Pacquiao vs Broner FULL FIGHT: January 19, 2019 - PBC on Showtime 

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Boxing's only eight-division World Champion Manny Pacquiao retained his WBA title with a UD win over four-division titleholder Adrien Broner in the main event of a Showtime PPV in Las Vegas on January 19, 2019.
Read all about the fight here: pbcham.ps/Pacquiao-vs-Broner
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19-Yan, 2020



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D G Soat oldin
This fight was cringeworthy to watch. What was AB attempting to do.....
Kmak Milly
Kmak Milly 2 soat oldin
Idk how Broner thought he won.
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 6 soat oldin
Commentator all over Jeff Horn’s jock. Excuse after excuse.
jules b
jules b 6 soat oldin
I beat him” In your dream 😂
Joseph Johns
Joseph Johns 7 soat oldin
The different sardine cranially chop because pickle secondly frame without a hallowed pleasure. pretty, secretive jeans
hk pinay tkd
hk pinay tkd 12 soat oldin
Shout oud lodi your the best boxer in our country keepsafe and God Bless you always
Edwin mayoru Edwin
Edwin mayoru Edwin 13 soat oldin
ohh yea
Max Maszczyk
Max Maszczyk 14 soat oldin
in my opinion Broner did'nt win one round .Yhe anouncer should get some new glasses To!
Wetewete Gogoy
Wetewete Gogoy 15 soat oldin
Broner looked pathetic and older, while Pacman looked younger and fast. Broner must go back to kindergarten.
Dr Primarijus
Dr Primarijus 17 soat oldin
Girl.on the right at 50:45???
SIGURD Ofstad 22 soat oldin
Broner is Mayweather without the favorable decisions:)
Anita Lu
Anita Lu Kun oldin
Broner got some dirty moves, Even referee told Manny: watch your head and I’ll watch him!
Anita Lu
Anita Lu Kun oldin
Manny is too quick for Broner. Good Fight!
jesoni baleiwai
jesoni baleiwai Kun oldin
Manny fights well when he's bouncing
Eddie J
Eddie J Kun oldin
ang INGAY lang ni BUBOY ......easy lang kaya nga MAY TRAINING KAYO........MALILITO NYAN ANG BOKSINGERO...
Alexandre Prazeres
This commentor is so boring to hear. No expression at all
50 Year Old LE Rookie
It's still painful to watch this track meet of a one sided fight. Broner should be in track and field not boxing....LoL It's a crying shame when you make a 40yr old man chase you for 11 rounds and you still can't be the aggressor for at least the last round of the fight.....Pathetic!
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
ROFL at broner chucking his hands up like he KNEW he won 😆
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
He can't even contain his arrogance for 2 seconds.
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
Bahahahahaha "I beat him" broner said hahaha
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
The only fans Broner had in whole arena was his family lol..
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
I love watching the broner clan thinking their boy actually did something in rd 4 haha.. sit your ass down.
Havik Awakened
Havik Awakened 2 kun oldin
Broner had his aggressiveness beaten outta him by that other Spanish fighter lol.. he looks scared af vs Pacman
Crisela Toniacao
Crisela Toniacao 2 kun oldin
Still Pacman💯💪💥♥
WAR KING 2 kun oldin
Announcer was obviously biased in favor of Manny from the start
Woke 2 kun oldin
This fucking idiot calling the fight need glasses! PAC man was missing like shit! Slow mo and mute this dumb fuck calling the fight
Grub Thomas
Grub Thomas 2 kun oldin
Adrian was a soft sponge in that ring
J03 3 kun oldin
briner fucking sucks
xJester23 3 kun oldin
Broner has been a shot fighter for years now
soon djukian
soon djukian 3 kun oldin
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown 3 kun oldin
Broner, putting on a masterclass display. Worthy of “about billions”.
Salvador Pelagio
Salvador Pelagio 3 kun oldin
Pelea mas aburrida
Fonsy 3 kun oldin
Who's here after Broner robbed Santiago?
Love or War Vlogs
Love or War Vlogs 4 kun oldin
bakit pinapanalo nio mga negro,, ang boring sa laban,, mas gusto ko pa mga mexicano.. hindi sayang yung ticket ng mga manonood,
Love or War Vlogs
Love or War Vlogs 4 kun oldin
hindi dapat hinahayyan ni manny na mkpagpahinga c broner ,tira lang ng tira,, patumba na sana c broner kung lageng sinusugod ni manny,,
Love or War Vlogs
Love or War Vlogs 4 kun oldin
tagabigay nlang ng tubig c coach freddie roach ah
Riff Raff
Riff Raff 4 kun oldin
The worst announcer of all all time. This guy sounded half dead. And trash talked manny the whole time
Marvelousmarvin 4 kun oldin
Compare pac man calf muscle to broner calf muscle dam it looks like manny be doing a lot of calf raises cause those calf muscle are humongous.
Rommel Soria
Rommel Soria 4 kun oldin
BRONER Like may weather admit to thier selves that they are enough enough to Fight BACK manny paquiao, they RUN all the time Just to scape
Rommel Soria
Rommel Soria 4 kun oldin
Jean depaz Depaz
Jean depaz Depaz 4 kun oldin
Walang Alam
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Susana Rona
Susana Rona 4 kun oldin
Charlie Flowers
Charlie Flowers 4 kun oldin
AB Won that fight robbery SMH
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 4 kun oldin
AB actually performed better here against an ATG than against Santiago. Lol
iamstephenbailey 4 kun oldin
Jesus AB, it’s called a combo. This fight would have been way closer if he would have thrown more than one punch at a time
Maria D
Maria D 4 kun oldin
Running is not winning
Kev o
Kev o 5 kun oldin
Broker has been lucky winning they titles he aint no natural talent
John John
John John 5 kun oldin
That punch on the 10th round is the same punch that put hatton to sleep
StuhfyFN 5 kun oldin
Jr Junior
Jr Junior 5 kun oldin
El negro pensaba que se ganaba con correr o porque levanto la mano?
Christopher Powell
Christopher Powell 5 kun oldin
Hang it up ab take wilder with you make America great again.
Christopher Powell
Christopher Powell 5 kun oldin
Another fake joke wilder pencil leg bitch worse heavyweight in the history fighting fat nobody's for a fake title.
Ray Gsbrelcik
Ray Gsbrelcik 5 kun oldin
Reminds me of a slightly smaller DURAN.
Ray Gsbrelcik
Ray Gsbrelcik 5 kun oldin
bentara tukul
bentara tukul 5 kun oldin
Broner still running.. And punch a few punches but still u miss some too.. money punches more than broner it misses too but.. Still u land less than money overall.. Did u see broner punch that make pacquiao react most? Not much.. Did u see manny punch that make broner react most? many of them hehe.. :)
SuperTruthful 5 kun oldin
Fight wasn't close, broner ran and manny tagged him when he could. Broner is a waste of time and energy...his corner constantly begs him to throw his hands...wtf
jhoy laureta
jhoy laureta 5 kun oldin
mayweather style si broner he keep.on running
jhoy laureta
jhoy laureta 5 kun oldin
Boring mag laro si broner halatang takot Kay pacquio
Richard Falcone
Richard Falcone 5 kun oldin
Broner could have won this fight if he was more offensive manny threw much more punches but in all honesty didn't land all that many crisp shots but he did win because he was more offensive minded.
cg l
cg l 5 kun oldin
Bronner just want to survive 12 rds by way of bobbing and running. Is that a real fighter.
Larry Hampton
Larry Hampton 5 kun oldin
Last night, Feb 20, 2021, Broner was given a gift over Santiago on Showbox. The only fights he won has been against women he slaps around. He is a felony waiting to happen.
StackinRax 5 kun oldin
Broner: watch the fight again but with no sound. I won that fight I guess swinging at air has to be muted now
MGM 7 6 kun oldin
Manny won but I still can’t help but to think why they hype up every punch or combo he throw. I watched this fight 5 times and he misses so much lol
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 4 kun oldin
@Ant SoSavage 😂😂😂😂
Ant SoSavage
Ant SoSavage 4 kun oldin
Bc a lot of fans are casual and dont know what they seeing, they see him move and cheer for it LOL
darthclone7 4 kun oldin
his fans love him too much
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 6 kun oldin
Jim Atkinson
Jim Atkinson 6 kun oldin
Broner needs wwf not boxing
Mark Asis
Mark Asis 6 kun oldin
Subok talaga sa tibay ang MOTOLITE
Melvin Camato
Melvin Camato 6 kun oldin
Hello amigos iam from philliphines 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YOU PACMAN 😁🙏❤️
chaqhieel o'neal
chaqhieel o'neal 6 kun oldin
i love you manny pacman from Indonesia
Archie R bien
Archie R bien 6 kun oldin
Run Broner🤣🤣
Archie R bien
Archie R bien 6 kun oldin
Haha tumatakbo amp
Xmas 6 kun oldin
40:07 ooo broner was getting an ass whooping😂
Xmas 6 kun oldin
Poor broner started crying so bad😂
Sebastian Mercado
Sebastian Mercado 4 kun oldin
AllboostStarion88 6 kun oldin
Manny even catch a fat lip? Haha humbled that boy
Judith Johnson
Judith Johnson 6 kun oldin
Never gets old !!! ❤M.P.
Tom Foster
Tom Foster 6 kun oldin
Broner: Damn it stop hitting me I'm trying to fight like Floyd. Pacquiao: and you are ..you just forgot to pay the judges
J A 2 kun oldin
U sound stupid asf
Shinobix 2 kun oldin
@Mamud Gassama He's unbeaten as you say because he's smart with his fights. He chose fights he's certain he can win; he waited for PacMan to get old before he even challenged him. His matches are also quite boring as he's more focused on running than going toe to toe. Pacman, on the other hand, gives a great show and displays great offensive capabilities in speed, agility and power.
1457 2 kun oldin
@Anthony Duran lmao
Anthony Duran
Anthony Duran 2 kun oldin
@1457 ouu love it
1457 2 kun oldin
@Anthony Duran canelo is that you
Tyler Barrett
Tyler Barrett 6 kun oldin
AB is absolutely hopeless
Halfman Halftree
Halfman Halftree 6 kun oldin
Broner actually won rounds against Pac and wasn't completely outclassed or dominated.
Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri 4 kun oldin
@RekeMun Gaming Troll spotted
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 5 kun oldin
@SuperTruthful nothing for real
SuperTruthful 5 kun oldin
@RekeMun Gaming what's nun fr????lol
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 5 kun oldin
@SuperTruthful I wouldnt say outclass cause Manny didn't do nun fr 😂
SuperTruthful 5 kun oldin
He was definitely outclassed anyone can outclass broner cuz he's useless...got hands and don't wanna throw.
Leonardo Galuego
Leonardo Galuego 6 kun oldin
El que se mete con Pacquiao se mete con un Mexicano, aún cuando pelee con un Mexicano Pacquiao siempre será apreciado por su gran calidad boxística y humana.
Oswaldo Alvarez Chapilliquen
Conchudo y sinvergüenza para subirse a celebrar, Manny siempre humilde.
TheFly212 6 kun oldin
Man, Pacman's handspeed even after all these years is still blazing.
Marko A.
Marko A. 3 kun oldin
Whats crazy is that’s typically the first thing to go in a fighter.
Jerry Lara
Jerry Lara 6 kun oldin
Marten Tnaob
Marten Tnaob 6 kun oldin
Broner said: I beat him! i beat him..this guy makes joke
romulo mendoza
romulo mendoza 6 kun oldin
Le salio un moco qué cochino se limpio en el guante, ahora le va untar a pacquiao
Eduardo Ong
Eduardo Ong 7 kun oldin
Broner is a good runner like mayweather
Dedi Widjaja
Dedi Widjaja 7 kun oldin
Broner loser again, he is a runner
Anime MoTo
Anime MoTo 7 kun oldin
Broner said I WON THIS FIGHT ! Can't you see I'm still alive 😂🤣
A J 7 kun oldin
He lost cuz he brushed his hair at the beginning
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 7 kun oldin
Broner actually jumped the ropes like he won.... sad. Perception is reality I guess.
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 7 kun oldin
I get it... Broner is like Mayweather without the offense. and notes good one defense
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson 7 kun oldin
Broner went low in the 12th. This may or may not have a huge effect.... some Pilipinos lean toward the Asian anatomy and others, well... Spanish or indigenous
Bernadette Ordoño
Bernadette Ordoño 7 kun oldin
30:53 mas malakas pa boses ni buboy fernandez kesa sa mga commentator hahahah
Ricky Amoussou
Ricky Amoussou 7 kun oldin
Broner won this fight he landed the more significant shots and was more consistent throughout the fight. Manny Pacquiao had very few glimpses of success however in most parts his combinations were missing and his pressure in most parts was not effective at all. Looking at this comment section I see a lot of people bashing Broner's personality which to me shows that most people are seeing this fight from a biased perspective which I've noticed happening too often in boxing e.g. manny pacquiao v floyd mayweather, floyd mayweather v castillo.... where floyd clearly beat them however people's hatred blinds them from seeing what actually happened in those fights, which is a shame!
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 6 kun oldin
They too bias it's really sad how these people can hate somebody so much that don't know them and they over hype everything they tried to do the same to Floyd
Redeem Apps
Redeem Apps 7 kun oldin
Watch the highlights broner didn't have highlights because only few landed punch
Redeem Apps
Redeem Apps 7 kun oldin
Pacquiao Miss a lot of shot with broner scared instinct 🙄 he think he won? Or he tried to survive? Watching mute is so boring 😴😴😴
Redeem Apps
Redeem Apps 7 kun oldin
Watching mute still manny pacquiao win So many punch by manny but broner not even try to do combination shot nor a clean jab
Talk Sports Plus TV
Broner won the fight easy 9/3 i gave paq the 4. 7. an 9 round how many Americas was going for the American
letstalksports SD
letstalksports SD 7 kun oldin
Like broner said...he beat that boi...manny lost this,manny missed alot of punches but was given credit because of tha roar of tha crowd,minus those 2 shots tht buckled Adrien,broner landed tha cleaner and more effective shots...close fight but broner got cheated
Talk Sports Plus TV
Very racist bad commentators in America sad Aj dont get that in the uk
SonOfA Marley
SonOfA Marley 7 kun oldin
Watch this without listening to the crowd and the commentators and actually see what pacman land. He missed a lot of punches that look like he landed. It was a lot closer than the made it out to be. Count round by round and not be bias
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 6 kun oldin
They don't know how they can't even be real fans or just real with they self I hate bias fans 😂
Chill Introvert
Chill Introvert 7 kun oldin
Decided to rewatch this fight with the sound muted. This was a lot closer than I remember it being. Maybe the memes affected my thoughts on it but Broner more than held his own here. Still think Manny won but it definitely was an oddly tighter fight than I'd remembered.
SuperTruthful 5 kun oldin
could be but Broner never hurt Manny. Review rounds 6-9....and close how...with broner running.
TheSoccerboii12 5 kun oldin
That’s what I was thinking, the crowd would get super hype over manny missing
columbusohio72 7 kun oldin
Pacman groupies are quiet when he loses
Randy 8 kun oldin
I watched without sound. No difference. Broner still has the most punch caught by his face.
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 5 kun oldin
@Randy 👍🏾💯
Randy 5 kun oldin
@RekeMun Gaming well, the point here is Broner thought he won, which is a delusion. And by that, yeah I meant Pacquiao clearly won that fight.
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 5 kun oldin
@Randy I never said he won I just think it was a close boring fight thats all but I don't see how people say Manny outclass, dominated and beat up AB when his face look the same after the fight 😂🤷🏿‍♂️
Randy 5 kun oldin
@RekeMun Gaming hmm so you really think Broner won huh. You must be his relative, or you're him. Even a not-boxing fan would know he Broner didn't win that one. 🙄 You can't even support your claim...
RekeMun Gaming
RekeMun Gaming 5 kun oldin
@Randy whatever you say my guy just stop being bias 👍🏾
time is money
time is money 8 kun oldin
Pac man really wasn’t connecting. Mayweather ran their whole fight too . Manny throw a lot but not to effective . He throw five punches miss four crowd goes wild . Not impressed