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5-May, 2021



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Tyson No chill
Tyson No chill 5 daqiqa oldin
I wasn't expecting that spice ass kiss at the end but I ain't disappointed 😳
anthony 16 daqiqa oldin
*Proceeds to show real life exact replicas that are indeed to scale*
a h
a h 41 daqiqa oldin
I will not laugh at a uranus joke! Uranus *W H E E Z E*
Michal Soat oldin
Hey where's my sun
PushyMcPusherson Soat oldin
UngusBungusFilms Soat oldin
My first kiss
dipnaut 20
dipnaut 20 2 soat oldin
*pulls out knife, micheal from vscauce "so i did something about it" what? What did you do micheal? Did you find the manufacturer of solar system sets made not to scale and make them produce them to scale?.
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 3 soat oldin
Here is the UY Scuti sticker! Walks outside to show a sticker the on a Ferris wheel.
Кирил Стоянов
No sun sticker ?
Corbin Nordback
Corbin Nordback 6 soat oldin
Why does he want to switch blade
Шаан Систа
Шаан Систа 7 soat oldin
Don’t you hate it when people don’t go in a single file line? *well I did something about it*
LemonDrop88 7 soat oldin
Where’s the sun bro?
SmrtVillager Live
SmrtVillager Live 9 soat oldin
How does one NASA scientist flirt with another? They say, “I want to explore Uranus.”
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 9 soat oldin
Idk 'bout y'all but I'm thoroughly turned on.
Michael keaton
Michael keaton 10 soat oldin
If you want to realize how big the solar system is, listen to this, if the earth was the size of a marble the solar system would be 11km (without pluto) wide and the sun would be at leat 2meter wide, BTW 99% of the mass of the solar system is contained in the sun
Wolfgang McLovin
Wolfgang McLovin 13 soat oldin
How big at that same scale would our sun be?
I’m Michaels pyt
I’m Michaels pyt 15 soat oldin
Awe the kiss at the end made my day!
I’m Michaels pyt
I’m Michaels pyt 15 soat oldin
He took “uranus“ a little too serious😭
Batman55 15 soat oldin
Kiss me again 🥰
bore ragnarok
bore ragnarok 17 soat oldin
He… he kissed us
bEansGuy 19 soat oldin
I thought Vsauce was going to become god
Lucas Chabert
Lucas Chabert 19 soat oldin
Why are his lips so wet at the end 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gaunter O'Dimm
Gaunter O'Dimm 20 soat oldin
Here in New Mexico, Pluto is still a planet dammit.
Savage Brothers
Savage Brothers 23 soat oldin
Nice switchblade
Rich Owen
Rich Owen Kun oldin
I don’t like this guy
Tommy Amorosi
Tommy Amorosi Kun oldin
I don’t understand what he says at the end about the moon can someone explain does he say you can fit all the planets in-between us and the moon is that right?
Plan Zed
Plan Zed Kun oldin
🍿🍿🍿munch munch “Uranus..” giggles Er 😮😮 what?? The moon orbits earth at a distance greater than that of ALL the planets combined? Wow 💥 mind blown
Tyler Ernster
Tyler Ernster Kun oldin
Would've been impressive if you made a sun to scale lol. Still impressive, and I love it
Lawrence J
Lawrence J Kun oldin
Doesn't he live in California? Switch blades over 2 inches are hella illegal
Drag0nEYE 1510
Drag0nEYE 1510 Kun oldin
how big would a sticker of the sun at the same scale have to be?
Llampo J Loco
Llampo J Loco Kun oldin
I love you
Leo Kun oldin
You remind me of lily's dad
Infotected Kun oldin
Uranus is so big that it could hold 63 Earths
Vito Leskur
Vito Leskur Kun oldin
This is why we love this man
Alpha Rebel
Alpha Rebel Kun oldin
Explain that moon distance to me....
g g
g g Kun oldin
I needed that kiss
Brayden Blankenship
So are you tired of those banks for keeping all the money So I did something about it
Testedalexthegreat 2 kun oldin
This is the hottest video ever.
Kajetan Miliankovic
Amrit Malviya
Amrit Malviya 2 kun oldin
Poor Urenus
dudski 2 kun oldin
Uranus micheal you better stop before I do something I finna regret 🥵🥵
Beef Taffy
Beef Taffy 2 kun oldin
Where is the sun.
javendean naipaul
javendean naipaul 2 kun oldin
Rustic_Russian 2 kun oldin
I now know the great mystery that solves the out of scale universe and the in scale one. Pull out a way bigger switch blade than is necessary for any situation
Silvers 2 kun oldin
Thank you for the Uranus joke. I love that we never get old enough for butt jokes.
ThiccWolfLoli 2 kun oldin
You stabbed somebody?
Kyle 0
Kyle 0 2 kun oldin
The moon has the furthest orbit from our planet? What? I'm so confused, the moons the closest celestial body to earth
BossSauce 2 kun oldin
Vsauce with a knife was never meant to happen
Priya malhotra
Priya malhotra 3 kun oldin
Pluto didn't deserve that my man
Alex Korinth
Alex Korinth 3 kun oldin
"If you like tiny specks of debris, we added Pluto" that hurts, man. Pluto will always be a planet to me.
Laura Francis
Laura Francis 2 soat oldin
Humans decide what planets are, and do so arbitrarily. Pluto can be a planet, you just have to decide it is
I Was Bored
I Was Bored 3 kun oldin
Go look outside and u will see it to scale
If you watch till the end u get blessed with Michaels kiss of wisdom if you revive one it is said that you become 10 times smarter (partially a joke)
AndrewDeLong 3 kun oldin
Ya did Pluto dirty, but it was still funny
Memebro098 YT
Memebro098 YT 3 kun oldin
Michael ya nuts are hanging
Brandon King
Brandon King 3 kun oldin
Hey Vesauce, Michael here. Lets talk about isolation and it effects on the mind.
SUPER 3 kun oldin
Pluto is litterally shaking and crying rn
Stealth89 the great
Im going to need a bigger room to space them out to scale
Electricpiggie 3 kun oldin
No one gonna talk about the kiss at the end...
cheryl wilkins
cheryl wilkins 3 kun oldin
This video has such a threatening aura. I can’t explain it…..
KyleIsAsleep 3 kun oldin
Thanks for the kiss
Meme God
Meme God 3 kun oldin
That Uranus joke tho
x9x9x9 3 kun oldin
That was such a wet kiss ugh.
shadowninja darkness
You forced them to make it correctly?
M Radisa Pratama
M Radisa Pratama 3 kun oldin
Now explain that kissing planet in the end If that's not Gemini Entertainment's Iris eldritch planet.
RYONPAK 3 kun oldin
He was about to give a spit fact in the end, but he changed his mind and gave an affectionate kiss instead
GurenchiRuson 3 kun oldin
Sea Dog
Sea Dog 3 kun oldin
Hahahw uranus funni
cheese lad
cheese lad 3 kun oldin
I want one of these cute the fact its all to scale makes me feel satisfied
Mateo Vergara
Mateo Vergara 3 kun oldin
Aha.... What about the sun?
***RoxTzy*** MLBB
***RoxTzy*** MLBB 3 kun oldin
Earth is bigger than mars?
hello I'm bored
hello I'm bored 3 kun oldin
I feel honored to see his ass and receive a kiss at the end. Thanks sauce man, very cool
Katrina Rosetta
Katrina Rosetta 3 kun oldin
Lol for a minute I thought he was going to pop the balls...
Tanner Hardie
Tanner Hardie 3 kun oldin
Anyone else's nose feel weird after seeing him put all those things on his?
grandmaofsamuraiwoman 2357justinbieber
why is nobody talking about the uranus one???!! 😭😭💀
lay1306 4 kun oldin
*doesn't mention pluto as a planet* and I took that personally
its ._.haruka
its ._.haruka 4 kun oldin
Me as a sticker freak... I NEED DATTT
Tami Romero
Tami Romero 4 kun oldin
Uranus Be professional... Nah lol -vsause
Maximaal_sociaal 4 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about the kiss at the and... just saying
The MY LEG Guy
The MY LEG Guy 4 kun oldin
Lmmaaaaooooo on the uranus part 🤣🤣
JoA 4 kun oldin
The fuck??? How can the moon orbit that far and still be inside Earth's gravitational field?
Trigg3r94 4 kun oldin
If ur really a "planet freak" then you should know that it is properly pronounced "U-ran-us" not "Ur-anus" stop pandering to juvenile potty humor and pronounce it correctly. "Planet freak"
Trigg3r94 4 kun oldin
Not offended. That joke is just old af n and as lame as dabbing, fortnite, and pretty much every newer "fad" I guess that was taken the wrong way. It was literally just a statement. Wasn't even all caps. I enjoy funny jokes. But the keyword is "funny." N besides science is about ascertaining truth and facts and the distribution of knowledge. Therefore that knowledge should be correct. Even if it's the pronunciation of a big rock floating in a void of other big rocks and balls of gas.
Stan Torren
Stan Torren 4 kun oldin
@Trigg3r94 apparently, a joke to you means “Something that needs to be taken seriously and be offended “
Trigg3r94 4 kun oldin
Nope. That's actually how it's pronounced.
Stan Torren
Stan Torren 4 kun oldin
@Trigg3r94 are you joking?
Trigg3r94 4 kun oldin
@Stan Torren what?
Rudy2shoes 4 kun oldin
I really needed that kiss thank you
Joshua Silva
Joshua Silva 4 kun oldin
Dam the moon really is far away
Erica grantham
Erica grantham 4 kun oldin
Are you tires of annoying parents nagging you all the time? *I did something about it*
XplodonatorGaming 4 kun oldin
Noah Benavidez
Noah Benavidez 4 kun oldin
I'm from New Mexico and we still officially consider pluto a planet because someone from our state discovered it.
Kri 4 kun oldin
I was expecting a gigantic poster with the Sun
commit_brainwash 4 kun oldin
i love that uranus joke lol
Fart Soundeffect
Fart Soundeffect 4 kun oldin
Doctor Qbert
Doctor Qbert 4 kun oldin
Wheres my boy pluto
Gmodiscool15 4 kun oldin
guys, just imagine earth if it were 200x as large... would we be as advanced today, with continents like africa being several times the size of earth?
Taylor R
Taylor R 4 kun oldin
thank you for the kiss kiss
Twister 4 kun oldin
Myanus is my favourite planet
GlitchyParadox 4 kun oldin
Phone X 2
Phone X 2 4 kun oldin
The hairy kiss at the end caught me off guard ngl.
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti 5 kun oldin
Uranus xD
KEANTHO 5 kun oldin
Where's the sun ??
tena2sweet 5 kun oldin
First the Uranus joke hilarious second I did not know that the moon was so far from Earth you can fit all the planets in between. how does it even pull on Earth's oceans then?
tena2sweet 3 kun oldin
@wwwhoknowscom I know right. It's totally mind blowing. 😁
wwwhoknowscom 3 kun oldin
@tena2sweet It is mind blowing but while i cant give you an in depth explanation i will say that with anything that has mass it is going to have a gravitational pull. The moon might not have as much mass as Earth but with what its got it can effect our oceans as its orbit moves closer then away from us. You could probably look up water tide records and sea level fluctuations for a better visual demonstration.
tena2sweet 4 kun oldin
@wwwhoknowscom yeah but my question is how does the moon pull on Earth oceans? I get that the sun, which is the biggest thing in the system, can pull on Pluto. but the moon pulling on earth when it's so far away😲 we can fit every planet in the system in-between it. that just blows my mind. 🤯
wwwhoknowscom 4 kun oldin
Same way that the sun causes pluto to orbit around it, even though that takes 248 years for just 1 full orbit.
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