Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl & Pokemon Legends Arceus Reaction | Austin John Plays 

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The Pokemon Presents February 2021 unveiled two new pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as well as Pokemon Legends Arceus, here's the reaction
Official Playlist of the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
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26-Fev, 2021



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Vatsal Balasra
Vatsal Balasra 5 kun oldin
They should add audio too now
Ethan Macdonald
Ethan Macdonald 8 kun oldin
The lentil soup region, can't wait
Leonard Fittschen
Leonard Fittschen 14 kun oldin
I hope the battle feature in Pokemon Arceus is more like Tekken
Corina White
Corina White 15 kun oldin
yeah I have had same things going on with you tube and even bet lag on and off anyot knot why?
Carver Kain
Carver Kain 27 kun oldin
I’m interested in legends only. Big Pokémon fan but I’d rather play the originals if the remakes don’t add much to it
dan73nyc Alvarado
6:20 touch the bidoof
Mewtwo Oy oldin
ChrisChin94 Oy oldin
Thank you for pronouncing Arceus both ways, makes a lot of people feel valid lol
Tomislav Maradin
I'm going to say this now, we are going to have soooo many pokemon snap picture memes.
mangobango Oy oldin
Man you're such a great UZblockr, I completed sun, moon, ultra sun, ultra moon, let's go pikachu, sword and shield and enjoy watching you. Thanks for being there in 2020.
Divine Scarlet-king
Ok so you can hate on the chubby character’s, but damn do those backgrounds and lightnings look godly. And legends arceus looks amazing, i’ll go to that mountain and stargaze! Also i hope the arceus can actually communicate like it could in the movie
Maria Jean
Maria Jean Oy oldin
na.to/girldatmeocrck Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, l'attuazione degli obiettivi pianificati e una fase qualitativamente nuova nel raggruppamento degli sforzi. E anche le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet, avviata esclusivamente sinteticamente, sono limitate esclusivamente dal modo di pensare.Solo gli stati indipendenti stanno guadagnando popolarita tra alcuni segmenti della popolazione, il che significa che devono essere esposti. La pratica quotidiana mostra che la teoria esistente, cosi come un nuovo sguardo a cose familiari, apre certamente nuovi orizzonti per metodi innovativi di gestione dei processi.🔥 一方で、内部構造の強化と発展は、実験の質の向上に貢献し、その規模と壮大さを際立たせています。私たちの立場の明確さは明らかです。絶え間ない量的成長と私たちの活動の範囲は、社会によって設定されたタスクの複雑さを考慮に入れて、生産計画にいくつかの特別な措置を含める必要性を生み出します。そして、政治プロセスの要素が政治参加の方法にすぎず、説明を求められていることは間違いありません。全体像の一部として、マインドダイアグラムは考え方だけに限定されています。
elboraccho Oy oldin
Last i played was pokemon blue/red.. if i were to pick up the game now, what would be your recommendation? Something similar to the classic pokemon games in gameboy.. thanks
Catch22Q Oy oldin
Everyone arceus Me who's actually intalingint Arkoos
Rosendo Maclovio
I started play Pokémon games since ultra sun and ultra moon was my first Pokémon game I played
Zubair Jabri
Zubair Jabri Oy oldin
Hyper X
Hyper X Oy oldin
4:46 *disappointment*
Oops! All Berries
Out here saying turtwig like tert wig
Joel Sanchez
Joel Sanchez Oy oldin
It’s strange seeing you at my job then seeing your actual videos lol
how to poop simulator
crazy diamond and pearl jam
Nell&Nique Stampley
Dude ... I sed “That’s Dope” the exact same time you did Lbvs 😅😅
Rimuru Tempest
Did any one here a fan made Pokemon called internal light and ifernal darkness
Amanda 2 oy oldin
I can't wait to play Pokemon Pleasant Pearl
Akil Kaze
Akil Kaze 2 oy oldin
Sorry nintendo I refuse to buy these games. I was OK with sword and shield but they were ultimately a let down.
Gabriel Cano
Gabriel Cano 2 oy oldin
Pokemon legends:now you can hide in the tall grass
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 oy oldin
I remember when the chat was spamming lag, LAG, LAG!,
Daydreaming Knight
Honestly am not all that impressed after the epic fail of Sword and Shield and decided to just stick with Platinum and Ultra after that told my sister am not getting any pokemon after these two and Mystery Dungeon so I will wait for the Trails of cold steel and Trails Of Cold Steel II remakes on switch before getting all four games I mean even old dusty dragon quest managed to impress me even though I hated that one series with DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition which is something. But am not gonna insult since Y made a good impression on me +250 something hours spend on it One Shot-ing the whole game with a Super Luck Absol that Night Slashes everything to death in one hit which is the longest time I ever spent on a Video game in my entire life.
Rhomper 2 oy oldin
Ahahahahahahahahahaha yuck
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 oy oldin
I dont like the remake is insulting how they are selling us the same freaking game at 60$
Mar S
Mar S 2 oy oldin
It’s funny seeing a grown man with a beard so bossed with Pokémon lol
Tommy postance
Tommy postance 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else think that the train station sign in wedgehurst looks like megga?? Maybe returning ??
Trash 2 oy oldin
completely stone faced
Dragonvang87 2 oy oldin
Why can't they make the graphics better. So trash all that money and not even have decent graphics.
Ron Einnor Raymundo
I hope that the characters have voice...
Christian Musgrove
I think arcues it lit
EJ Estonactoc
EJ Estonactoc 2 oy oldin
Honestly the gen 4 remakes don't look like anything i was expecting it feels like they half assed the games, they knew that we wanted them but i don't think it was ever in their plans to make them but they were forced to make them because how much we wanted them. I'm pretty sure many fans think this way but we are still going to play them just because we are pokemon fans.
Sans man
Sans man 2 oy oldin
Legend Arceus is the pokemon game I have always wanted 😆
Bradley Marchand
Bradley Marchand 2 oy oldin
We should get mega arceus like we got mega ra-quay-quay
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 oy oldin
The people who are crying about the way the remakes look don't realize that it's literally the same style as the originals, just 3D/HD now smh
Bloodluster 2 oy oldin
Should just remake gold and silver instead.
adam's_chong 2 oy oldin
Why can't we have shining diamond
adam's_chong 2 oy oldin
@seiom jvony no.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 oy oldin
i love the grafics on the buildings but i hate the grafics on the characters if you agree like the comment
Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams 2 oy oldin
If sword/shield was so polarizing, maybe give gamers what they've been asking since the OG Diamond/Pearl. An open world poke'mon game including every region
Pen 2 oy oldin
All I have ever wanted is a smooth transition between battles and the wild
Katie Lucky
Katie Lucky 2 oy oldin
Anyone else think the clothes make you look like a Greninja?
Alejandro M.
Alejandro M. 2 oy oldin
I dont like the remake is insulting how they are selling us the same freaking game at 60$
Jeremy Vanbuskirk
Um weren't the rare card in the OG japanese packs at the front lol
Movie1 2 oy oldin
how to fk do people say does it play like a lets go game when the trailer shows random encounter in the grass into a battle? was that in Lets Go LIKE OMG, not to hate on you too much but everyone is saying it
Goose Cool
Goose Cool 2 oy oldin
Honestly don’t like the remakes
Izzy Gordon
Izzy Gordon 2 oy oldin
Let's hope there's not HMs
The Spider Boy
The Spider Boy 2 oy oldin
Oh, Blaines, another Poké-Tuber, he found possible leaks of the menu setups and a possible medieval PokéMon that may be new.
The Spider Boy
The Spider Boy 2 oy oldin
I like how they reintroduce the dual Sinnoh game remakes before they get to release the prequel game that probably has Breath of the Wild features.
The Reptilian Brazilian
How does this work in terms of copyright? Like showing a UZblock video on your UZblock video....?
The Reptilian Brazilian
Oh wow I didn't know you made your UZblock channel at sun and moon 🤯 I thought you started further back seeing how big you grown on here
barricade 2 oy oldin
Ima getting legends and shinning diamond
Last 2 oy oldin
I would want to play snap😂
Hornback Christian
How do you not have a job for Nintendo yet? 😂
entity_303 2 oy oldin
i love the grafics on the buildings but i hate the grafics on the characters if you agree like the comment
BoneDaddy 2 oy oldin
BDSP looks bad. In overworld and battle scenes, there's nothing I like about the art style at all
Barghest 2 oy oldin
"What just happened?" Arceus said no.
Brad Sim
Brad Sim 2 oy oldin
April 30 is my bday woo
Rodrigo Lima
Rodrigo Lima 2 oy oldin
Looks a like a "free" mobile game
arprex70 2 oy oldin
My dream to see the remake of diamond and Pearl like sword and shield (big graphics) fall into my broken dreams by a copy paste
Fireblaze 2 oy oldin
RalphieMations 2 oy oldin
The reaction is so detailed and responsive it's amazing.
Gamer1288 2 oy oldin
is that Corrin's English VA who is narrating Pokemon Legends?
Gamer1288 2 oy oldin
I can't see Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl being straight one-to-one remakes of Diamond and Pearl seeing as in those games it was impossible to complete the Pokedex without the Platinum Version Exclusive Pokemon. If what you said is true then that would imply that they are also planning to remake Platinum.
Jeniffer 2 oy oldin
Have you ever considered the possibility that Sw/Sh looked so bad, because all of GFs resources were used on Pokémon Legends? Which brings me to the question: WHEN did they start developing Legends? Maybe mid 2019?
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 2 oy oldin
I want to see a gigantomax regigigus
Brittney Bond
Brittney Bond 2 oy oldin
I NEVER tHOUGHT I WOULD SEE THAT INTRO AGAiN :D its from ultra locke i think
Zombie Zayne
Zombie Zayne 2 oy oldin
Yesssss I’ve been wanting a diamond and pearl remake!!
New Memer
New Memer 2 oy oldin
You know seeing the starters, they all kinda resemble warriors fitting to the theme of Legends Arceus. Oshawott turns into a samurai, Rowlet turns into an Archer and Cyndaquil into a sumo wrestler, or atleast the stance makes me feel like it.
TriForce One
TriForce One 2 oy oldin
Although the D and P remakes appeal for nostalgic reasons I was expecting more. They seem for what was shown really lazy it just looks like they've put an HD texture pack onto the original. They could have easily have done this put it into the eshop for$20 but it just looks like a cash grab to me. All being said I'm looking forward to archeus.
P grey
P grey 2 oy oldin
u changed ur set up again
Stray Dog
Stray Dog 2 oy oldin
why they did not choose Frookie for a water starter. Imagine Greeninja in Pokemon Legends
Aspxct 2 oy oldin
I want the old pokemon games on the switch
john 2 oy oldin
Austin: “What? Those three? Oshawott, Rufflet, and uhhh Cyndaquil... what did we just see here?” Me: “What did i just hear there?😭”
HDGamer 2 oy oldin
I haven’t heard in any reactions people noticing the voiceover mentioned that “Legends Arceus will be launching SIMULTANEOUSLY in early 2022”, in just like simultaneously with WHAT, probably just a mistake but still think it’s odd
Alistair Woodward
I still have pearl and platinum
Bradin Pitts
Bradin Pitts 2 oy oldin
Every time the premiere buffers i think the video is buffering
Aurang 2 oy oldin
If the do Legends with the Johto Region that would be really cool, Theres so many unanswered questions, such as who were the 3 pokemon who died and were brought back as the 3 legendary dogs.
kingX777 2 oy oldin
Those remakes look booty 💩
Abe Player
Abe Player 2 oy oldin
And it's pronounced Ark-eus... think of Silvally and how their inspiration was to create a Pokémon as powerful as the Pokémon God itself and used the RKS system to implement as its ability to be able to switch its typing. RKS = Arceus, pronounced Ark-eus.😊
Finagin5 2 oy oldin
You know that legends game of there is Wi-Fi connection then we could all play together like sword and shield had wield lands we could adventure out and mess around RPG style
Death_Star350z _
Death_Star350z _ 2 oy oldin
Yes I’m so ready for another Pokémon!!!
Ashif Dhanani
Ashif Dhanani 2 oy oldin
I really need voice acting in pokemon, like this if u agree
Sergio Canseco
Sergio Canseco 2 oy oldin
Always love your videos man!!!!!
Jerano 2 oy oldin
releaseing content with lag is the most tilting thing ever xD... yiiikes
Japanese Mickey Mouse
but why diamond and pearl lol
destin gamer :o
destin gamer :o 2 oy oldin
Video buffers my video buffers "VISBLE CONFUSION"
neil evangelista
neil evangelista 2 oy oldin
Team Turtwiiiig!
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 2 oy oldin
Looks garbage. And after sword and shield i know way better than to get hype off a trailer that is specifically edited to look appealing. The last game was glitchy, buggy, filled with cheaters, online barley worked unless you forced it by using stamps etc, it was super duper hollow, teeny tiny pokedex, you touched a ladder the entire game froze around you until you stepped off, draw distance was like 50 feet..the rest was empty and things just pop into the screen as you get closer, the difficulty was set for children and i can go on for so much longer. So since this trailer showed nothing but things other games already did better with some catching pokemon elements, I'm 0 percent enticed and prolly more frustrated than anything ..rushing out pkmn games after the last was so wack hah nintendo is short armed with deep pockets...greedy and money hungry
Zachary Aronson
Zachary Aronson 2 oy oldin
I think the starters would have been better with mudkip (my favorite starter/second favorite behind Kyogre)
matt lam
matt lam 2 oy oldin
probably just a remake nothing new
Sharon Moynagh
Sharon Moynagh 2 oy oldin
I love the remakes idk about arceus tho
Moises Colón
Moises Colón 2 oy oldin
“You just go and throw your ball” -Austin John 2021
JBlaze 2 oy oldin
First game i ever intentionaly took the grass starter. Team Turtwig. Can't wait to use my Tottera again.
rsarin18 2 oy oldin
Who else is picking Rufflet in Pokemon Legends?
Kable Games
Kable Games 2 oy oldin
My question is can you transfer them over to Sword and shield
Pat Star
Pat Star 2 oy oldin
Do you guys think pokemon legends opens the door to like pokemon legends series like LEGENDS: Mewtwo and such?
T U B E R 2 oy oldin
Should be 3ds To able to play in mobile
Tristan Temple
Tristan Temple 2 oy oldin
I don’t like the art style for the remakes but again the games aren’t released yet but I don’t really like the remakes
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