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Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll have huge smiles on your faces and only feel love because with everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s all we want, to share the love and spread some joy to everyone. ❤️
To the whole team, we are grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for making our wedding day extra special. ❤️
Videography: Bob Nicolas and team
Phototography: Caliber King and team (Pat Dy’s team)
Venue styling: Gideon Hermosa and team
Jessy Mendiola
Glam Team:
Makeup: Kusie Ho
Hair: Anton Papa
Stylist: Patty Yap
Wedding dress: Patricia Santos
Shoes: Jefferson Si
Nails: ExtraOrdinail
Eyelash Extensions: New Lounge

Luis Manzano:
Glam Team:
Grooming: Peps Selvestre
Stylist: Rex Atienza/ Jay Sarmiento
Suit by: Paulo Lazaro
Wedding planner and coordination:
“THE” Joanne Angeles, we LOVE you. Thank you for organizing everything.
Wedding bands and jewelry:
Manila Diamond Studio
Intimate dinner sponsored by Lyka and The Farm (special mention to Gibby, Ms. Jenny, Apple and Mr. Preet Singh)
Wedding cake: Celestially Baked
Special thanks to Ranvel Rufino for helping us out with the venue.
To my sister Meggy, thank you for being by my side the whole time. I love you.
And of course to Mayor Eric Africa for accommodating us despite his busy schedule.
Please do send me your comments after watching the video and don't forget to subscribe! ❤️❤️❤️
Welcome & enjoy!
Live life.
Love life.
Senorita Jessy 🌺💋

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Music in this Video:
Song: Repudium
Artist: Roland Lewis
Album: Starting Over
Licensed to
UZblock By: Musicbed
Copyright Disclaimer:
Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.



4-Apr, 2021



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Jessy Mendiola
Jessy Mendiola 16 kun oldin
Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll have huge smiles on your faces and only feel love because with everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s all we want, to share the love and spread some joy to everyone. ❤️ #JessGotLucky #LuisAndJessyWedding #OurIntimateWedding
Gil Josol
Gil Josol 14 kun oldin
Congrats po. Best wishes ❤️
Gemma Fuentes
Gemma Fuentes 14 kun oldin
Congratulations po to both of you. God bless po.
Sally Kasper
Sally Kasper 14 kun oldin
Congratulations to you both
ail albasri
ail albasri 14 kun oldin
@madeline zarosa ٠خك
annalie de leon
annalie de leon 14 kun oldin
Congrats Ate Jessy and Kuya Luis I'm happy for the both of you! Excited nako sa little jessy nyo hehe😍😍😍
Erika Chavez
Erika Chavez 3 soat oldin
Find someone who will cry at your wedding day 😩😩❤️❤️❗️
LOU 8 soat oldin
Stabya Han Palacio lobos turla Loyogoy #16
grabe kasal na kayo
ANALYN PANSOY 18 soat oldin
#Pretty Bride #nice wedding dress
dawn florr
dawn florr Kun oldin
yamyam Pyoo
yamyam Pyoo Kun oldin
Congrats to both of you idol Jessy and Luis...stunning bride... Love love love...
Bev Ly
Bev Ly Kun oldin
Jamillah Mamayo
Jamillah Mamayo Kun oldin
Scarlet Jane
Scarlet Jane Kun oldin
Congrats po stay strong🥺❤️
James Thomson
James Thomson 2 kun oldin
Just a beautiful couple with their whole family connections to support them. Well done you two. 💕
Gina Jean
Gina Jean 2 kun oldin
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festus ewere
festus ewere 2 kun oldin
Nice one
Itsmejohnny 25
Itsmejohnny 25 3 kun oldin
Sabay sabay tayong mag SANA ALL
Gh Hg
Gh Hg 3 kun oldin
Merly Babon
Merly Babon 3 kun oldin
James Geronimo
James Geronimo 4 kun oldin
Congrats mga idols
Sherry Pie
Sherry Pie 4 kun oldin
wah! simple but beautiful
Vanessa Infante
Vanessa Infante 4 kun oldin
Stay strong po
Mitch Dinz
Mitch Dinz 4 kun oldin
Congrats to the newlywed ung tipong sobrang touch at na luluha ka kc ang ganda tlga nila at ng wedding tpos matatawa ka s pinag gagawa ni Luis,. Best wishes for you both and many baby's to come🥰🥰🥰
RR SANCHEZ 4 kun oldin
God bless your marriage,, Beautiful wedding
Perez, Roselyne-Ann B.
Congrats po sa inyo. ❣️
edz BG
edz BG 4 kun oldin
Congrats po
Daphney’s Day out
Simple... Elegant... Classy...
Seniorita Beb
Seniorita Beb 4 kun oldin
Kent deniel Hojilla
Late congratulations for the both of you. I hope you two will enjoy your lives together ☺️
Nicole Hill
Nicole Hill 4 kun oldin
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Juliet reyes
Juliet reyes 4 kun oldin
yung iyak ni jessy simple pero ramdam mo ung pag mamahal sa kanya
Elisa Yu
Elisa Yu 4 kun oldin
Ang sarap nyo panoorin, wish you all the best... 🙏
Garnet Nier
Garnet Nier 4 kun oldin
Mayflor Gambala
Mayflor Gambala 4 kun oldin
JAPAN OFW 5 kun oldin
Im not a basher pero im not a fan as well.. mahal nila ang isat isa talaga.. ang dami nilang pinagdaanan na mga bashers dahil sa mga nakaraan nila.. pero sila pa din ang nauwi sa kasalan.. let’s be happy for them kc minsan tayong mga umiidolo sa mga artista eh nagagalit na tau pg nagkakaron sila ng ibang nagugustuhan.. wag sanang ganun kc tao din ang mga yan may sariling isip at puso .. wala tayong karapatang mamili ng makakasama nila sa buhay .. anyway congratulations to both of u.. prayers para maging mas matatag ang pagsasama nila bilang mag asawa.. #happywedding #simpleyetelegant #luisjessy
Joan Declaro
Joan Declaro 5 kun oldin
They manage todo the impossible wedding. 😍
M C78
M C78 5 kun oldin
Hi LJM ❤ it's me Aces
VikMatt Channel
VikMatt Channel 5 kun oldin
Leiana Chekizha
Leiana Chekizha 5 kun oldin
Ok di ko alam kasal na pala sila. Congrats!
Jeanne Lyn Rabadon
Jeanne Lyn Rabadon 5 kun oldin
Congratulations luis And jessy! You deserved to be happy! 💕💕💕 Keep in love everyday and keep kilig everyday!
SEMILLA, Karla Faith Manuel
wow i love it, i hope to marry like this
Nurhanina Cabato
Nurhanina Cabato 5 kun oldin
Jimmy Olarte
Jimmy Olarte 5 kun oldin
Jo Marie TV
Jo Marie TV 5 kun oldin
Naway balang araw matatagpuan ko din ang taong para sakin, yung tatanggapin ako kahit mom of two ako 😊
Gina Duran channel
Gina Duran channel 5 kun oldin
congrats mga idol.
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker 6 kun oldin
You are so beautiful Jessy Mendiola. Simple yet so classy.
Kyla Hampong
Kyla Hampong 6 kun oldin
Almarie Fuentes
Almarie Fuentes 6 kun oldin
Congrats po.
Mariz Pascual
Mariz Pascual 6 kun oldin
classy ng taste ng mag asawa kahit simple lang wedding. ok na nga na hindi na sila magpakasal pa ulit kasi nakatatak na sa tao yong simple but in good taste na naging kasal nyo. yong gagastosin nyo pa pandagdag nyo nalang aa magiging mansion nyo na ipapatayo para sa magiging mga magagandang anak nyo.
Mark George
Mark George 6 kun oldin
foreverrrrr na yan...Hope.
Grace M Official
Grace M Official 6 kun oldin
Amazing how God two people together in marriage
Rhona Jhane Guarnes
Congrats po sa inyong dalawa. May the Lord God bless you both🥰 best wishes po sa inyo,❤❤❤
MRS 19SeVeNtY5
MRS 19SeVeNtY5 6 kun oldin
yamate 6 kun oldin
kung sa fb pa to marame mga photos na memes haha pinoy nga talaga .
Danica Rosales
Danica Rosales 6 kun oldin
Magkatawa man kos nawng aning ondong luis oi 😂😂 nahimog comedy slight 😂😂 Congrats ❤️❤️❤️
Lucy Encomio
Lucy Encomio 6 kun oldin
totoo ba yan?
Myza Obus
Myza Obus 6 kun oldin
Naiyak ako😭 congrats both...
Lorna Palles
Lorna Palles 6 kun oldin
💕💕💕 congratulations 🎉👏 both of u specially my ate Idol Plsss Take Care and Be Safe always 🙏❣️😘
Just Rae Anne
Just Rae Anne 6 kun oldin
4.9 million views mas uk magsubscribe ka 😊
Shanjedtan KIDDOS
Shanjedtan KIDDOS 6 kun oldin
love her dress its so simple yet shes amazing
Kuya Norm TV
Kuya Norm TV 6 kun oldin
I look the presence of Aj standing infront of jessy to come off for mr. Manzano
WiL TzY 6 kun oldin
Balatero Brothers
Balatero Brothers 7 kun oldin
Want to have a wedding like yours someday kasi I really don’t have family (no siblings, few friends, and father that will send me to the altar) and ayoko ng maraming makikichismis lang.sana nga ikasal ulit ako sa pari or simbahan pero ganitong set up gusto ko
ZLyn's Blog
ZLyn's Blog 7 kun oldin
Congratulations to the Newly married Couple. God bless and more babies to come 🥰
Simply Lille
Simply Lille 7 kun oldin
This is what a wedding should be, simple, intimate with class. Congratulations to the newlyweds.
Ronolo Elizabeth
Ronolo Elizabeth 7 kun oldin
Nagpa pasalamat ako Kay God at ikaw ang Naka tuluyan ni Luis at hindi Yung npa
alida flus
alida flus 7 kun oldin
perfect, but every thing there’s always compromise. There’s always Ups & Downs s mga relationship, but that’s part of it.
VGarren TV
VGarren TV 7 kun oldin
alida flus
alida flus 7 kun oldin
bless your hearts union, God bless your lives!
Congratulations both
Imelda Lozano
Imelda Lozano 7 kun oldin
Best wishes
I like the dress bibili ako ng kagaya niyan kahit di ako ikakasal 😂😂😂😂 ❤❤❤ to our maria mercedes 😗😊 Edit:when Luis crying naalala ko yung si val si val si val na walang malay 😂😂😂😂
Renz Zone YTC
Renz Zone YTC 7 kun oldin
New fan here! God bless you po!
BBDYAN 7 kun oldin
Congrats po👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
Marcial Mambiray
Marcial Mambiray 8 kun oldin
bigla akong natawa sa iyak ni luis
charlene merida
charlene merida 8 kun oldin
Wow congratulations the howhows
Littlemonsters germanotta
Congratulations Jessy Mendiola Best wishes to you two
Edmar Javellana
Edmar Javellana 8 kun oldin
Im not fun of Jessy M but im happy for both of you..God bless to the both of you and be God always be there to both of you.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mercy V. Gutierrez
Mercy V. Gutierrez 8 kun oldin
Congratulations bagay na bagay💖💞🙏
Jerly Bancil
Jerly Bancil 8 kun oldin
I'm late but this is true?
Argie Hermosa
Argie Hermosa 8 kun oldin
Wow, CONGRATULATIONS! Much awaited wedding ever. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)
THE CORZ 8 kun oldin
Jessy hello
Vivian Tantengco
Vivian Tantengco 8 kun oldin
Congratulations! Intimate weddings are more meaningful, more heartfelt. Grand weddings are mostly stressful, you don't even know or remember most of your guests, that sometimes it feels like a circus. In short, your wedding Jessy & Luis is embedded in my mind as a beautiful & most memorable one i've witnessed even if only on media. God bless your hearts union, God bless your lives!
doliio volay
doliio volay 8 kun oldin
perfect, but every thing there’s always compromise. There’s always Ups & Downs s mga relationship, but that’s part of it.
eloise634 8 kun oldin
Ang ganda ng wedding nila and ung theme and location. 👏🏻😍
doliio volay
doliio volay 8 kun oldin
Wait ha.. bakit of all colors pink ang suit ni Luis? Is that his favorite color? Hehe congrats to you both!
Nervana Greg
Nervana Greg 8 kun oldin
Congratulations!! May you have a blessed and happy life🎉🎊
Nanie Cafe
Nanie Cafe 8 kun oldin
Congratulations! Best wishes Jessy and Luis 💕
Grace Tumalad
Grace Tumalad 8 kun oldin
Bkit b pag kinakasal umiiyak 😅
Lalaine Villanueva
Lalaine Villanueva 8 kun oldin
What a beautiful wedding i hope makita kona yung lalaking handa ako iharap sa alter at makikipag palitan saken ng I DO💔
AYT Works
AYT Works 8 kun oldin
e baka koya mo luis yan. paka lakas. naway umabot hanggang s adulo ng walang hanggan ang inyong pagsasama
Muse Kera
Muse Kera 8 kun oldin
nakakatouch yung lalaki na umiiyak...Best wishes..Happy ako sa inyo both..Kilala ko kayo on Television at pinapanuod ko mga shows/movies nyo.Isa akong strangers sa inyo pero Wish ko na maging matatag kayo sa journey ng LOVE STORY nyo...God bless..
Rosalie Castillo
Rosalie Castillo 8 kun oldin
Congrats 💐💐💐👏 best wishes to both of you ❤️😘😘
MARS GAMBOA 8 kun oldin
Kilig naman ng kasalan .congrats both.and God Bless
Wang Hei
Wang Hei 8 kun oldin
they have been very strong to come to this very happy moment.
Ed Pampilon
Ed Pampilon 8 kun oldin
congrats po mam jessy and sir luis. Deserve nyo po ang isa't isa. Lalo na po si sir luis na napakubuting tao, everytime po na may ginagawa kaming commercial lagi po sya nagbibigay ng "for the boys" na kahit hindi po namin inaasahan every sya po yung nagiging talent namin nagbibigay pa po sya. malaking tulong po yun samin lalo na po on call po halos yung mga trabaho namin. Maraming salamat po sa inyo and God bless po. Hope to work you both Mrs. and Mr. Manzano. Mag iingat po kayo palagi
oofs 8 kun oldin
the level of dryness in comments y'all need water
Keen P
Keen P 8 kun oldin
Ang swerteeee mo luisssss!!!!!!!!! Crush ko yan! Wag mo siya lokohin kundi ako hahanap sayo!🥺🥺🥺 Long live!
Ivy vlogs
Ivy vlogs 8 kun oldin
naiiyak ako...🥺🥺🥺happy wedding po Luis and Jessy...😍😍😍baka Kung ako Ang ikasal iiyak din ako..Kasi di ko nga kasal naiiyak ako..hehe
Eda Navarra
Eda Navarra 8 kun oldin
Congratulations lovely couple!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 kun oldin
Wait ha.. bakit of all colors pink ang suit ni Luis? Is that his favorite color? Hehe congrats to you both!
mayo mae
mayo mae 8 kun oldin
Napakasimple yet so perfect! 😍
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 8 kun oldin
Congratulations jessy ❤ luis
Nila E Faldas
Nila E Faldas 8 kun oldin
It's worth waiting, patiently waiting for the right time and right person. God bless your Jessy and Luis
Hanara Love
Hanara Love 8 kun oldin
beautiful wedding
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