Operation [Censored] Around and Find Out | Rainbow Six Siege 

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We've got a dude from Argentina with an RC-XD, a Border rework, and a secondary equipment slot to get rid of defender utility. Welcome to Operation *Bleep* Around and Find Out, AKA, Crimson Heist.
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Suh, dude? This is my official UZblock Channel. I play Rainbow Six Siege and sometimes I live stream games on my PC. You can connect with me on Twitch, Discord, Twitter and Insta! Let’s play!
Operation [Censored] Around and Find Out (Crimson Heist) | Rainbow Six Siege
0:00 Intro
1:13 Meet Flores
2:35 RC-XD Deployed
5:22 Welcome to the new Border
6:09 New weapon I didn't get footage for because I am idot
6:58 New Border clips
8:44 Wrap up




21-Fev, 2021



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Assault Microwave
Assault Microwave 3 kun oldin
How dare you change your pfp!
shade 4 kun oldin
it can jump up onto walls attach itself and explode
snakey 5 kun oldin
cool pfp greg
Nitsud 6 kun oldin
What did you do with your profile picture
Alex 6 kun oldin
Like the new pfp
Banealot 7 kun oldin
I hate the new changes coming that favor the attackers way too much. I mean really wth is the point of bringing a melusi now. Or what's the point of even roaming now? When attackers can just walk in, plant in 20 seconds and bam defense is down 0-3. They are just making attacking too easy, it's suppose to be hard since defenders own the site. And this is coming from someone who got way better on attack this season. now I just feel garbage Ash mains can just rush in obj kill the anchors and win easily. Idk but lately it's been way too hard to defend lately and this is scaring me it's going to completely make the game 1 sided
Gomez 7 kun oldin
Hey unrelated question: opinions about the mexican FX-05
acrispynugget 7 kun oldin
You know honestly I would much prefer a hard breach charge over the gonne six
J-Cotto33 8 kun oldin
To all of the people who think blackboard shouldn't be nerfed anymore or that his rework should be a shield that protects him from some body damage while obscuring his vision, please explain why. Mind you, he is an operator that is shielded from headshot damage, which is one of the most vital parts of rainbow six seige. Also consider the potential fact that even if his shield protects him from just body damage, people are still going to feel dissatisfied when playing against him because they may have killed any other operator, but due to blackboard shield, they lost the gunfight. Those are just my thoughts. Very eager to hear back from the community :)
NotSoGreatPlays 8 kun oldin
Hey apparently people choose pc over console and im a console player who doesnt play pc so i cant have an opinion until i try it but im wondering is this true?
MaruxeTV 9 kun oldin
3:20 cursed plant
hue 9 kun oldin
With the buffs coming along AND this new gadget. Mute is definitely going to be my y6s1 main
Deipno 10 kun oldin
Yooo can you do a revised twitch review
generic gaming channel !!!!
You mean he will be banned to hell
Rockstarrclarke 10 kun oldin
Why is Ubisoft okay with giving some ops OP weapons and gadgets and others terrible gadgets and guns ?
Joseph Valle
Joseph Valle 11 kun oldin
So siege is basically 90% memes now and probably not worth actually trying in ranked?
Worded Jewel
Worded Jewel 11 kun oldin
I HATE IT that they changed the 5v4 to 4v5
matt domenick
matt domenick 11 kun oldin
But that raspberry pi nade logo is sick. This dude organizes his wires.
Julian M
Julian M 11 kun oldin
What is that intros song naaaame
Sefa Baskal
Sefa Baskal 11 kun oldin
Did you miss a word in the title?
Mando 11 kun oldin
This video made me laugh. That's it. You can stop reading now.
JWP 12 kun oldin
The Dayvin Ross cuts are always appreciated
Francisco Villarreal
King Wolf
King Wolf 12 kun oldin
I think its fair,the absolute size of the thing alone makes it easy to spot and shoot. (it reminds me of a German Goliath Tank mine from WW2) it's basically one grenade that can be moved and only 4 can be detonated. Its very similar to Fuze, as both their devices are designed to deal with large amounts of utility. He is another good op to counter utility. If does need a nerf at some point (which I don't think he does) you could remove 1 or 2 vehicle mines.
Noah Norton
Noah Norton 12 kun oldin
Thoughts on upcoming the Goyo change?
orion bekesi
orion bekesi 12 kun oldin
think 4 is too much because kind of like goyo having 3 shields not for the 30sec are denial but the 3 fucking basically mira windows this guy has is 6 drones, and drones of any sort are really powerfull
Ivan Padolko
Ivan Padolko 12 kun oldin
Game would be so much better if they stopped adding ops and actually focused on shit that was wrong with the game
Ivan Padolko
Ivan Padolko 12 kun oldin
I know it makes them a lot of money but if they made skins and a shop that was good people would spend money
Patrick 12 kun oldin
He has 4. Well I'm gonna stop maining jäger now
Gus Merhige
Gus Merhige 12 kun oldin
Tanks groog
Bland Wolf
Bland Wolf 12 kun oldin
Too bad it doesn't play the Arabic Ring tone when it blows up
ForgetTheLyrics 12 kun oldin
I love how far Raspberry Pi's have gone
Rodrigo Nuñez
Rodrigo Nuñez 12 kun oldin
I need a Thatcher vs Flores Video. Falklands 2 Electric Boogaloo
Elijah Echeverria
Elijah Echeverria 12 kun oldin
Don’t sleep on ma boi glaz elite
ThirteenBrick 12 kun oldin
Is a new map really too much to ask for
A Plank
A Plank 12 kun oldin
Can they like... give Twitch the ability to jump with her shock drone..?
Niels Petit-Jean
Niels Petit-Jean 12 kun oldin
Congrats on 300k
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 12 kun oldin
"Sheer Heart Attack has no weaknesses"
Charles Young
Charles Young 13 kun oldin
You played with Varsity, my life is now complete.
KALPA T 13 kun oldin
Why does the new op looks like a buffed Gregor? 9:06
Threebs 13 kun oldin
I can easily see this gadget being overpowered before ubi nerfs it to the ground. Seeing as thats what typically tends to happen with new operators.
Mr. Seal
Mr. Seal 7 kun oldin
Balancing is a very weird thing. Take nokk for example. In the TS she can now go pass by any proximity gadget and that is great. She is finally a stealth op and nokk mains (like my self) have more ways to approach a situation. Now imagine if she came out like that and ppl started saying that she was op before testing her out, everyone would say she was op. The devs have experience balancing the game (i mean by now it would be weird if they didnt ) we just havent been used to ops looking kind of op.
DaManOfPie 13 kun oldin
its a claymore Roomba, change my mind
Larry 13 kun oldin
Did you mean anything you didn’t want the defenders to have?
BobSaggot666 13 kun oldin
Flores will have four drones until he comes into pro league, when it will be nerfed to two.
Mateo Stagnitta
Mateo Stagnitta 13 kun oldin
Bruh im from argentina and he looks nothing but argentinian, kinda dissapointing but welp, its what we got
Mateo Stagnitta
Mateo Stagnitta 12 kun oldin
@Vince true
Vince 12 kun oldin
Bus the base game ops barely looked like they were from the countries they were supposed to represent
Cloud Bank
Cloud Bank 13 kun oldin
imagine being friends with get flanked . more like get backstabbed
The Kiddo Legacy
The Kiddo Legacy 13 kun oldin
Ah, sucidal drones
Chole Loose
Chole Loose 13 kun oldin
I know that Gregor has been a fan of the p90 for a long time, but I've been seeing the gun a lot more as a whole. Im guessing getting rid of the acog on the mp5 leveled the playing field.
Bean Man
Bean Man 13 kun oldin
A Concerned Commissar
(Can't claim. Credit for this joke) Can't believe they added the killer queen stand to R6
Mafia Chief
Mafia Chief 13 kun oldin
sooooo, a better fuze?
Moffrow 13 kun oldin
If he can have 4, then remove the lights on twitch drones and make it so she can jump 2/4 of drone height
Morgan Bradford
Morgan Bradford 13 kun oldin
I love the Steve Zaragoza clip.
HitchSlappedUSA 13 kun oldin
They should have called the new operator Gregor. I think they look alike, given the right hat and expression. :-)
p o s t
p o s t 13 kun oldin
Who would also date flores?
TheOffical 13 kun oldin
So he got 4 drone that goes boom boom, they can jump and denied a plant super easy with that damage when expoled.... seems a bit overpowerd in my opinion nerf is going to happen before he goes live
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ 13 kun oldin
If you told someone in year 1 that SAM FISHER was going to be in the game they would go insane But then if you told them that he wasn’t stealthy they would stop playing
Sgtsmith 13 kun oldin
Can't wait till the next op; operation Civil War
SomeRandomNoob 13 kun oldin
Congrats on 300k subscribers, Gregor!
keinsteinplaysmc mc
keinsteinplaysmc mc 13 kun oldin
Is It Just me or does the lighting look off? Main entrance seems kinda dark
onur97able 13 kun oldin
Hey greg im sure you saw the Cinematic by this point and i want to ask do you think writers are setting up a fractured team arc because as soon as ash punched kali everyone seemed really eager to be at each other's thorats including thermite and aruni
Gannon Jones
Gannon Jones 13 kun oldin
So I can run black ice on the new op, nice
Troy Vasquez
Troy Vasquez 13 kun oldin
Dokkaebi should’ve kept her C75 and frags
Hello there General konobi
Sooo instead of making fuze better they gave him a cousin who has mobile fuze charges
Tempest 7
Tempest 7 13 kun oldin
Gregor your officially invited to the cookout
Jackson Shead
Jackson Shead 13 kun oldin
Let's go Greg, 300k!
Ignificus 13 kun oldin
The new operator and secondary utility are nice and all but... *they changed the match time font*
Kevon Lopez
Kevon Lopez 13 kun oldin
I hope they didn’t take out my guy on the intercom. Do not board the helicopter!
Nikodem Grabowski
Nikodem Grabowski 13 kun oldin
you should can the gadget the 'be gonne (thot)'
Ray. Exe
Ray. Exe 13 kun oldin
Finka nade’s made me sad because i am a finka main. Its sad that they remove the grenades with the stuns. I know you can cleanse the flash (so if you get flashed and you finka boost your whole team your whole team if they are blinded before the boost, the flash will be gone) but it kinda suck
FTJ05 13 kun oldin
8:29, is that a golden monty shield?
Ian Winter
Ian Winter 13 kun oldin
is the new secondary a Terry Pratchett easteregg?
Ignis, Lord of flames
4 drones seems a bit much
Phoenix Plays
Phoenix Plays 13 kun oldin
Censors the name of the operation in the title The thumbnail: OPERATION CRIMSON HEIST
Phoenix Plays
Phoenix Plays 12 kun oldin
@Aigar Gurjanov ok
Aigar Gurjanov
Aigar Gurjanov 12 kun oldin
but he didnt censor the name of the operation the title was a meme name wich was fuck around and find out
mehemynx m
mehemynx m 13 kun oldin
waiting for the Sheer heartattack references to pour in
Zaid Tayeh
Zaid Tayeh 13 kun oldin
he used fragberry pi to make the drone
Andrew Allan
Andrew Allan 13 kun oldin
Nerf incoming . 4 is crazy
Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville
Oh and Melusi's wobwob is now destructible by bullet fire when it's active Drones can be controlled by it's dead owner. Oh and also it seems I saw that echo drones can not only move, but fire when its operator is dead. And armour rating is replaced with HP rating Got this from: uzblock.info/post/video/r7CurXiMdHydno4.html
Baris Cankaya
Baris Cankaya 13 kun oldin
oooh boy i will have some fun with that thing
Jojo Yang
Jojo Yang 13 kun oldin
Nooooo you can’t just blow up all your drones in the first 30 seconds!! Haha c4 drone go boom
VexdGamer 13 kun oldin
So he has 4 remote controlled nitro cells. Yeah, I can hear the nerf coming from here
919dd 13 kun oldin
All they did for the border rework was make it more defender sided. Literally every single change they made does that, except maybe the new exterior stair. Theyre actually fucking dumb.
Faptn. Undrpants
Faptn. Undrpants 13 kun oldin
Is it just me or did they scale the entire map up ever so slightly?
James MacQ
James MacQ 13 kun oldin
so awesome you get in with the other creators for this stuff, love seeing your POV
James MacQ
James MacQ 13 kun oldin
P.S. you could probably rock a cosplay as this guy with that stache youve grown
Tarek Aljawi
Tarek Aljawi 13 kun oldin
whats the music used for New Border clips section ?
Norrotaku 13 kun oldin
what was the music at the end? Its low key super fire Link or name plox?
Random User
Random User 13 kun oldin
4 is a bit much isn't it? I mean they took one of Goyo's shields and reduced them to 2 because 3 shields was "too much" but this dude have 4 drone bombs?
Phantom Hawk
Phantom Hawk 13 kun oldin
4 explosive drones, 2 normal ones and 3 flashbangs + they will make it possible for every attacker to swap during prep phase... Ubisoft REALLY REALLY REALLY hates Aruni, she should just pack her bags and leave
SHDW PINGU 13 kun oldin
When’s the full release date
Definite_Rage 13 kun oldin
This season is going to be interesting and I don’t want to play it
Dylan 13 kun oldin
Are we not going to talk about how the new op looks like Gregor?
Don't Mind Me, Just Scrolling
What was that censored part?
fresh 13 kun oldin
The secondary gadget literally a suicide, pistol more usefull.
Im3agle 10 kun oldin
Its insanely useful. Plus if you have to rely on a secondary to clean up on most of the ops who have it then you gotta work on ur aim
Littleboyboi 13 kun oldin
It’s dumb how his name has nothing to do with his gadget
Littleboyboi 13 kun oldin
@analseepage I do
analseepage 13 kun oldin
who gives a single fuck
Mr. Thiccums
Mr. Thiccums 13 kun oldin
This season looks really good from a competitive standpoint and a casual standpoint. The drone and Zeros shotgun offer a lot of utility denial. And casual players (me) are gonna love the boomy drone
Jose Angel Perez
Jose Angel Perez 13 kun oldin
Maybe instead of keeping Goyo’s gadget like it is. Ubi can make his gadget an actual jerry can. He can spread the gas in the prep phase to make traps and he can also make a line of gas so he can shoot it at a safe distance and the fire travels to the distance. They would have to make the fire go pretty fast so this tactic would work though. Something to think about bc I really don’t wanna see my boy Goyo in the dumps.
Nathan Custance
Nathan Custance 13 kun oldin
Why does the Gonne 6 replace your secondary gadget?
ducktective 13 kun oldin
I think it's so cool to see Greg play with bigger siege UZblockrs. Greg has some of the best content out there and puts in tons of effort and I think he is really underrated and needs more of a presence
Mason Keagle
Mason Keagle 13 kun oldin
Smoke or twitch how to remakes
Kylian Fox
Kylian Fox 14 kun oldin
Your last name is cool.
Isaac Ferguson
Isaac Ferguson 14 kun oldin
Anyone else disappointed our favorite Australian won't be able to actually hijack one of those things.
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