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5-May, 2021



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kayla draws too much
kayla draws too much 21 soat oldin
As someone who grew up watching the show I don't think the artstyle that bad. They do have have A very toy like look tho like it belongs in A ps2 game. But its ok I guess.
Angel Mesina
Angel Mesina 23 soat oldin
It’s CG animation
Chris Baker
Chris Baker Kun oldin
Arika Koski 2021
Is it bad that I like the animation?
boy what the hell boy
Johnny McNuggs
Johnny McNuggs Kun oldin
Can’t wait to not watch it
Calextrix Kun oldin
They're mouths and eyes are so blank, just, no, please no
The UnknøwnIce1027
I loved the original Rugrats. watched the whole series twice on hulu and all 3 movies. this trailer is disappointing. especially since they took out dill and Kimi.
Berglastwagon Kun oldin
DaylightYT Kun oldin
Paramount+ are the only people tryna bring back the shows we loved
nate joe
nate joe Kun oldin
This looks so bad the animation
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus 2 kun oldin
So if Betty is a lesbian in this one, yet in All Grown Up we see Howard still married to her... is it safe to assume this takes place in whatever shitty alternate universe we're in right now?
Alexis Costa
Alexis Costa 2 kun oldin
I hate this.
MEXTEKA 2 kun oldin
Prefer 1990's rough look 😞 why change something not broken by the dumb babies 😒
Austin Whitmoyer
Austin Whitmoyer 2 kun oldin
Now its official Hollywood has ran out of ideas
Evie. Gachas
Evie. Gachas 2 kun oldin
Josh's Pokemon Adventure
This is amazing so far. Granted, it is aimed for children. But as someone who grew up watching the original, I give this two thumbs up. I was worried I won't lie.
Clariphone .
Clariphone . 2 kun oldin
What happened to the 2D style :(
TheSimba86 3 kun oldin
How is it possible for something new to look terrible compared to the original from 30 years ago? The original looked great, this looks like a low budget 3d video game from 1995
ZuccTheAlien 3 kun oldin
I don’t understand the hate . I grew up with the original and I’ve been digging the reboot I’m glad the new generation of kids get to enjoy rugrats too :)
Angela Phillips
Angela Phillips 3 kun oldin
The fact that they were able to procure so many of the original voice actors is super impressive and totally AWESOME
yunita Stene
yunita Stene 4 kun oldin
Yeah jack riley was in rugrats from voice actor's
SakuraStar 4 kun oldin
I don’t like this new version... it’s too creepy... I prefer the old animation 😭
Main Channel
Main Channel 4 kun oldin
I’ve never watched the “original “ rugrats but this gives me a headache the characters are creepy looking
Tony 4 kun oldin
The only appropriate Stu voice is the one that said the legendary phrase "because I've lost control of my life"
Daisydayyz 4 kun oldin
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
To say y’all hate why dose have 4/5 stars 😂🤔
Live Action Man
Live Action Man 4 kun oldin
Cree summers
Syd Maker
Syd Maker 5 kun oldin
The wild Thor Berry's would be better
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
Did Nickelodeon ask no
Changa Rivera
Changa Rivera 5 kun oldin
I don’t like how it’s 3D if enything they would be makeing more money if they just kept working on the old one
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down 5 kun oldin
The eyes freak me out. They're so dead and soulless.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
We don’t
wth.. what happened to kimi..
Twacked Alice or IkNowSTuFF.IwentTOcollege
*Hears Stu's voice* ...who are you? 😱
Don Dollie
Don Dollie 6 kun oldin
Susie is a baby now? Howie died lmao sheeesh.
EliN 6 kun oldin
Did this show really have that big of a following to make a reboot?
Brittney B Red
Brittney B Red 6 kun oldin
Just watched first episode. Too much adult stuff.
Thunder Meme ‘65
Thunder Meme ‘65 7 kun oldin
Solution to not having your childhood ruined: don't watch reboots of any kind.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
We do not care
Spring Hearted Tiger 62
0:53 are they in Angelica’s brain?
Truth Monsoon aka Thee Huckleberry Haught
This is horrible where's Phil and lil's Dad ? Now their mom is lesbian. Missing babies Dil and Kimi? my kids won't be watching this.
Isaiah Layne
Isaiah Layne 8 kun oldin
The Cat With The Bat
If I wanted to give someone diarrhea, I'd show them this trailer
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey 8 kun oldin
rocko came back invader zim came back an also hey arnold an now Rugrats. what else could be coming out of the nick vault? doug? catdog? kablam? i carly oh wait...
Eric Duncan
Eric Duncan 8 kun oldin
Why for the love of god WHY do they always have to CGI everything?!
Ahoy studios
Ahoy studios 8 kun oldin
Tbh. It looks, ok. Design wise, yeah. But idk, this show looks like it will be boring with mild taste, like oatmeal. Idc, mostly because this isn't to horrible to ruin the og show.
lene 9 kun oldin
straight dog shit
Antonieta Bendana
Antonieta Bendana 9 kun oldin
It looks like they took out the human element. Where the babies would sometimes be on the playground interacting with other kids/babies now it’s full on imagination
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
Yeah it looks more full life and show real word thing and people
StyleDocks 8 kun oldin
No they didn’t, in the actual show they still have the real life aspect as well
kwerdop 9 kun oldin
Animation looks like shit
LUVAIR 9 kun oldin
I would have preferred 2D, 3D is cool too, but the characters look life less and the mouth animations are not very good. I could see this flop, and then the execs are going to think no one wants rugrats to come back and then it's canned again.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
The 2D is horrible the necks naive when they talk there bodies movement were awful
Mandy B
Mandy B 9 kun oldin
This is a "Thanks I hate it" gift...
rock 10 kun oldin
My childhood has been officially ruined. It's ok.
M1nd matters
M1nd matters 10 kun oldin
Scott 10 kun oldin
Must everything be computer generated now? Jesus.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
Yes it 2021 what do you thing it modern time not 1991
Penguin Derby
Penguin Derby 8 kun oldin
Oh you mean like the original series? What’s your argument LMAO. Must this not be animated! This was a cartoon we’re talking about. Unforgivable.
Bri Burrouws
Bri Burrouws 10 kun oldin
What is this totally not like original ruined it
Mr. D
Mr. D 10 kun oldin
August 11 of this year is the 30th anniversary of the OG Rugrats btw
I was able to see it just because the babies voices were still the original. The parents act younger than the babies. I didn’t like what they did to grampa tho total change of personalities. Should have keep it close to the original and maybe the animation should be passable. I keep watching tho because of Angelica and the babies. I was even ok with Betty being gay.
Clymantic 11 kun oldin
*Sigh..* my childhood.. This looks pretty good and I'm gonna watch it... but did they really have to remove a character for the LGTBQ+ community? I liked Howard. Also.. this show ended pretty well.
GasMaster 11 kun oldin
Hot fucking garbage
Vixen Fatale
Vixen Fatale 11 kun oldin
So we are going to ignore the fact that the twins dad is gone and the mom is now a lesbien single mother? You can take this reboot and shove it where the sun dont shine. I will stick to the classic Rugrats.
Derek S
Derek S 11 kun oldin
I get nostalgia/reboots are in but not with 3D animation. I refuse to watch any animated movie or cartoon that looks like this because it looks ridiculous. Fellow 90's kids let's just remember the good old days and not let this ruin our childhood.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
The 90 kids get to watch rugrats in 2D witch was worn the movement mouths bodies and now the 3D is better your mad get life
I.A. Y.
I.A. Y. 11 kun oldin
Hollyweird loves ruining the classics... what a surprise...🙄🙄
Traxx 11 kun oldin
rest in piece rugrats
Sofie 12 kun oldin
It looks so bad....
omega458 12 kun oldin
Rest in peace Jack Riley :(
Myisha 12 kun oldin
So disappointed it is 3D. Most 2D designs do not render well in 3D. The least they could have done was change the character design style if they where going to go this route. Lazy decision making but I’m not surprised cause this is just another reboot. I’ll stick with the original when I’m feeling nostalgic.
Braindoner101 12 kun oldin
Well... it’s here. Original amazing shows getting ruined once again.
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
It not ruined it more modern
Britney Spears
Britney Spears 12 kun oldin
Angelica is my favorite 😍
Zuha 13 kun oldin
am i the only one whos excited for this
grafton2 13 kun oldin
Wait a minute... wait a god damn minute; where are Dil and Kimmy at!?!?
thedude087 13 kun oldin
This is bad. No orginal adult characters have their original voices. And grandpa is a hippy? Last I saw him he was a ww2 veteran. Seriously wtf
Jaye cluee
Jaye cluee 13 kun oldin
Why are they making the old cartoons look like this I hate it 😂😂😂😂
Jaye cluee
Jaye cluee 13 kun oldin
Why are they making the old cartoons look like this I hate it 😂😂😂😂
allthingstravon 13 kun oldin
ummmm NO
JoJoFan87 13 kun oldin
Emma Butterfly
Emma Butterfly 13 kun oldin
Chuckie looks so weird.
Emma Butterfly
Emma Butterfly 13 kun oldin
I can get used to the Animation but the original animation will always be better: in my opinion. 👌
Milagros Granados
Milagros Granados 13 kun oldin
I don't like the new animation. I wish this reboot would show them as teenagers or in there early 20's. I'm happy the rugrats got the original voice actresses for the main characters (the babies).
Ghetto gurl Brii
Ghetto gurl Brii 4 kun oldin
We do not care
Life With Lysha
Life With Lysha 13 kun oldin
I guess they’re not all grown up anymore
AAron. 14 kun oldin
I cAnt BELIEVE tHeY phIl aNd LiLs mOm a LesBiAn
Akashi Rob
Akashi Rob 14 kun oldin
Ngl im not gunna watch this i like the original
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel 14 kun oldin
I'm down with this!!
Alien X
Alien X 14 kun oldin
Look how they completely butchered that cartoon the art style they used in the original had way more detail and looked a lot better why do they have to fuck up good things☹️
This Man
This Man 14 kun oldin
Good thing Nickelodeon, the million dollar company, can't afford quality animation
Marcus Rimson
Marcus Rimson 14 kun oldin
I think I prefer the original cartoon
the_doggo_from_the_future ✔
Why 3d tho.
MotionBlur OfHappy
MotionBlur OfHappy 14 kun oldin
I’ll check it out to compare but it’s obviously not for a grown man. I do still watch the original though and don’t mind it like some other cartoons. Feels like this will be like the original Spirit movie vs the animated show. Plus there’s a lot of impressive shit with the originals art style, this is just the trendy look and the shorts don’t have the same feeling of expression and emotion as the original. My kids are defiantly watching the original like they can watch whatever they want but if I’m still watching it now as an adult they’ll definitely see it before the reboots
MotionBlur OfHappy
MotionBlur OfHappy 14 kun oldin
Why are they so slow? They move like there’s less gravity. This also looks like a jimmy neutron crossover but less cool.
Notorious Ene
Notorious Ene 14 kun oldin
The 3d looks good, still very cartoonish and not overdone.
Bonnie379Draws 15 kun oldin
Did they actually change Rugrats?
Zachary Renderer
Zachary Renderer 15 kun oldin
So tired of everything doing this shit 3d style
CoCo Jenkins
CoCo Jenkins 15 kun oldin
Wtf. We already had rugrats and all grown up. The babies are adults now HTF you gonna bring a reboot
Samantha Alvarez
Samantha Alvarez 15 kun oldin
pls hollywood don’t touch ed edd n eddy one day i’m begging
Clymantic 11 kun oldin
I'm going to edit this comment when the Edd n Eddy reboot comes.
Ann Miller
Ann Miller 15 kun oldin
#PARAMOUNT You FUCKING FAILED....dear god this RUINS such a CLASSIC show that MANY whom grew up In the 90’s adored! Tommy’s diaper tape is now grey? Chucky now sounds not meaning this badly but like a pip squeeked girl voice & just for what? Cause y’all needed to make money?? This reboot is FUCKING TRASH!!!!
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 15 kun oldin
I miss all Klasky Csupo old cartoons
Nincomsoup Amber
Nincomsoup Amber 15 kun oldin
I think child me would like it. I feel like not giving this show a few episode chances makes us sound like an old person stuck in our ways. We should give this Chance.
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 14 kun oldin
I agree but I think people are having an issue with the animation looking so... Cheap? Like the rigs are so stiff and movement feels weightless. Their texturing looks like they were going for a style thing but comes off scattered. All of it combined makes it something that's gross to look at. The show itself might be able to make up for it but history shows a trend toward the opposite being true, so idk, I think it's fair for people to really rag on this
bazooka jade
bazooka jade 15 kun oldin
The original is and always will be better or course what I don’t get is why these companies decide to hire writers that know little to nothing about the vibe of the show and not listen to the people who actually watched it or anything I mean the targets audience is going to be both adults AND children because we watched it as kids and they will too. We know what’s up and most say the 3D animation ruins it because the original always had a unique and quirky style. They always wanna try something new which is fine but let’s hope they don’t wreck it too much! U know people mess one thing up and they go haywire it’s not the same!!
CartoonFreak 95
CartoonFreak 95 15 kun oldin
The same writers that worked on the original show are working on this, and in fact, the showrunners (The creators are executive producing) were involved with the original Rugrats, and they’ve kept the same charm. So, needn’t worry. :)
bazooka jade
bazooka jade 15 kun oldin
I’m not going to bash it yet I wanna watch it even if it’s bad I will always love rugrats ❤️ glad they used most of the important original characters voices even if they couldn’t use Christine Cavanaugh for Chuckie rip☮️ times change and it can suck but I will always be a child 💖🦕
AidenActivation 16 kun oldin
What next? Courage the cowardly dog?
Clymantic 11 kun oldin
I'm coming back to this comment when this happens.
Natelle Thompson
Natelle Thompson 16 kun oldin
I loved the rugrats growing up, and I love this new reboot for the newer generation to enjoy 😍 and I'm happy to be able to sit and watch the new rugrats with my daughters and they love it.
Cannibalistic Fawn
Cannibalistic Fawn 14 kun oldin
Im glad to see a positive comment, thank you.
Papa Khan
Papa Khan 16 kun oldin
Was expecting overwhelming dislikes. Im a little disappointed
pink fur
pink fur 16 kun oldin
This looks like an old PlayStation 1 game