Screamers, Bicycle Kicks and Trophy-Winners 😍 | All The goals: Chelsea Men 2020/21 

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Missing the Chelsea first team already? We've got you covered... sit back, relax and watch every single goal from our 2020/21 season.

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Welcome to the official home of Chelsea Football Club on UZblock. It’s the only channel where you’ll get an authentic look at life at this great club. Every week we’ll be uploading fresh content from the training ground, our famous stadium and much, much more. Nowhere else will you get closer to world-class stars like Christian Pulisic, Kai Havertz, Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, N’Golo Kanté, Sam Kerr, Fran Kirby & Pernille Harder.

Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.



7-Iyn, 2021



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Suleman Alhassan keltu
Giroud paid his dues Goal machine
Suleman Alhassan keltu
I believe in Tammy Abraham,Chelsea please keep him
Muhammed Faizal
Muhammed Faizal Kun oldin
Fun fact:chelsea didnt score a free kick goal More funnier fact : you didnt see kante in this video
Reina_Kousak.a 2 kun oldin
Lmao still waiting for Christensen's
Haniel.M 2 kun oldin
werner ,harthez,mount,kante,
d cfc
d cfc 2 kun oldin
anyone else watching this thinking why are we getting rid of zouma
Eden Hmar
Eden Hmar 3 kun oldin
Counted 96 goals idk bout u guys 😀
Sadiq sk Sk
Sadiq sk Sk 3 kun oldin
Tammy is underrated 🙌🙌🙌
Arraysab - Ashton b -
It’s lovely seeing the players on the pitch, with the celebrations and then the transfer rumours which just demotivate sometimes 😔
g 4 kun oldin
Tammy Abraham is SUCH a baller omds
DarknessRK 5 kun oldin
It took bayern munich 30 mins to just show all of lewandowski's goals and this is for the whole Chelsea teams combined goals in 30 mins. Woaaaaah
Karl Bts
Karl Bts 5 kun oldin
16:19 I will never forget this goal
Ziyech Bsz
Ziyech Bsz 5 kun oldin
How many goals ?
Oluwatobiloba Noah
Oluwatobiloba Noah 6 kun oldin
The seriousness on Ziyech face when he scored his second goal against City is what is lethal.
ISO YT 7 kun oldin
play abraham and werner next year
Marhatn 7 kun oldin
Werner was underated
jdosser 7 kun oldin
I just noticed, Kai Havertz's final goal in his hat trick was scored by getting the ball past the keeper and into the net, and his first ever Champions League goal was scored after he got the ball past the keeper and scored on an open goal. Started the season with a bang, ended with a bang
Weekend Media HD
Weekend Media HD 8 kun oldin
That Alonso's goal
Gift Nyatsambo
Gift Nyatsambo 9 kun oldin
Lampard’s team had goals
ryan.06_ 9 kun oldin
please can we not let tammy go
Bram de Haan
Bram de Haan 10 kun oldin
1:17 why does one dude not have a number on his back?
Silver Wings
Silver Wings 10 kun oldin
Werner started so well and then disappeared
Victory Favour
Victory Favour 10 kun oldin
What a season we had
Insight 123
Insight 123 10 kun oldin
i'm re-thinking jorginho has our number 1 pk taker Werner was just blasting them in
Insight 123
Insight 123 10 kun oldin
do we really need any new player cause we have everything we need Lampard did a great job bringing these players in
Amal joseph
Amal joseph 11 kun oldin
Just can't get enough💙
Dan 11 kun oldin
2:45 moment before disaster
Coconut-Chan 11 kun oldin
A work of art
Iron Man
Iron Man 12 kun oldin
This video actually makes Werner look like a baller, hope he has a better season this time round!
nabil hisham
nabil hisham 13 kun oldin
The best club in the world 💙💙💙💙
Nether 13 kun oldin
werner was really great he just lost confidence due to the lampard sacking, he overworks himself and stresses too much but his form's picking up so its all good
Obi-Wan Jabroni
Obi-Wan Jabroni 13 kun oldin
The way our boys look and celebrate with each other tells so much I'm so goddamn grateful for another legendary squad
muhd fudinz
muhd fudinz 14 kun oldin
Luca Ellwood
Luca Ellwood 14 kun oldin
still haven’t got over the havertz final goal still gives me goosebumps, up the chels
Matteo Mori
Matteo Mori 14 kun oldin
Timo Werner 2020-2021 season is very underrated
Krrish Prasain
Krrish Prasain 14 kun oldin
Werner is a beast.. coming to the toughest league and being the highest involved player in total goals isnt small… We only look after Werner’s goal misses but damn he was a really crucial player for the season…
Jack Boyes
Jack Boyes 15 kun oldin
1:30 you can hear the keeper lol
Antonius Willy
Antonius Willy 15 kun oldin
This team was phenomenal
Thế Anh Trần
Thế Anh Trần 16 kun oldin
Oli oli💙💙
FatNeek6811 16 kun oldin
Where’s rudigers own goal against Sheffield united?
Simon Willets
Simon Willets 17 kun oldin
Fake Chelsea fans: yeah I knew we were gunna win the UCL Real Chelsea fans: Bro we actually won it?!
Jaka Baba
Jaka Baba 17 kun oldin
0:56 that goal was so cool
lob sang
lob sang 17 kun oldin
Werner always finds a way towards goal be it assist or goal; then there is Mount with great all round game; Ziyech pooping up with vital goals late in season; Havertz spraying cherry on the cake with goal in final to clinch the UCL title; Pulisic getting in the mix too; our solid backline, dynamic midfield, CHO, Alonso, Abraham contributin too. That season was wonderful, and somehow i find this group of players one of the more tight knit and united squad in a long while. I love that team, lots of variations from back to front, young and experienced, with great balance. Dont know what future will hold, but i know i will always remember this group of players fondly and their season with UCL triumph. Lets go blues!!!
SimonCrawler gaming
SimonCrawler gaming 17 kun oldin
Chelsea scored to 1-0 vs Man City and im jumping up and down and sceam and eating cheese pops
Alonzo Hutchinson
Alonzo Hutchinson 17 kun oldin
Werner was great player I think it was all the meme's that brought him down after his one bad miss against Leeds but Werner gonna do well next season
Grant Zimmerman
Grant Zimmerman 17 kun oldin
Saved the best for last
William Darko
William Darko 18 kun oldin
We forgot how brilliant, Werner, Abraham, Zouma, and CHO were at the start of the season... a few hiccups and they dropped out of favour... sad to see, but they'll come back this season! 👊 💙
JARViS X-WiNG 18 kun oldin
All i see is team goals, team celebrations, great spirit ! Come on team we are the best team in europe we can make great things again 🔥💙
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 18 kun oldin
SireSireSireee 18 kun oldin
Champions of Europe
Daddy Billy
Daddy Billy 19 kun oldin
Proud of you lads
The Chair King Steer
That alonso goal vs burnley is class
The Chair King Steer
I could really Werner being quality next season, ziyech was class when he played tbf, he needs more game time
The Chair King Steer
Sad to see how much hate Werner gets, loads of missed chances but still 27 G/A, just shows that if he put away all of his chances he’d be one of the best strikers in the world
Lili PAd
Lili PAd 19 kun oldin
Clown Boi
Clown Boi 19 kun oldin
The hanging modem correlatively rot because unit disappointedly suggest unto a crowded damage. noiseless, ordinary bestseller
Updy fatah Ahmed
Updy fatah Ahmed 20 kun oldin
Chelsea the best team in the wold
David Andreé Aguilera Vásquez
Tomas tuchel
Crypto Metals
Crypto Metals 20 kun oldin
NA NA 20 kun oldin
Seems like Giroud has a ton of goals with almost zero playing time... Maybe play him more?
Benscott7 !!!
Benscott7 !!! 21 kun oldin
21:22 mount sounds like Bryce hall
Benscott7 !!!
Benscott7 !!! 21 kun oldin
The clips they do show of Werner he looks amazing
Akeame Siamey
Akeame Siamey 22 kun oldin
You missed Timo’s goal against west ham second league
Cebo Khumalo
Cebo Khumalo 22 kun oldin
Say what you want about Lampard, there was a point in time this season where he had the attack purring like a well kept engine... Very soon, if he keeps growing as a manager. I can see him being one of the better managers in world football...
승민 오
승민 오 22 kun oldin
Why this was possible was bc of chelsea didn't socre that much goals
Joe dirt
Joe dirt 22 kun oldin
I can't wait for next season, let's get it, blues 👆🏾
Fawaz Shopeyin
Fawaz Shopeyin 23 kun oldin
smallest club in london
Dominik Nikodem
Dominik Nikodem 23 kun oldin
Timo have soooooooo many fake runs
kruzz RDF
kruzz RDF 24 kun oldin
You watch this and say Tammy can leave, why!?!
JOHN MCGRAW 25 kun oldin
Werner played well at the beginning but crumbeled at the end, Havertz struggled at first because of a lack of playing time even though he is the best striker for the blues, but shined in all ways when tuchel took over
Zach 25 kun oldin
I’m hoping we get to see more of the Kai/Tammy duo. Tammy’s an underrated playmaker as he is a striker, and Kai’s got that technical ability and coolness in front of goal
b.t b.g
b.t b.g 25 kun oldin
12 fewer goals than 2019/20 in the league but ucl win is everything!
Zexchar 26 kun oldin
1:29 who can hear that 😂😂😂
gideon ukonu
gideon ukonu 27 kun oldin
gio savo
gio savo 27 kun oldin
The best video
Strictly Football
Strictly Football 27 kun oldin
Barkley supposed to be ucl winner, feel bad for him
komisi pemberantas jumpscare
I love watching this kind of football video on UZblock when i was bored
WOLVERINE 29 kun oldin
Miss Thomas’s Chelsea already..Can’t wait for next season 💙💙💙💙💙
off sent
off sent 29 kun oldin
it's to short~ should 30m
Amatir Vlog
Amatir Vlog Oy oldin
All star
Holtys kid
Holtys kid Oy oldin
We need to give Tammy another chance imo
Nicolas Melo
Nicolas Melo Oy oldin
Vamo ganhar a Premier League 🦁💙
King kh
King kh Oy oldin
14.15 what a pass 👏👏
J S Oy oldin
Abraham scored alot in limited time gonna regret losing him if we sell him
Shannzy De cobra
Pls don’t sell Tammy. I see our future drogba in him 💔💔💔💔
Shannzy De cobra
Tammy 💔💔💔💔💔
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck Oy oldin
Tammy is my favourite player of all time
nivvy19 Oy oldin
1:38 outrageous nutmeg. werner pls learn how to shoot again
sanele lushozi
Timothy Mutumwa
bruuv I was all smiles throughout the whole video
tah axel
tah axel Oy oldin
please can someone explain to me who is disliking this video.hahahahaha
tah axel
tah axel Oy oldin
if we dont get harland ,we can still maximise the potential of girroud and tammy with timo,i bet these three can give us 30goals a season,harvetz,mount,ziyech,pulisic,calum,etc about 40 goals too minimum,defenders about 10...cant we win the epl? harland is good but hes not everything,football is about the amount of confidence a coach gives to a player...and knowing tuchel,even figo can still give his best,hahahahaah
Louis Adjei
Louis Adjei Oy oldin
Werner had been unlucky with these offside and var rules he could have scored 20 goals and over I hope he keeps a cool and calm head next season 😁💪
Ore Solarin
Ore Solarin Oy oldin
London is red
Duncan Sherman - Hail Hydra
Not red or white, just blue, Arsenal and Spurs are small clubs
Elias Peralta
Elias Peralta Oy oldin
Lampard and tuchell
Patrick Adjei
Patrick Adjei Oy oldin
12:46 damn! Pulisic is a dribbler ‼️
Patrick Adjei
Patrick Adjei Oy oldin
10:31 Reece and Giroud chesting looks like two trucks colliding 😅
Bence Jankó
Bence Jankó Oy oldin
Sierra Melany
Sierra Melany Oy oldin
The tranquil racing implicitly haunt because laugh logically sniff into a snotty price. tearful, shiny lunch
dude Oy oldin
That Pulisic goal is truly iconic
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