Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner 

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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10-Dek, 2019



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JamesJoyce12 5 soat oldin
Withnail & I [1987] "I think the carrot infinitely more fascinating than the geranium" - he is infinitely more interesting than she is
Veronica Violato
Veronica Violato 7 soat oldin
He would never do something that may hurt louis niall zain or liam. I love him
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 7 soat oldin
1. Zayn 2. Harry 3. Niall 4. Liam/Louis
Vito Mingolla
Vito Mingolla 8 soat oldin
Harry is so funny
amni batrisyia
amni batrisyia 11 soat oldin
harry: whoa it tastes like strawberries
Mau kontol konek
Mau kontol konek 12 soat oldin
ewww zionist
James McManus
James McManus 15 soat oldin
He’s super charismatic I always figured he’d be a really quiet guy
Alexandra Tolan
Alexandra Tolan 16 soat oldin
5:07 :)
Shelby Friday
Shelby Friday 18 soat oldin
y'all don'tt stone me to death & i'm like a year late but i kinda like them together..... idk whut
Patatas U want?
Patatas U want? 18 soat oldin
Okay but is there really a song of Harry about her? This is a genuine question.
Aiyana marie Susano
Aiyana marie Susano 19 soat oldin
Is it like kind of akward that there exes
lfbrady100 20 soat oldin
Wish they would just get back together and be the most beautiful couple in the world!!
Jin 22 soat oldin
Is it your first time doing this harry? It is my 635th time watching this..............just cant stop watching this
Adam A.
Adam A. Kun oldin
okEhy.....okEhy..... okEhy.....
Harry is so funny!!
Sri Mokkapati
Sri Mokkapati Kun oldin
Kourtney watching this be like 😱😱😱😦😦😒😒
ant cunningham
ant cunningham Kun oldin
he couldn’t answer kendalls first question cause the answer would be none of them
hazzaandboo bear
i love how harry kept having her sniff what he chose for her
OBLVVION Kun oldin
Harry could really be a host
Yasmine Belkhou
Yasmine Belkhou Kun oldin
Artow PL
Artow PL Kun oldin
Yoo we need Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown in this show 😂
isa rodsan
isa rodsan Kun oldin
i am so in love with harry styles
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evarxse 2 kun oldin
im not joking. i come back and watch this every month...
DrumZ DuVal
DrumZ DuVal 2 kun oldin
It’s like the harder the question the grosser the food.
Nurun Nahar Silvy
Nurun Nahar Silvy 2 kun oldin
Why did harry styles wearing nail polish Not hate in the reply please
just weird girl
just weird girl Kun oldin
for the same reason all the girls wear nail polish - because he wants to
Nurun Nahar Silvy
Nurun Nahar Silvy 2 kun oldin
@Gladys Micha Noice 👍
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha 2 kun oldin
Louis encouraged him to coz it makes him beautiful..It pretty much shows just him being able to do what he wants without necessarily thinking about what people will say
xaverie akorah
xaverie akorah 2 kun oldin
Faye 2 kun oldin
Harry was such a funny man.
fasya salsabila
fasya salsabila 2 kun oldin
I want Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do this
Miriam C
Miriam C 2 kun oldin
the two most beautiful celebs ever
Sarah Faisal
Sarah Faisal 2 kun oldin
8:31 AHHHH
saphyr84 3 kun oldin
Why do all the Kardashians hate on Kourtney so much?
abeda pappu
abeda pappu 3 kun oldin
7:03 Harry's "haha" was really funny
Abhishek ik
Abhishek ik 3 kun oldin
3:14 Why isnt anyone talking abt that facepalm?!😭 thats the cutest facepalm in history and that gigle makes it even better
buzon facturas
buzon facturas 3 kun oldin
Samiah Jatum
Samiah Jatum 3 kun oldin
hold on, harry dated kendall? srry im new lol
Samiah Jatum
Samiah Jatum 2 kun oldin
@Gladys Micha ohh ok tysm!
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha 2 kun oldin
Yeah he did a while back but most people think it wasn't real that it was just a stunt pulled by one direction's management but Kendall was and maybe is still attracted to him
karina may sub
karina may sub 3 kun oldin
Sooo kylie is a bad mom i really thought she was the best mom but i think kendall think she spoil her to much
rich roblox
rich roblox 3 kun oldin
Harry sounded so excited at the start when he said cod sperm
CJ 4
CJ 4 3 kun oldin
“ between Louie, Liam, Niall & Zayn, rate their solo - “ eats it, Harry would NEVER answer that 😭💙
John Nasution
John Nasution 3 kun oldin
Kendall looks nervous
I'm emmy
I'm emmy 3 kun oldin
I need more Kendall and Harry content 😭
BonzoBoi 3 kun oldin
that bull is probably very embarrassed
Gustavo Kastan
Gustavo Kastan 3 kun oldin
Damn !!! So cool !!!
tpwksara 3 kun oldin
omg i love kendall and harry together
yagmur 3 kun oldin
4:35 harry's face really said this is why we broke up
Tim Lorenz
Tim Lorenz 4 kun oldin
They shoulldddd date
Blondyjenny 4 kun oldin
They are so cute together!
María Fernanda Ramírez González
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Thick Laverne
Thick Laverne 4 kun oldin
7:01 harry’s laugh is adorable
Nora Agirrebeña
Nora Agirrebeña 4 kun oldin
Kayleigh Bedwell
Kayleigh Bedwell 4 kun oldin
My face hurts form all the smiling 😂
DeMonfa13 4 kun oldin
Excuse me what "to spit or to swallow, that's the question" Harry, you are being too obvious........
Who Are You
Who Are You 4 kun oldin
I guess its safe to say that they are #ExGoals lol
Nurfira Aziz
Nurfira Aziz 4 kun oldin
Comeback again
Jannatul Jannat
Jannatul Jannat 4 kun oldin
That was cockroach.? 🤢🤮
Mamalee 4 kun oldin
I don't think the audience is real
Isabella Lintner
Isabella Lintner 4 kun oldin
“What song on your last album was about me?” “Track...” *realizes they’re all about louis* ~*eAtS tHe sPerM*~
LzNx 4 kun oldin
It’s not a good idea to eat while watching this
Zipper Ricker
Zipper Ricker 4 kun oldin
We want more Kendall and Harry
Ariana Ella Lorena
Ariana Ella Lorena 5 kun oldin
Who's here in 2021 👋
Itsjust Emily
Itsjust Emily 5 kun oldin
When I heard her say “Louis,Liam,nail,and zayn” I was like Louis 💚💙....larries🥺🥺🥺 I was also like the band 😩😢
Antonia xxx
Antonia xxx 5 kun oldin
smiling for 9 minutes straight
Nahir Zarate
Nahir Zarate 5 kun oldin
Sara Mussani
Sara Mussani 5 kun oldin
I love how Harry as soon as he heard he would have to choose between 1D then he ate a scorpion 🦂 he is a true friend
Sara Mussani
Sara Mussani 5 kun oldin
Don’t do the kissing emoji
Olivia Rawsthorne
Olivia Rawsthorne 5 kun oldin
Where they not together juring this?
dul mc
dul mc 5 kun oldin
idk what this interview has but i don’t know how many times I’ve watched it already
Megara Bolté
Megara Bolté 5 kun oldin
7:16 thank me later 😌
Lilia Kabbara
Lilia Kabbara 6 kun oldin
The fact that harry will never do anything to hurt 1D is iconic
Zayn's Energy Juice
@Mackenzie Kaiser like what? Refusing to rank his bandmates' solo careers bc they are all good and bc he doesn't prefer one over the other? (just curiosity btw)
Mackenzie Kaiser
Mackenzie Kaiser 3 kun oldin
I read this as Harry will do anything to hurt 1d lmfao
Adriana Castellanos
Does this guy look like other guy?
Malenkov 6 kun oldin
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Ava Leila
Ava Leila 6 kun oldin
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha 6 kun oldin
Harry at 7:03 his cute laugh before asking the question. 🔥♥️❤️❤️💕Am in love
Evan Leonard
Evan Leonard 6 kun oldin
If I was apart of the Kardashian-Jenner family and Kendall said my name last, I'd be fine. I'd sleep fine knowing that she's literally drinking 100-year old eggnog.
8:20 the way he looked up skfjskfjskfjskf
Angela 6 kun oldin
Frank Wang
Frank Wang 6 kun oldin
Elle B.
Elle B. 6 kun oldin
Harry didn't rank his own bandmates and neither should you.
kelly naz
kelly naz 6 kun oldin
how would harry rate them do u think
Mackenzie Siems
Mackenzie Siems 6 kun oldin
Onyx 6 kun oldin
Harry styles seriously needs to host a show. Not to mention this is the only one (that I know of) without James eating too
Zayn's Energy Juice
You know maybe he should, plus he should bring ZaynMalik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan as his guests
Onyx 6 kun oldin
Me scrolling through the comments and realizing I’ve been here before and half of them are liked already
اية تيتي
اية تيتي 7 kun oldin
وش اسم البنت اللي معه
Suha Bari
Suha Bari 7 kun oldin
This is probably a everyday meal for china
Khanya Nyameni
Khanya Nyameni 7 kun oldin
i remember when i first watched this i thought Kendall had a cute crush on Harry🥰
rafaela miranda
rafaela miranda 7 kun oldin
I keep watching this over and over cause it’s so so good and I always laugh
Si Darkaoui
Si Darkaoui 7 kun oldin
I would answer whatever eww
Sevda nur Şen
Sevda nur Şen 7 kun oldin
çok fazla shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
ashreya nair
ashreya nair 7 kun oldin
they actually can't stop smiling at eachother
ashreya nair
ashreya nair 5 kun oldin
@xx xx who said i was talking about them in relationship terms? can't friends smile at each other too?
xx xx
xx xx 5 kun oldin
they're literally friends (barely now) why y'all gotta ruin it and make it deep they're having fun😭?
Mehar Bhallay
Mehar Bhallay 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or is she blushing throughout
Gladys Micha
Gladys Micha 6 kun oldin
She is.. I think there is still some residual attraction on her part
Gavegast 7 kun oldin
Solar 7 kun oldin
lmao im smiling for the whole video 😭
Atsuhi Hinata-Miya
Atsuhi Hinata-Miya 7 kun oldin
Well Kourtney being last is not surprising. Even Khloe chose Kim over Kourtney on being her kid's legal guardian.
Nida Bayram
Nida Bayram 7 kun oldin
00:26 yee uhhh
Harry Edward Styles
I love his laugh 🥰🥰
jennie 7 kun oldin
Fuck. These two are beautiful to look at.
PoTAEtos_16 8 kun oldin
we like watching birds
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