Samsung M7 Monitor Review 2021 - 32 inch 4k Smart ALL-ROUNDER [32M70A] [32AM700U] 

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Samsung M7 Monitor Review 2021 - 32 inch 4k Smart ALL-ROUNDER or jack-of-all-trades. This monitor know also for the following models [32M70A] and [32AM700U] has everything that you might ever want in a monitor - 4k, 32 inches, smart apps, AirPlay, speakers, integrated power supply, remote and more. Sure, it's not an IPS panel, but VA's are worth it too. There are few things to know before purchasing one though, so be sure to check out the full video. Enjoy!
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🛒 Samsung M7 32 inch: geni.us/xiBDv
↪ Actual screen size: 31.5 inch
↪ Display: UHD
↪ Resolution: 3940x2160
↪ Aspect Ratio: 16:9
↪ Brightness: 250 nits
↪ Viewing angle: 178°(H)/178°(V)
↪ Response time: 8(GTG) ms
↪ Contrast Ratio: 3,000:1(Typ.)
↪ 1x USB-C
↪ 2x HDMI
↪ 3x USB-A
↪ Integrated power supply
↪ Bluetooth: YES
↪ Wifi: YES
📼 LG 32UL99 review: uzblock.info/post/video/ua6NroSpYbCbmH4.html
📼 LG UltraWide review: uzblock.info/post/video/3a2LcJiCZpt6in4.html
🕐 00:00 Intro
🕝 01:00 Everything wrong
🕒 01:17 Specs
🕒 03:18 Connectivity
🕒 04:35 Why the M7 is special
🕒 05:09 Remote control
🕒 05:45 Samsung ecosystem
🕒 06:20 AirPlay 2
🕒 07:53 Bixby
🕒 08:10 Speakers
🕒 08:30 M7 vs the rest
I'm Iskren (which translates to Frank) and most people call me E, maybe because it's Easier 😆
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18-Mar, 2021



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Sanjin Dervisevic
Can you confirm that is only 30 hz through usb-c! This is a big NO GO for me, if that is true. Can you test it and report it back. This is the only thing holding me back from not buying it.
Aurélien ANTONIO
Aurélien ANTONIO 5 kun oldin
@Sanjin Dervisevic Hi ! I have a 2019 MacBook Pro and it's connected to my M7 over usb-c the thing is : When I close my MBP I have 4k@30hz and when I have my MBP open then I have 4k60 hz and I still can't get the why
SailaS 6 kun oldin
@Joe Gillian I have no clue even where to look at it 😅
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 6 kun oldin
@SailaS which firmware is on your monito ? mine is 1060
Iván Valencia
Iván Valencia 14 kun oldin
@Sanjin Dervisevic M1 devices need to connect directly to the computer using usb-c to hdmi 4k@60hz cable, not via hub or dongle
SailaS 16 kun oldin
@Sanjin Dervisevic absolutely top quality! Especially for that price(375 euro for me) I dont remember if it was in a review but it also have a usb hub on the other side of a monitor in which (if u are connected with USB-C) u can plug in your mouse, keyboard or external ssd. Btw there is 3 usb's but as hub working only two, third one is for connecting anything to monitor own operating system like at TV
Marta Młodzikowska
Marta Młodzikowska 16 soat oldin
Hi, could you please explain me once more cause I didn't get it. The reslution on the Air Play with macbook is lower than 4K? Is it a big difference?
Naizon Kun oldin
Hello Georgiev one question is this monitor close as quality as the lg ultrafine ergo? I wanna buy a monitor for my new mac mini but don’t know what to choose without spent to much money🙏🏼 hope you can help me ! Thank you mate
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Kun oldin
I’m not a fan of Matt displays. Still can’t find a 4K non Matt display. Any suggestions?
Alexander Sendo
Alexander Sendo 2 kun oldin
Good review mate! deserve a sub from me
Bryan Veloso
Bryan Veloso 3 kun oldin
What's your current monitor at 0:12? I love it as it has no branding on front like the benq pd3220u and LG 32UL950-W.
Bryan Veloso
Bryan Veloso 3 kun oldin
Nevermind, saw it in your video. The LG 32UD99
First Name Last Name
in short don't buy that monitor
Elmar Hoenig
Elmar Hoenig 8 kun oldin
thank you for the hint - sounds very interesting !!
Jurben Mahinay
Jurben Mahinay 8 kun oldin
I'm subscribing becoz he's so calm talking.
Sudip Bholon
Sudip Bholon 9 kun oldin
how is the brightness and colour accuracy. is it worth for photo and video editing?
Cheng See
Cheng See 9 kun oldin
just need 120hz refresh rate
Bo Yu
Bo Yu Kun oldin
then more cost.
ThisIsE 9 kun oldin
Watch my video tomorrow
Thomas GRISTI 10 kun oldin
Hi there ! Thanks for the review ! Just got one question about the monitor, I’ve been searching for a monitor to play ps5 (warzone mostly) and for home office. The 8ms represent a real issue to play PS5 ? Thanks
Lukas 1122
Lukas 1122 18 kun oldin
Could I connect the monitor with an imac pro? So like normal computer stuff?
Ameya Vaidya
Ameya Vaidya 8 kun oldin
If it has HDMI on the iMac, you should be able to. If its Thunderbolt then I think he mentions that it has no Thunderbolt support.
Nicolas Pdorf
Nicolas Pdorf 19 kun oldin
So what Monitor does stand on your desk there?
chaturved reddy
chaturved reddy 20 kun oldin
should i go for m5 or m7 .... im confused is it worth full hd ? or go for 4k ?
Sreedhar Reddy V
Sreedhar Reddy V 21 kun oldin
What are the specification of this monitor like Operating system used, RAM and Internal Memory ?
Russ Loewen
Russ Loewen 26 kun oldin
I'm very happy with mine. It was available for $299 CDN when I bought it. Similar decision to yours. The price was just too good to pass up compared to most other 32" 4K. I mostly bought it because my work laptop is 4k and when I was using my other 27" 1080p monitor I was having so many issues with resizing. Instead I run it all on this monitor now and it looks great. I can run all my windows on there and don't feel like I'm out of room. I'll be happier once I get a VESA mount though because with two large monitors I can't really sit in the middle of them without getting neck strain. Waiting for the right one to be in stock.
Baby Cheesus
Baby Cheesus 4 kun oldin
Have you any experience with IPS screens at all? I’m a freelance illustrator and wondering how this screen would be for design work, and how it is with colours
Bich Tran
Bich Tran 29 kun oldin
Really enjoy to watch your reviews by the clip quality as well as the content. Keep it going and your sharing is highly appreciated! 👍👏
Jan Van Der Meer
can you use it upsitedown? like to hang it on the ceiling in the Kitchen.
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Only if it’s hooked up to a monitor. Tizen doesn’t allow picture rotation from the remote.
Herd Ware
Herd Ware Oy oldin
Need that headphone jack in monitor remote
Kevin Punter
Kevin Punter Oy oldin
If you have a solid desk the wobble isn't an issue .. otherwise get a solid Vesa mount. I've ordered second one as it's great value.
Châu Nguyễn
If I connected ipad to M7, can I select apps on the screen of M7 without touching the ipad screen?
ThisIsE Oy oldin
No. It’s just a projection
Sergio Díaz
Sergio Díaz Oy oldin
It's weird that Samsung and other brands can make 4K pc monitors, but no 4K 32 inch Tvs, they even won't do Full HD 32 inch Tvs. What a shame!
Ali Figueroa
Ali Figueroa Oy oldin
This is the most reliable review I’ve seen. Thank you. I got this almost 2 weeks ago, and the first few days were completely horrible, and it looked dark, cheap, and impossibly hard to use. Tech support couldn’t help me connect to Airplay 2 or even tell me what the right specs for a single USB C cable we’re. None of the 6 cables I had, including a Thunderbolt 3, didn’t work, and of the 4 100w 5A cables I bought, only 2 worked. And for no reason Airplay just started working after my 3rd factory reset. The hype is just that. Hype. They don’t tell you beforehand that on HDMI it can only do 30Hz, and that on wireless it’s only 1080p, and it doesn’t work properly as a KVM (maybe it isn’t meant to). But I bought into the hype, and coming from an Apple Thunderbolt Display, I guess my standards were a bit high. I was so angry for about a week. With managed expectations, it’s grown on me, and on a one cable connection and a monitor arm, it reduces desk clutter significantly. Print design and productivity don’t need a brilliant display anyway, and I realized the dimmer VA panel causes less eye strain. And in hindsight for PhP19,699 ($400) on promo in the Philippines, it’s possibly the cheapest Airplay 2 Type C 4K monitor. It’s not worth the $580 they retail here, but can easily be found for $360-400 in the Philippines if you look around. In its price range, and if you’re not a gamer, cinephile, or professional video editor, it’s ok, once you get it running.
aldeen1982 Oy oldin
Nothing beats the LG 48 CX as a Monitor.
Bo Yu
Bo Yu Kun oldin
Crawlerguys Oy oldin
You didn't mention the hdmi arc! This is the only monitor that comes with arc. Can you tell if it allows Dolby digital 5.1 pass through?
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 18 kun oldin
Yes DD 5.1 works’fine via passthrough
Moses Onyango
Moses Onyango Oy oldin
Varun Ahlawat
Varun Ahlawat Oy oldin
ONLY 400$ cool man -_-
Michael Nguyen
Now that is a cool monitor. Another great video E!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thank you Michael!
Spurius Tadius
0:50 The Samsung M7 has definitely been making the rounds on youtube with Samsung-sponsorted "reviews"-- in a way it's good because it lets me know which UZblockrs I should ignore in the future. Thanks @ThisIsE.
Max Baltzer
Max Baltzer Oy oldin
Welp, I subscribed. Perfect, concise review.
Mykhailo Ivasenko
Hi Iskren, do you prefer 32-inch 4K to 27-inch?
Mykhailo Ivasenko
You've just answered that at the end of the video. Thanks anyway for the great review.
Geffá Oliveira
This was a great review! I just got the LG ergo 32 inch, it costs 700 euros. I was almost boxing it to send it back, but then I saw this Samsung brightness and that this panel is 8 bit. I do work with photography and got the LG to upgrade my setup. If this Samsung was brighter and be a 10bit panel, at 400 dollars/euros, I think I would change in a heartbeat. Impressive monitor. There is an HDMI ARC!!!!! Unreal... and AirPlay!.... God... why my LG couldn't have those...
Foo Shen
Foo Shen Oy oldin
Lay my hand on m5. Display of airplay from my macbook pro is awful. Colour is abit off from the original tone. And the text looks blur and fuzzy. Do you have this issue with m7? But through hdmi looks totally fine.
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo Oy oldin
You're too cool to answer me?
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo Oy oldin
@ThisIsE I did not get usbc cable included (like you). I tried with 2 different I had already at home. When buying new cable, to what should I pay attention so that will work?
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Is that with the included cable? I had cable problems too and changed it. That fixed it.
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo Oy oldin
@ThisIsE Any idea why my usbc connection with my Mac doesnt work? It detects it, but not showing picture. Is there I must do in settings?
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Answer what exactly Whache?
Edie Hoods
Edie Hoods Oy oldin
any of you guys face an issue where the tv cant be turn on ? I bought it yesterday and after installation , tv switch off and im unable to switch it on till now.
Edie Hoods
Edie Hoods Oy oldin
@ThisIsE samsung was not helpful at all.. i managed to get help from my retailer after multiple tries as they say they cannot do change once tv is registered. but they give in when i told them that samsung wasnt helpful at all
ThisIsE Oy oldin
I saw another comment from a viewer. Have you reached out to Samsung?
Densky Simon
Densky Simon Oy oldin
i just bought this monitor it dies after one hour of use
Densky Simon
Densky Simon Oy oldin
@ThisIsE Yeah they ask me to send it to them. I just return it to best buy I look into seems like I'm not the only one with that issue this youtube have exactly the same issues uzblock.info/post/video/lsx4roeaj4yeYXo.html
ThisIsE Oy oldin
That’s too bad Densky. Have you tried reaching out to Samsung? I doubt this being an important product of a reputable company to be neglected.
Whache Yayo
Whache Yayo Oy oldin
Any idea why my usbc connection with Mac doesnt work? It detects it, but not showing picture
Talal Malik طلال ملك
This monitor is one of my strangest purchases. I bought it for my MacBook Pro 16" for longer working hours. The first bummer was that they promoted that it supports USB-C but they didn't include one! Ok, I got one and it ran perfectly. However, after 3 days of using this monitor for about 5 hours everyday, it stopped working with USB-C connection!! Why? I don't know. I changed cables and also tried connecting it to my iPad Pro but nothing! It charges but doesn't show anything on the screen. I called Samsung and their only reply is to reset it to factory defaults which didn't do anything. Their final solution is to take it to their service center! Wow, 4 days of a new monitor and this is my experience. Totally disappointed. Also the colors, contrast, brightness are all terrible. Can't edit photos or videos on it.
Digital Alchemy
any chance you could put it on a kill-o-watt meter to see how much power it pulls in normal use?
RuBenzine Oy oldin
Thank you very much for this video. I am going to buy this one now. Quick question: What is the name of your white desktop stand?
Dan Pelos
Dan Pelos Oy oldin
Great video!! Would you recommend this over an ultrawide display for every day use? Thank you
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Oy oldin
What desk is that used in the main talking shot of this vid? I looked at your gear page but didn’t see it. Great vid btw 🤙🏽
taufik jamal
taufik jamal Oy oldin
NO headphone jack, right ?
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Oy oldin
Can you please do some sort of research and use the thing before you 'review' it. There are a lot of settings you can access with the remote.
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Hi Mark, I have the remote in front of me. Could you explain to me how I can quickly adjust the brightness?
Keeps keong
Keeps keong Oy oldin
Is worth it for 400 ?
Glen Oy oldin
great review!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thanks Glen!
ludo72 Oy oldin
Getting one tomorrow. This will be perfect for my office/guest room. Now guest won't have to log into my computer to watch netflix. Not happy about the VA, would have paid more for IPS, but at $320 USD it was too good of a deal.
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Oh that’s a great deal
Leon Kaul
Leon Kaul Oy oldin
How is the color accuracy, can I use it to edit pictures semi professional?
Leon Kaul
Leon Kaul Oy oldin
@ThisIsE oh thank you!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Absolutely 98% sRGB
Tommaso Germinario
Hi sir, is it possible to unscrew the samsung logo gray tag? Or it is glued in place?
Rachid Chrifi
Rachid Chrifi Oy oldin
Does anyone know id the USB-C connection dobles up as a charge! To put it diffrently if you connect a macbook to the screen VIA the USB-C will you also need a power cable plugged into the laptop or dies the the USB-C CABLE also double up as a power cable????
Rachid Chrifi
Rachid Chrifi Oy oldin
@ThisIsE can I use the same power cable that I use for my laptop to plug into the screen??
ThisIsE Oy oldin
One cable does it all - power, picture, data
A Farangi
A Farangi Oy oldin
You didn't get me at VA
Gadgetsu Oy oldin
WOW only 400 dollars!!! I'm glad it is VESA compatible for monitor arms! It's so cool yet weird to see a remote control for a monitor! Airplay 2 is really cool as well! This is truly a special monitor! Awesome video as always Iskren!!! 😁
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thank you my friend!
soulj7sli7 Oy oldin
I have to say , you are on different league and I don't understand why only have 24k subs ?!!!! how's the HDR performance ?
Markus Vlkus
Markus Vlkus Oy oldin
I miss also this test. Does it work st 4k 60Hz? Via both USB-C and HDMI?
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian Oy oldin
Finally, a real and honest review. Those are rare, most M7 were only sponsored videos as you haveaid. I bought mine 40 days ago and so far it has been great! I managed 4K wirelessly from my computer but only 1080p for Dex Also for Brrighness you can use bixby vocal commands Yes Dull is the word for other non smart monitors :)
Venky Prashant
Venky Prashant 27 kun oldin
@Joe Gillian : Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look on it. I am using an i7 along with NVIDIA GPU built laptop and an additional DELL monitor (dual monitor setup) just for loading remote workspace through Horizon and work 10 hrs a day on an avg. Smart Monitors like this (if it supports Horizon) could be a great news for someone like me who uses a beast for just remote session.
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 27 kun oldin
@Venky Prashant well, i justchecked no horizon app on tizen apps. You can always plug a google tv dongle for the extra apps you need but for remote connection i think the one built in can be enough. It has RDP (windows) and VNC( Mac) protocols for that. Have a nice day. Forgot : you can also add cloud services to remote access as well, but they look more like shortcuts in a browser, i have noy tested that
Venky Prashant
Venky Prashant 27 kun oldin
@Joe Gillian Thanks a lot. I did some search on that as well. And yes you are right. Probably Smart Monitor (with Android) could answer my need. Horizon is a Remote workspace App, as this product labelled as "Smart Monitor" I thought there will be some Workspace related Apps but this is more of a "Smart TV - Light version".
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian 27 kun oldin
@Venky Prashant There are a lot of different Horizon app on the playstore. Probably not. M7 has a tizen only store and you cannot install app outside of it. Google TV OS is much more convenient for apps
Venky Prashant
Venky Prashant 27 kun oldin
@ Joe Gillian Any idea does this supports Apps to be installed? Am looking for Horizon App which is in Play Store?
Pablo Paez
Pablo Paez Oy oldin
Thanks god, the first youtuber is not sponsoring this monitor 😂 Thank you❤️
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thanks Pablo
Colin M
Colin M Oy oldin
By far the best review for this monitor. I love how to the point you are and that editing makes your video a pleasure to watch. Good job and subscribed!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thank you Colin!
Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan
Don't discredit it for gamers. I prefer 60fps absolutely maxed out gaming over higher frames and giving up picture quality. And I'm going to buy this monitor because I'd rather have the better contrast ratio this one offers over the IPS viewing angles.
Redfox Oy oldin
Damn those camera angles tho
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thank you!
Concept Creator
those damn clean shots!! Just love it! that wobble and stand is a yikes for me!
Luís Inácio
Luís Inácio Oy oldin
It's very difficult this days to find a monitor that doesn't wobble at all. I have two monitors sitting on a Ikea desk. My brand new 24" LG (24BL650C-B) does wobble (a lot!); but the 12 years old Dell (with a very sturdy stand) doesn't wobble at all. ;)
Concept Creator
@ThisIsE for me it is nice to have at least a height adjustment. Because it just helps a lot with setting everything up properly.
ThisIsE Oy oldin
I appreciate it man. It is annoying but I really don’t care about the stands on most monitors.
Monkey Oy oldin
What is it with monitor manufacturers and silly barcode-like model names?
Accio_switch Oy oldin
Another awesome video! I have this monitor and it's the best I ever had at this price point. I also didn't get any usb c cable with it so must be a regional thing 🤷‍♀️
Accio_switch Oy oldin
@Rachid Chrifi My macbook air charges when connected with usb c. I use the Apple official thunderbolt cable (Usb c to usb c), the charger that comes with the Mac does not work with picture, only charges it through the monitor. The monitor has to be turned on for it to charge though. It won't give any power in stand-by.
Rachid Chrifi
Rachid Chrifi Oy oldin
Hey do you know if the USB-C connection dobles up as a charge! To put it diffrently if you connect a macbook to the screen VIA the USB-C will you also need a power cable plugged into the laptop or dies the the USB-C CABLE also double up as a power cable????
ThisIsE Oy oldin
I guess I am out of luck 😂
Comrade Cheese
Great video!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thanks Comrade
Aldrin Lopez
Aldrin Lopez Oy oldin
planning to buy this mate, the only thing that holding me is the 60hz refresh rate.
Rocky Smith
Rocky Smith Oy oldin
As someone who has used 120hz+ for years I can instantly tell if I am on a 60hz and I'm not talking about just for gaming. 120hz needs to be the standard, 144hz is getting into 'great' territory and 240hz (Samsung G7 I just grabbed) is the best I have experienced.
ThisIsE Oy oldin
I understand Aldrin, although if I have to sacrifice between Hz and pixels, I’d choose pixels for priority
Sophearak Meas
It is looking tremendous, But I still prefer an LG for a monitor.
Chong Hong Yi
Chong Hong Yi 7 kun oldin
Myk Murashko
Myk Murashko Oy oldin
I said it before, I'll say it again: your content is of superb quality and it's enjoyable to watch even if you aren't in the market for a monitor
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Thank you Myk!
Life of Tech
Life of Tech Oy oldin
Undefined units are the best!! Haha...lovely work as always Iskren! 🙌🏻
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Hahah true that Rodger! Thank you 🙏🏻
Ederlin S
Ederlin S Oy oldin
Love this review. I have a question though, if I connect a PS4 Pro/PS5 to the M7 does 4k 60 work? Or is it limited to 4k 30?
Ederlin S
Ederlin S Oy oldin
@ThisIsE Thanks E!
ThisIsE Oy oldin
Hey 👋🏻 4K at 60 runs great
Protaotogamer Oy oldin
Epic video !! As usual
Scarface Oy oldin
What's up Biskrem Looks like a very nice monitor
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