jester Spade
The Jester Spade 4 soat oldin
why have i not found this masterpiece sooner???? its amazing and now i cant stop running this on loop
小野坂 司
小野坂 司 6 soat oldin
calli no song daisuki
GreenTea_4u 6 soat oldin
I put this on loop while I freeze guardians in the crucible
Chris BL
Chris BL 7 soat oldin
Brooooo, this song just introduced 2 of my friends to Vtubers
Chiroh 7 soat oldin
Calli has a such talent.
Mikael johansson
Mikael johansson 9 soat oldin
This song becomes better every time I listen to it
AlUk4rD20 11 soat oldin
How is this song sooooo goddamn good man, i love it!
William Buskill
William Buskill 11 soat oldin
Nice work on this song chica
Emm 12 soat oldin
I knew the melody was really good... that's Teniwoha for you 😳
白い声white voice
白い声white voice 12 soat oldin
Let dance with us
Buzzet 12 soat oldin
Hololive really hit diamond with Mori. This is such a fucken banger
Zachurai 13 soat oldin
i want to know how hard it wass to deliver that "ouroboros", must've taken a while
ユート1008 14 soat oldin
lyrics Tonight, the moon has rose in a crimson red But roses gotta wither, so I’ll live forever instead And now I can’t get rid of all of these thorns in my head Bring on the hemorrhaging I guess I’ll live inside your memory Another distorted story that ignored the deceased I’ll live inside of a castle, pray I’m never released I’d rather kick it in the dungeon, cuz I’m that kind of beast I’ll bet my heart on the cards, because I trust me the least (Let it die) Pressure mounting, but I’m doomed without it Precious moments zooming by, don’t doubt it Rest is ephemeral, scream and shout it The best don’t sleep, I was all about it but (Let it die) Reaping keeps you tucked in the shadows This creeping feeling of identity battles Closing in from every side of me. Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s running the show? And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. Every day is a fight to stay relevant And it cannot last, so I’ll relish it And our planet’s vast, but this hole’s a ditch Ya toss out the past, and you can strike it rich Nobody asked, but the mask is an alright fit And this fiction’s no disaster, in spite of it I stay curious. What comes after it. So mysterious, and yet, I exist. Hold on, stay beautiful, stay young There are blades to be swung yet Rising soon, regard the moon reflected in the crimson sung tonight… Red tomorrow, Red today Dread, sorrow, Can’t turn away Can’t turn back Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune but hold your breath, guess who’s owning the throne? So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five minutes away from The end that’s come Continue slashing forward, I must Or else just Fade away… There’s a drive to strive inside all of us A never-ending ouroboros Sinking way deep down and it’s all because I kept thinking that reaping is all there was And is now I gotta find a way out, escape, how? Fate has a funny way of shaking the weak down Am I gonna peak now? Future looking bleak, wow Somehow incomplete, after all. Can’t. Turn. Back. Time, I’ll always be A prisoner to my ambition As petals fly, I’ll dance your tune, don’t hold your breath for me And when this red runs black, I’ll ask you Was I everything you imagined? When my time’s finally up, the sun’s falling down I’ll turn to stone again. So, come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five seconds away from The end that’s come From here on out it’s only just, Me and this bloodlust I’d rather just Fade away…
sam hue
sam hue 15 soat oldin
Can't stop playing
JudyZNudy 16 soat oldin
I've started to listen to Mori's songs even while around my sister, and I can say she likes them too. Spreading Mori's talent further and further, because she deserves it!
FO CUS 16 soat oldin
I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >
Ярослав Позняк
0:12 Is this Evangelion reference!?
Tuta 16 soat oldin
Okay, here's my interpretation of the song. I hope I got the message the way Calli expected it, but come on. So, Red is a direct sequel to "Off with their heads", which talked about the difficulty of the climbing to reach the top. It was kind of a song of empowerment and pride by calli, for having achieved success, and a little pinprick on the envious people who say that her climb was easy. On the other hand, "Red" talks about the difficulty of being on top, the difficulties of meeting everyone's expectations, and how exhausting it all is. But at the same time, Calli knows that this is (probably) the chance of her life, so she has to give her all in that space of time, what makes me think about it is part of the chorus: "So come alive now Once again, so I can chase you down We are five minutes away from The end, it's come Continue slashing forward I must Or else just fade away " I think "chase you down" is about her (Calli in person) chasing her ideal, Calliope Mori. Other parts of the lyrics that intrigue me are "red tomorrow, red today" That I believe is a metaphor, to say that she has to give her blood to be able to grab this chance that she got. After the first chorus, in the flow part, she talks about how destiny only steps on the weak and quotes uroboros, which in short, talks about cycles and evolution. And in that same part, calli says "I keep thinking that reaping is all there was" "reaping", in this case, most likely it refers to reaping the fruits that were planted from your efforts,the lyrics makes it look like this is wrong. Because the difficult thing is not to reach the top, it is difficult to remain at the top, and this is Calli's main internal struggle. And to finish "And when that red runs black I will ask you Was I everything you imagined? "I think calli is talking about all this" business "from Vtuber. Why, the truth is, even though you’re all Calli’s lives, you don’t really know her, you don’t really know her, you know one I’m not saying that she’s false in their lives in any way! What I mean is that everyone has sides that they prefer not to show, everyone has sides that they prefer to keep hidden, and that becomes even stronger when you're a Vtuber. And calli is talking about people's expectations of her, will she be everything that other people expected? Well, there are some other small references played in the song, but I preferred to talk about the parts that most call my attention. I hope I got the message that Calli wanted to convey, and I'm sorry for my vocabulary, I'm using a translator to write this comment
MRNOOOB613 18 soat oldin
Wow this song is insane well done calli
てにはをさん?! 死神と神のレクイエムといっても過言でない(語彙力)
アカリア 21 soat oldin
This mv is so cool the visual is so satisfying to watch
rsking 22 soat oldin
This song totally needs more views. The lyrics are really poetic and very interesting to interpret sasuga Calli Song kinda hit me hard tho cuz it talks about not knowing how long she'll be around, and I honestly hope Calli and hololive can keep going for a long time. It's been an amazing ride and looking forward to exploring the rabbit hole in the years to come.
Darío Gutierrez
Darío Gutierrez 22 soat oldin
This is growing on me.
subin ra2
subin ra2 23 soat oldin
Ojalá saber inglés 😔
Quadra Shishiron
The chorus was so catchy I love it!!
Troxyz1268 Kun oldin
Why does the chorus have so much Good Charlotte vibes
Stitch ThePuppetMaster
Igna Ordz
Igna Ordz Kun oldin
This is simply unbelievable
Shadowrider 10
Shadowrider 10 Kun oldin
This gives me Bad Apple vibes except there is nothing bad about it
Blackdragon5531 Kun oldin
need to add this to my spotify asap
Tyler Fleck
Tyler Fleck Kun oldin
Why have I only just listened to this now (oh right bootcamp)
AndyKUMA Kun oldin
Me waiting for Suichan to cover this
Cyanide Euphoria
I think everything together makes this fantastic. The art style, the colors, the tone of the video, and how the video plays out combined with the song just makes it perfect, or as close as possible. This is probably my favorite song of yours so far, Calli. Keep making fantastic stuff
Korraganitar Kun oldin
I have to say... this would fit perfect as an opening for a Persona Game.
Leeum Kun oldin
gay yelling
Samuel Monroy
Samuel Monroy Kun oldin
calli got some real talent
Overly Fatman
Overly Fatman Kun oldin
Yo that melody is fire 🔥🔥🔥
HOK Kun oldin
doug norm
doug norm Kun oldin
I had a dream last night that you had a cameo song in the next Persona game and it was fucking awesome. I hope this dream comes true someday.
Adi Reyes
Adi Reyes Kun oldin
Absolutely amazing!
Irfan Jaffar
Irfan Jaffar Kun oldin
I have finally ordered an EP album. Can't wait to listen on the speaker itself!!
Nikola Stojanović
What is that fantastic sound that sounds like laughter? Are there any songs with simmilar sound because i love it!!
Valerio Ascia
Valerio Ascia Kun oldin
Been listening to this for hours and have been vibing to it with big groups of friends, no regrets, only looking forward to the future and all the amazing songs that are gonna come out, I know I' could bet on that cause Mori never disappoints!
A. D. S.
A. D. S. Kun oldin
The style of this song just speaks to me on a personal level And reminds me to much of Mili for my emotional stability
Ahanya Mehmi
Ahanya Mehmi Kun oldin
1:00 That art mmmm Good work
nhi Kun oldin
great! super! amazing! wonderful!
ゆうきchan Kun oldin
OMG THE SONG IS GOOD! The mv made really well ^-^
Judau Kun oldin
Me, having lose streak for a week : *Red tomorrow, red today*
Nar1Bunny Kun oldin
this song slaps
lil puff
lil puff Kun oldin
Red is actually my fcking namee 🥺❣️
DED Beat Jr.
DED Beat Jr. Kun oldin
Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks that chorus sounds like the teen titan theme song.
Yuuno 923
Yuuno 923 Kun oldin
SomethingElse Logaf
poor gura the fool QwQ
Xylan Jade
Xylan Jade Kun oldin
incredible! As always!
firefly56 embers
Once again a pretty badass song from our lovely reaper
5656 kossy
5656 kossy Kun oldin
Kaosu VTuber
Kaosu VTuber Kun oldin
Just perfect!
DeathMasterKR Kun oldin
Im not sure why this tone remind me of teen titans
Alan Cacek
Alan Cacek Kun oldin
Ancapᅚᅚ Kun oldin
I love how the captions are red!
Ryuk Kun oldin
Rapper Calli
Taoge Expander
Taoge Expander Kun oldin
Shadow Frazs
Shadow Frazs Kun oldin
Welp I've officially fallen down the rabbit hole now I must spread this
vagan nazaryan
vagan nazaryan Kun oldin
Calli's one of the main reason i have attempted to apply for holoen, and if this time i wont make it, well, ill keep on going!
M J Kun oldin
Guys, imagine this, Calliope Mori x CORPSE
Gura in the card: the FOOL
Gazerei Kun oldin
Her wordplay is awesome as always. Dang
Nick H
Nick H Kun oldin
If people can't enjoy Calli's wide variety of music, I think they should get tested for Covid-19. Why, because one of the symptoms is having a lack of taste.
liger 0307
liger 0307 2 kun oldin
That time part hits ever time
JayyKnights101 2 kun oldin
Everything about this song is so F***ing good man, I can't tell you how many times I left this on repeat. THANK YOU SO MUCH MORI FOR THIS BANGER❤🔥
Valkarie3D 2 kun oldin
Red subtitles
Kisuko EV
Kisuko EV 2 kun oldin
I love this song...except the creepy children laughing, that scares me
Araceli Alvarez
Araceli Alvarez 2 kun oldin
I'm in love with this omg
Yam Jam
Yam Jam 2 kun oldin
I really like how the Tarot cards are tilted
ANTUAAA 2 kun oldin
imagine if someday a song like this one turns in a famous anime op
てんむす 2 kun oldin
アホウドリ 2 kun oldin
150万再生おめでと‼️ 流石にエグすぎる!2週間くらいで150万も納得の凄さだ
Chato 710 Anime
Chato 710 Anime 2 kun oldin
This song touched my heart thank you
RygoreVT 2 kun oldin
The song is great. The MV is great. But the reason I have to comment is because I have never heard the word ouroboros rhymed in any song.... or anything... ever. What a lyricist.
Rubén Mendoza
Rubén Mendoza 2 kun oldin
Guau hablo español y no se que hago aqui pero me gusta sigue asi calli
Paul Jairo
Paul Jairo 2 kun oldin
Always my jam keep making songs Calli !!
Kam Yu
Kam Yu 2 kun oldin
Mxrciii 2 kun oldin
"I bet my heart on the cards, because i trust me the least" why do i relate to this so much,i litteraly turn to my tarot cards becuz they're the only thing that makes me prepared for the harsh real life
Jp 656
Jp 656 2 kun oldin
ГрийГорий ИваоноВчъ
Эта музыка должна быть на всех площадках мира мы заслуживаем этого . Opening in Anime
Alvaro Navarro
Alvaro Navarro 2 kun oldin
Habló español, esto esta épico 😎😎👌👌
NoSleep -ID
NoSleep -ID 2 kun oldin
2:15 3:16 did you see holomyth easter eggs?
Anerisa 2 kun oldin
Where can I get those cards? Haha
su bi
su bi 2 kun oldin
ExOskeletal1988 2 kun oldin
James Jaba
James Jaba 2 kun oldin
This is fucking exceptional, I don't usually listen to the type of music Calli puts out but my mind was blown when I heard this song on her live show
The saviour of humanity
I can proudly show off that I listen to calli's songs every night before I sleep to my bros
Ultra Killer
Ultra Killer 2 kun oldin
In her Collab with Ollie on Apex, she was holding back so no one reported her for never missing her target
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