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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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17-Mar, 2019



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Jackson 26 daqiqa oldin
God bless her soul
tanner jamros
tanner jamros 44 daqiqa oldin
I honestly never even knew what she looked like till now. But I was in middle school when all this happened.
Bibi Love
Bibi Love Soat oldin
What crazy is that she is as well spoken as Hillary.
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 3 soat oldin
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MrMustacrackish 3 soat oldin
I feel like if this happened in 2019 people would be like hell yeah girl that's the presidents cock. You know like it's empowering. Think of who's cock other girls at sucking at 24. Guys like me who aren't even close to doing something respectable with their life
Robin Collins
Robin Collins 4 soat oldin
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Cami S.
Cami S. 4 soat oldin
Today's international women's day and I would just like to say that as a society we have to do better and Monica didn't deserve anything thtt happened to her
Lynette Johnson
Lynette Johnson 4 soat oldin
If I was Monica I would’ve said “yes, I sucked the presidents dick, so what does your man do for a living?” “Do you want to be known as the woman who blew a postal worker?
Pootin Plays
Pootin Plays 4 soat oldin
whats wrong with OJ? He is one of the best college running backs to play
Robert Hadden
Robert Hadden 4 soat oldin
The saddest thing about the Monica scandal is that Linda Trip who she thought was her friend, intentionally outed her for political reasons. Linda knew that this would ruin Monica’s life but she did it anyway, and probably got a promotion out of it.
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor 5 soat oldin
I remember Monica. I remember her because of her strength. Who the f' was that bitch who reported her blue dress? I don't remember. I have always thought she has beautiful eyes. I don't care who she has been with. I have found her courage and intelligence inspiring and attractive.
Gabriel Onofrei
Gabriel Onofrei 5 soat oldin
So this is what illiberalism sounds like
Jerry Hampton
Jerry Hampton 5 soat oldin
A public shaming video from a show about publicly shaming stuff sweet.
Amber cole
Amber cole 5 soat oldin
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Lady Amalthea
Lady Amalthea 7 soat oldin
People went after, and blamed her, because Clinton was considered the golden boy of the Democratic party at the time. That's just the truth. He'd been doing this shit for years. All the women were shamed and called liars. Most liberals still won't even acknowledge Juanita Broderick, much less address her accusations. They're doing the same thing again with Tara Reade. Completely ignoring it when we all know Biden is capable of it. See this is what tribal politics does. Both sides refuse to call those on their own side out. Tribal politics not only divides us. It keeps us misinformed, and helps protect predators, crooks, criminals and liars.
Joe Weis
Joe Weis 7 soat oldin
Trumpster Proved That Public Shaming Does Not Work !!!
TheBizzle1984 8 soat oldin
Jay Leno is the definition of "Is he funny? Or is he just loud?"
greg lialios
greg lialios 8 soat oldin
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TheBizzle1984 8 soat oldin
That poor roomba 😢
randy stevens
randy stevens 11 soat oldin
She seems like a genuinely sweet person, and I wish her nothing but the best.
Frazier Milak
Frazier Milak 12 soat oldin
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Claude Dexter
Claude Dexter 12 soat oldin
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arnesto Bell
arnesto Bell 17 soat oldin
Kobe Bryant's attorney shamed his accusers into not testifying.
George Ealasaid
George Ealasaid 22 soat oldin
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Prcx55 Hn11
Prcx55 Hn11 Kun oldin
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HoodieSticks Kun oldin
I'm not sure if it's because John's gotten better at this, or if Monica is just really good at being interviewed, but this interview is one of the best in the entire show. I watched it immediately after the prisoner re-entry episode, and the difference is night and day.
R F Kun oldin
Great lady - I am glad to hear she is doing well
some guy
some guy Kun oldin
Monica speaks kinda like a robot in her speaking presentation (not the interview)
buttafan Kun oldin
Monica saved social security from privatization ... if Bill had his way with US and not been sidetracked by impeachment. *A MEDAL OF HONOR FOR MONICA!*
Balance Point 71
Two extremely intelligent people. Very refreshing.
regina jerusalemsky
Oh..by that freaking way..Monica lewinsky took money just to bring Clinton presidency to shame and "on a global scale" maybe he is the one that preferred this to dying even..tried to the right thing..got caught by wrong doing people..and that is just one thought of what really happened there..in a y way though..she DID wrong and kept this for years to emerge..you saved a life.. that's good..so what are you complaining about?!
Cormac Kun oldin
Are you okay? And do you know how to use ellipses?
regina jerusalemsky
Oh..by that freaking way..Monica lewinsky took money just to bring Clinton presidency to shame and "on a global scale" maybe he is the one that preferred this to dying even..tried to the right thing..got caught by wrong doing people..and that is just one thought of what really happened there..in a y way though..she DID wrong and kept this for years to emerge..you saved a life.. that's good..so what are you complaining about?!
Cormac Kun oldin
Are you okay? And do you know how to use ellipses?
regina jerusalemsky
Hey John(or if any of the staff actually reads those/for all whom conserns)you do know that "they"allow you to do what you do..look for the reason why..this maybe your salvation..(the human factor)
Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray Kun oldin
Hold up, I don't remember but was Bill even seen as being wrong in all that? He was the president right.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 2 kun oldin
Balance the plate on top of the wine glass when you want to eat, and switch back to dual wield when you want to drink. Simple.
Alysha Sapp
Alysha Sapp 2 kun oldin
That made me feel so many emotions. I'm so proud for her. She got through one of the most difficult times in her life, and she is still thriving. I wish you all of the luck and love in the world, Monica! :)
Runny117 2 kun oldin
cant even imagine what Monica went through. I remember being bored of all the late night jokes as a kiid in the 90s , it wsa just too easy lol and grew stale. She's a strong woman to survive all that.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes 2 kun oldin
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Oscar Quijada
Oscar Quijada 2 kun oldin
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Micha Faine
Micha Faine 2 kun oldin
Should I feel bad that my name is in 2 rap songs? Lol
Hard Doughnut
Hard Doughnut 2 kun oldin
media : public shaming is bad unless you are some kids wearing MAGA hat
markfx12 2 kun oldin
Wow, Ms. Lewinsky is an amazing person.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 2 kun oldin
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Alex McQueen
Alex McQueen 2 kun oldin
Women who are strong and graceful like Monica... In their own league
TheRedPandaCat 2 kun oldin
I just now noticed that the A in public shaming is the A from The Scarlet Letter, a book about a woman in the 1600s who is publicly shamed
Mike Wassef
Mike Wassef 2 kun oldin
Juicy Smoolyay
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 3 kun oldin
He's 100% correct, it's about time ppl stop public shaming Monica Lewinsky and Jay Leno
S M 3 kun oldin
All liberals should die
Jimmy Shadden
Jimmy Shadden 3 kun oldin
Just out of curiosity, and I commend Monica for her strength, but, could she at the ti me copyrighted the name Monica Lewinsky and perhaps tempered the news and made some money at the same time?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 3 kun oldin
Maybe mob justice online or in real life is not a good thing because mobs don't see nuance
Doug Kemp
Doug Kemp 3 kun oldin
Monica Lewinski is quite an inspiration considering what she has had to contend with in her time. When we actually see how trivial the whole event was in contrast to what elected presidents do in office nowadays, she deserved none of it. Media distortions, we should be better as a society at vetting these media sensationalized versions. There are always two sides to a story.
Julia Owen
Julia Owen 3 kun oldin
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Rob 3 kun oldin
Most powerful man in the country fucks an intern, something that would get you fired from most jobs, and she's asked to change her name, despicable. Loved her response to that, "No one asked Clinton to change his name!" Haha savage.
FlamingAngel2012 3 kun oldin
This hypocrite hould ve criticized and shamed for being so UNFUCKIN FUNNY!!!!
Cormac Kun oldin
how are they a hypocrite?
Leo Cieri
Leo Cieri 3 kun oldin
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Cormac Kun oldin
stella maris
stella maris 3 kun oldin
☘️ Ms Lewinsky aged very well, she looks great & seems genuinely nice. The atrocious, appalling ordeal she endured at the hands of a few powerful people was a shameful circus. She's right to be proud of herself.
III Random pro Democracy III
Bullying is like nazi but cancel culture is like East Germany.
Julien Yu
Julien Yu 3 kun oldin
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Ana P
Ana P 3 kun oldin
Please make a video on this subject uzblock.info/post/video/vNaannqJYaacoYI.html .... IS this real!? OMG what do the teens need in their life or psyche that will make senior violence a forever impossibility!?
AcClay44 3 kun oldin
John Oliver is my favorite "talk show" host!!👍🏽💪🏾
Coby Fong
Coby Fong 3 kun oldin
E. Public shaming must be temporary and be made very clear once it officially dies. All threads of public shaming should be stated whether or not it's dead.
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 3 kun oldin
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Lauren Jimenez
Lauren Jimenez 4 kun oldin
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clark loeffler
clark loeffler 4 kun oldin
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Cuz I'm the Mom
Cuz I'm the Mom 4 kun oldin
What she went through, in no small part because the Clintons BOTH shoved her under a FLEET of buses, was heartbreaking and tragic. The fact that *she* has paid so much higher of a price tells us how much more work we have to do.
Node Stack
Node Stack 4 kun oldin
lol nice
Kayla Mabe
Kayla Mabe 4 kun oldin
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tupac 7
tupac 7 4 kun oldin
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Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 4 kun oldin
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Isiah 4 kun oldin
19:04 And I took that personally
johnny zee
johnny zee 4 kun oldin
I think Jay Leno was way over the line and should personally apologize to her.
John Le
John Le 4 kun oldin
I don't know.. It's destructive but she slept with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who had a family.
Cormac Kun oldin
small stones to today's standards... even back then it feels blown out of proportion
King Idk
King Idk 4 kun oldin
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Nomad Dave
Nomad Dave 4 kun oldin
this douchebag actually argues for public shaming if its the otherside wtf
Ava Masquerade
Ava Masquerade 4 kun oldin
I remember my Mom and her friends talking at the time about how if they would've been in the same situation as Monica, they would've done the same thing. And this is during Monica's public shaming meant to convince women to leave the exploitation of their sexuality up to everyone else but themselves.
Reid Simonson
Reid Simonson 4 kun oldin
John Oliver has spent his career supporting, building, and helping the outrage mob. Now he is saying that it can do a lot of good. This is the wild Wild West of things. You need to give people due process and innocent until proven guilty with these types of things. Not surprised though, Oliver is British, they have a different systems there. Public shaming is wrong, it’s mob mentality; and it needs to go away.
carly colazantti
carly colazantti 5 kun oldin
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Helen Amirian
Helen Amirian 5 kun oldin
Wow, it's weird now, seeing old clips of John having to wait for people to stop laughing...I love the current format of the void and the quiet.
Lynette 5 kun oldin
She's gorgeous
Golf Fit
Golf Fit 5 kun oldin
Monica is beautiful! Old pervy Billy must really regret that he stayed with that old cackling cow!
Carole Trapp
Carole Trapp 5 kun oldin
Ms. Lewinski's come back from all the evil she received is amazing. She did NOT kill herself even though she considered it as an option. Unfortunately THOUSANDS of people do kill themselves because society as a whole think it is ok to destroy others over the internet.
Thumper 5 kun oldin
The left public shames all the time
greg lialios
greg lialios 5 kun oldin
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nnmk c
nnmk c 5 kun oldin
The interview with Monica Lewinsky is incredible.
Christopher Bedford
Monica Lewinsky: people have no idea what this has done The media (to ML): Oh we know. We care. (to cameraman): zoom in on those tears
Dre B Rambo
Dre B Rambo 5 kun oldin
Unattractive 🤷‍♂️, she’s very attractive... I would totally date her!
Coyote Gamer
Coyote Gamer 5 kun oldin
this is why I only use Twitter for porn
Gunnerblaster 5 kun oldin
The thing that hits hardest is that both parties, Democratic and Republican, viciously attacked Monica Lewinsky. The democrats attacked her, to defend Clinton's reputation, and painted her as a woman who slept her way to the top while the republicans attacked her, to try and discredit Clinton for his unfaithfulness to his wife and destroy his character. There's never been an apology from either party or representative to her, despite how much of a faux pas that would be considered in today's society. The only thing that I find ironic is how 'woke' people (which tends to be largely left-leaning) are willing to dig up dirt on others, from years' past, and attack them - While completely ignoring the fact that they publicly shamed and bandwagon-hated ML, just two decades' back.
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz 5 kun oldin
Purple Petrichor
Purple Petrichor 6 kun oldin
so disgusting what they did to monica.
J Robb
J Robb 6 kun oldin
Bill Clinton didn’t have to change his name” uhhh... he was literally a president at the time. You were an intern. I am sorry, but the suggestion that this is somehow sexist is absurd.
C S 6 kun oldin
There's a great book by Jon Ronson called "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" that talks about the good and bad concerning the matter. There's an interview by Rolling Stone with him about the book and some of the examples he gives.. Here's a great excerpt from the interview one especially relevant to the second half of this video. Rolling Stone(Jason Newman): Do you think that people like her have a shot of redemption or are certain people forever tainted with the worst thing they did? Jon Ronson: We’re not redeeming enough people right now, unless it’s somebody who we decide is heroic of us to redeem. Monica Lewinsky gave that TED talk and it got a huge standing ovation and the crowd showed their support for her. And rightly so; she absolutely deserves it. But I was also thinking, “I bet some of the people that gave Monica Lewinsky a standing ovation would still quite happily tear apart Justine Sacco.”
Huynh Hong Nhat
Huynh Hong Nhat 6 kun oldin
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Guy Rilleau
Guy Rilleau 6 kun oldin
Her voice sounds a lot like Julia Louise-Dreyfus
La_ Assassina89
La_ Assassina89 6 kun oldin
I can see why Bill was attracted to her and i bet he is biting his ass for letting this go by him. Hillary was never this charismatic, never cute and well... Wall streets fav. Monica grew to be strong and funny but i bet the scars are deep on her psyche. After all these years shame on the people who still try to harass her social media accounts like srsly dont you have a life or something better to do with your time than posting crappy comments under someones twitter post who was a thing in the early 2000s..... SMH
Jack Bowen
Jack Bowen 6 kun oldin
Oh the places you can go fuck yourself haha 😂
Michael Carroll
Michael Carroll 6 kun oldin
Thanks lady and gent. Been a while since I had watched the original and meant so much more now. Thanks Monica and Zak.
소소한 T V
소소한 T V 6 kun oldin
2021 here!
triple swing
triple swing 6 kun oldin
I applauded her, though, for not changing her name.
triple swing
triple swing 6 kun oldin
still want to ask: why did she do it? those who lived in that generation, will look at this woman's face and immediately will see bill clinton's .... tell me if i'm wrong.
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