Ronaldinho 2006 👑 Ballon d'Or Level: Dribbling Skills, Goals, Passes 

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The most amazing skills, tricks, goals & passes by Ronaldinho in Barcelona 2005/2006 season

With commentary & crowd reaction.



25-Avg, 2020



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mr bundesteam
mr bundesteam 11 oy oldin
Re-uploaded beacuse of Real Sociedad & Betis notices. Other videos from my channel will be also re-uploaded soon excluding content from these 2 clubs. *Ronaldinho statistics in domestic competitions for 2005/06 season:* Games - *33 (33 started)* Goals - *19* Assists - *16* Chances created - *111* 🔥 Most chances created in a single game - *10 vs Alaves home* Dribbles - *151 (League - 133, Cup - 6, Super Cup - 12)* 🔥 Dribbles per game - *4.5* 🔥 Most dribbles in a single game - *10 vs Osasuna home* Note: in the 2nd half of 2005/06 season Ronnie missed 7 league games due to injuries which had also affected his physical form and overall dribbling statistics. In the first half of that season, up to league's 19th round, Ronaldinho had completed 111 dribbles in 19 games(17 league + 2 super cup) - 5.8 dribbles per game.
Andres Besenzoni
Andres Besenzoni 7 kun oldin
adrien loriot
adrien loriot 16 kun oldin
jjuna walker belawan punya
ajsto88 Oy oldin
No One
No One Oy oldin
Cristobal Chacon
Cristobal Chacon 2 soat oldin
viéndolo antes de un partido
Karlos Manriquez
Karlos Manriquez 4 soat oldin
Larsson se perdía todo lo goles por eso nunca fue un icono para el barsa
Rafa Rodríguez
Rafa Rodríguez 9 soat oldin
Melhor jogador de todos os tempos. Não tem pra ninguém!
Mams Camara
Mams Camara 11 soat oldin
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez 12 soat oldin
Que bueno era Ronaldinho y que malo era Larsson 😂😂😂
spanish kat
spanish kat 6 soat oldin
Viendo sus jugadas te quita el mal humor, que jugador tan increíble fue Ronaldihino y como amaba el balón. Un genio la verdad.
Kanagarathnam Gopal
Kanagarathnam Gopal 16 soat oldin
We will not be able to find another genius footballer, like him for many many years to come. God bless.🙏.
Papaletta 17 soat oldin
Larsson 😂😂😂😂
SharpbroNG 19 soat oldin
Rest 23 soat oldin
Porque no nerfearon este jugador?
Alejandro Viladrich Yoldi
Quien vino después de ver charlando tranquilamente con Ronaldinho
Franco Pfeiffer
Franco Pfeiffer 18 soat oldin
Alberto Colombo
Alberto Colombo Kun oldin
Stupendo - Incredibilmente completo - Emozionante. Complimenti e grazie. Abbiamo bisogno di video così
Shon814 Kun oldin
Tomás Díaz
Tomás Díaz Kun oldin
quien aca x el stream de ibai xd
Charity Pierce
Charity Pierce Kun oldin
*THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* SEXYMIX.UNO UZblock: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' UZblock: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #垃圾
Arindam Banik
Arindam Banik Kun oldin
The real GOAT 🐐
Mako Kun oldin
No matter the club you rooted for, you could never hate this guy.
Vicente Brito
Vicente Brito Kun oldin
O melhor, antes de bater a falta já saí pra comemorar só o show man
lord Northey
lord Northey Kun oldin
When football becomes art😍
Beateiz Ayma
Beateiz Ayma Kun oldin
Grande,un,artista,del,futbol ronaldinho,por,siempre
Milad Akbari
Milad Akbari 2 kun oldin
RONALDINHO best player in football history forever ❤💙👑🇧🇷
Palma-Mag    2M
Palma-Mag 2M 2 kun oldin
Claudio Faioli
Claudio Faioli 2 kun oldin
For God's sake, this Larson was really bad at the ball.
Naib l TD
Naib l TD 2 kun oldin
His skilles was great
Naib l TD
Naib l TD 2 kun oldin
Ronaldinho is best player of all time not Ronaldo not mardona not pale yes its Ronaldinho
Marko Djordjic
Marko Djordjic 3 kun oldin
I bet to this day ramos still have nightmares
Mountakha FALL
Mountakha FALL 3 kun oldin
still messi is way better! more efficient dribbler,scorer and playmaker
Frank_ man917
Frank_ man917 4 kun oldin
Larsson missed so many sitters.
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort 4 kun oldin
Very very nice video! No music, no unnecessary cutscenes, original commentary. That’s perfection 💪🏽
Vicente Jeldres
Vicente Jeldres 4 kun oldin
7:23 ?
Kaustav Porel
Kaustav Porel 4 kun oldin
🇮🇳🇮🇳🤙🤙🇮🇳🙏🙏U R MY HERO..Love from India to ronaldinho 🇮🇳🤙🙏🙏
ANDRE SILVA 4 kun oldin
Harv boxed you
Harv boxed you 4 kun oldin
Ronaldinho is the best player ever in my opinion
farenhay 4 kun oldin
0:30 JUST..
alex h
alex h 4 kun oldin
to me, the best ever
Google God
Google God 4 kun oldin
Ballon d'Or 2005?????
InternetRambo 5 kun oldin
Best Player ever
Im mt
Im mt 5 kun oldin
1. Ronaldinho. 2. Maradona. 3. Ronaldo Lima.
Cold Medicine
Cold Medicine 5 kun oldin
12:49 hei😂
Cold Medicine
Cold Medicine 5 kun oldin
so good
Roler Igneelo
Roler Igneelo 5 kun oldin
no player understand his pass because we dont know what he think lol, the genius in story
linz ve
linz ve 5 kun oldin
Sad life to all people who say neymar ist better than this magic from R10
linz ve
linz ve 3 soat oldin
@spanish kat true
spanish kat
spanish kat 6 soat oldin
Ronaldinho loved football and showed it in every game, Neymar adores being on the ground and doing theater.
prod. 5 kun oldin
This is why Neymar will never reach those levels... So many times in this video Neymar would have gone down crying but Ronaldinho was physical aswell as elegant and technical.
lintas Boss
lintas Boss 5 kun oldin
탐사수 5 kun oldin
이형은 기술도기술이지만 폼이 참 멋있어
Jose Franco
Jose Franco 5 kun oldin
Ronaldinho invento el futbol es el amo del Regate
clock 6 kun oldin
Sebastiano Dose
Sebastiano Dose 6 kun oldin
In this video we can see how many goals Larsson missed ahah, all missing assists by dinho
George Georgiou
George Georgiou 6 kun oldin
I dont remember to ever in my life, to be more excited to watch a game that Ronaldinhio was about to play. Loved Messi no doubt, but Ronaldinhio was entertaining and more fun to watch
sofwan nordin
sofwan nordin 6 kun oldin
Football now bored..no talent
Michael Nna
Michael Nna 6 kun oldin
All I saw was penaldinho showcasing his skills
hedi bousselmi
hedi bousselmi 6 kun oldin
Gloria Sandez
Gloria Sandez 6 kun oldin
It was difficult to stop him!
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique 6 kun oldin
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Sergio Ramos sofreu na mão dele. E ainda fizeram um dvd do SR kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique 6 kun oldin
0:55 na sua opiniao, se fosse o Neymar, o que teria acontecido?
Sergio 6 kun oldin
1:52 That pass is so satisfying.
Manuel Quiroga
Manuel Quiroga 7 kun oldin
Neymar > Ronaldinho
De25yosoy 7 kun oldin
Una sola jugada por partido? No veo jugadas al mismo equipo
Sean Andrews
Sean Andrews 7 kun oldin
imagine this with a mentality that kept him at barcelona and into 2009.....
Já vi várias vezes, vou ver só um pouquinho... Quando vc se liga viu o vídeo inteiro mais uma vez...kkk
Ari Sadewo
Ari Sadewo 7 kun oldin
Keindahan sepak bola yang haqiqi
Magia con m
Magia con m 7 kun oldin
Madre mia Larsson
Carlin 7 kun oldin
2:41 me acuerdo de este pase a Messi, imposible ese efecto.
Fábio Mariano
Fábio Mariano 8 kun oldin
No auge 2001-2007 foi o melhor de todos os tempos. Não há como comprar ele com nada durante esse período. Depois cansou de tudo e foi viver a vida.
Pika Boruto
Pika Boruto 8 kun oldin
Dylan Morales
Dylan Morales 8 kun oldin
larson nefasto se pelaba todas
Signals Daily
Signals Daily 8 kun oldin
I think Ronaldhino is the best player that ever existed
Lynette Bruce
Lynette Bruce 8 kun oldin
*THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* LOVEGIRLS.LINK UZblock: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' UZblock: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков ..u #垃圾垃圾
Voyageur 8 kun oldin
Eze 8 kun oldin
Larsson era malisimo jskzkskjs
Alexis Miguel Tapia
9:03 playing with the keeper
Arautos Repost
Arautos Repost 8 kun oldin
Kkkkk Sérgio Ramos passava mal nas mãos do Ronaldinho kkkk dava até dó
Бахтияр Халимуллин
Самый лучший
He's the one who makes me love football. He introduce me with football skills!.
Jay jay Tigana
Jay jay Tigana 10 kun oldin
This is monster!!!!!
Sebs The Servant
Sebs The Servant 10 kun oldin
Unpredictable Passionate Skillful Timing Pin point passer Ball control 100% Accurate Energetic 👇👇👇👇 Ronaldinho Gauchó 10 Best player of all times!
Dr. Cαrd•n`
Dr. Cαrd•n` 10 kun oldin
The real legend❤⚽
Ismail Ali
Ismail Ali 10 kun oldin
Ronaldinho the best fottball player the world have,fullscill.superriostar of rodaldinho.
bimbosaid 10 kun oldin
Is he in jail now?
Abhishek Vs
Abhishek Vs 10 kun oldin
It's July 2021 let's see how many are watching this masterpiece
Isaias Lopes
Isaias Lopes 10 kun oldin
O melhor da história do futebol mundial 🇧🇷❤
Mysterious Man
Mysterious Man 11 kun oldin
01:52 what an incredible pass holy shit even Özil couldn’t make a pass like that
Daniel PP
Daniel PP 11 kun oldin
If actual players could be 1% of ronaldinho it would be amazing
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez 11 kun oldin
Es increíble como una canción puede mejorar un video, este video es genial pero verlo tal vez con una música de eminem sería grandioso igual que dinho
Alejandro Reiriz
Alejandro Reiriz 11 kun oldin
Buena Larssooooon
Ergün Nar
Ergün Nar 11 kun oldin
ronaldinho: exist larsson: i'm a skill ruiner
Francisco Bautista
Francisco Bautista 11 kun oldin
He had no fear of no defense u dont see players like that no more cant even pass one Defender
Mike Mor
Mike Mor 11 kun oldin
Cristiano Ronaldo has more skills than Messi and is closer to Ronaldinho, both do step over, rainbox back reception , not seein pass, rabona, rullette. ELASTICA. Messi cuts and changes ritme in dribbling department. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Mike Mor
Mike Mor 11 kun oldin
Ronaldinho´s PRIME is better than Messi´s PRIME.
chechin chk
chechin chk 12 kun oldin
ese larsson las fallaba todas jakajsj
GEAN FRANCO Skereee 11 kun oldin
F por larsson XD
Harkishanlal Gulati
Harkishanlal Gulati 12 kun oldin
Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Romario, Robrto Carlos and Ronaldinho all they r great football players of Brazil, off course Ronaldinho is one of best dribbler of his time.
Kenidy De Oliveira Tomaz
O melhor que eu vi jogar
Lesmana Sidik
Lesmana Sidik 12 kun oldin
Jendral Lapang tengah terbaik sepanjang masa. The best Ronaldinho
Diamond Faces
Diamond Faces 12 kun oldin
افضل لاعب في التاريخ بلا منازع رونالدينو
Rohmay Suryono
Rohmay Suryono 12 kun oldin
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 12 kun oldin
Esse Larsson era muito ruim kkkkkkkk
Dave Knight
Dave Knight 12 kun oldin
Finally one without stupid edits and annoying music.
Kid Dynamite89
Kid Dynamite89 13 kun oldin
King Forever 👑
Ivan Coronel
Ivan Coronel 13 kun oldin
Minuto 2:42 🤤🤤🤤
Point of View
Point of View 13 kun oldin
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