Testing Julia’s Tongue Size #shorts 

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23-Apr, 2021



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Muhammad Khaidir Ilham
Muhammad Khaidir Ilham 30 daqiqa oldin
Who is she?
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 50 daqiqa oldin
its because she has skin attaching her tongue to her mouth; go to a doctor to get the skin cut. my aunt and sister had the same thing and they got it cut. its actually quite common
Thi Thai Binh Huynh
this is your reminder that you have watched too many youtube shorts today. go be productive and get off ur phone😝
Vignesh.s Vignesh Seenivasan
Wash your face first
Yayang Soat oldin
Anybody know the girl name?
andonie valadez franco
Chet Benedicto
Chet Benedicto 6 soat oldin
I think the comments is glitching Joke its not good at all tho
Brandt Scholar
Brandt Scholar 6 soat oldin
“Stick it out” THATS WHAT SHE SAID
TaKeDa Shirobuti
TaKeDa Shirobuti 8 soat oldin
Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry 8 soat oldin
aliweez subscribe to her youtube but you have to look lt up on google because she has bot posted but she will soon
Frxnch Edxts
Frxnch Edxts 12 soat oldin
You guys are so cute and funny 😂
Gustavia Bayu Sedati
Gustavia Bayu Sedati 17 soat oldin
She s so pretty
100 Midhun Krishna R
100 Midhun Krishna R 18 soat oldin
Stay away from UZblock haath pair sab jodhta hun🙏
Johannes Lodahl
Johannes Lodahl 19 soat oldin
Damn she is wonderful, congrats for knowing her :D
Killer BOY
Killer BOY 20 soat oldin
This girl is so cute
Amy Whitt
Amy Whitt 21 soat oldin
This is weird I bought one of those the other day and now I'm getting all kinds of vids with them in it😅
Cassete 22 soat oldin
Cassete 22 soat oldin
Pramod S
Pramod S 22 soat oldin
Wow Julia is pretty. Lucky guy
Duck Tape
Duck Tape Kun oldin
Tiktok is cancer
GhosT Kun oldin
OMG she is so beauty
Muhammad Haider
Muhammad Haider Kun oldin
Who is sticking out right now
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Kun oldin
Tiktok rejects here are tryna get famous
TuxedoGeek Kun oldin
Remember, if you ever feel stupid, this guy exists
Yiğit Ercan
Yiğit Ercan Kun oldin
Akşama lazım olr aşkm sjsjdjjd
Zeynep Özdemir #SaveRalph #teşekkürlerdove
I cant speak english. I from Turkish
Mushroom Kun oldin
Big shit
Mushroom Kun oldin
@opzz xsin sorry but i don't know I am from Brazil
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Kun oldin
How many corona was spread that day?
Jawahar Gurumoorthy
She is cute
Arief Fadhly
Arief Fadhly Kun oldin
Whats her full name?
HotReku Kun oldin
Tiktok is cancer But she's beautiful btw First time don't regret watching these videos
haha ! funny video bro
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan Kun oldin
Tell me his full name please
Amit Rao
Amit Rao Kun oldin
Ya & she is beautiful..
dwovgil Kun oldin
Is this how men are funnier than women?
troyguererro 08
troyguererro 08 2 kun oldin
남성이동춘 2 kun oldin
여성분 너무좋아
A Random Indian ✓ • 9 years ago
SIMPly gorgeous.🙄
lThellRockl 2 kun oldin
Guess she's got no gag reflex
Vermillion 2 kun oldin
Scribblebytes 2 kun oldin
How many corona was spread that day?
ale_x4ndra 2 kun oldin
No,no,no,no! TikTok is infecting UZblock! We have to do something! We can't let that happen
Edix411 2 kun oldin
Everyone here talking about Tik tok when this is literally Snapchat💀
RA MIKIR 2 kun oldin
hi jang
hi jang 2 kun oldin
She so cute~~~
Kori 2 kun oldin
She's cute!
minij hooi
minij hooi 2 kun oldin
Charnelle Wynne Flores
Random Flyt
Random Flyt 3 kun oldin
TikTok is Cancer
George And Justin
George And Justin 3 kun oldin
sometimes like right now i wish i was an alien so i wouldn’t have to say that i share a planet with whatever this is
LooseEnds-_- 3 kun oldin
we’re gonna test your “tong ties”
Kendra Greathouse
Kendra Greathouse 3 kun oldin
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 3 kun oldin
I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18)
Coolest Adil
Coolest Adil 3 kun oldin
Tiktok=shit talk
Chaitu Durgam
Chaitu Durgam 3 kun oldin
Cute smile sistaa
ROI HAN 3 kun oldin
I would use that tool for something different...
FarscapeIII 3 kun oldin
Good sport : )
Michelle Bayer
Michelle Bayer 3 kun oldin
Mohammed Irfan
Mohammed Irfan 3 kun oldin
Tiktok needs to be destroyed
Anthony Jankowsky
Anthony Jankowsky 3 kun oldin
LoiQ 3 kun oldin
China gifted us Corona Virus, Hanta virus and finally *TikTok Virus* 🦠
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 soat oldin
Tiktok rejects here are tryna get famous
Scelestine 3 kun oldin
The fact that y'all think it's tiktok- Bruh the caption is different The watermark isn't there And yes I do know it's cringey But. Y'all need to stop complaining about the smallest things. If you hate it then use the thing youtube put. Y'know the "Not InTerested" button and not cry like a literal toddler over a video. You're the same as cringey as the video if you're problematic about it.
Fardin Faiyaz
Fardin Faiyaz 3 kun oldin
anyone know her name? Instragam?
TheTSRush 3 kun oldin
Cringey, bad behavior, dumb decisions, and video proof. Social media in a nutshell.
Sayyed Mohd Faizan
Sayyed Mohd Faizan 3 kun oldin
is julia on instagram?
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady 3 kun oldin
CIA Unofficial
CIA Unofficial 3 kun oldin
Girl fine hooman stupid
Shinchan Fun Club
Shinchan Fun Club 3 kun oldin
Wow that's actual Cringe
superguaja 3 kun oldin
Nice name Julia.. My name is Julia to ik im so swag
Soap Senpai
Soap Senpai 3 kun oldin
Anyone else think she's so cute 😍??
Madboy RRJ
Madboy RRJ 3 kun oldin
I got crush on julia🥺
Khairulhisham Khairul
YONDER K 3 kun oldin
Julia STICK IT OUT!!!!!!!!
Michael Trevino
Michael Trevino 3 kun oldin
k S
k S 3 kun oldin
What is that device, I want one
Steam Boat
Steam Boat 3 kun oldin
Haha ecks dee
LaCole Williams
LaCole Williams 3 kun oldin
LaCole Williams
LaCole Williams 3 kun oldin
Twisted Bunny
Twisted Bunny 3 kun oldin
tik tokers don't need youtube to show the world how cringe they can be F these shorts
AQUAMARINE 3 kun oldin
if yall would look down and use your eyes....its literally a snapchat video jesus. Yall see and vertical video and immediately comment "tiktok sucks" 💀stfu.
Manjeet Chauhan
Manjeet Chauhan 3 kun oldin
Love your expression
SK status
SK status 3 kun oldin
Her smile is so cute ❤️
Artur Vonsetevani
Artur Vonsetevani 3 kun oldin
Andrei Lastimoso
Andrei Lastimoso 3 kun oldin
She's so cute
cody Wright
cody Wright 3 kun oldin
Tiktok: On UZblock Comment section: You don't belong here
BlueFeral 3 kun oldin
Imagine hating on tik tok 🤡
Melody Wilson
Melody Wilson 4 kun oldin
Melody Wilson
Jake Hart studios
Jake Hart studios 4 kun oldin
Antivaxers: my kids haven't gotten one shot and they're perfectly fine There kid:
Eddygangstaz [GD]
Eddygangstaz [GD] 4 kun oldin
No joke she looks very similar to one of my peers
TheHonorlord 4 kun oldin
Now let me tell you what that thing was grabbing before it touched your tongue...
THE MAN OF QUALITY 4 kun oldin
I like Julias's blue eyes😘❤🤳 🇮🇩indonesia present julias's👋
Timothy Lovell
Timothy Lovell 4 kun oldin
Alright dobrik the 2nd WANABE
Philip E
Philip E 4 kun oldin
She’s really beautiful
Malicious Intent
Malicious Intent 4 kun oldin
I got something for that tongue.......
Drak 4 kun oldin
Alright dude we get it the girl is pretty. So stop showing off with these cringe videos
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 4 kun oldin
I guess I don't get it...
Mel 4 kun oldin
Nay Linn Aung
Nay Linn Aung 4 kun oldin
Anyone knows How to turnoff youtube shorts? Im tired of these cringes yet cant Resist Clicking it lol
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 4 kun oldin
The Best GachaTuber Ever Is Isabella
Plot Twist: Julia didn’t stick her tounge out all the way.
MatchstalkMan 4 kun oldin
Julia, have a word with HR. I’m pretty sure this is harassment.
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