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18-Iyn, 2021



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Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin 3 kun oldin
Videos like this make me tear up so much I just can’t wait until I can share this experience with my family some day
Puppy love
Puppy love 5 kun oldin
Ryan’s parents were so happy 🥰
G .O
G .O 5 kun oldin
You have a very beautiful family and you are very lucky. Y'all deserve everything good in this world ❤️
Klaudia Ortiz
Klaudia Ortiz 6 kun oldin
You look more like chiquis rivera than Chiquis her self
Bbyeileen garay
Bbyeileen garay 6 kun oldin
mayra congrats on your little blessing your going to be a great mommy❤️
FaythluvsLyfe 10 kun oldin
Jasmine tho 😭
Gaudencio Cabrera
Gaudencio Cabrera 10 kun oldin
I love this ❤️soooo emotional 😭
Angie Valenzuela
Angie Valenzuela 11 kun oldin
1:46 am and Im here crying for Mayra’s pregnancy 😭😭😭😭
Fong Pau Er
Fong Pau Er 11 kun oldin
omg im crying together
adrienettewrldd 12 kun oldin
I swear like she sounds like LEGIT KARINA
Kiara Escamilla
Kiara Escamilla 13 kun oldin
Anna Montalvo
Anna Montalvo 14 kun oldin
I love how emotional Luis is 😫❣️
Jaime Lopez
Jaime Lopez 16 kun oldin
Gods plan ♥️
L D 17 kun oldin
I come back to watch this just to see karinas reaction when her husband walks in 😂😂😂❤️
Cynthia Mora
Cynthia Mora 18 kun oldin
So beautiful how much joy a new life brings. ❤️ may God bless you and your family and baby.
Celena Crager
Celena Crager 20 kun oldin
Not in a bitch way but like when someone shows you something like this , NO ONE GIVES A FUCK THAT YOU KNEW IT ! Stand there and act fucking surprised and congratulate the couple 😂 please !!!
Kasandra Perez
Kasandra Perez 20 kun oldin
Karinas reaction was speechless 🥰🥰 GIRLL u have me crying and laughing at the same time 💕
Martha L Rodriguez
Martha L Rodriguez 21 kun oldin
Congratulations/Felicitatedes to you and the Familia. Wow. I really was crying when your brother started to cry but I saw how you in laws took the news. This is a fun video to do now in a couple of months have a Baby Reveal shower. Love you both
Abril 25 kun oldin
Karinas reaction was my fave XD so cute. Her baby is so adorable 🥰
ari Suazo
ari Suazo 25 kun oldin
Awwwww and karinas reaction that postpartum emotional shit ain’t no joke 😭
Gabriela Ramirez
Gabriela Ramirez 25 kun oldin
Handsome just chilling in the back love him ❤️❤️❤️🐶
Sharday Jourdan
Sharday Jourdan 25 kun oldin
It's the Miss girl for me lol I love it
Monica Ramirez
Monica Ramirez 25 kun oldin
Im so happy for you and Bryan Congrats Im literally crying with you because i am so happy for you ❤️
Jennifer Puca
Jennifer Puca 26 kun oldin
why did i cry every time she showed someone as if i didn't already know 😭😭😭😭
elizabeth 27 kun oldin
Who's Ms. Girl and flurry?! 🤣
Kayla Westbrook
Kayla Westbrook 28 kun oldin
So true! We tried for the longest time and when we finally stopped trying I got pregnant! 27 weeks 2 days and I hope everyone who is praying for a baby gets that amazing news soon
Sandra Braxton
Congratulations! ❤
mayra082811 Oy oldin
I tried for 9 yrs and one day told my husband im done tryin it was too much heartbreak and literally a month later i found out ibwas pregnant lol
Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez Oy oldin
THE DOG IN THE BACK SEAT :,) Congratulations!!
magali gutierrez
Congratulations 🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️ why her suegros more excited than her mom 🤔😅
Jess Ramirez
Jess Ramirez Oy oldin
take a short every time mayra says “miss girl”
Evolvingmama Oy oldin
😭I love all the happy reactions ❤️ I wish I could have experienced that just once. Also, You’re literally so gorgeous 😍 Congrats mama 🥳
Daisy Rojo
Daisy Rojo Oy oldin
This is dope. I got pregnant with my booty call so my families reaction was disappointment 😅 Really pays off to wait and have a baby with someone you love and possibly married. The support is not necessary but definitely a big bonus to feel the love in a very vulnerable situation. God Bless your family 💕🥰🙏🏻
Maribel Gonzalez
OMG it would be soooo cuteeee if Mia and her/him had similar rooms 😲💖
Mar- a
Mar- a Oy oldin
lloro el hermano por que mayra es la nani desus chikillos 🤣
Nancy Herrera
Nancy Herrera Oy oldin
Karinas reaction is priceless...you know she felt that !! 🥰🥰🥰
Alison Agustine
Congrats,,,yes thats tru when you stop trying boom it happens
Ana Felicia Muñoz
Omg congrats to y’all ❤️🥺
Gaby Fernandez
Is Bryan’s dad in tj?
Alma Alcala
Alma Alcala Oy oldin
Mayra’s dad “ QUE ES ? “ esta embarazada mayra .. “ ESTA EMBARAZADA? “ ... “ ESTAS EMBARAZADA TU ? “ 😂😂😂
Özlem Peters
Özlem Peters Oy oldin
Not ugly crying over here watching this video 😭❤️ I love how supportive all your family and friends are. Karina and Luis’s reactions were my favorite 😭😭
Selene Zamora
Selene Zamora Oy oldin
Luis reaction made me cry!! Congratulations! 🎉
Mirla- Isa Alvarado
Luis is so cute!! U have such an amazing brother he’s so sweet! Congratulations!!!
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas Oy oldin
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Martha Leyva
Martha Leyva Oy oldin
Her brother is the cutest💓
Michelle _deee
Damm karina reaction ❤️❤️
alee 1823
alee 1823 Oy oldin
Omg of course someone walked in when you said you were hoping no one does 🤣
Amber Mejil
Amber Mejil Oy oldin
I'm so happy for you !!🥺🥺🥺
kolim jone
kolim jone Oy oldin
😭😭😂 when raul walks in and karinas crying . "i bought a cake" 😩😭😂😂😂✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Nubia Gonzalez
I love Peter! Where is he? No more Peter on youtube! ☹️
Angela Adams
Angela Adams Oy oldin
Diakite Bowman
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kolim jone
kolim jone Oy oldin
Vanessa Rivas
Vanessa Rivas Oy oldin
Clear blue 😂
Leishla Rodriguez
Awwwweee Luis 🥺😭😭😭😭
Celia Campos
Celia Campos Oy oldin
Yes!!! I stop trying and the month I decided to get on BC my period never came! 9 months later…
Alma Romaldo
Alma Romaldo Oy oldin
Im so happy for you i love hansom
Anna Cruz
Anna Cruz Oy oldin
Karina’s and Luis reaction priceless 😭❤️
Dottie Rodriguez
I’m in tears 😭 ( happy ones ) 🥰
Carrie Nazario
Karinas reaction had my choked up😭😭
Natalia Rose Gaming
Karina's Reaction was priceless Byan's Parents Reaction... Im laughing and crying
Maria Flores Gandaria
Not me crying in the break room at work 😭😭😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💓
Jocelyn Perez
Jocelyn Perez Oy oldin
Omg Karina crying !! Makes me cry 😢❤️❤️❤️🥰
Sayda Perez
Sayda Perez Oy oldin
Ok but your dads reaction & Jas coming out of the of the shower 😂
Natzhely Chavez
Watching it for a second time 🤍
Kia TV
Kia TV Oy oldin
Yeap that's what happened to me! Soon as i stopped trying it happened!
Nazreen Asghar
Same thing happened to me I have pcos health condition and i stoped trying for a baby couple weeks later find out I’m pregnant now have 4 months to go and having a little princess
Alexis Byrum
Alexis Byrum Oy oldin
your always making me cry with the new baby updates congraaaaaaaattttts
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez Oy oldin
very true! with my first when i stopped trying i got pregnant 🙌🏻 now she’s almost 6 yrs old 🥺
Marilyn Asqui
Marilyn Asqui Oy oldin
I cried so much and you are not even my family. But you are my UZblock friend 🥰congrats 🍾 and my god give you a healthy baby.
elena sifuentez
Why does she say “miss girl” a lot?
Elisa Garmendia
Omg watching well pregnant is hard lol I've been wanting to watch but just seeing the announcement made me sob 😭because I know hard you've prayed for this and sitting here all prego and emotional I'm crying I'm so happy for you may God bless you on your journey into motherhood. May God but is hands over you and protect you and your baby from all these negative/ hateful people that know nothing of what you have been through to get here. Team twins lol jk 😜. Team healthy baby...!!!!!!
Mayra Facio
Mayra Facio Oy oldin
That is so sweet, everyone showed so much love and emotion
Marilyn Prado
Marilyn Prado Oy oldin
Im so happy for y’all we all know how much you wanted this congratulations to both of you 🥰😍
Viry! Oy oldin
Awww so much love in one video❤ Congratz to you both!!
Magnolia LoveTX
So beautiful! Congratulations
Joanna Ventura
There reactions! Are everything! Your family so awesome! #Gosls
Blanca Diaz
Blanca Diaz Oy oldin
JesusChrist loves to give his children surprises may God of all Glory continue to bless you and Brain and baby❤
natalie franco
Why does everyone say ‘I knew it’ lol
Kimberly Patterson
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sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Oy oldin
Literallly was crying every time she told someone 😭😭, omgg they’re going to be the best parents. I clicked on this video so fast
Madison Oy oldin
“You have no idea this is the best time of your life* y’all had my cryin
The JEA family
Kimberly Nunez
Nobody: Mayra: I know miss girl 👁👄👁 🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE YOU 😭😭😭
The JEA family
Kimberly Nunez
Do we have the same dad? LMAO! Because same! When my sister got pregnant she got my dad a cup that said ‘grandpa’ and he was like 👁 👄 👁 ??????
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Oy oldin
Which is beautiful! I’m so happy for you!
Sofia Rodriguez22_2021
Congratulations both
Daisy Ramirez
Daisy Ramirez Oy oldin
i love like how Karina's/Mayra's dad was like que es eso lmfao but overall beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Sara Star the NAILTECH
Congratulations ❤️❤️ your sister brought tears to my eyes!❤️
Mayraaah Zz
Mayraaah Zz Oy oldin
4 min into the video and I’m already crying!!! Don’t do this to me 😭 Congratulations!!!!!
Geovana Manriquez
Omg congratulations 🎉
Yuliana Tzintzun
We need a storytime, why did your dad react the way that he did?
Karen Mis
Karen Mis Oy oldin
Omg gurrrrrl I cried & laughed to the whole video! Sooo so happy for you guys 💕
Sandy Orozco
Sandy Orozco Oy oldin
The way Karina was so excited for you!!!! ❤️ 🥺
Mayda Galvan
Mayda Galvan Oy oldin
Awww lloré con la reacción de tus suegros 🥲 que bonita familia tienes Mayra 🥰🥰🥰 felicidades chicos !!!
I’m so happy that little Mia will have a cousin that could be really close to her 💕💕💕
Sheirley Flores
Karinas reaction was the best ❤️❤️
Ana Santana
Ana Santana Oy oldin
That baby is already soo soo loved! 🥲🥲❤️
Prahansa A
Prahansa A Oy oldin
I didn't understand anything...but I can definitely feel that all are very happy...God bless you , your family & your baby ❤️
cynthia luna
cynthia luna Oy oldin
I’ve watched this video so many times and the more I watch it the more I love it! Honestly I know y’all wanted to be pregnant together but the more I watch the video god truly does have a plan, he gave you second best. Back to back pregnancy’s and babies. He gave y’all both the most treasured gifts but allowed you both your own special time separately. Which is beautiful! I’m so happy for you!
Mckenna Pollock
Why is the girls the first want to hug the girls and the boys is the first want to hug the boys
Bery Mata
Bery Mata Oy oldin
Your bro and Karina's reaction got me crying here!!
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