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8-May, 2021



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Sofía 12 soat oldin
Qué le pasa a tu padre en el ojo tiene algo rojo igual bueno 🆗
Wolfie150Xd Hi
Wolfie150Xd Hi 23 soat oldin
What wrong with his dad 😞
XxknightzxX Xx
XxknightzxX Xx 2 kun oldin
What’s wrong with his dads eye??
Shan Ghai
Shan Ghai 2 kun oldin
Everyone talking about the trick Me: what’s wrong with the dad face did he get in a fight
Lemon 2 kun oldin
His dad is so cute
Lindsay Duplinksy
Lindsay Duplinksy 3 kun oldin
What happened to his face🤕🤕🤕???
Vasu Bhatia
Vasu Bhatia 5 kun oldin
Why the dad's left eye red
Dorota Palczewska
Dorota Palczewska 5 kun oldin
What happend to ur dad?why he has purple eye????🧐
smrt***gmr 5 kun oldin
sir your dad face is whar please talk me
faze Cobra kai
faze Cobra kai 5 kun oldin
What is wrong Whit he's eye
aryan gaikwad
aryan gaikwad 6 kun oldin
Damn was the dad abused
muiz akup
muiz akup 6 kun oldin
At least you don't say hee we goh
Josiah Hardin
Josiah Hardin 8 kun oldin
What happen to your dad face
coltlesblade 9 kun oldin
It looks like he beat the shit out of his dad every time he messed up the scit
Slayerr97 9 kun oldin
Did he get beat up or something?
RAIL230 9 kun oldin
What happened on your father's face he looks injured
Machelle McCloskey
Machelle McCloskey 10 kun oldin
What happen to his face
Ali haidar
Ali haidar 11 kun oldin
What happend to the father face i feel bad😬😔
YEEGO 11 kun oldin
Btw why hes dad hes red thing on his eyei feel bad for him :(
ajay kumar
ajay kumar 12 kun oldin
Nag missile
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson 12 kun oldin
What happened with your dad😭
YouTube Flex
YouTube Flex 13 kun oldin
Wait his dad did not see the color or is this a script
SIR 14 kun oldin
Actually, how did the scizzors get in???
Layth King
Layth King 14 kun oldin
I feel bad to the dad
hi im donut
hi im donut 14 kun oldin
Im gonna comment on every yt short i see, so hi.
Sultan Alqahtani
Sultan Alqahtani 14 kun oldin
What happen for you fathers face ?
Star Light
Star Light 14 kun oldin
When You thought it will be a savage if dad puts the scissor upside down lik from the tip into tht jar 😐 . . ;SIGhs
Epix_Gamer72 16 kun oldin
What happened to your dad’s face? Is he ok?
Worla de Youngster Meier
What happed to your dad's face?
SML Animations
SML Animations 18 kun oldin
What's wrong with the dad's face?
M A T E S 20 kun oldin
How he can't feel the weight of scissor and a glass
Samsu Hp
Samsu Hp 21 kun oldin
Callysta Keko
Callysta Keko 21 kun oldin
What happened to your dad faces!?
Natasha Avila
Natasha Avila 22 kun oldin
Why is his face half red?
Carter Dell
Carter Dell 22 kun oldin
What happened to your dad
Kaylee Pacey
Kaylee Pacey 22 kun oldin
It goes wrong wan it gets stuck
gopal kris
gopal kris 22 kun oldin
What happened to your dad😟😟😕🧔🏻
Xcarol Gacha artzx
Xcarol Gacha artzx 23 kun oldin
Is his dad ok?? Look at the scars on his face
AL Wams
AL Wams 23 kun oldin
Is everyone just gonna ignore the red spot around his dads eye?!?!!
The Gatorade bottle
The Gatorade bottle 23 kun oldin
Stop talkin ab that is very disrespectful he could have so much going on and u will never know
Tasneem Hammad (Tasneem)
I was looking for this comment
Roxanne Mariano
Roxanne Mariano 24 kun oldin
What happened to your dad?? He looks h-hurt…...
Cohen_ Hubes
Cohen_ Hubes 24 kun oldin
LOL he cares more about the scissors than the cup
Sharath Sreeni
Sharath Sreeni 24 kun oldin
When the fake one is on the table the dad was fooled.! I think he didn’t need to close his eyes, he is BLIND. Also the he is depressed of his son
Dawn Official gaming
I am very worried that UZblock is slowly transforming into a degenerate cringe tiktok platform pls spread the word
Ana Parraguirre
Ana Parraguirre 24 kun oldin
Can I say what happened to your dad face because it looks pretty messed up but I kind of feel bad because it something bad happened
Nautica B
Nautica B 25 kun oldin
I am very worried that youtube is slowly transforming in a degenerate weird tiktok platform. Please help spread this to the world
isabelle biju
isabelle biju 25 kun oldin
Love you Ash ❤️❤️❤️❤️
1AwesomeJP1 25 kun oldin
why does your dad have a black eye
Yurie Onato
Yurie Onato 25 kun oldin
Why is he's fathers's eye looks red?
Vikas Pareek
Vikas Pareek 25 kun oldin
There is a channel name🙄 WE ARE GADHA 🙄 please help him to increase his subscriber so he can help his family😭😭
denis blake
denis blake 25 kun oldin
Did dad get beat up?
Jed Jarvis
Jed Jarvis 25 kun oldin
And then he accidentally stabs his father.
pritam karmakar
pritam karmakar 25 kun oldin
Enzo Selite
Enzo Selite 26 kun oldin
What happen to the dad
Dirt RC
Dirt RC 26 kun oldin
The dad closes ther eyes too early
TRG 26 kun oldin
Someone gotta stop this
JustMe 26 kun oldin
guy: 👴+✂+🗑 Me: uhh sir are you OK?:O :-(
Normal Blox Gaming
Normal Blox Gaming 26 kun oldin
Why is his dad 2 face
Melody Akashi
Melody Akashi 26 kun oldin
What happened to your dad
JaydenMakesVideos 27 kun oldin
What happen to dads eye is it birthmark?
bean man
bean man 27 kun oldin
What happened to his dads face
Emilia Baltazar
Emilia Baltazar 27 kun oldin
Bruh you ruined the scissors 😡
Atrij Chatterjee
Atrij Chatterjee 27 kun oldin
The spots on right eye of dad is mum horror 🤣
Anika Clarke
Anika Clarke 28 kun oldin
Omg 😱 his eye
CS BRO 28 kun oldin
Fadil Aditama
Fadil Aditama 29 kun oldin
NBAMagic 29 kun oldin
Homie closed his eyes before he even told him to fake af
Mr. Ghostly
Mr. Ghostly 29 kun oldin
who else is just wondering how he got the other scissors on the bowl
James Pogrris
James Pogrris 29 kun oldin
Anyone else notice his dads face I hope he is ok
King Seige
King Seige 29 kun oldin
So who gone speak on the dad eye 👁 like somebody put him to sleep in one go
the man with a plan
the man with a plan 29 kun oldin
i think why it say "GOES WRONG🤡😪🧧🎉😂😨😨😨😨🤕🎨™😪😪😂" is because hes dad has a black eye or something
TOTA K-pop BTS 29 kun oldin
oh your dad is so so cute
Milky_CloudsXx 29 kun oldin
It's funny
elpacinno 29 kun oldin
ok lets do thid..here we go..lets do this!
AshtonPlayz 29 kun oldin
What happened to your dad's face
Nafisa Sayyed
Nafisa Sayyed 29 kun oldin
Kasiiihh Gaming
Kasiiihh Gaming 29 kun oldin
Salken Indonesia nih
Neha Sarma
Neha Sarma 29 kun oldin
Appke papaa ke one side per kya hai. Blood Bloody.......
Darci Bible
Darci Bible Oy oldin
What happened to your dad's face? It looks like it got beat up.
Javier Veleta
Javier Veleta Oy oldin
Is your dad's face ok I seems hurt
Shini Sunil
Shini Sunil Oy oldin
Bro what happened to ur dads face?😭
Reminder Oy oldin
Poor dad, his soul was signed away for TikTok.
AFNAN vlogs
AFNAN vlogs Oy oldin
hmm yes
Jun Kim
Jun Kim Oy oldin
........ I am finding levels of disappointment in humanity that I didn't know existed inside of me
Manish Kumawat
he will always be a kiddo for his dad, so cute awwwww
Ronaldo De Jesus
What happened to your dad
Maxima Torolla
no entendí nada
AIi Abdullah
AIi Abdullah Oy oldin
Pooja Sahu
Pooja Sahu Oy oldin
tcha no zero
tcha no zero Oy oldin
Stfu please stfu
The White Picket Fence
Ah yes, the sign of a good magic trick, asking them to close their eyes
Poor Student
Poor Student Oy oldin
The fuck his dad, his dad got smacked by his mom coz his dad has no idea to do the shit game from his son
Jadin Plays
Jadin Plays Oy oldin
NOOB Gaming
NOOB Gaming Oy oldin
Ur dad is soo cool broh😊😊
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera Oy oldin
What happened to your dad🥺💜
Unrelentingly Sardonic
Like he couldn't tell the 2nd pair of scissors had some more weight than the 1st.
Peggy Hughes
Peggy Hughes Oy oldin
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Jomana Aljabry
Can you say why your father Ibb has a red face 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Colin 640
Colin 640 Oy oldin
How did he get the scissors in the bowl in the first place
Rafa xD'-'
Rafa xD'-' Oy oldin
Who Hurt the face dad?WHO HURT YOUR DADDDD
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