Surprising Charli D'Amelio With 20 Custom iPhone 11s!!📱📞 ft. TikTok & LilHuddy (Giveaway) 

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21-Fev, 2020



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ZHC Yil oldin
In case you’re wondering I want to do lots of nice things for people in need and my subscribers on my channel! They don’t need phones but I like to do nice things for everyone! Don’t worry i’ll give lots more away to you guys and others in the future! Luv u guys ❤️ If this video hits 1 million likes I will literally give away 50 custom iPhone 11s to you guys! Don't forget to enter the huge custom iPhone 11 giveaway! Please subscribe cuz I don't even have an iPhone 11 so you can have more❤️ So thankful for all of you!
GrWood 2 oy oldin
Omg js very very good
Kamari Antrobus
Kamari Antrobus 4 oy oldin
Blessing Akinola
Blessing Akinola 5 oy oldin
wove u ZHC
iLLi 5 oy oldin
qtfear 8 oy oldin
2 VIII G Alvin Varghese
2 VIII G Alvin Varghese 19 daqiqa oldin
Come on man giye it to the poor not rich
Yoli Espinosa
Yoli Espinosa 54 daqiqa oldin
Algúien 2021?
Demon Damion
Demon Damion 2 soat oldin
In 4022 Zach will be a professional artest.
Demon Damion
Demon Damion 2 soat oldin
Zach:im here to buy the whole apple store Employees: OMG STOP BUYING STUFF JUST STOPPPP several employee: NOOOOOOOO Manager: Get out you are banned from this apple store
ربى الزهراني
Love 💘😍💘💘💘💘
Eren Öztürk
Eren Öztürk 8 soat oldin
Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Aaliyah Gomez
Aaliyah Gomez 8 soat oldin
8 wish I was rich.
Marie-Anne LAGASSE
Marie-Anne LAGASSE 9 soat oldin
Karen Fuentes
Karen Fuentes 9 soat oldin
Ayvin Lijo
Ayvin Lijo 9 soat oldin
I think she could already afford the phones
The meme Hub
The meme Hub 9 soat oldin
i follow you
ᴍᴀʀᴡᴀ ʜᴀѕѕᴀɴ
i think i need something 🤝
keira 11 soat oldin
Loved your video you so good at customizing those phones your so talented i could never be that good all I can do is ...Well not very much 😁😁😁😉🤣😂
Mehr Bano
Mehr Bano 11 soat oldin
I Love this 💖
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Why’d you pronounce Dixie as “Charlis sister” and Avani as “one of them”
The Dude
The Dude 12 soat oldin
darven darilus
darven darilus 14 soat oldin
love your content
zero 14 soat oldin
15 years later : ZHC will surprise NASA with a custom rocket
Ryan Fernander
Ryan Fernander 14 soat oldin
Please can I have one I don't have a
Ahmad Alemi
Ahmad Alemi 14 soat oldin
I really want to win de give away pliss zhc
Adham Khaled
Adham Khaled 15 soat oldin
لو عايز طريقة تاخد منها 100 صندوق -كلاسيك مجانا- فى pubg mobile , كل اللى هتعمله هتدخل جوجل وتكتب mbs45 وتدخل اول موقع هيبعتولك الصناديق , الطريقة سهله ونفعت معايا
Subash Tamang
Subash Tamang 16 soat oldin
On my way! On my way!
Alexa Snapke
Alexa Snapke 16 soat oldin
at 7;59 charli d'melio was doing '''RENAGED''
Shriansh Kowlgi
Shriansh Kowlgi 17 soat oldin
I wish I could customize iphones like you :(
maria gen
maria gen 17 soat oldin
Ok ty yt that u recommend this video after 1 year
MaiLinh Chu
MaiLinh Chu 17 soat oldin
Can you do four lanky box pls!!!!
Olivia Grainger
Olivia Grainger 18 soat oldin
Can I have a shout out plzzzzzzzsss
King Bong
King Bong 20 soat oldin
aidie kaidi
aidie kaidi 21 soat oldin
Cool, Wow
Nisa Şahin
Nisa Şahin 22 soat oldin
Nancy Antony
Nancy Antony 22 soat oldin
I stay in India 🇮🇳
kean Marcus
kean Marcus 23 soat oldin
ZHC those phones are cool i wish i had one 😕😕
Evissa方洧杺 23 soat oldin
HOLY FREAK I thought it was not them 😭
Noel Mandal
Noel Mandal 23 soat oldin
Kclyn Capili
Kclyn Capili Kun oldin
Watda wow👑💍💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Brayan Sosa
Brayan Sosa Kun oldin
Regalarme uno ami plis
الدعسوقه والاقط الأسود
Waoooo 😮😯😯😳 LOVE 💗💗
Relaxation and Meditation
Whoever read this, REMEMBER: Life is short. Cut out negativity, forget gossip, say goodbye to people who don´t care. Spend time with people who are always there.💖🙏
Pratham Ajay
Pratham Ajay Kun oldin
Wow bro excellent customising phones!😍🔥 Damn wish u become the richest man one day!
Jacqueline Vrablic
Can I get one
Jonathan Gggg
Jonathan Gggg Kun oldin
Who Else Is Watching This In 2021 :))
Usually Jaded
Usually Jaded Kun oldin
Zohra Zohra
Zohra Zohra Kun oldin
I dont really like how he says chairls sister not dixe
Judith Garcia cabrera
Zhc ur fake how ur gonna send it ur so dum
Joe A
Joe A 10 soat oldin
Sunflower Sister’s
Zack 20 years form now : customizing Mars
Dalia Mohammad
Dalia Mohammad Kun oldin
I love your UZblock channel
غلا الجميلة
FaZe_nicolas Nicolas
Did it
Juanchipasto Kun oldin
bro wtf 88M wtf this is so biiiiiig
Stranger Things
Stranger Things Kun oldin
Tymczasem ja którą nie stać nawet na Ip se 2020 be like:
Asta LL
Asta LL Kun oldin
7:31 i totally understand and feel with u
Riya Thomas
Riya Thomas Kun oldin
The fact that they turn a 12 hour video into a 12 minute video
Besties army! Forever
Omg you so good
yohana andersson
espero que dios te bendiga mucho
Rukaya Alwashah zxcdt
Amina kadyrzhan
Amina kadyrzhan Kun oldin
Дай мне телефон пж
Amina kadyrzhan
Amina kadyrzhan Kun oldin
Ой какой классно 😔😥 моя телефон очень.........😥моя телефон HUAWEI
Charli me la pela fernanfloo es mejor >:)
do good deeds
do good deeds Kun oldin
Zach: are u satisfied?? Me: kinda Me again: Omg HOW DO U DO THATTT🔥🔥🔥 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Skywalker
charli usa bots xd
Alissa32 Minecraft
I love the editing
Genesis Forte
Genesis Forte Kun oldin
Charlix.donuts Dunkin
You are an artist serious great 👍
English Song House ༒YT
But i am in iraq how you send to me when i win ?
Atul Sonule
Atul Sonule Kun oldin
Plz I want to gift to my mom please give it to me plz guys I love u guys plz I need it
Letrowenplays Kun oldin
Frost gaming
Frost gaming Kun oldin
I just subcribe and you didnt give me :( :(
Joe A
Joe A 9 soat oldin
@Frost gaming it was over a year ago
Frost gaming
Frost gaming Kun oldin
You have 20 days to give me
Sushil Shah
Sushil Shah Kun oldin
I am very satisfied
Norma Ramos
Norma Ramos Kun oldin
Are you tricking us to practice stinky and like Super Sonic fighting like oh my gosh super nice I'm a girl so yeah I like your videos peace out
Ariana Halili
Ariana Halili Kun oldin
zach in a couple of years : hi guys today i am customizing a mooon
Amiel Sarmiento
Amiel Sarmiento Kun oldin
SOFIA AHMED 2 kun oldin
Omg charli and chase have the same phonecase omg 😱
2:13 no you did not just say "Charli D'Amelio's sister"...its Dixie
HENRY 2 kun oldin
4:16 song ?????
Roblox girl
Roblox girl 2 kun oldin
Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips 2 kun oldin
iLike bearded dragons 🐲
Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips 2 kun oldin
I LOVE You're videos so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Surin Ghansham
Surin Ghansham 2 kun oldin
Please send one for me too
Random stuff
Random stuff 2 kun oldin
The beginning is so satisfying
Zarrena Mahbobi
Zarrena Mahbobi 2 kun oldin
I subscribe
Ja'Kiah Williams
Ja'Kiah Williams 2 kun oldin
wait what 50 iphones 11 (@
lance cod
lance cod 2 kun oldin
The real title thats sick compalation
Ruth Bonilla
Ruth Bonilla 2 kun oldin
Sophia Avellino
Sophia Avellino 2 kun oldin
Charli and her sister look almost like twins
Julian 2 kun oldin
0:04 hahah lol
Dame Black
Dame Black 2 kun oldin
I subscribe I like you
Mxkenzie K
Mxkenzie K 2 kun oldin
They probably never even used those phones...
Mona R
Mona R 2 kun oldin
Not funny _
Not funny _ 2 kun oldin
Hi zhc I love your channel picture
Asia channa
Asia channa 2 kun oldin
You u got a hair drier
Blake M
Blake M 2 kun oldin
can i have one!
Jasmine editz
Jasmine editz 2 kun oldin
blackpink lisa
blackpink lisa 2 kun oldin
[NOOR] •
[NOOR] • 2 kun oldin
هل من عربي هنا؟
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