Snakes and Even Alligators Are Afraid of This Beast 

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Dangerous predator in the animal world.



24-Noy, 2020



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Enjoy the video friends!
Reece Caleb
Reece Caleb Kun oldin
@Myles Arjun Testing it out now. Looks promising :)
Ice cold
Ice cold Kun oldin
@Myles Arjun dont do it guys their trying to steal ur money
Myles Arjun
Myles Arjun Kun oldin
Not sure if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using Insta Portal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
TheCulturedOne Kun oldin
Think we need a tier zoo and watop Collab👀
James Gannon
James Gannon 3 kun oldin
5:43 you're the cuulest
bluebull2006 Soat oldin
7:18 he said BAD!
JEV3 Soat oldin
Otters always been a favorite but didn't know they are strong like that💪🏽
bluebull2006 Soat oldin
Otter: rolling around like a puppy infront a alligator with its mouth open
skyler lohmann
skyler lohmann Soat oldin
What that movie he keeps showing where they start killing eachother?
BlondeGirlSez This
BlondeGirlSez This 4 soat oldin
Little known fact you can hijack a plane using a single Otter Pop if you freeze it really hard and then shoot it out of a civil war cannon point blank at someone's head
Lukas Philippou
Lukas Philippou 5 soat oldin
What huge snake that can eat me? Fine I’ll sniff it.
Isabel 5 soat oldin
I've seen one in person. There's a few in the local zoo.
SammytheStampede 5 soat oldin
Social river ferrets.
Miguel Oviedo
Miguel Oviedo 6 soat oldin
Nice's like that the beautiful ❤️
Sage Capra
Sage Capra 6 soat oldin
Notice that all the apex predators that fell to the otter are known to steal cubs...
evee mcghee
evee mcghee 6 soat oldin
Is this the brother of the Food Wishes guy?
BBRC Nostalgic
BBRC Nostalgic 7 soat oldin
Anyone know the name of the movie the first scene is with the men with top hats on is called?
GasMaskGuy45 8 soat oldin
"Ocean man"
karson camp
karson camp 10 soat oldin
Can it take a hippo?
Greta Simmons
Greta Simmons 10 soat oldin
Wow 😮
Norm475 10 soat oldin
I had a cottage on the Menominee River in Michigan. One day I watched a fish stocking truck back up to the river, opened the chute, and released hundreds of fish to stock the river. In less than three minutes the river came alive, a family of River Otters heard the dinner bell and came to eat.
Common Vault Boy
Common Vault Boy 12 soat oldin
Godzilla verse Kong
carmac 13 soat oldin
Kristina Downey
Kristina Downey 13 soat oldin
The zippy congo lastly provide because kenneth radiographically stuff mid a pretty bear. vivacious, zealous disgust
Ab Dullah Bin Packing
Ab Dullah Bin Packing 13 soat oldin
Well the monkeys kept on messing wit them till they got fed up
EyNaj Z
EyNaj Z 14 soat oldin
That's a huge otter
Mightymikeamps 14 soat oldin
I had one lunge and snap at me when I was young and stupid, and reached out my hand to pet it. Learned my lesson that day.
Icang Faisal
Icang Faisal 14 soat oldin
This fucker is fucking scary
Statue Stature
Statue Stature 16 soat oldin
Otter: autobot Crocodile: megatron
益丰詹 17 soat oldin
The magical bill immunophenotypically taste because helicopter resultantly telephone mid a craven sex. volatile, smart manicure
Judee Marco
Judee Marco 17 soat oldin
2:21 is the thumbnail i just realise
Judee Marco
Judee Marco 17 soat oldin
2:21 is the thumbnail i just realise
Bacchus 18 soat oldin
So a Giant Water Otter is pretty much a Honey Badger that really got into waterpolo. Gotcha.
demonpride1975 20 soat oldin
that jaguar is like, yep fuck it you can have this watering hole.
HardCore Gaming
HardCore Gaming 20 soat oldin
12 gauge would still win if it comes close to hunters
Mustabg lee
Mustabg lee 21 soat oldin
They have no fear
Balson Naoshekpam
Balson Naoshekpam 22 soat oldin
Otter comes from Iran
Tyson Madding
Tyson Madding 23 soat oldin
And here I thought I was wolverine all this time and it turns out I was a giant otter 🦦
Blirmy Fan
Blirmy Fan 23 soat oldin
Otter: Ayo wassup my bro's how y'all doing don't mind me just gonna take a quick dirt bath Crocs: *In Confusion*
Jet Kash
Jet Kash 23 soat oldin
"Get off my LEG" !!!
jay cao
jay cao Kun oldin
The animated poland acly bathe because science pragmatically rule via a valuable degree. imported, tired apology
Quinn _Tarantino
Read that in Octanes voice from apex smh
Ladie Kun oldin
I'm crying. Since when did the cute otters turn into carnivores? 😭😭
Con_the_monkey Kun oldin
fuck you otters
O.G. OTTER'S like come'on bring ya ass ..lol
Madison Harris
Madison Harris Kun oldin
Otters are ruthless. They kill and rape like crazy. They're cute but ruthless.
Eadie Leija
Eadie Leija Kun oldin
The astonishing brazil optionally fold because friction postauricularly release towards a healthy puma. tiresome, special fortnight
Josiah Colon
Josiah Colon Kun oldin
Redwall hang, where you at?
Chicha Phile
Chicha Phile Kun oldin
OtterBox! 👹
Turn to Jesus and be saved
The Lost
The Lost Kun oldin
I’m going to be that guy...I’m pretty sure those are caimans the otter is rolling by and much closer related to gators and are not nearly as big as crocs Rant over, back to nature vids!
N Steele
N Steele Kun oldin
Omg...like what the hell! I couldn’t even look at half of this...my mom likes all the nature show stuff! These suckers are something else, but I wonder how they would match up with the honey badger...😬🤔
derr sabula
derr sabula Kun oldin
I think those are caimens... not alligators or crocodiles...
Pepper Joe
Pepper Joe Kun oldin
Those are caiman, not crocodiles! Caiman are much smaller than crocodiles.
Alex Milensky
Alex Milensky Kun oldin
Suddenly the rudderbutts got a little less cute
Im Groot
Im Groot Kun oldin
imagine if piranha is really killing animal they see ithink otter can survive XD
Ricardo Cala
Ricardo Cala Kun oldin
I'm crying my eyes out rn
Tebak Siapa aku?
Croc : "shit, something wrong, i can feel it"
Christopher Vela
Instead of kong vs Godzilla, they should have done Otter vs Honey Badger
Songo Kun oldin
Introduce them to Florida to handle the snakes
BAE tlog
BAE tlog Kun oldin
Atleast we have a mink..ohh waitt
Shreeniket Joshi
It's not crocodile, its a Kamen
Chamei Yang
Chamei Yang Kun oldin
Hippo: oh really so you think that you are the king of the animals are you? Giant otter: *laughs* yeah of course Hippo: then watch this *more hippo’s come* Giant otter: Oh yeah *a family of giant otter’s come* Hunters: umm maybe we shouldn’t hunt animals anymore because they are already hunting themselves Hippo’s and giant otter’s: THIS IS WAR!!!!!
Anas Adelopo
Anas Adelopo Kun oldin
Nice, I love this video
kaua Kun oldin
Come to brazil its friendly here!!
AscendantStoic Kun oldin
You don't mess with Otter mafia, Otter mafia always remembers.
FLguy Kun oldin
Otters: The real reason why dinosaurs went extinct.
springmorning Kun oldin
1:06 the crocodile be like, "you dont wanna go there" having flashbacks from 1:37
Eve Kun oldin
Is Monke?
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Kun oldin
Get Low
Get Low Kun oldin
Next battle: otter vs human
Elias N
Elias N Kun oldin
Karen Townsend
Karen Townsend Kun oldin
Is it an Otter?
Mariano Vico
Mariano Vico Kun oldin
Excellent material. Very well narrated so l could hone my English skills.
Muud Kun oldin
8:02 that girl is fine.
shaio blogs
shaio blogs Kun oldin
Everyone gansta until discovery channel pull up
Daniel Vivas
Daniel Vivas Kun oldin
Their humanlike hands/paws are disturbing
Moose coffe 200
Moose coffe 200 Kun oldin
otters: *kills some animals and think they are strong* orca whales: ill end this man whole career
Andrei Lundag
Andrei Lundag Kun oldin
Shoot that otter in the head
Akanksha Choudhary
Just seen a video a couple of days ago about the horrific rape culture inflicted by male otters on females and even baby otters. 😢 It was heinous...
D Kun oldin
After watching this video, I have rigestered otters to my enemy list
Manuel E. Itriago M.
Those are Speckled Caimans, also called "Baba" in Venezuela. They're normally very chill towards bigger animals and humans because they're not very big. BTW, otters are super cool haha they come up to your boat and play around. Super curious. Yeah, some natives in Brazil call them water jaguars, in Venezuela we call them water dogs hehe. They're also very smart. When they see people fishing, they hang around waiting for you to release the fish. Same as Fresh Water Dolphins.
Harsh Gaud
Harsh Gaud Kun oldin
Literally anything: exists Otter maguire: I'm gonna put some DIRT in your eye!
It surprised me the day that I discovered that squirrels are omnivorous.
Zed Newgate
Zed Newgate 2 kun oldin
Question: If a gang of otters kills your dog or pet that you spent 5 years with what would you do?
Dodo Dodo
Dodo Dodo 2 kun oldin
5:59 whats movie is it ?
Russ L
Russ L 2 kun oldin
Dream fight will be a gang of otters vs gang of mongoose
Luhverr 2 kun oldin
The jaws of giant otters are fucking terrifying the way they look scare me don’t judge me I’m also afraid of eye eyes and koalas lol
Walter Smith
Walter Smith 2 kun oldin
Got these walking the streets of L.A. called gang members
plutooo 2 kun oldin
"Otter Mafia" 🤣
Hansu 2 kun oldin
Idk y i was vibing and laughing whole the otter were murdering that monke.
Niere Marie
Niere Marie 2 kun oldin
These otter’s are some beast for real
Veroniciany Veronica
This is not the super cute and adorable Kotaro or Hana otter that I knew of .
albert henriques
albert henriques 2 kun oldin
Thats what happens when you go to brazil
sakoryi with no brim
Rol Bar
Rol Bar 2 kun oldin
That otter teach them who is the boss.
Yar D Blah
Yar D Blah 2 kun oldin
1980s: tigers and lions are top of the food chain 2021: otters and honey badgers will eff up your dads childhood knowledge..
Player Patata
Player Patata 2 kun oldin
Now im scared thanks
sokratis lamprakis
sokratis lamprakis 2 kun oldin
Soo thats why *back* Was so cool
Michał Witkowski
Michał Witkowski 2 kun oldin
What other mafia xD
Syncratic 2 kun oldin
Otters are dogs that didn't quite make it to land full time.
Russell January
Russell January 2 kun oldin
The sound of you slurping that coffee was disgusting.
Thanos Was Right, half have to go
Most species in the Bronx don't fuck around
meeru insane
meeru insane 2 kun oldin
It’s not a beast
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