Samsung SMART Monitor Review - 32" 4K Monitor & TV! | The Tech Chap 

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The Samsung Smart Monitor (32M70A) is the World's first 'do-it-all' display - offering a 32" 4K Monitor & Smart TV all in one! For £399/$399... is it worth buying? ▶ Check it out:
M7 US: bit.ly/3kcqQUa
M7 UK: bit.ly/3qLneuO
M5 US: bit.ly/2NKFI02
This video is sponsored by Samsung.
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22-Fev, 2021



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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 2 oy oldin
Hey Chaps! Would you want a TV/Monitor combo??
Beedo Hassan
Beedo Hassan 3 kun oldin
Yes, it is perfect.
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 5 kun oldin
Can this power a Surface Book 2 or other device over USB-C or does the USB-C not support PD?
J23 16 kun oldin
@hi and why not ?
King Chancellor Momost
Can I connect my own speakers?
Asif Shadab Malick
Asif Shadab Malick 24 kun oldin
more than TV, i am interested in the fact that i can use this as a wireless 2nd display with a surface pro. can you suggest any alternate for that??
Technology is Awesome
Technology is Awesome 10 soat oldin
I think that's a good monitor. I am a big fan of display quality and that will be the only reason why I might not buy this monitor.
Stabis Hop
Stabis Hop 2 kun oldin
I've just bought the original full hd version circa 2019(or thereabouts) and no matter what i try, i can't listen to it through headphones. I've tried connecting to my stereo using hdmi rca adaptor and the monitor doesn't recognise the source. It has speakers for crying out loud, would it've hurt to add a 3.5mm for jack. It would've been ok if i could use USB headphones but it won't even let me do that. A simple thing. Watching films with headphones. I've spent nearly two days trying to make it happen. I'm sending it back tomorrow. I only got it for movies. The picture's good enough for me. My last one was just hd so the pic on this is a step up. Bet the 4k is a treat 😁. But alas, what use the picture without sound? Very disappointed.
Lupe Valenzuela
Lupe Valenzuela 2 kun oldin
Do not buy this monitor if you want it for your MacBook it does not pick up a signal with the usb type c . I am returning mine tomorrow
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 5 kun oldin
At first glance these look to be really good value - Seriously tempted to get one and replace my 3440x1440 Ultrawide - At the same time I'm moving my home office into a bigger room and will be hooking my Xbox Series X up in the same room for the first time. If 32" is big enough for me to game on this could be a real minimalist winner
Marco Deluca
Marco Deluca 7 kun oldin
Wow when you review talk about text quality and if applications are free like 360?? Oh i get it Samsung told you not to talk about that. So this is not a honest review your basically lying to your viewers.
Yonatan Leviem
Yonatan Leviem 8 kun oldin
Hey, sup ? I would like to know what shield does your note 20 ultra have ? Please answer 🙏🙂
Jazzer Cruz
Jazzer Cruz 11 kun oldin
I bought this and it was sooooo bad. It was sooooo dark when it is side by side my laptop and other monitor. Ended up returning it after getting many many headaches from staring at this screen. Too bad, I really liked the concept.
Tech K9
Tech K9 11 kun oldin
Is there anyway to use this on 12v motorhome caravan
Joshua Waurich
Joshua Waurich 11 kun oldin
2 x hdmi 2.0.... Well I'm sold The Samsung monitor only version with 4ms response time has hdmi 1 and hdmi 2 So the second device you use can only do 4k 30hz
Clixyzz 11 kun oldin
Can you connect your ps5 or ps4 for this smart monitor?
Joe Macch
Joe Macch 12 kun oldin
No but I like the idea. Needs a 32-34 inch curved 4K ips panel with all usb c, Thunderbolt, DisplayPort and hdmi 2.1. No smart features ,any idiot can tack on a fire stick Roku or Apple TV. However I’d appreciate the smart features as it’s one less bell to answer.
A Clarke
A Clarke 15 kun oldin
Man I really wanted this with 4K 27 inch.
A Clarke
A Clarke 15 kun oldin
This doesn’t come in at 27-28inch and 4K does it ?
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit 16 kun oldin
Man, I think I need it!
Marc Antunes
Marc Antunes 17 kun oldin
usb-c (65w) Will not charge my Mac air?
Christian Marchan
Christian Marchan 18 kun oldin
I NEED that wallpaper!
J23 18 kun oldin
How about watching TV via IPT box or DVB-T2 tuner on it!?
SailaS 20 kun oldin
But u can charge your Macbook at the same time while using USB-C connection. Dont know why u say u cant
mark dracup
mark dracup 23 kun oldin
just bought mine, couldn't be happier, Microsoft flight 2020 never looked better to me. Im sure it would if i spent another $500 But seriously this display is awesome for the price and lets be honest no matter what you buy now, in 1years time there's gonna be something better for another $500 etc etc. Get it NOW its great
Anton Kulaga
Anton Kulaga 25 kun oldin
Is everything working smoothly with Ubuntu-based linux?
Anestis Kyriakidis
Anestis Kyriakidis 26 kun oldin
Is it an all in one like the IMac? I want to know
kuroodetto Oy oldin
I would buy it yet I'm not a gamer. I would also use Office 365 as I use that for work.
PSYCHO 3 kun oldin
This isn't meant for gaming.
SJ M Oy oldin
India gets a combo offer, M7 at 360£ with free Logitech mk240 nano keyboard + mouse!
Larry O
Larry O Oy oldin
Purchased the M7 32" and will send it back. Nice monitor, but I can't get any wireless mouse to play well with it. Wireless mouse works great on my S7 tablet, Note 10+, Surface Book, but not this monitor. What is the point of wireless Dex if you can't usea wireless monitor? Very disappointed. Otherwise, it's a nice device.
A Typical Vietnamese
The idea of this monitor is pretty cool for me. I always love multi function device like this one
Laurie Faen
Laurie Faen Oy oldin
Thanks for the good review. I agree with everything you said. My Apple Cinema Display died and though I will eventually get it repaired I bought the Samsung as a stop gap for work. Initially I bought an LG HD but returned it after a few days and upgraded to the Samsung. The colours are not as rich as the Apple display, but at the price ($699 AUD) it is still really good and usable. Sound is fine for a workspace and I really like the remote. Overall, I am a happy customer.
Dylan Fuhri
Dylan Fuhri Oy oldin
Where can I find that wallpaper??
Kevin Punter
Kevin Punter Oy oldin
Isn't the TU87F the Thunderbolt version you say they should have? I just picked an M7 up and I'm happy enough with it that I just ordered a second one! (I don't need Thunderbolt as both will hang off docks)
Ram DC
Ram DC Oy oldin
Can you connect bluetooth headphones with this?
Carlos Henry
Carlos Henry Oy oldin
people complain about the 60hz display... I wonder what graphic card they are using or at what resolution they're playing. I rather have a higher pixel density at 60hz but that's just me.
Sam A
Sam A Oy oldin
Can you connect Bluetooth headphones?
xDefix- Oy oldin
How many hz
David Fence
David Fence Oy oldin
I appreciate being able to cast to the TV. Don't have a laptop or desktop connected to it no streaming device either.
mohsmed ibrahim
32" Smart Monitor With Mobile Connectivity
Vítor Neves
Vítor Neves Oy oldin
Hello! If i connect a Samsung USB Type-C to 3.5mm headset jack in the M7 monitor will i be able to use it for headphones or Logitech Speakers with 3.5mm jack? Thank You
Patriot Shala
Patriot Shala Oy oldin
I watched this on a 23.5 (24) inch 1920x1080 60fps monitor using Samsung DeX on my Galaxy S8 with broken screen.
2011Kestrel Oy oldin
Not sure if this is still relevant, but Samsung has apparently had terrible QC issues with this particular monitor. I’ve never seen so many one star reviews from people receiving monitors that were DOA. Some people purchased two monitors for dual setups, only to have BOTH monitors defective. And many users even had their replacement monitors turn out to be defective. So make sure you can easily return this one.
RunningFor MyLife
I'm still on the fence about purchasing this monitor. Can someone advise an alternative 32in 4K monitor(ips) that is mountable?
8:16 wait? So why is there a 65w sign if it doesnt charge?
elusive guy
elusive guy 26 kun oldin
It does support charging with display, so essentially single cable solution. But it doesn't come with the cable. You have to buy your own.
Timothy Jozef
Timothy Jozef Oy oldin
I have a private tattoo studio. I don’t have tvs installed bc I position clients differently everyday. I’m looking for something I can sit in front of them so they can watch movies and shows. Think this is a good fit?
ерунда сэндвич
They make this IPS, I'll be glad to pay double the price
iMaajid Oy oldin
How can this be a review if Samsung are sponsoring it? Someone call MKBHD - he told us if we find the word “review” in the title of a video, it shouldn’t be sponsored.
John Robbo
John Robbo Oy oldin
i need a monitor/tv for my ps5 i sit at the desk and game i need 32 inch to 43 inch . 4k HDR and if possible 2.1 hdmi....help me fine the perfect monitor please
alp gaming
alp gaming Oy oldin
this monitor how many hz
Eh Eh Eh
Eh Eh Eh Oy oldin
Anyone have this? Is it worth it?
Andreas Jansson
Feels like this targets absolutely no one...Now I want one!
Danny Corella
Danny Corella Oy oldin
is it good for Minecraft Java?
ludo72 Oy oldin
Just bought one for $350. Needed a new monitor and TV for my office/guest room. Being able to have streaming services for guest without them getting on my computer is pretty nice.
David Cummins
David Cummins 12 kun oldin
@Chandler Todd its nice, but I will be upgrading to an IPS panel and getting a standalone smart TV. It does monitor and smart TV pretty good, but its too small for a TV and IPS panels are pretty affordable now. So if you really need a smart monitor, its great, but for the price you can get a nice IPS monitor if you dont need the smart features.
Chandler Todd
Chandler Todd 12 kun oldin
Is it worth it?
R H Oy oldin
Can u connect tabs7 plus and use it as a drawing tablet
R H Oy oldin
Good for students
R H Oy oldin
You can't ad chrimcast to a monitor??
R H Oy oldin
wish it was touch screen
Sleggar Law
Sleggar Law Oy oldin
Terrible ghosting on this monitor. The apps don't even make it worth it
Dulara R
Dulara R Oy oldin
Its on sale on amazon for 250$
DarkChild1758 Oy oldin
I subscribed because of the remote pun
Fíla Oy oldin
Have this monitor antenna port
Lupe Guevara
Lupe Guevara Oy oldin
Seemed like the perfect monitor for my Xbox Series X until I heard 60hz and hdmi 2.0 only 😪 What a shame
Harinder Singh
It's useless and bad. The only Monitors that Samsung allowed to buy with the promotion credits cause Samsung isn't selling them either. Buy a good monitor with same money with tons of additional features, higher refresh rate, etc.
Chandra Anderson
Chandra Anderson 2 oy oldin
Excellent review! Thank you for doing this. I was literally sold after the first 1:22 made my shopping and research super easy!
Ahmad 505
Ahmad 505 Oy oldin
@Daniel Bonnells but they have improved
Daniel Bonnells
The reviews on the samsung website aren't great, FYI
Allen #7
Allen #7 2 oy oldin
6:20 the only thing i was interested about this monitor...and then i got totally disappointed....
DeRSeB 2 oy oldin
hi, do you prefer HDR- or SDR-Gaming on your LG 38WN95C? :-)
Kevin Bhasi
Kevin Bhasi 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the informative review! I've been getting sick and tired of the 'HD Ready' resolution TVs that are the only 32" TVs officially available for us to buy here in Singapore, and so I was thinking of buying a Samsung Smart Monitor to use as a TV with a Full HD or higher resolution display. A built-in DVB-T2 tuner isn't important to me as I have pay TV. However, even though I'm able to get meWATCH on it (Mediacorp's equivalent to BBC iPlayer), as well as UZblock, Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio (I tried a relative's Samsung TV and a retail demo at a Harvey Norman store), that kind of display AND only 2 HDMI inputs, plus the possible lack of Samsung's universal control feature, leaves me to look elsewhere for a better bedroom TV. I might even be fine with using a computer monitor + HDMI switch as a TV, even though that would mean I have to get out of bed in order to change the brightness unless I use some kind of microcontroller setup that would hook into the front panel PCB. Besides that, another option I have would be to import a 32" Full HD TV from the UK via a package forwarder. Samsung TVs sold in the UK seem to only allow UK or Ireland to be selected for the Smart TV region, but I've seen a hack that could allow me to bypass that, get into a service menu, and forcefully change the Samsung Smart TV region to Singapore to be able to install meWATCH, or, you know, I could find something running Android TV instead.
Billy Teodocio
Billy Teodocio 2 oy oldin
does this support portrait mode?
Kingtrav392 2 oy oldin
Can we use it for gaming
Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly 2 oy oldin
Can you use Bluetooth Headphones with it
Tony Medrano
Tony Medrano 2 oy oldin
Yes, it has speakers and a single stand down the middle, most tv that size have two peg legs- at least you can set this monitor on top of your Xbox or pS
IwatchYuTup 2 oy oldin
Does it make sense to buy FHD version with 100 euros less? There is exactly same version without 4K but FHD and it costs 100euros less. 32 inch with 3K beside video editing etc. is it useful at all?
Nemesis encounter
What's a chap?
Joseph Regallis
Joseph Regallis 2 oy oldin
For $400, I would prefer a better monitor for desktop and skip the TV.
Frank Coffey
Frank Coffey 2 oy oldin
I wish TVs were sold with the tuner being optional. I don't even know anyone who uses broadcast TV or would even get reception if they tried. Seems like it would be easy enough to just sell an add on module that plugs into an HDMI port if you need a tuner. Many antenna users already have a DVR with turners built in anyway and don't even need the one in the TV. I really don't like having to go through that dreaded "scan for channels" thing when I get a TV or accidentally activate the turner while selecting inputs. For many users it just causes confusion for an already overwhelming device.
Mohammed Zafar
Mohammed Zafar 2 oy oldin
wireless dex is a life saver for my online classes
Mohammed Zafar
Mohammed Zafar 2 oy oldin
i wish apple bought this feature out, especially thinking how powerful their mobile processors are. we could get 4k edits done pretty quickly.
TheIkonic Osama
TheIkonic Osama 2 oy oldin
Hey I was asking that if I have a 32 inch tv from samsung and i was looking to switch to a 32 inch monitor and i am wondering if the dimensions between the 2 are the same
Isaiah Jan Navasquez
Thank you for this video! I was wondering if there was any lag for using airplay on this monitor and it shows! Good thing since I was about to buy one only for airplay!
creased af1s
creased af1s 2 oy oldin
what brand is that brown computer chair in the back ? anyone know
John Knox
John Knox 2 oy oldin
It is good but not worth £350. I would pay that for 40-43".
vishnu mohan
vishnu mohan 2 oy oldin
I know wireless is the way to go forward but Ethernet is still the best way to achieve fast internet. Missing it in any "streaming" device is a sin. Hope my type C to LAN converter works on this.
Jeremy Teiken
Jeremy Teiken 2 oy oldin
Hey tech chap this is the first vid I’ve seen from you and I have two questions would this work for Minecraft and other games and the second one is can you stream games with this? Great vid btw
Mark Dennis
Mark Dennis 2 oy oldin
Great gadget reviews. 😃💻📱
Ilyasmoulayramdane Moulât
How much fps thanks
Andrew Lindsay
Andrew Lindsay 2 oy oldin
Hi, Could you please let me know if you can plug a HUMAX AURA 4K Recorder into the HDMI Port to enable Freeview TV Programmes?
Lukáš Mačí
Lukáš Mačí 2 oy oldin
Ugly bottom bezel :-/ I am missing black colour accuracy (or comparison to Apple retina displays) especially in dark room in the review.
Olayiwole Adeola
Olayiwole Adeola 2 oy oldin
This is a dream tv /monitor I love to have. It meets the need of a basic home and office. The price is good.
Tudor Minea
Tudor Minea 2 oy oldin
A step in the right direction. The fact that an OLED, high refresh rate, ultra wide 4k monitor doesn't exist, much less with all these features is a travesty. The enthusiast market has clearly shown that it is willing to absorb massive price points to get the features they want. Adding the smart features to a monitor is a no brainer and it's shocking this is the first.
Kristi Pojani
Kristi Pojani 2 oy oldin
this might be the best solution for a college student who needs a monitor and a tv and doesn't have space/money for a tv and a monitor
A Hussain
A Hussain 2 oy oldin
For console gamer, this or Benq ew3270u for the same price?
Eric Bostick
Eric Bostick 2 oy oldin
Why lol it's on a computer those features are what gives rvs slower response times
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 2 oy oldin
The reviews on it say LOTS are coming out of the box broken.
Daniel Mitra
Daniel Mitra 2 oy oldin
Haha "remotely" 3:21 Great review! Thanks for showing the Windows 10 wireless display option & SmartView support. And couldn't do Wireless DeX on Chromecast (Gtv), so this should be great! I think it does have 65W USB-C charging. Cheers from Toronto 🇨🇦
Florider_HD 2 oy oldin
I read cheap instead of chap and got hope for a sec....
Muhammad Fitri Idris
I'm already use sony 4k 55" tv as my monitor pc 6 years ago..
NZ DCruz
NZ DCruz 2 oy oldin
Does it connects to 5GHz WiFi or just 2.4GHz?
rowelle 2 oy oldin
Link to the other monitor you’re talking about at 10:08?
Jay Flores
Jay Flores 2 oy oldin
I'm done with monitors. I got a TV for a monitor and it was the best thing I did
Ou8y2k2 2 oy oldin
Lame. They should have gone OLED 120 Hz instead of VA 60Hz.
Kyle Leyve
Kyle Leyve 2 oy oldin
Can someone help. Im looking for a 32inch 4k, hdr 10, ips pannel and 1ms response time??? I im looking for new screen for my ps5. Im okay with it being only 60fps. Its for my ps5 not pc
M S 2 oy oldin
great vid Tom! x
Nick C
Nick C 2 oy oldin
Plz no smart monitors for the future, smart TVs are enough
Hari Haran
Hari Haran 2 oy oldin
Haha 32 inch is just perfect. Watching this in a 32 inch 2k monitor.
Gavin Wells
Gavin Wells 2 oy oldin
As per you caption @1:10, where can I find it for £350 in the uk?
Gavin Wells
Gavin Wells Oy oldin
@Ahmad 505 They have a £50 off coupon code 50EASTER at the moment.
Ahmad 505
Ahmad 505 Oy oldin
If you know let me know please
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