Returning to an RPG that you haven't played in a while 

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Adventure waits.

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19-Iyn, 2021



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Joel Haver
Joel Haver Oy oldin
I present the product of just about all of my time for the last month and a half and far too many days working from morning till after midnight. Knowing people were gonna enjoy it was the light at the end of the tunnel that kept me going. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing, I love you guys. Now I need a nap!
Dwayne cock johnson
@Jordy 229 Sike, I'm the 500th comment
Jordy 229
Jordy 229 Oy oldin
E Wait is this the last reply? Nice. Damn, alright congratulations Dwayne!
Reply Oy oldin
Thank you Joel!
Sweet Grandma
Sweet Grandma Oy oldin
@Glenn Davey I’m old and he entertains me in my old age. Please support him young man :)
Sebastian Whatever
Sebastian Whatever 2 soat oldin
This is masterpiece. Thx for your work!
Tech360 2 soat oldin
Kevin the Bandit really resonates with me.
Wilson Strickland
Wilson Strickland 3 soat oldin
Lol wtf is this
Eric Phan
Eric Phan 5 soat oldin
OMG… social distancing has turn my life into a game….
BigGhilz 6 soat oldin
I swear the cheesewheel line is from fable.
blood Angel 423
blood Angel 423 9 soat oldin
Thats a nice head on your shoulders
Stoicday 10 soat oldin
Need a drayloth series
PbZeppelin 12 soat oldin
Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to have an appointment with Drayloth when I shed my mortal coil?
HarryFlamePlays 17 soat oldin
This needs to be humanity's motto, Adventure Awaits, Huzzah!
C F 17 soat oldin
It's that Dax Flame at 2:48
Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit 17 soat oldin
Therapist scene was hands down the best segment. That needs to me it's own series in itself.
LeoCiosu Music
LeoCiosu Music 17 soat oldin
I can't believe they still finding the town rat. LMAO 😂
Charlie Esses
Charlie Esses 17 soat oldin
The body movements along with animations style make this just a bit… creepy. I think the effect is called the uncanny valley, and you my fine sir have hit it.
Lord of Siberia
Lord of Siberia 19 soat oldin
JudgeDread 23 soat oldin
Me: that's such a Dax thing to do, to awkwardly state it's him in the movie. Let me check the description to see who it actually is. OH SHIT, IT IS!
weston malone
weston malone Kun oldin
Heavy adult swim vibes
Roger That
Roger That Kun oldin
The new kings cool man
Juliette LaMarr
Juliette LaMarr Kun oldin
this reminds me deeply of that movie “waking life.” i have no fucking clue why, but. nice
qdmc12 Kun oldin
This is awesome
Serana Ludenberg
8:11 Out if my headOut if my headOut if my headOut if my headOut if my headOut if my head
Vlog Con
Vlog Con Kun oldin
Why does this remind me of toy story
Poo Brain Batman
The title of Blood Thirsty Gremlin disappearing killed me. Ok nvm the creation of Armed Annoying Green Guy was better.
Mike Ridgeview
Mike Ridgeview Kun oldin
This looks like it would be a pretty awesome game.
collector355 Kun oldin
7:23 Poker Face
Kevin98 Kun oldin
4:59 time to find out.
IZ Toxicity
IZ Toxicity Kun oldin
me trying to play Genshin again
ezBreezy Kun oldin
I would genuinely love if your animations got picked up as a show...
Such strong "By Grabthar's Hammer" energy at the end there. Genius.
Engineer Kun oldin
I really enjoyed your creation
Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K Kun oldin
Oh wow, this is fantastic! Loved every moment! :D
Swaggypooh 2 kun oldin
That was a UZblockr at the movie theater
zinc2zinc2 2 kun oldin
Joel, do a collab with me! I love your art style and animations. I did rotoscopy too. I would love to be part of a vid of yours. Even if I just draw a stupid chair or something in the background. But i love ur vids.
Josh Velez
Josh Velez 2 kun oldin
I feel like I'm playing games on drugs
Bravado Avocado
Bravado Avocado 2 kun oldin
the necromancer spittin'
Daniel Mora
Daniel Mora 2 kun oldin
Thanks for my ab workout
D8Teen 2 kun oldin
5:49 i love how when the therapist as why he need to kill that blue creature like getting existential crisis
Thanos 2 kun oldin
Drayloth has the best arc change my mind
Layton Dalton
Layton Dalton 2 kun oldin
Feels like trailer park boys
Zen 2 kun oldin
Ummm, thats Dax Flame. Why is no one mentioning that Joel got DAX FLAME in his video.
erodoeht 2 kun oldin
Damn Kevin is underrated as a character XD
Kyle_Vs_Wrld 2 kun oldin
i was stoned while watching this, my eyes were glued to the screen, good shit man
Sarah C.
Sarah C. 2 kun oldin
1.3k of you have no taste
Sarah C.
Sarah C. 2 kun oldin
"Why do I have that... you don't have that" 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Ando Commando
Ando Commando 2 kun oldin
I love how sincere of a person Drayloth has been in all his appearances
Watchdog 2 kun oldin
gandalftheantlion 2 kun oldin
This is when modding comes in.
Houyo 2 kun oldin
Bruh this artstyle is ripping off Goat-On-A-Stick. This is a joke, please calm down.
Travis Payne
Travis Payne 2 kun oldin
I can't wait for fable 4
Lucca 2 kun oldin
i keep coming back to your videos because they feel like actual movies i can watch for free. keep up the good work
Jish Dixon
Jish Dixon 2 kun oldin
Heather Mason
Heather Mason 2 kun oldin
Only one thing left to do, kill every killable npc and delete your save
Mord Fustang
Mord Fustang 2 kun oldin
Anybody else hit the like button before the video even started because you already knew this was gonna be fire?
ZombieZ444 2 kun oldin
That king is legit. "I was eatin' hella sour cream and onion chips today." Lololol
"Vacay mode... straight blissin". Lost it at that point.
Jamie West
Jamie West 2 kun oldin
If it's ever spun off into live action I think Justin Long would make a perfect king lol
Livy . Luu
Livy . Luu 2 kun oldin
i love this animation style omfg shiopgzsoekgzh this is so funny what a masterpiece thank you for this
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau 3 kun oldin
What the actual fuck is this haha I love it
Blue Son of Man
Blue Son of Man 3 kun oldin
I would figure this would be about restarting the game
Pro_Blunder 3 kun oldin
Cartoon Network needs to get on this. It’s so good. I could watch season after season.
Le Zebedaios
Le Zebedaios 3 kun oldin
That's defo daxflame !... just read the descirption.....
Myredhulk 3 kun oldin
I'm afraid to continue my save of Kingdom Come Deliverance that I haven't touched in over a year. But I'm even more afraid of starting over. So I end up doing nothing.
Mech0p 3 kun oldin
I wonder how this is made like does he record a video and then put some sort of filter or overlay on it?
Alex McV
Alex McV 3 kun oldin
knew it was dax from the first facial expression/body movement lol
Connor Barkington
Connor Barkington 3 kun oldin
I have no idea what this is but I enjoy it a lot. Also, only a month and a half???? Ya'll must be really good at this
Princesa Guarani
Princesa Guarani 3 kun oldin
Take my subscription, clever man.
Baked Beans
Baked Beans 3 kun oldin
This... Hit a little too close to home
x MAKEOUTHILL x 3 kun oldin
Our man narrating the story has a strong generalsam vibe
x MAKEOUTHILL x 3 kun oldin
Luv this shit
Intro Spectre
Intro Spectre 3 kun oldin
im following the fvck out of you, this is gold
Curry Victim
Curry Victim 4 kun oldin
DLC’s and modding adventures next please.
Throbbing Pete
Throbbing Pete 4 kun oldin
you ever wake up one morning and watch something that makes you unsure if you are actually awake or dreaming about being awake like, most everything seems like im awake, but like, what if im just dreaming about being in my living room when im really in my bedroom
Nodjia 4 kun oldin
I come back to this every now and then when I need something amusing and fun. I honestly have to say, the end with the credits where he hesitates to say 'the line' is very amusing to me and always makes me chuckle a bit. The whole narrative coming together like this is great, the intentional little awkward pauses are something that I can relate to, I love this so much.
Jonny Fairlamb
Jonny Fairlamb 4 kun oldin
Your videos are the best man ✌️✌️✌️
The more he talks the more he sounds like hes talking about Skyrim
luke1000005lwb 4 kun oldin
The hell did i just watch?
Charlie Cane
Charlie Cane 4 kun oldin
Where the hell am I?
Erotic tetris
Erotic tetris 4 kun oldin
I kinda wish jacob had his “intimate mini game”
Herrington Oso
Herrington Oso 4 kun oldin
I love these
missingindy 4 kun oldin
Cant wait for the sequel game where it turns out a evil wizard had poisoned the rat food supply, and must be stopped by Jacob
KvAT 4 kun oldin
I don't know what game is this about, but I'm interested
Just some FBI agent with bigfoot access...
This feels like a twisted medieval version of the office and I'm very amused..
Taramafor Haikido
Taramafor Haikido 4 kun oldin
Nice dragon. Love that part.
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 4 kun oldin
"I figure if he used it, he will kill me, and he will have been evil. ......... but alas..... I am still here...." also that "the first step is letting to" poster with them hanging onto the health bar is SO NEAT
Joshua V
Joshua V 4 kun oldin
Oh my God this is genius.
Cripple Quest TV
Cripple Quest TV 4 kun oldin
My name is Jacob... HUZZAH!
Natalie Velazquez
Natalie Velazquez 4 kun oldin
I'm ashamed at how long I stayed away from your videos. Something about the style of it put me off. I've grown to love it and all the jokes are so well done I was laughing throughout
ratshave 4 kun oldin
This is good, I like it but, I'm getting renegade angel vibes from It and that cannot stand
Jake Kramer
Jake Kramer 4 kun oldin
Would love seeing him “Jacob” in a dark souls game or fallout type setting
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt 5 kun oldin
I'm glad Drayloth is making something of himself and helping others. I was wondering how he was
kawamikaze 5 kun oldin
" He is very much still dead " ^^
Augusto Suave
Augusto Suave 5 kun oldin
right now really is the best time to talk the garbage truck about every country out there even this one if we loosing thanks to the olympics its sometimes best to just call them by there colours so people think your really racist
Augusto Suave
Augusto Suave 5 kun oldin
haha this is awesome i appreiciate this better than going to the beach for the first time ever however thats pretty ambigious. someone recently decided to boomerang train me but i went germ phobe and look at boomerang like a plague was on it hell it could of been and a boomerang training session would of done me in. i became and unbecame a racist for an hour or so for the heck of it all then did a few fifteen minute sessions on racism again my own race but everything cool i didnt see any mail people or at least i didnt go that racist but would it not be weird to put a stamped envolope addresd to mail mans address in your box telling them of your racist sessions especial the reverse ones that last 15 mins? haha
Nagram 5 kun oldin
I can't believe I scream YEAH! at the sight of the emperor, like... this was a crossover I was excited to see.
Rose Waters
Rose Waters 5 kun oldin
😂 I binged so many just now. Why am I only finding you now?
Noah Spurrier
Noah Spurrier 5 kun oldin
I can’t figure out why this is good.
James Martinek
James Martinek 5 kun oldin
You should make an adventure awaits huzzah! Shirt with the character on it with the sword.
Lemon 5 kun oldin
The second guy pointing at himself on the tv reminds me of Daxflame.
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 5 kun oldin
but alas i am still here..... that line cracked me up
Beau Barry
Beau Barry 5 kun oldin
Now I want to make a go kart with cheese wheel
Ashlynn 6 kun oldin
I just found this channel and I'm in love with this animation style
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