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6-May, 2021



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Galaxy-angel_ wolf
Galaxy-angel_ wolf 19 soat oldin
The balloon popping is actually how they get rid of the giant thing of balloon in a row
Tim G
Tim G Kun oldin
Takos lol you mean tortillas?
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson Kun oldin
Yes let's pop some balloons and make microplastics for the environment for no good reason
Haza Nies
Haza Nies Kun oldin
Worst fckn reactions
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime 2 kun oldin
Tackos? Really?
Izzan Qistan Kamarulzaman
His tranquility scares me.
Angel Verduzco
Angel Verduzco 5 kun oldin
Anarchy 9 kun oldin
I fucking hate these "satisfying" videos
Sack of Doobs
Sack of Doobs 10 kun oldin
Yup. Everyday for 7 months straight here.
totally glue
totally glue 11 kun oldin
haha lol no I would never copy peoples ideas no no
Jai Rah
Jai Rah 11 kun oldin
Me sees someones car that is covered with ice: + Me putting buckets all over the car+ still me:+breaking de ice to de bucketz+ me again: + me at home and eating de ice+
Dimitry Gamer
Dimitry Gamer 12 kun oldin
I think we found the laziest person here
구호동 12 kun oldin
I remember when people said reaction videos felt fake because of how the high energy felt forced At least they had energy in them
Devaughn Wilson
Devaughn Wilson 13 kun oldin
Takes me back to them coolmath days with the monkey ballon popping game back in elementary
Will U
Will U 13 kun oldin
Omg make a video where you keep saying tAAcos over n over
Subodh Gayakwad
Subodh Gayakwad 14 kun oldin
Not need to wash your car 😉
Chris D:
Chris D: 15 kun oldin
Your content is a joke
いの 15 kun oldin
Bruce Day
Bruce Day 16 kun oldin
A fucking tac-o? Wtf? Your not allowed yo eat Mexican food anymore
Anthony Jenks
Anthony Jenks 19 kun oldin
He really said tAcKoS
DARKASM The transgender
It's no longer asmr in Russia where your car IS ice
iamMasiana 21 kun oldin
Just dont bash him with hate comments it feels really bad getting so much hatered if you dont like just ignore his videos but don't demotivate anyone
Johan Elfström
Johan Elfström 22 kun oldin
This guy gets so much hate, but I really like him! Some people: This guy is so boring, no good reactions😒 Me looks at the likes this video has: yeah that about him being bad?😏
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 23 kun oldin
Ah yes, removing ice from a car is so creative
TheCanadianMaverick 23 kun oldin
We canadians every winter have to clean snow and ice off alot
the lonely stoner
the lonely stoner 24 kun oldin
the way you say tacos sounds like a karen talking
HerrBratwurst 24 kun oldin
The balloon thing is a tradition, but in China before a New business starts, they will do big celebrations for good luck. Then they will put out firecrackers. But since firecrackers are now rather rare in China, so they started to use popping balloons to do the same thing.
Kreshnik Krasniqi
Kreshnik Krasniqi 24 kun oldin
T.A.C.O.S. ahahahaha
Ghost幽灵 25 kun oldin
The last one is a replacement of fireworks they're banned in China now, and the balloons kinda sound the same, and gets the job done so yeaahhhh
Frank Norris
Frank Norris 26 kun oldin
Tak oh's lol
GreenGAM3RGB1 26 kun oldin
The 1st 1 is cotton pads
Roman101 27 kun oldin
Those balloons were kicking his ass ngl
MeL 27 kun oldin
Tack - o’s
Pizza Time
Pizza Time 27 kun oldin
This video alone has some of the most creative people in it as well as the least creative person on this planet.
Maulana Fakih
Maulana Fakih 27 kun oldin
ice nya tebel banget
Technical Achievements
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 28 kun oldin
Reaction lab... you suck! I bet you won’t pin this comment!
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson 28 kun oldin
This guy sucks!
Herbkills (Herbkills)
Man pop balloons Na that’s ballon TD battles
Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn 28 kun oldin
This is basically entertainment for blind people
Roque y Horacio
Roque y Horacio 28 kun oldin
Wow so sastisfactori
tafota 577
tafota 577 28 kun oldin
This guy thinks he knows everything
𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘭 28 kun oldin
𝘉𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘦𝘧𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘦?
Markus Geimer
Markus Geimer 28 kun oldin
The ballon popping I believe might be a funeral where the devil is given obstacles to stumble over to slow him down so that the spirit may make it to the afterlife before he catches them. Hence the tiny little red "gate" the guy was holding. And the ballons might be a substitute for firecrackers... Which i believe were to scare away evil spirits.
J W 28 kun oldin
Minh Vo
Minh Vo 29 kun oldin
When you want to buy fire crackers but they sold out
I’m Me
I’m Me 29 kun oldin
“Look mom, I’m a professional balloon popper “
John Dc2
John Dc2 29 kun oldin
We do have to do that scraping everyday here in Canada for atleast 4 months of the year
subgod123 13 kun oldin
We don't have freezing rain everyday...
Jambalaya Man
Jambalaya Man 29 kun oldin
I don’t think you guys understand... He’s a very special boy
NotCyber 29 kun oldin
This guy be reading his comment section and be like: *✨Awwh they love me, they just don't show it✨*
Etni Santacruz
Etni Santacruz 29 kun oldin
The way this dude said tacos. 😭😭
Jaime Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez 29 kun oldin
Balloon tower defense ?
That One Guy That Wouldn't Watch Fate
That sht is cotton not Dumpling Tacos
Cian Kirkpatrick
I don’t have to imagine the ice thing I already have it
TurdFerguson Outdoors
Marco Oy oldin
I bet he is so depressed
John Mapley
John Mapley Oy oldin
Still not fair use
Trey Smokez
Trey Smokez Oy oldin
Bruh the reaction pisses me off
Javier L Gonzalez
All da time taken ice off
B Quick
B Quick Oy oldin
What is a tack-o?? Lol
Dylan Stey
Dylan Stey Oy oldin
'ASMR' 🔊📣📣📢📢📢
Dylan Stey
Dylan Stey Oy oldin
Tito GabiArce
Tito GabiArce Oy oldin
His voice was fucking annoying
Selasor R
Selasor R Oy oldin
You’re the first reaction guy that’s not annoying, obnoxious or pretending to not know what’s going on. YOU ARE TOLERABLE THANK YOU!! Lol
Hamia Jawed
Hamia Jawed Oy oldin
imagining watching his videos everyday :/
Everyday Interviews 615
J A Y Oy oldin
I think they are biscuits
Wojciech Chomiak
Why does yt promote this shit, i dislike it every time it shows up
Pure peppered Chicken relish
I really don’t want to hate this guy but I do I’m sorry I can’t help it
meee goat
meee goat Oy oldin
Burnt Ham
Burnt Ham Oy oldin
Get this through your fucking skull. Someone actually made this.
Strangest_ Oy oldin
Sorry a taco's that small
My Recipe Book with Reshma
Last one was firecrackers without pollution..
Hariansyah Afandi
Enak banget yaa, ngereact vidio orang dapet adsen..
Yuzer64 Oy oldin
balloons: *popping* veterans: flashbacks
J. Martinez
J. Martinez Oy oldin
What are tack-o’s?
T 2
T 2 Oy oldin
The way he said TACOS, made me feel wrong
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Oy oldin
The irony of the title is lost on this dude
Nick Applebee
Nick Applebee Oy oldin
This guys voice is what i find so calming
Bass Love
Bass Love Oy oldin
Rodri Segura
Rodri Segura Oy oldin
The first one looks like sopaipillas, a typical Chilean food.
Aaron Rodriguez
I hate commentators
2nd one reminds me of Magnum Ice cream
JovialDaze Oy oldin
When you're uncultured and call tortillas, tacos lmaoo
JovialDaze Oy oldin
@DJ Ren fair enough.
DJ Ren
DJ Ren Oy oldin
Based on his accent, he’s probably British, where there isn’t a lot of Mexican food
Sherona Henry
Sherona Henry Oy oldin
The first one looks like their making Pringles
Lisa E - LukLex
So what was the first one? Not tack-ohs
Shebna Simte
Shebna Simte Oy oldin
its bursting crackers sound to celebrate an opening of a venue or any kind of celebration but this one without smokes.
beano weeno
beano weeno Oy oldin
the way he said tacos 🔫😐
InvaderWiz005 Oy oldin
That last clip is omniman and invincible on the train
Won’t let me block his content wtf
Austin B
Austin B Oy oldin
Every time this guy pops up it’s a sign that it’s time for me to stop watching shorts for today.
Der Lean
Der Lean Oy oldin
Reaction videos should be forbidden
April Patel
April Patel Oy oldin
I think the last one was a world record balloon popping or some s***
BlueKnight001 Oy oldin
The guy with ice on the car, if its that bad don't drive
Francisco Delgadillo
"creative people" and he is highlighted with the same color ... and he is only reacting to a video already made 😂
Haedez 2
Haedez 2 Oy oldin
yea that’s definitely not how tortillas are made
Jacob Bierer
Jacob Bierer Oy oldin
Me when I play balloons tower defense
Dan L
Dan L Oy oldin
The qualifications for becoming a UZblock video reaction-er is absolutely 0 You literally have to repeat what is happening on screen *dumpling wrapper being made* "He is making a dumpling wrapper"
Mike schlicher
Accos? Apples? Or is it just cheese 🧀...these r the strangest videos I've ever watched on UZblock
ASMR Fish Fry English Style!!
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