Sneak Peek - The Kiss - When Calls the Heart 

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Elizabeth has finally realized who she’s supposed to be with. Big changes are coming to Hope Valley. The town rallies together to say goodbye and good luck to one of their own.




2-May, 2021



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BONITA SNYDER 3 daqiqa oldin
Well it's over.
She Loves to Travel
She Loves to Travel 5 daqiqa oldin
Well that was disappointing
Norma Jean Hoffman
Norma Jean Hoffman 5 daqiqa oldin
I think they lowered her standards by hooking her up with a man like Lucas.he is sneaky and underhanded, but I don't care I have deleted all the show's and will not watch season 9. 👎👎👎👎👎
spring Sweeney
spring Sweeney 14 daqiqa oldin
Waited weeks and weeks just to be disappointed 😔 I know it’s just a show but gosh I could have been spared the extra anxiety. Please make it more obvious who she will pick next time so we are better prepared. 💔
Adriani Fagundes de Azeredo
TeamNathan ! Adeus 9 temporada.
Angie Reliford
Angie Reliford Soat oldin
I think it will be Nathan because in the last one Lucas came to "set her free" and in the preview for "the kiss" she tells Lucas "what you said about love the other night you were right" 🤤 but i could be completely wrong anyone agree?.. IM ON #TEAMNATHAN
adira odeda
adira odeda 7 soat oldin
Elly C
Elly C Kun oldin
Someone on IG pointed this out, so I can't take credit for it, just thought it was worth sharing: Notice the props on her desk... Jack's picture (the season), the manuscript Lucas helped her achieve (the reason), and the bouquet Nathan gave her (the lifetime).
Angie Reliford
Angie Reliford Soat oldin
Oh wow😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jully Síntique
Jully Síntique Kun oldin
Sienna Lam
Sienna Lam Kun oldin
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Kun oldin
operation. Only Nathan does that.
Samantha Gutierrez
My mom and I are team Lucas! Nathan is a good man but he is so dramatic. Sometimes he acts like a child too. Lucas is more mature and a gentleman. And what has Nathan actually done for Elizabeth? My mom and I were thinking about it and we couldn't think of any. Can Nathan fans answer that question for me? He said he loves her but saying I love you is not enough. You have to show it. Lucas has done that countless times. And the fact that he prefers her happiness over his is an act of love. In my opinion that demonstrates more love than saying "I love you"
Mile_Hi Mal
Mile_Hi Mal 3 soat oldin
@samantha Gutierrez - I'm with you, sister. It has to be Lucas!
mildred perez
mildred perez Kun oldin
Soo agreed with you. Team Lucas all the way!! 🥰
Cosmic Wench
Cosmic Wench Kun oldin
Can't believe I have got sucked in this crap, but I have, big time. Absolutely adore a man with a great beard, but when it comes to choosing between a man in service to self and a man in service to others, I will always choose the man in service to others. Go Team Nathan. We are all going to have to find something else to focus on after Sunday!!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Kun oldin
Lucas went to Elizabeth to set her free. If she doesn’t love him, she is glad that Lucas realizes her desire to be with Nathan. If Nathan is her true love, Elizabeth will only go to
Donna Sanico
Donna Sanico 2 kun oldin
Team Lukas.....:)
Senga Lynch
Senga Lynch 2 kun oldin
See all this about another mountie is rubbish just cause nathan a mountie doesn't mean he is going to die there were a lot of mounties who came in and were older and didn't die wee have bill and he was a mountie and he is a lot older I am team nathan him and Elizabeth all totally in love the way they look at each other is magical lucas is too controlling he watches ever time nathan and Elizabeth talks love all the other couples and cast too
Lauri Hornicek
Lauri Hornicek 2 kun oldin
She will choose Lucas. In this scene she is touching the title of her book which Lucas helped her with. Then she begins to take off her ring- significant!
IRIANNA 2 kun oldin
Lukas is a handsome man but there is no spirit in his eyes. On the other hand, Nathan's eyes are so full of something that it can be described as.... evil or cruelty. But at least he is more passionate, I mean I would like to see something like that instead of nothing. She has to choose a feeling than simple kindness that is sooooo boring!
Renee Arroyo
Renee Arroyo 2 kun oldin
I sure hope in the first show of the next season she finally decides between Lucas and Nathan. Season 8 was so disappointing!! A whole season and Elizabeth is still floundering. I sure hope season 9 is better. And that she decides on Lucas in the first show of season 9. I'm getting tired of this conflict. It's been drawn out for far to long! Makes me want to give up on this show. So frustrating to wait all this time for season 8 and then there is still no satisfying conclusion.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 kun oldin
her, "Let me know when you're ready." At the end of the season she says, "It's time for an all new chapter, are you ready?"
Nataliia Silva
Nataliia Silva 3 kun oldin
Eu quero o resto das temporadas
Linda G
Linda G 3 kun oldin
Take a closer look. She's alone at her desk at night and wearing a robe. The note next to the book is just that, a note about 3 by 5 inches. It looks like one or two short lines. I have two guesses. One, she wrote a thank you note to Lucas for his help with the book but why would she write the note before she's reviewed the book? The other guess is that the note was addressed to Luca's from his mother telling him something like, here is the final copy of the book for Elizabeth since he's been the go-between on the book.
John McDonald
John McDonald 3 kun oldin
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mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 kun oldin
Team Jack Forever
fabien delage
fabien delage 3 kun oldin
i see too Nathan with Fiona
Lea Smetana
Lea Smetana 3 kun oldin
After seeing the clip, I suddenly changed my mind and feel she will not pick either of them. Can not deny I will be really upset after going back and forth for so long. If she does choose someone, I am team Nathan. We shall finally see.
karen seas
karen seas 3 kun oldin
I am team Lucas though I like & respect both characters and either would be a good life partner for Elizabeth. One thing I feel is that while both men love Elizabeth. Nathan NEEDS and wants her, Lucas wants her as a more equal partner. I just think the partnership is more equal and yes that Lucas is a soulmate as Jack was. Just sayin’.
Piyush Aryal
Piyush Aryal 3 kun oldin
Since season 8 is about to end why not check out WCTH cast real life partners as of 2021?? uzblock.info/post/video/1ceaqIWvpqF_nm0.html
Juju lobo
Juju lobo 3 kun oldin
Anna 4 kun oldin
Please please please be Nathan ughhh he’s head over heels and not a push over and just so sweet
Madeline Bryant
Madeline Bryant Kun oldin
Dude he litterly tryes to push her by buying land for a home and hadn't even spoken to her before hand
Angie Combs
Angie Combs 4 kun oldin
The show has just about run out of ideas. Jessie lost again? I am like several on here, who cares who she picks, just pick somebody!!! My mother said she may not pick either one! Wouldn’t that be an ending? 😂 Even back then, how could you pick one over the other without kissing both. Go for a test drive so to speak. One could be a really lousy kisser and you don’t want to be saddled with that the rest of your life. As for the teaching situation, get a good lawyer and fight this jackass trying to shut you down. Don’t like some of the other story lines either but that’s ok no one asks me to write for the show
Norma Resendez
Norma Resendez 4 kun oldin
Lucas went to Elizabeth to set her free. If she doesn’t love him, she is glad that Lucas realizes her desire to be with Nathan. If Nathan is her true love, Elizabeth will only go to him (in the last episode.) No need to see Lucas anymore because he already believes Elizabeth’s heart lies with Nathan. But in next weeks promo, she goes to both Nathan and Lucas. Hoping this season’s special friendship is the beginning of a beautiful, heartwarming romance.
S. Ali
S. Ali 4 kun oldin
I think she loves Nathan #Teamnathan
Katie 4 kun oldin
What is she chooses neither of them
bruna Ribeiro
bruna Ribeiro 4 kun oldin
#TeamLucas 😍😍
s green
s green 4 kun oldin
all mounties should be happy she is going to date all mounties
Danielle Enza Plunkett
Does any else see a note on her desk as she takes off her ring? It's pretty blurry, but it looks like Lucas is written on it!
BoysGram 3 kun oldin
Agreed...and might it be written in French.....? That scene in his office seemed a bit out of place to me..but maybe not so much now...
Owls0720 Me
Owls0720 Me 4 kun oldin
Nope she will be with Lucius.... I want her with Nathan but she will choose Lucius.
Sughey Salazar
Sughey Salazar 4 kun oldin
Team Jack Forever
Cyn thia
Cyn thia 4 kun oldin
I feel like I'm the only one... but I hope she choses Nathan. he is where her heart lies. It's time she stopped ignoring it
Selma Alexandre
Selma Alexandre 5 kun oldin
Nathan & Elizabeth have such great chemistry. LOVE!!
Barbara Bourne
Barbara Bourne 5 kun oldin
Why has no one addressed the fact that Elizabeth has been so rude to Rosemary?
Cina Brown
Cina Brown Kun oldin
Elizabeth has been rude but Rosemary was pretty careless with her words. Her saying “Not important enough” concerning anything about Jack’s death was a bit weird to me considering she knows Elizabeth’s love for her late husband. However, Lucas understood her feelings right away and even wanted to confront to Nathan about it. Love him for her ❤️
D Arant
D Arant 3 kun oldin
when folks have had enough, they can become short. I for one am glad. I was getting a complex about not being as perfect as Elizabeth.
Franklin Kendrick
Franklin Kendrick 4 kun oldin
That absolutely bugged the heck out of me. I audibly spoke to the screen when she said, "You should leave," - like, what?! You don't talk to Rosemary like that! I hope there are some apologies in the finale because they are such good friends. Rosemary truly wants what's best for Elizabeth, as seen in how much interest and care she takes when it comes to little Jack and Elizabeth's day-to-day life.
leashae29 5 kun oldin
I refuse to keep watching Lucas is what she needs, Nathan is so annoying. She's been down this road before. I knew he wasn't out of the picture, steady lurking around every corner🤣. Lucas has been so patient with her! Too patient, so I was kind of glad he let her go, she doesn't deserve him, she keeps playing all these games. Come on, it's been going on the whole season!! Rant over!
Senga Lynch
Senga Lynch 5 kun oldin
Team nathan i think wee will find out how sneaky lucas is if there a season 9 don't trust him elizabeth is going to stay in hope Valley she doesn't want to leave it be a writer she can do it there bt lucas isn't rite for her he knows nathan is the rite one for her because he see the way the look at each other with pure love he can't buy her love like he has been trying to do
Elizabeth Bruns
Elizabeth Bruns 5 kun oldin
If she chooses Lucas I will not watch anymore Nathan is better suited for her.
Ella K
Ella K 5 kun oldin
I don’t want Nathan!!!
Ana Klarisse
Ana Klarisse 5 kun oldin
Lucas ❤
Adeline Heuser
Adeline Heuser 5 kun oldin
u know what most people who ship her with lucas don't realize? she would have picked nathan if he wasnt a mountie so she never really wanted lucas. she just doesn't want to risk losing nathan like she lost jack
sussezq T.
sussezq T. Kun oldin
@Auntie DMC Never happens here really but tomorrow night it definitely will!! Thank you! I hope you enjoy the show too!
Auntie DMC
Auntie DMC Kun oldin
@sussezq T. Every mother needs a little time to themselves. Enjoy yourself!
sussezq T.
sussezq T. Kun oldin
@Auntie DMC Perfect time too watch here! I am busy taking care of everyone all day even thought it's mother's day. At 9:00 I pm I will deem myself off from duty... going to sit in the recliner, maybe not even knit so I can focus and watch!
Auntie DMC
Auntie DMC Kun oldin
@sussezq T. Hallmark forgot it's Mother Days Weekend! Ratings may be done some.
sussezq T.
sussezq T. Kun oldin
@Auntie DMC Right?! I just hate that I am wishing away my weekends to get to Sunday nights! Prior to WCTH I didn't like Sunday nights much at all because it was so close to Monday mornings!!!! Lol
Lin the Feline
Lin the Feline 5 kun oldin
Why would i watch this.
CJ Dahlberg
CJ Dahlberg 5 kun oldin
Can’t wait for next season, Fiona and Nathan will be great, I could write all day for that pairing, a million ideas running through my head.
Kevin McGarry
Kevin McGarry 2 kun oldin
Hello thank you so much for your love and great support towards my career I'm so grateful
Alvin Cares
Alvin Cares 5 kun oldin
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Joshaunna Washington
I hope its Lucas she picks. Or if not then chose herself. Nathan just feels to forced plus she was already married to a mounty Jack before. It would be disappointing to me if she went with Nathan cuz then they wasted a whole season and Lucas unfairly gets hurt and that doesn't sit right with me
Mary Grace's Music
Mary Grace's Music 5 kun oldin
NATHAN all the way! Can't wait for the next episode!
Laura 5 kun oldin
Of course, I could be wrong but I think the show has been projecting Elizabeth toward choosing Nathan. This is ok with me. Just want her to choose one of the men and move the story forward.. Enough of the 3 way triangle; it's time for her to choose. Have been watching the show since it began. Love it.
Mary Grace's Music
Mary Grace's Music 5 kun oldin
She is now ready to find Love again!!!! I hope she will choose to be with Nathan!
Mary Grace's Music
Mary Grace's Music 5 kun oldin
I want her to marry Nathan! But, who will she choose? This show definitely keeps you on edge, wondering what will happen next! Can't wait to watch it! When I watch the clips, I feel like it is obvious that she will end up with Nathan in the end, but still not sure.
Nature_16 5 kun oldin
Tell me why this is on the trending page-
Donna G
Donna G 5 kun oldin
It will be Nathan...Elizabeth said in an interview there will be clues. I’ve watched every episode and my best guess is that the writers will choose Nathan. If she chooses Lucas, think of the backlash for her character with Lucus fans. In my view the last episode cinched it. When Lucas gave her an “out” with setting her free, the burden is no longer on Elizabeth to choose. Lucus made the choice. This will help her with any ‘team LUCAS’ negative fan response. Also, if I was Lucas, I would have broken off with Elizabeth by now. He has observed her wistful looks towards Nathan so many times that he clearly would not want to propose to a woman whose feelings for another man are obviously so strong. Love is not a competition as this show has made it but a choice of the heart. Lucas is too smart and deserves better...... than to pretend that Elizabeth would ever give him her 100% undivided love and devotion. He did the right thing by setting her free. Look forward to Sunday.
Carol Kauffman
Carol Kauffman 5 kun oldin
This sneak peek reminds me that Lucas read Elizabeth's transcript and still no conversation about her challenges and pain? Would be crazy to put her with Lucas at this point in his life.
Time Bong
Time Bong 5 kun oldin
Katherine Ray
Katherine Ray 5 kun oldin
It will neither..
Michael Bellows
Michael Bellows 5 kun oldin
Whats up with Jessie, he is always getting lost in the woods!
Angie Reliford
Angie Reliford Soat oldin
Hahahaha right!!! 🤣🤣 he sould sing fronzen 2 "im lost in the woods"
wgrroseberry 5 kun oldin
I had a feeling I should say this. Elizabeth has never spoken with Lucas about Jack. Only Nathan. Lucas never waits outside the infirmary when someone is sick or having an operation. Only Nathan does that.
Mile_Hi Mal
Mile_Hi Mal 3 soat oldin
@wgrroseberry That's not completely accurate. Lucas informed Elizabeth about Lee's accident and escorted her to the infirmary. He remained outside the infirmary with the rest of the town that evening, and was present in the cafe the next morning waiting on the update on Lee's condition. Lucas also helped ready the church for the prayer vigil for Ned, and opened the saloon as a gathering place while the town waited for news about Ned's condition. I'm always amazed that Lucas is rarely given credit for his benevolence and concern for the HV citizens.
Five 5 kun oldin
why the fuck is a hallmark movie trending lmao
RoyalMasterpiece 5 kun oldin
Honestly, do we really rethink she is ready? I can't take credit for this, but Master Heartie Fan James Lott, JR. pointed out that Elizabeth has a lot going on to try and choose. She has the school, Angela, she has to fix her friendships, and I think she needs more time. I do agree. This is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.
D Arant
D Arant 3 kun oldin
I don't agree, E has pushed her feelings down for Nathan for the last couple years, out of fear. She's more mature than when she was widowed. Won't take so long to decide now that the cloud of Jacks death has been removed.
Kathy Canaday
Kathy Canaday 5 kun oldin
Lucas is the right man for Elizabeth 💚💚💚💚
TimeBucks 5 kun oldin
She Chooses Nathan.
Are you sure about that?
Yayanati Guadalupe
Yayanati Guadalupe 5 kun oldin
Drew gooden 💜
nikelover76 5 kun oldin
Why the heck is this #27 on trending?! Are Hallmark movies getting popular again?
Sherlina Grover
Sherlina Grover 5 kun oldin
I hope she doesn't realize at the end of the show! It needs to be in the middle so we have time to see them together. And I'm going to miss Henry Gowen
Kim Goebel
Kim Goebel 3 kun oldin
Hes leaving? I really liked him that stinks!!!
Senri Samhudi
Senri Samhudi 5 kun oldin
I’ve been following this series for a while and I found that season 8 is a bit off for me mainly for the following reasons: For me it’s clear as daylight that E’s not in love with Nathan. Everytime she sees him, it’s Jack all over again for her. I know what she’s been through is hard but from all we’ve seen about her character, I would expect her to be much stronger and better than this. I wouldn’t expect her to agree on dates, romantic dinners/picnic and even I’d say she’s been leading L to believe that she has a romantic interest in him. She keeps telling L to be patient while at the same time also playing nice and sending mixed signals to Nathan. Oh come on?? That’s not E that I knew from this series. Asking a man who she knew has been pursuing her and to whom she said she could not give what he wants to take off his jacket when they were alone in her house, helping him to ‘warm-up’ the jacket, and even helping him buttoning up. I know she’s confusing N for J, but it went too far and too much. And about N, I used to like his character, but knowing that he kept the FC secret for so long, in fact he might never told E if it wasn’t for Allie mentioning it, that’s a big question mark on his character. For me it’s kind of confirming what L said, N is only thinking about what he wants, not giving enough considerations for E’s interest. And that’s not a good way of starting a relationship. To me N came across as taking advantage of E’s vulnerability. That’s a big turn-off. As for L, I couldn’t say much more about him. He’s just soooo good. Too good for E, in fact. Now if L were my best friend, or brother, I would tell him to walk away from E, fast. She’s bad news and she clearly doesn’t deserve him. Sorry 😬 But then again, it’s just a show, anything can happen and I must applause the actors for such great works in portraying these characters. Funny thing is i’m surprised that right after watching the last episode, I’m not too interested in the story anymore. I knew it’s going to be L in the end, and now I don’t think that’s what I would’ve wanted for him. So now i’m not looking forward to S9 as much as I was at the start of S8. For all Team Lucas and Team Nathan out there, please don’t hate me, I’m just saying what I think, you may not like what I said, but hey, we can all see the same show and have different opinion about it, right? Now, bring on the finale, let’s enjoy the show, with a cup of tea, of course😉
Franklin Kendrick
Franklin Kendrick 4 kun oldin
All good points. I was re-watching earlier episodes from this season, and it's completely obvious that Elizabeth cannot warm up to Nathan. Even with all the Ally scenes, trying to let her down gently, it was almost painful to watch the matchmaking end in failure. Elizabeth wants someone that accepts her for everything she is, and everything she's been through. Nathan just doesn't communicate enough. I thought Rosemary bluntly telling Nathan to give it up was obvious enough. Whatever people think, I've enjoyed this season immensely because it really kept me on the edge of my seat - not just for the triangle, but also for all the other characters and their relationships as well. Hopefully there is a Season 9, because there's a lot more that has been built up for the entire town. (I wish I had Rosemary and Lee as neighbors, honestly!)
Royal K
Royal K 6 kun oldin
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Tammie Youse
Tammie Youse 6 kun oldin
Nathan Elizabeth together ❤4ever
Tammie Youse
Tammie Youse 6 kun oldin
Lucas need move on bye
Tammie Youse
Tammie Youse 6 kun oldin
Nathan is awesome Elizabeth love Nathan
Max 6 kun oldin
I haven't felt this sad since my Minecraft girlfriend broke her bed next to mine and moved it one block away.
Max 2 kun oldin
@Amazonian think of me as a humble missionary.
Amazonian 2 kun oldin
Best comment here 👌
Julie Faulkner
Julie Faulkner 3 kun oldin
@Max lol!
Max 5 kun oldin
@Diane O'Connor I can tell by your stunned silence that you are overcome with emotion over my loss. Glad to see people still have souls on the internet.
Diane O'Connor
Diane O'Connor 5 kun oldin
Kathy Tanksley
Kathy Tanksley 6 kun oldin
I’m rooting hard for Lucas❣️
Melissa Yancy Thetruthisintheword
Rose Saad
Rose Saad 6 kun oldin
The music is so telling that before she took the rings off it was Jack’s and when she took it off it was Lucas
Bernice Santiago
Bernice Santiago 6 kun oldin
This is how I see it. If she pick Lucas she is going to spend most of her time alone. He is always working unless she take baby Jack and have dinner in the Saloon every night, what kind of life would that be for him. Lucas has not shown much interest in baby Jack and that for a mother should be a big red flag. Another red flag is Lucas is always watching her and he sees like a jealous and controlling man. On the other hand Nathan did invite Elizabeth, Baby Jack and Allie to dinner, he is a father figure already and has gone above and beyond for Allie. I believe she would have a happier life with Nathan and they could really have a home. I don’t see that with Lucas. I also feel all Elizabeth and Lucas interactions feel so force, they don’t seem natural, but of course is all fiction but this is my opinion.
Lari Viflo
Lari Viflo 6 kun oldin
#Team Nathan 💕
Joan Tolmie
Joan Tolmie 6 kun oldin
Nathan all the way.
Xploration 6 kun oldin
Is this real? Omg.
Cassie George
Cassie George 6 kun oldin
At this point I don't care who she chooses. It could be either one.
becky cross
becky cross 6 kun oldin
Hope its nathan of course she treated him bad thru whole season 8 so he probably shouldn't have anything to do with him if she doesn't choose him probably won't be watching it next year probably be boring
Kim Goebel
Kim Goebel 6 kun oldin
I like Lucas, but... you can offer someone all the finer things in life, but your heart knows best. I do like Nathan. (Maybe because of Heartland) he's such a stand up guy.
Renee Miller
Renee Miller 6 kun oldin
I will feel terrible for Lucas if Elizabeth throws him away now, very shameful on her part for using him, I hope the writers make her look good again and chooses Lucas, he is the better choice for her,more reliable, no stress get it right for her this time, PLEASE
Kevin McGarry
Kevin McGarry 2 kun oldin
@Renee Miller Hello thank you so much for your love and great support towards my career I'm so grateful
Renee Miller
Renee Miller 3 kun oldin
@Mike and Vickie Garlitz could you really be with a person knowing deep down that Jack is really dead because of him, she would not be able to live with that all her life
Mike and Vickie Garlitz
Cannot see her choosing a saloon owner for Jack's step parent. Nathan all the way. She gravitated to Lucas because no fear of losing another husband in law enforcement. But its been Nathan deep down all along.
Renee Miller
Renee Miller 5 kun oldin
@MaryAnn L I hope you are right, would just be awful to make her this kind of person. thanks for the reminder Maryann my faith is now upped
MaryAnn L
MaryAnn L 6 kun oldin
I don't think she will throw him away keep up the faith Renee! :)
Vari Sol
Vari Sol 6 kun oldin
Lucas just proves again what entails in Love. He does it - he embodies it. Unconditional Love!!! #TeamLucas #LucaBeth
Only Jesus Can Save Us
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Betty Malheiro
Betty Malheiro 6 kun oldin
This was a very long season 8 and I'm looking forward to the last show. I am a TEAM NATHAN person all the way. Yes, I will be disappointed if she does choose Lucas as I honestly believe that Nathan is the ONLY right one for her between the two. But unlike others who have said they will stop watching the show if their favorite isn't chosen I will continue to watch if there is a season 9 as I enjoy the show. To my mind, getting that enraged over a fictional story that it would cause you to stop watching the program isn't emotionally healthy. The chemistry between the two characters, Elizabeth and Nathan is just too strong for her to even think that Lucas is the love of her life. TEAM NATHAN ALL THE WAY.
Mary Grace's Music
Mary Grace's Music 5 kun oldin
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly 6 kun oldin
I do not feel that these are conventional writers, so the storyline can go in either direction as it is an adaptation of the original story. In a recent social media platform, they stated that Janette Oke was more concerned about keeping the values of community, compassion, forgiveness and love above all else but that again the original storyline ended in season five with Jack's death. The Mountie storyline is a very strong one with or without a love interest, in particular because Kevin is such a strong actor as well as the stories with Allie. I can see these writers showing strong parallel stories for both the Mountie side and the Teacher side but not necessarily together. Just an observation. Excited for next Sunday and relieved as well. I love the show.
Auntie DMC
Auntie DMC 2 kun oldin
@Sharon Norton Thanks for sharing this is so exciting! E&L would be a power couple in hv with bj.
Sharon Norton
Sharon Norton 3 kun oldin
@Auntie DMC Oh yes, thank you & Sarah Kelly. I wanted to believe that the writers could deviate from the original storyline since they had to when Jack died. Now hoping that there was a purpose for the storyline of Lucas & Elizabeth growing such a beautiful relationship. I had also heard that in the original books Elizabeth had interest in a banker, a Saloon owner & a Mountie. Maybe that's why they picked a Saloon owner for the new love interest. Please let Elizabeth want to stay at Lucas.
Auntie DMC
Auntie DMC 6 kun oldin
Wow! Thank You for sharing this. It makes so much sense. This would preserve Jack's legacy, and Kevin as we have seen has a big part in the hv community with Allie. E can then be with Lucas. This is about the best win/win you could get. Can't wait for the last episode.
contato R
contato R 6 kun oldin
Based on what I hope she would choose Lucas, a modern man who gave life and chivalry that women want from a man. I brought that dull woman to life. But, she will choose Nathan, for her history in the city, with the children, for being a teacher of his daughter, for what he did in secret for her.
Elly C
Elly C 6 kun oldin
The single motherhood chapter of her life has closed. Jack helped her start it, Lucas helped her finish it, and Nathan will help her continue her life story. In the canadian promo Rosemary tells her, "some people come into your life for a reason (Jack), some for a season (Lucas), some for a lifetime (Nathan)." At the beginning of the season Nathan told her, "Let me know when you're ready." At the end of the season she says, "It's time for an all new chapter, are you ready?"
NP 6 kun oldin
Love this!! I agree!!!
Mary Batus
Mary Batus 6 kun oldin
It better be Lucas, or I will lose all my interest in the show. Nathan is cold and verbally and physically expression less. Lucas is the entire package!!!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 6 kun oldin
I don't get the show in RT; I just watch what there is downloaded on YT and that isn't very complete. In fact, it's bits and pieces and often words don't match what's on the screen. My question is this: What is the scene some of you have mentioned about Lucas setting E free? Was that the end of last night, and was he at her home? I'd appreciate an answer from any of you who saw the whole thing...
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 6 kun oldin
@Keziah Gicheha wow, thanks so much for letting me know. I do think whoever E does not choose; that man will get with Fiona. She even went fishing with Allie, I believe, and she was fixing Allie's hair at one of the weddings. Plus, she was the woman working with L and the other men @ the oil explosion. So Fiona would be a good pair for either guy imho. Again, thanks.
Keziah Gicheha
Keziah Gicheha 6 kun oldin
Yes, Lucas came to see E at her place. He didn't want to come in, he told her that "Love is not an emotion but also an act of will, can't be demanded or forced. I want you to find your true love, in order to do that I need to set you free"
Diana Volcsey
Diana Volcsey 6 kun oldin
TN - If Kevin and Erin had a hand in writing the last episode, do you really think Lucas is the end game? I think you will find he is not. It will be as it should be and it will be done in the manner of which Hallmark tugs at heartstrings. The ladies will all support Clara while Jesse is missing as is the norm for HV women. Much will be said and Elizabeth will dispel any doubts she may have had. Rosie and Lizabeth will mend fences. Jesse will be returned and their story will carry on next season. Not sure how the town takeover will go. That we may have to wait on but you can be sure that our Rosie will be writing about it in the HV Tribunal (or whatever it will be called ). Hang on to your hats everyone! It's gonna be a bumpy ride and I can't wait!!
Linda Paulo
Linda Paulo 6 kun oldin
Nancy Ross
Nancy Ross 6 kun oldin
does it look like her manuscript is actually a book now?
C.M. 6 kun oldin
Team Nathan! ❤❤❤
Adam Dyguda
Adam Dyguda 6 kun oldin
#TeamNathan Im team Nathan because meyby he is not so perfekt as Lucas but with little things he shows how he cares about Elizabeth...They can talk freely, gave her an apple, gave her a blanket as she was cold and bouquet from Florence (why she gave Nathan a bouquet not Lucas??) Gives her space (gave her bouquet after a week) Lucas says he gives her space but stillwatches and controll her...
oretta cassano
oretta cassano 3 kun oldin
You are right Lucas seems a KGB agent. He is always inquiring Elisabeth about Nathan.
Elizabeth Bruns
Elizabeth Bruns 6 kun oldin
It better be Nathan!
oretta cassano
oretta cassano 3 kun oldin
@Janine Moyer think that's the beginning of a lot of new stories of a great family and community. Grant family it's a great challenge for Nathan and Elisabeth.
Janine Moyer
Janine Moyer 5 kun oldin
Nathan is exquisite, but if they turn the story that way, will probably be my last one. He could find another, easily. They need to bring in more people again, like in the early days! I found it more exciting and interesting, less waiting around for some new, unexpected happenings! Keep the monentum rolling forward, with other disasters; snow storms, tornadoes, wars, new love, more school kids again, etc. Too much focus on Elizabeth and friends. Love them dearly, but gets a bit boring. Keep the excitement it once had. Just sayin' . . .
Diane O'Connor
Diane O'Connor 6 kun oldin
I feel Lucas is the best guy for her. She needs a sense of security with her young son. She should not go with a Mountie as she will always worry for his safety and being a second time widow would not be best for her.
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