New Play Control! for Wii - Scott The Woz 

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Scott refuses to play Mario Power Tennis stationary.
Twitter: ScottTheWoz
Facebook: ScottTheWoz/
Instagram: scottthewoz
Music Used:
"Opening Credits" from McLintock!
"Yoshi's Story" from Super Smash Bros. Melee
"Title Screen" from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"World 1 Map" from New Super Mario Bros. Wii
"Main Theme" from Everybody Votes Channel
"Dawn Savanna" from Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
"September 2013" from Nintendo eShop (Wii U)
"Submission Plaza" from Check Mii Out Channel
"The Forest of Hope" from Pikmin
"Challenge Mode" from Pikmin
"Main Menu" from Mario Power Tennis
"Artist on the Court" from Mario Power Tennis
"Sky Garden" from Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
"Title Screen" from Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
"Rumble Falls" from Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
"Prologue" from Metroid Prime
"Menu Select" from Metroid Prime
"Vs. Dark Troopers" from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
"World Map" from Pikmin 2
"Title Screen" from Chibi-Robo!
"Midday Majesty" from Chibi-Robo!
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes




4-Apr, 2021



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Brian Mcdonald
Brian Mcdonald 14 soat oldin
Anyone else think melee would've been in this line up had brawl not become a thing?
Lakhan Kumat
Lakhan Kumat 20 soat oldin
Very nice video
TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9
Got problwith widescreen
Father Pucci
Father Pucci Kun oldin
scott 2024
your new dad
your new dad Kun oldin
please make a video about pikmin you have casually mentioned it so many times PLEASE
your new dad
your new dad Kun oldin
please make a video on pikmin
WeeOoo Certified Productions
Shows wii gameplay, plays dank paper thousand year door music from the gamecube
Gabriel Farley
Gabriel Farley 2 kun oldin
Nintendo could release Kirby Air Ride on an Atari controller for $150 and I'd buy it, doesn't need a new control gimmick.
Corfex 2 kun oldin
Matthew Krenzler
Matthew Krenzler 2 kun oldin
(10:06) Then you’ll also realise that it’s a Pan & Scan auto transfer that they’ve resolved too.
Leon Paelinck
Leon Paelinck 2 kun oldin
Nintendo supports GC controller in new games like Brawl, Mario kart wii ... but not in games that are LITERALLY GAMECUBE PORTS . RE4 did it, so why not Twilight Princess, or metroid prime 1/2. an extra control option is always nice.
Koratora Foshow
Koratora Foshow 2 kun oldin
He’s just fucking drowning in a bath tub “playing Mario” wtf
Koratora Foshow
Koratora Foshow 2 kun oldin
God dammit is there anyone here who just says “OH SCOTT” audibly every time he makes a great snip?
thespoonlord 2 kun oldin
i think we have the same carpet
TRIVIA Enterprises
TRIVIA Enterprises 3 kun oldin
If you listen well you can hear Scott take a breath every time.
MRasput1n Vods
MRasput1n Vods 3 kun oldin
are you smarter than a 5th grader was actually fun tho.....
Phoenichi 3 kun oldin
never thought id hear Scott say the word "lust" in a video
mauro 4 kun oldin
i love how every 2021 scotts video hit 1M views in 1 week
The bizarre adventures of Ace
Hey Scott! How do you taste?
Orange 4 kun oldin
Can’t wait for the re-release of Jesus Christ so hyped
Carter Graves
Carter Graves 4 kun oldin
Scott attempting to eat a wii-mote is something I didn’t know I needed to see, but i’m glad that I did.
0:23-0:26 Same here! My favorite videogame ever is The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures, even though I've never played it, ever.
Badlex 727
Badlex 727 5 kun oldin
11:44 Was... Was that a Jimmy Whetzel/NintendoFanFTW reference?
MANTIS 5 kun oldin
"Give Windwaker the Twilight Princess treatment!" *Remembers the mirroring and annoying Wii remote controls on Twilight Princess Wii* No, no, no, you don't want that
DeadHawk 5 kun oldin
Nintendo is famous for giving up on really cool things because they never do them right at the start. It's honestly sad...
Landon 5 kun oldin
Scott Wozniak for U.S. Senate 2022
Orange 5 kun oldin
Y13 5 kun oldin
The fact that I didn't watch this video for about a week exclusively because of how boring the thumbnail looked is definitely a show of how boring those covers are
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 5 kun oldin
I bought 3D All Stars day one. I know a thing or two about cheap low effort Nintendo re releases
Christopher Robinson
im sorry we almost got melee with native internet support? (edit: with not woth)
Pineapple Marshmallow
Death Woomy
Death Woomy 6 kun oldin
14:44 “You need the Nunchuck.”
acknowledge me
acknowledge me 6 kun oldin
Anyone here ever played glory of heracles.
blocky boi
blocky boi 6 kun oldin
Doing my scott the woz homework before episode 200
CommonAmmo 6 kun oldin
hey guys look its the guy who owns sonic jam
Tomani 5 kun oldin
And Sonic 2 with a line.
Meme Man
Meme Man 7 kun oldin
Scott should do a video on Lego Video Games.
Ana Bang
Ana Bang 6 kun oldin
Good idea.
dj is bad
dj is bad 7 kun oldin
Scott The Woz
Zormyyy 7 kun oldin
What type of couch do you have?
Tyler Burnett
Tyler Burnett 7 kun oldin
next video appraise your collection
Just another Epic gamer 0_0
You should make a video about video game card games (Mtg arena, Pokémon TCG, Hearthstone, etc.)
pida siouy
pida siouy 7 kun oldin
Is anyone going to talk about how Scott is number 6 on trending
JetWolf 68k
JetWolf 68k 7 kun oldin
I guess that makes the Skyward Sword switch remaster an "old play control" game.
now music critic
now music critic 8 kun oldin
Review guitar hero
richard cooks stuff
bro he is already making a new episode also don't ask for shit from scott
Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy 8 kun oldin
This guy is the reason i decided to make a youtube channel.
pida siouy
pida siouy 7 kun oldin
Hearing Scott talk about face raiders would be amazing.
The Golfernment
The Golfernment 8 kun oldin
Watching this reminds me of the time I ate a 3D dorito
Cole Semel
Cole Semel 8 kun oldin
Day one of asking for a video on Mario Superstar baseball and Mario Super Sluggers
richard cooks stuff
do not do that shit to scott he won't listen
Curly Whrly
Curly Whrly 8 kun oldin
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 kun oldin
“Holy Shit I thought I was playing Mario.” -Quote of the Year 2021
Jason Chicko
Jason Chicko 8 kun oldin
he got killed by amogus that's what happened
Househopper 7 kun oldin
@ׂ wednesday
ׂ 8 kun oldin
No, he actually got sick and delayed the episode to Tuesday/Wednesday.
KeatynTheDeath 8 kun oldin
8:06 Holy Sh*t I Thought I Was Playing Mario
B dawg
B dawg 8 kun oldin
Scott the woz fans: "I'm gonna harass you with a three letter word ending in x HOLY CRAP I DIDN'T REALIZE WHAT I JUST SAID NEVERMIND!
B dawg
B dawg 8 kun oldin
@Garbulio I meant gex😔
Garbulio 8 kun oldin
Wait what?
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 kun oldin
So thats why Scott has so many Wii remotes he must feed
493x 8 kun oldin
This video is mostly great, but I disagree with the Scott's notion of making F-Zero GX playable with motion controls. That's be beyond painful for a game that's already brutally hard. I do wish more GC games got the Wii treatment though.
papitas 8 kun oldin
why aren't you fond of gay people scott
Dasher 997
Dasher 997 8 kun oldin
Scott mentions Facebook in the description, yet he hasn't updated sense last year?
The Cockatoo
The Cockatoo 8 kun oldin
Wait a second. It’s Monday. And that means, Sunday passed. But there was no Scott video. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO ON
The Cockatoo
The Cockatoo 8 kun oldin
@Daily Nintendo Tips oh word. Thanks. I don’t use Twitter & I missed his community post
Daily Nintendo Tips
He is first delaying a vid go tuesday or wednesday. Then he will focus on epispde 200 and he will put it out early may. Check his community post or his twitter
Ayaan Quadri
Ayaan Quadri 8 kun oldin
Mr Dudee007
Mr Dudee007 8 kun oldin
Scott you most likely wont but maybe a video on face raiders from the 3ds family
Isaac 8 kun oldin
I hope Scott knows that the shot of him deepthroating a Wiimote will live on the internet forever.
Goblin Man
Goblin Man 8 kun oldin
Hearing Scott talk about face raiders would be amazing.
Sands Bros
Sands Bros 8 kun oldin
Bothe Bobster
Bothe Bobster 8 kun oldin
SCOTT please do a critical review of Balan Wonderworld
Househopper 8 kun oldin
The game is shit *intro rolls*
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 8 kun oldin
imagine beating sekiro or dark souls with the Donkey Kong bongos
Ace 8 kun oldin
Do a video on Mario Golf
Daniel Medrano
Daniel Medrano 9 kun oldin
Just hearing Chibi robo Reminds me of the dark age of Nintendo :)
the muIt gamer
the muIt gamer 9 kun oldin
Oh hey its the guy who owns Sonic Jams
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 8 kun oldin
3 uploads in 2 weeks? who are you, and what did you do with- meh who cares free content ig
Ihsan Cakir
Ihsan Cakir 9 kun oldin
I was offered a free backwards compatible wii from my friend with three wiimotes, two Mario kart steering wheels, and a wii fit board, but my parents said no. I’ve always wanted a wii and got really sad
Daily Nintendo Tips
Jordan C
Jordan C 8 kun oldin
Kenny Frierson
Kenny Frierson 9 kun oldin
So thats why Scott has so many Wii remotes he must feed
Periless 9 kun oldin
im watching on ps vita lol i must be irrelevant Im not joking
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 9 kun oldin
Why is this saying it was just uploaded 3 hours ago
El Cancel
El Cancel 9 kun oldin
You are 1 min late Scott...jk take your time.
El Cancel
El Cancel 9 kun oldin
@Suba Nighthack Thank you very much!
Suba Nighthack
Suba Nighthack 9 kun oldin
He said he will upload the video on Tuesday or Wednesday
Dizzle 9 kun oldin
Guys I think Scott’s here
Alejandro Zamora
Alejandro Zamora 9 kun oldin
I don't use the lower 60% either 😂
Lucas Vitor Rafael da Silva
well, i guess I love you Scott.
cyncynshop 9 kun oldin
I feel like most talk about metroid prime is extended into prime 2 and 3 anyway. Unless prompted to explain the difference between the Prime trilogy, people lump all 3 into the Prime recognition anyway.
Luke Mchugh
Luke Mchugh 9 kun oldin
Do you know what the name Scott the woz sounds like to me? A terminal illness
Jo 9 kun oldin
“people just didnt get it, like stimulus checks” politics? in MY scott the woz episode?!
Josh Willcox
Josh Willcox 9 kun oldin
Why do people seem obsessed with having non hd consoles in widescreen? It's only anamorphic meaning the amount of detail, horizontally at least, is slightly worse. You're taking the resolution of the 4:3 image and stretching it out, just gives you a less sharp picture.
Reality Vanguard
Reality Vanguard 9 kun oldin
Console almost as powerful as the original Xbox in 2001? - Drake doesn't like that. Console almost as powerful as the original Xbox in 2006? - Drake will take 100 million units please.
VoidBloodCharles 9 kun oldin
It sounds like Mario is drowning in New Super Mario Bros Wii because he is trapped in a bubble, and cannot breathe, and is why he is screaming for help.
jamlo 9 kun oldin
3 uploads in 2 weeks? who are you, and what did you do with- meh who cares free content ig
h 9 kun oldin
it's the amogus guy so sussy
Househopper 8 kun oldin
maynor Flores
maynor Flores 9 kun oldin
I got my wii and now it makes a odd sound and the whole screen is shaking what’s going on
this gave me cancer!!!
Hey scott, y'all here
James Patterson
James Patterson 9 kun oldin
...I'm sitting at 9:55 wondering if Nintendo actually gave Waluigi a shadow on his groin. Also, if it what it appears to be, why does it look like its coming from his rear? Either Nintendo is getting more sexual than I expected or the Mario Brothers have tails that we didn't know about, aha
Lithium 9 kun oldin
I used to love Jungle Beat when I was like 6, I remember having the new play control version on the Wii and it was so good!
No other Like my own skin
Can you review tomtoc, BRENDO, Jun Xuan Game Cartridge Holder Case for Nintendo Switch and or Nintendo Switch Lite user? All Different Case.
Objectified Cross
Objectified Cross 10 kun oldin
Technically Wii did have one more improvement, you could actually get the component cables at a respectable price. Even now with the 3rd party alternative cables out there like the GCHD series it's so expensive to get better video out of the GC you might as well just get a Wii. Also I wonder if these titles were a hint, since they later dropped GC support. Leaving you with the choice of either owning a GC and Wii, or hoping they make more of these re-releases.
Tristan 10 kun oldin
Nintendo doesn't like making money.
Kevin Badger
Kevin Badger 6 kun oldin
On the contrary. They LOVE making money, they just do it in a way where it doesn’t make you happy.
Househopper 8 kun oldin
Is that so?
Oh naw That’s scary
I would vote Scott the wiz for Ohio senator
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 kun oldin
Recently, i got diagnosed with Covid and only thing bringing me joy has been you, Scott.. so i truly thank you for that; you have been my hero these days
Newport Box 100s
Newport Box 100s 10 kun oldin
This video dragged on foreverrrrr
Lancefer66 10 kun oldin
The wife and I got the Wii when it came out on sale on black friday. When we opened and used it for the first time (zelda), we tried to play for about 15 minutes each. It's been in the closet ever since. If there is a traditional controller available, we may try again.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 10 kun oldin
Can You Hire More Voice Actors On Scott The Woz?!
Rando 10 kun oldin
When Scott said he didn’t mind The game cube controls but the Wii ones were brilliant, I just thought of the “This is brilliant, but I like this.” Meme
machinegun housedog
machinegun housedog 10 kun oldin
holy fuck its scott the woz
Derek Weselake
Derek Weselake 10 kun oldin
why did I laugh so much at the "Ooooo" for the Japanese prime disc intro lol
Gabriel2005_11 / gaming
The United States jokes are funny.
Miguel Correia
Miguel Correia 10 kun oldin
Scott: posts video Me: :) Scott video: starts with Shooting with a gun Me: :D
SuperMarioCJT 10 kun oldin
14:26 So Nintendo made a marvel intro logo screen
Dr. Dreidel •ドリーデル先生
17:08 the Nintendo Selects border is incredibly intrusive, but its the only budget border that actually looks premium
Cam Bam
Cam Bam 10 kun oldin
Based off of Scott’s comment on stimulus’s we can safely assume he falls on the democratic spectrum. I say this because he is bummed about not getting more money obviously which shows a democratic leaning. Oh well
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