The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1) 

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Harry Asmith
Harry Asmith 49 daqiqa oldin
All this and no mention of the arguably worst president of all time James Buchanan? He did nothing as states started to succeed.
MLG338 10 soat oldin
Dream looks like a character from these OverSimplified videos I wonder if dream got inspired by OverSimplified🤔
JT 14 soat oldin
"Oversimplified"... 30 minutes... Part 1....
Nikolas Decker
Nikolas Decker 21 soat oldin
Grandma??? 😂
John Cooper
John Cooper 23 soat oldin
A majority of slaves were actually treated fairly nice by their owners because the owners wanted the most out of the slaves and if you treat someone nice, they will work better. Or mabey I'm just pulling this outa my ass.
Dat Man
Dat Man Kun oldin
States do have the right to succession tho
Pia Nørby
Pia Nørby Kun oldin
In 1864
Pia Nørby
Pia Nørby Kun oldin
Fact in denmark there was an war
Destiny Grant
Destiny Grant Kun oldin
Here in Kansas we have a restaurant that has John Brown as its mascot
Jaime García
Jaime García Kun oldin
Nothing about the Texas was that big before
Kuma Kun oldin
I just graduated and I hated sitting through all of this, but now I catch myself watching it of my own free will
Nevia Glimniene
Nevia Glimniene Kun oldin
Me and my dad were watching the whole video as when he said cheekbones I was like what and my dad said yeah he was famous for his cheekbone and I was like that's crazy
Nevia Glimniene
Nevia Glimniene Kun oldin
In my mind I forgot to say that sorry
Nevia Glimniene
Nevia Glimniene Kun oldin
I thought it was a joke that the man hit him but it was actually real when I found out I couldn't believe it
Harri Nonah
Harri Nonah 2 kun oldin
The fantastic nose immediately smell because raven temporarily offer throughout a incredible blood. ancient, faithful pedestrian
vasari corridor
vasari corridor 2 kun oldin
The Great American Adventure PDF During GROVER CLEVELANDS administration in 1878, the European Royal and Elite helped to usher in the American Bar Association [a lawyers union] loyal to the Queen of England, which was unknown to the American Public! Participation and membership in the Union was initially on a voluntary basis and as it grew in strength, its participation would become mandatory. The American Bar Association would eventually prove to be a terrorist organization and one of the most corrupt influences to affect America and the American way of life
Daniel Falicki
Daniel Falicki 2 kun oldin
And this is why the future generations are doomed.
DiamondMaker1384 2 kun oldin
America should completely abolish it's federal state system. It should still have a federal system but states' become greatly insignificant.
Tyln93 2 kun oldin
Prepare for Second Civil War of America!!! Future: İlluminati will destroy America!!!
Nevia Glimniene
Nevia Glimniene 2 kun oldin
Nevia Glimniene
Nevia Glimniene 2 kun oldin
This is how teachers should teach mixing fun and learning together
Hans August Moholt
Hans August Moholt 3 kun oldin
Something alot of pepole dont know is that the democrats supported slavery pepole dont like mentioning it Thats Why he didnt say it But he shows it in the video when he shows you a look at the president board you can see that the south is a democrat
Ziair Williams
Ziair Williams 23 soat oldin
Logie Lepage
Logie Lepage 2 kun oldin
It is fair to mention for those who don't know that at the time Democrats where conservative and Republicans where progressive. And over time they switched ideologies. Which is why today we have progressive Dems and conservative reps.
Luis A
Luis A 3 kun oldin
The dude laughing trying to built the train really got me ☠️🤣🤣
DoublePlayzz Gaming
The American flag went up the river and was like WEEEEEEEE then got yeeted.
Vunga 3 kun oldin
i laughed for 5 minutes at a john brown farm
MichaelPlays 3 kun oldin
How do you spell skatmanjohn
Patrick Fullilove
Patrick Fullilove 3 kun oldin
Did no one get the Goodfellas reference at 19:56?
Travis M
Travis M 3 kun oldin
"Yeah, me too" Dead 😂
sebastian carvajal
sebastian carvajal 3 kun oldin
He needs to do some other civil wars
JOSHUA COOPER 3 kun oldin
It's funny how a lot of black people call white people racist even though during the civil war white people spilled their blood for Black people's freedom
LucasRhys03 3 kun oldin
The irony that the south felt opressesed by the north is hilarious but also disgusting.
Zac Spurlock
Zac Spurlock 3 kun oldin
What bout african history... Hannibal Barca... R ...Haiti
EpixBuzz 3 kun oldin
We just went to galena Illinois. We saw Ulysses s grants house. It was made of bricks and very old windows that look much different than today’s windows.
Necrophite78 4 kun oldin
Guess what, politics hasn't changed all that much since 1776.
Connor Sloan
Connor Sloan Kun oldin
Politics has never changed. It's always been the same old beast.
Jai Chandra
Jai Chandra 4 kun oldin
Bro in Jhon brows tune you copied the shadow fight 2's hermits level's tune right but OP
Monster wierdo
Monster wierdo 4 kun oldin
Florida makes the us look like it has a long dong
Iorwerth ap Myrddin ap Dderwen Wyllt
Hey my ancestors were starving children working in coal mines, they earned in today's money around 50 cents-pence per day but when they hit 14 they could earn a whopping £2 in today's money or $2.79 in freedom coins. That's if they weren't too badly injured from school, since it was law to flog children caught speaking their native language of Welsh which in the 1800's was the only language spoken in Wales. Thank Tanaris I live in today's world where I can scream "Twll dyn pob saes" and the worst I'll get is either an Englishman accusing me of being a foreigner or recognising what I said and accusing me of sexually assaulting some mutton.
a 4 kun oldin
"I didn't lose, I just failed to win!" Every Japanese after WWII
a 3 kun oldin
@nat "I didn't lose I merely failed to win." Every American after Korea.
nat 3 kun oldin
"I didn't lose I merely failed to win." Every American after Vietnam.
patchory 4 kun oldin
the slave thing is very untrue ask a real african person where they slaves? they will say no the so called "african american" arent african this a lie the white man told us they are the native indian when columbus come over here thinking he was in india so he said "indians" not african he tried to kill the indian but fail the native indians killed 40 percent of europe and the yamasee war started the yamasee lost after their own people betrayed them the only way the british could win against the Yamasee tride was to bride the other tribe to fight against the yamasee, but the yamasee did stop the native slave trade so the "black people" arent black they are indians not black black mean dead, death they arent dead so stop calling them black people called them indian people or native indians.
Donald Lancon Jr
Donald Lancon Jr 4 kun oldin
OK, I was willing to go with the Celcius thermometer, but then I noticed the light bulb… (!?)
whitephoenix3224 4 kun oldin
John Brown, John Pual Jones. There seems to be a trend of Americans being named John and just being insane.
NDMac 5 kun oldin
Wish they made my US history classes half as interesting as this channel
Harshit Verma
Harshit Verma 5 kun oldin
why is it so good?
TSMY_Z 5 kun oldin
I though then confederates where Poland and the un
Templar1 5 kun oldin
Simplified: North / Fed Government: “ You’ll do what we say” South : “Screw You”
Cassie N
Cassie N 5 kun oldin
NBA Gameplay
NBA Gameplay 5 kun oldin
This is why only white people should pay reparations this would give a-least a bet of justice.
imperial japan ball
Its always north vs. Sounth but the north is the good guys this time
Dutch van der Linde
memelord 776
memelord 776 5 kun oldin
I’m the beginning I thought I was watching the nepolionic wars
Martin Castro
Martin Castro 5 kun oldin
Why are Robert E Lee and US marines dress in blue?
Random Kun oldin
They were still part of the union before the states succeeded, therefore were union soldiers
Reigne Stephen Regalado
@Martin Castro well not officially? War officially began in Sumter... But it's probably just Marines' uniforms so not related to the side they are on (maybe the South changed the Marine uniform later on?)
Martin Castro
Martin Castro 5 kun oldin
@Reigne Stephen Regalado 1859
Reigne Stephen Regalado
They were... not in a war yet?
jared glinka
jared glinka 5 kun oldin
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Real Abraham Lincoln
You forgot my father punished me severely
Bone 6 kun oldin
McClellan was so stupid
I am warranted
I am warranted 6 kun oldin
Bruh Lincoln be creating some sick quotes
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Poet narangi fall down or mimicri
Real Abraham Lincoln
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 6 kun oldin
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Just big powder hide Ruff concrete floor
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Ruff concret floor sleep hai
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Ashok road pooja bhandaar or saman aap ka details punjabi Hotel diye no cheating Or village meeting jogu rammanna win hona old time
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Punjabi hotel new All comment complete
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Gs oil one brother stay all brother wel come
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Bhatinda suport ae ki punjabi hotel
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Radha swamy guru ae ki or photo beg ae ki
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Hotel punjabi kaali vastu queen ae ki
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
New punjabi hotel ae ki game ae ki
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Red light area mae harasment ae ki prime minister
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Hyderbad steel company two cr loss
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Cotton bales import export
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Cricket ?
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Speech ready mean ?
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma 6 kun oldin
Gender ?
Grass Block
Grass Block 6 kun oldin
I just relized there isn't that much of a different between Southerns and Minecraft players...
Grass Block
Grass Block 4 kun oldin
@Nate Does Things yeah but what about iron golem farms?
Nate Does Things
Nate Does Things 4 kun oldin
those cobblestone minions dont have feelings
ADITYA GUPTA 6 kun oldin
can u explain THE BATTLE OF PLASSEY please
Harriet Cruz
Harriet Cruz 6 kun oldin
If it weren't for lee the union could have won the war on 1863
i am microwave
i am microwave 6 kun oldin
Josephine Liger
Josephine Liger 6 kun oldin
can you do one about alexander hamilton
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 6 kun oldin
15 Ngày IELTS
15 Ngày IELTS 6 kun oldin
All history lessons should be taught this quay.
IHAVEYE 6 kun oldin
So when we gonna hang out
GG Mike
GG Mike 6 kun oldin
what is the song called when john brown enters
Mimi Wey
Mimi Wey 6 kun oldin
And people still wave the confederate flag? When it stands for slavery?😟😟😢😢😢 How can someone have such an ugly soul?
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 5 kun oldin
@Java_Siege_ why are you so right
Java_Siege_ 5 kun oldin
Also, it’s ironic when they call themselves “patriots” because they wave the flag of a rebellion.
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 6 kun oldin
Floof 7 kun oldin
salvation_of_the_E 7 kun oldin
JIANNI 7 kun oldin
" *I wonder what would have happened if Lincoln was using a last year's famers almanac* "
Rhett Drennen
Rhett Drennen 7 kun oldin
"What on EARTH are you thinking about??" "A John Brown farm..." "Yeah, me too" LOL
Michelle Woodward
Michelle Woodward 3 kun oldin
But why does he look like the KFC guy
Corey O'R
Corey O'R 7 kun oldin
"Linc in the description " I realy fucking hope that pun was on purpose
TigTk421 7 kun oldin
8:23 …hundreds of thousands to America and millions to other countries. Absolutely horrible the human race is.
clonest 7 kun oldin
Ben L
Ben L 7 kun oldin
Your colors are confusing.
reisnorjr 7 kun oldin
Just a reminder and I know it doesn’t justify it but if you want to spread truth the slaves weren’t stolen they were sold by African tribes. Yes we shouldn’t have bought them but the video stated it incorrectly. History matters
MrJakeystpye 7 kun oldin
thanks man my university watch your entire video man!!!!😆😆😆
MrJakeystpye 7 kun oldin
thanks man my university watch your entire video man!!!!😆😆😆
nasko todorov
nasko todorov 7 kun oldin
i lik you
Cracker Jax
Cracker Jax 7 kun oldin
Why does this depict the slave states in red, and free states in blue?
Nguyen Nhat Huy
Nguyen Nhat Huy 7 kun oldin
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brendan 7 kun oldin
I love these Lincoln quotes oh my god
Marie-Pier Edwards
Marie-Pier Edwards 7 kun oldin
Fact: when Mississippi seceded from the union, the slave states adopted the flag used by the republic of west Florida.
JPMadden 7 kun oldin
Has no one else noticed Tom Hanks coming off the assembly line at 2:58?
Jeb Broham
Jeb Broham 7 kun oldin
"Huge numbers of settlers rushed to Kansas to sway the vote in their favor". This is exactly what happened in the Georgia runoff elections of January 2021, only the democrats succeeded in using fraud and voter intimidation to "win" those representative seats. This the prelude and run-up to the next Civil War. The democrats will stop at nothing to destabilize the country through their illegal voting practices. It was true in the 1850's and its true now. The democrats have, and will always be America's enemy number 1. They plunged this nation into Civil War once, and they'll do it again.
Cory CG
Cory CG 7 kun oldin
My Great Great Grandfather was born not to long after the Civil War had ended he was born in 1872 I have a picture of him and my Great Great Grandmother my Great Great Grandfather was holding my uncle whenever he was a baby in the picture the picture was taken in 1949 none of my Great Great Grandfather’s family served in the Civil War because he was English in the Revolutionary War if there was any family member that fought they would’ve fought for England.
Counterclockwise Films
Is that supposed to be Candie Man from Django unchained
Joy 8 kun oldin
lincoln and Washington be like: time to break the fourth wall
Jack der Hauptsturmführer
Thomas Jefferson condemn slavery? Doesn’t he, like, own 300 or 400 slaves himself?
Bunnoreo 7 kun oldin
Yea, a lot of founding fathers hated the practice but still did it. GW had slaves as well, but they saw the practice as a dying on so they wrote a clause in the CON outlawing the slave trade importation by the 19th century, then Eli Whitney came in and made it profitable and kept it going
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