Staying in Japan’s $100 IGLOO Hotel vs. $1,000 PRIVATE Bath Inn 

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Japan is famed for its unusual accommodation. On Day 2 of our Journey Across Japan, we stay overnight in an IGLOO, & traditional inn with a huge PRIVATE bath and produce a music video!
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🎧 Too Much Volcano | Music Video

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13-Iyn, 2021



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Abroad in Japan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: How much volcano is too much volcano? I hope you enjoyed our hasty attempt at producing a rap music video. Go easy on us! We pulled it off in around 9 hours. It was pretty intense, but certainly one of the most fun challenges I can recall in Journey Across Japan history. Certainly much more fun than flying in a turbulent Cessna over an active volcano. ♨️Journey Across Japan continues next weekend! Onwards to Nagasaki and the two abandoned islands.
Chuklanodin 10 kun oldin
Ngl the rap kinda slaps though
Elisabeth Wittner
Elisabeth Wittner 23 kun oldin
CHALLENGE: FAILED ‼️ You did let others do the work. YOU were supposed to write a rap song! What you did in fact, was let 2 others make a rap video. I DEMAND THAT YOU REPEAT THE CHALLENGE‼️🥶
RatedT.S.M. 25 kun oldin
That rap was surprisingly good for a 9hr job!
Blazing!!Gamer!! 29 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing ❤❤👍👍
NicholasBerry666 29 kun oldin
What was the room that Natsuki was staying in at Kurokawa?
Aaron Fountain
Aaron Fountain 21 daqiqa oldin
I love your productions. It reminds me of some of the shows I used to watch on the travel channel. There’s something great about travel narrated by a British person.
Miguel Arias
Miguel Arias 24 daqiqa oldin
the song had a really solid cowbell
Ashley Fitz
Ashley Fitz 29 daqiqa oldin
I love this little village, these igloos are so cute. I love the round almost logarithmic spiral nautical shape. They are plain but supper cool.
procreation100 5 soat oldin
This fire for just a day piecing things together. ASO!
Cysole Dean
Cysole Dean 5 soat oldin
If watched music video multiple times you guys did great !
midnight 13 soat oldin
That music video was really good considering it was 9 hours in the making and they only wanted a rap😂😍
SirTripleSix 20 soat oldin
love how much fun you guys are having.
Shanella James
Shanella James 20 soat oldin
My jaws are hurting from the huge smile on my face after watching that rap video. I soooooooo love it
Zipp4Everyone Kun oldin
That song acutally wasnt too bad! Wouldnt throw it on a high end hifi system but 100% party material or backround music with some nice party feel! Cant wait for a remix ;)
Simo Suutari
Simo Suutari Kun oldin
Pepperoni slaami
TehWhiteTiger Kun oldin
I mean those lyrics made more sense than 99% of rap songs.
shane dixon
shane dixon Kun oldin
they had another bed appear out of nowhere
z Amore
z Amore Kun oldin
john banwell
john banwell Kun oldin
rap song is brilliant.
Heather _
Heather _ Kun oldin
"Leaving Natsuki behind to uh, stir his private bath" excuse me, what 😂
Natalie A
Natalie A 2 kun oldin
Why do you need to stir the pool? Or was Natsuki just being silly?
Бо Кей
Бо Кей 2 kun oldin
Best rap song ever! A S O 🙌
Luke O’Brien
Luke O’Brien 2 kun oldin
Bloody awesome! “Too much volcano” 😂😂😂
LadyDerpsALot -
LadyDerpsALot - 3 kun oldin
I'm sorry. Too Much Volcano is legendary. Y'all just put that together in a few hours too. xD
Tania 3 kun oldin
Great song guys 😂
Anisa 3 kun oldin
Lol that song is amazing 😂 great work 👏
beatlesandcoffee 3 kun oldin
Nothing like a Rap Video to " Rap Up" the episode, hehehehehehehe >_>
Connie Doiron
Connie Doiron 3 kun oldin
This is the rap song we didn't know we needed, loved it.
Myke on da Mic
Myke on da Mic 3 kun oldin
that shit was fire
kenjopac 3 kun oldin
this camera work and editing is very clean feels like a documentary with a million dollar budget
azumanguy 3 kun oldin
I love that the song made it to spotify :D
Charley sksks
Charley sksks 3 kun oldin
so much volcano
BeardGangDave 3 kun oldin
that rap had no business going that hard
Torious 694
Torious 694 4 kun oldin
Now I got it stuck in my head lol 😆
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon 4 kun oldin
In awe of that rap
Creepy Corsair
Creepy Corsair 4 kun oldin
I think you guys is the first who shooting music video at volcano
Snaggletooth 75
Snaggletooth 75 4 kun oldin
@Abroad in Japan Hi Chris, Natsuki and Joey did an amazing job rapping, and Chris you did an amazing job video recording the song and video.
Abroad with Marko Polo
That is TUNE!!! Love it
Jacob Butcher
Jacob Butcher 5 kun oldin
English teachers in 2041: what is the deeper meaning in this artistic rap song?
Luke G
Luke G 5 kun oldin
I expected so much worse. But I enjoyed it. Good job boys!
Sujitha Wijewantha
Sujitha Wijewantha 5 kun oldin
Doctor jelly in the next one ?
Casey Hillas
Casey Hillas 5 kun oldin
The music video/rap is actually so lit, it's gonna be stuck in my head for days- ASO-
HelloImSpida 5 kun oldin
Whens To Much Volcano gonna be on Apple Music and spotify?
BattlePlatoon 6 kun oldin
Abroad In Japan explore the Hoenn Region
BattlePlatoon 6 kun oldin
So that's where the inspiration for the houses in the Dragonball anime comes from. Interesting
Angie Evans
Angie Evans 6 kun oldin
Why do I find Chris so attractive? 😂
Nina Cloete
Nina Cloete 6 kun oldin
This was great! I liked the rap video too
Trent Y
Trent Y 6 kun oldin
JJ 2021
Glucose Lover
Glucose Lover 6 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me what app Chris use to make the beat pretty please~
Ding Dong
Ding Dong 3 kun oldin
His mouth
The Good Chaos
The Good Chaos 6 kun oldin
As a rapper, I can say this song was fire. Anime man has that old school 80s flow.
Sabrina Medvedeff
Sabrina Medvedeff 6 kun oldin
I think it was a bad idea to watch this before going to sleep, my dreams will be hunted by this song that I absolutely love. As usual, awesome work guys!! Cheers on Natsuki's and Joey's acting skills.
Namjoon's Dimple
Namjoon's Dimple 6 kun oldin
I now have this song stuck in my head.
Samantha S
Samantha S 7 kun oldin
Love the rap, awesome job guys!!!
Kekoa Sylva
Kekoa Sylva 7 kun oldin
Adventures Of A Traveling Don
That rap was fire 🔥🔥🤣
Ryan Joubert
Ryan Joubert 8 kun oldin
That was so good! Looks like a cool place too
Mar Maru
Mar Maru 8 kun oldin
I actually liked this song, please can you make it into separate video so I can add it to my chill playlist! Pretty please :3
DiGiorno 3 kun oldin
He did
Extract Kun
Extract Kun 8 kun oldin
Y'all aint ready to admit too much volcano slaps
James Corey
James Corey 8 kun oldin
It would've been better but there was too much volcano.
Brendo Curtis
Brendo Curtis 8 kun oldin
That onsen scene was a challenging wank
fizzyleo 8 kun oldin
is it just me or Natsuki sounds like Goofy when he's rapping
Dyllen Owens
Dyllen Owens 8 kun oldin
That song will be played at my funeral.
Anubhav Patil
Anubhav Patil 8 kun oldin
Bring Mr snuggles back
ZuluMachine Travels
hahaha that was really good rap video
Adam 9 kun oldin
After watching a lot of your videos I am forced to conclude that England looks shite in comparison to a lot of Japan 😂
BestOrVerse 9 kun oldin
Seriously good song. Catchy. High production MV!
Mayank Mallik
Mayank Mallik 9 kun oldin
For an introvert like me, that igloo village is heaven
NoName 9 kun oldin
the song is actually good, wth lol
Gianluca Delgado Pires
I was walking with my dog, the sun was burning me like grilled okonomiyaki. I started to sing "A.S.O too much volcano"... I repeat it 20 times more or less. You guys are causing some mental health disorder anddddddd I LIKE IT SO MUCH XD
Melba Mancilla Barrera
I love it jaja
gloomyypanda 10 kun oldin
21:24 for those who are back for too much volcano
Sebastian Erben
Sebastian Erben 11 kun oldin
What's the name of the app? 😃 Great episode as always!!!
Mark Stas Lazarev
Mark Stas Lazarev 11 kun oldin
Natsuki amazing actor, Joey great 90's japan rap style
bencherico 11 kun oldin
Catchy song. Stuck in my head all day. No Volcano!!
jonesy from the block
Amazing 👌
B. S.
B. S. 11 kun oldin
Twin Falcons
Twin Falcons 11 kun oldin
You guys are fking awesome, was smiling the while rap song, keep up the great work!!
LTRC 11 kun oldin
The song was pretty legit to be honest
Zaraθuštra زرتشت
Excellent rap song, well done! 🇯🇵
ayda esfandyari
ayda esfandyari 12 kun oldin
Awesome Song, you guys are soooo talented, Love the last part of the song, Shabbing ;)
MaxBlight 12 kun oldin
So press I've never seen dragon ball ?
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon 12 kun oldin
I love it
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon 12 kun oldin
Why is it so catchy-
Just a random dude
Just a random dude 12 kun oldin
10:40 Chris: Just be careful if you have a heart disease or tuberculosis. The sign: EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY
Ts II DoMiNaToR 12 kun oldin
Anyone else just learning Chris can beatbox?
Arin Min
Arin Min 12 kun oldin
oh no after watching this i found myself singing "A S O~" while sweeping the floor
yrusb 12 kun oldin
"Say something nice" Okay. Something nice サムシンナイス ...idk why I went to wikipedia just to copy and paste those katakana but the rap song was nice
Morgan Hägg
Morgan Hägg 12 kun oldin
xD If you could make that rap video in one day, imagine the quality given TWO days. The posibilities are limited
The Potato
The Potato 12 kun oldin
Abroad in Japan: "we only get 9 hours, so it's probably terrible", written at least half of a full song. American pop singer: "written by 200 people, probably 6 months of brain storming." "Baby, Baby, Oooooh~~ x16"
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen 12 kun oldin
Best rap video ever!!!!
Sandy De Rubus Fruticosus
It's so fun, thank you for this INCREDIBLE rap song x) you guys are amazing
Dan T
Dan T 12 kun oldin
“Natsuki’s created a verb before bedtime”
goldengirl1212 12 kun oldin
i think the rap has a good beat i like it
Maria Punchy
Maria Punchy 12 kun oldin
I live for too much volcano lol
WangoWasTaken 12 kun oldin
Wow, i subscribed some time ago because i saw you on trash taste and i thought you were quite entertaining. This is the first video that i have watched from the abroad in japan channel and it's god damm good
samysnes 12 kun oldin
That rap was absolute fire! Joey was spittin some serious bars in the beginning with an amazing flow. It got weaker in the second half but hey, incredible work for a 1 day product.
Hanta Draws!
Hanta Draws! 12 kun oldin
Please say this is on Spotify XD
Chika Fujiwara
Chika Fujiwara 12 kun oldin
Wyglaf 12 kun oldin
The Rap was actually great
Grace 10
Grace 10 13 kun oldin
excellent song
Airin Surii
Airin Surii 13 kun oldin
Natsuki is a Chad omg🤣
Iyar 13 kun oldin
Nina L.
Nina L. 13 kun oldin
Lol great rap 😂🤣
Drew Edmonson
Drew Edmonson 13 kun oldin
The rap song was better than the rap sequence from Space Jam 2.
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