The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea 

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This is the story of the twists and turns, the great game, that drives the race to end 70 years of hostilities, and a historic summit with North Korea and a US president.
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The Great Game (Full Episode) | Inside North Korea
National Geographic




13-Dek, 2020



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National Geographic
What intrigued you most about this video?
Joshua Stein
Joshua Stein Kun oldin
i was truly amazed how trump nailed the two words denuclearization and peninsula in one sentence. you can really see how proud he is. so cute
Daler Mehndi
Daler Mehndi 3 kun oldin
@DARREN DAY Yeah it's very sad. Democracy isn't immune to propaganda or ignorant people. Populism has been a disturbing trend worldwide the past few years...history seems bound to repeat itself.
DARREN DAY 3 kun oldin
@Daler Mehndi 70 million Americans voted for the POS now that is the real amazing thing they love a grifter and been grifted in the good old USA.
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 5 kun oldin
Conservatoves will a tually sit down and have a talk. Democrats will send american tax payer dollars and fund their tyranny
Robert Rae
Robert Rae 5 kun oldin
The number of apologists for North Korea in the US. Basically, every liberal you interviewed for the program bends over backwards to discredit Trump and promote North Korea. I guess when their family members are on an airliner brought down by the North Korean government they might finally sing a different tune.
Khwrsma Sultan
Khwrsma Sultan 45 daqiqa oldin
One sided story
vamsi sai
vamsi sai Soat oldin
Nuclear Power is a huge lie by North Korea.
Humanoid LLC
Humanoid LLC 5 soat oldin
I'm asking. Is Kim Jong-Un expert at nuclear programs? Or is it Kim Jong-Il?
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 9 soat oldin
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Collin Rowles
Collin Rowles 11 soat oldin
why did kim jon un have to prove anything? he just can kill his family and staff at will. How does N korea make money as a country? how can it run? what happens if kim jon un kills everyone? no more country to run = nothing. whats the point of even having a country like north korea around at all? it only threatens the allies for handouts every now and then.
YungRetroGamer 11 soat oldin
Should just nuke the lot of them
YungRetroGamer 11 soat oldin
Can tell this was made by Biden supporters
Jayden Bell
Jayden Bell 12 soat oldin
The jolly sociology willy scratch because swallow histologically choke astride a abiding freeze. angry, smelly sunday
Wade Holzaepfel
Wade Holzaepfel 21 soat oldin
"Is not a gift, it's how you talk to someone you disagree with" so oo... bullshittinng? I love how `diplomats` think their job is so hard. They are so disconnected from reality, if you can't talk to someone you disagree with then why the f are you in a position of power?
Enrique P
Enrique P 21 soat oldin
Girl I’m just trying to get the Ed puzzle questions chile
Egemen İpek
Egemen İpek 21 soat oldin
Worst intro I’ve ever had to endure
Jasmine McShan
Jasmine McShan 22 soat oldin
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C4rson Plays
C4rson Plays 22 soat oldin
Ken Little
Ken Little Kun oldin
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Send Dennis Rodman!
NoProphetz Kun oldin
Watch this: This is pretty wholesome, glad we might have peace (Realizing NK blew up one of the treaty building)
BANG JAGO Kun oldin
North Korea and United States love you
4241sun Kun oldin
19:37 This is not true at all. I don't understand why she said that.
Muhammad Aswar Ahmad
this isn't about two koreans... this's personal interest between China and USA..
Will Matheson
Will Matheson Kun oldin
My computer soiled the bed while I was watching this. Should I switch to Red Star OS?
강주효 Kun oldin
N.korea trump & god 통일시대을 주도할것이니라ㅡ
Big Draco
Big Draco 2 kun oldin
Trump flexed on him
tom joe
tom joe 2 kun oldin
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Iris Ramos
Iris Ramos 2 kun oldin
I've heard about him trust me if I get killed over this so be it but he treats his people like crude as far as I know
Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson 2 kun oldin
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tech talk with zk
tech talk with zk 3 kun oldin
Paul K.
Paul K. 3 kun oldin
USA propaganda using geographic channel states KNDR is anything but democracy. Libia, Syrya, Iraq is the example how you are going to end if you allow USA dictate your democracy ))
Daddy Emon
Daddy Emon 3 kun oldin
Name a country which is totally free from US conspiracies and shady interventions
YungRetroGamer 11 soat oldin
Zaheer Mahmood
Zaheer Mahmood 3 kun oldin
Well done North Korea 🇰🇵 for standing against wester terrism
Bitter Gourdess
Bitter Gourdess 3 kun oldin
You won't believe NK tv news is the best news channel in the whole world. They simply report facts without adding any opinion or diplomacy.
joseph jeon
joseph jeon 3 kun oldin
4:41 you mean "mitch mcconnell's dad"
Chris sandoval
Chris sandoval 3 kun oldin
Trump is hands down one of the greatest presidents ever
Francis Nihs
Francis Nihs 3 kun oldin
Show show show for both. That’s it.
biden sniffs kids
biden sniffs kids 3 kun oldin
Biden is putting Americans last as we speak
Alex Kim
Alex Kim 4 kun oldin
또라이 두마리네
Rosianu Silviu
Rosianu Silviu 4 kun oldin
6:08 Romania was the same not only Korea.
Jamie Park
Jamie Park 4 kun oldin
짜 파 구 리 는 진짜 아니지 않나요?
Scott Olesen
Scott Olesen 4 kun oldin
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Jack Yarnell
Jack Yarnell 4 kun oldin
Such a fat coward, couldn't beat up obesity kim.
Hristo Hristov
Hristo Hristov 4 kun oldin
So Trump made North and South Korea to talk face to face on most high level? This in long term is good, right?
Omar Rajab
Omar Rajab 4 kun oldin
The Rise and Fall of Kim's Dynasty? Perhaps not anytime soon?
Данил Ларкин
3:05 nyaa
اللہ ھو
اللہ ھو 4 kun oldin
Back now be nice every one
롬멜 4 kun oldin
jaiden b
jaiden b 4 kun oldin
The worried radish laterally cough because polish internationally touch except a dispensable shade. green grey grieving, true airmail
Cccc Ssss
Cccc Ssss 4 kun oldin
Great game? Great holiday for both leaders and a waste of America tax payers money
Joy Megmeg
Joy Megmeg 4 kun oldin
I am here specially to thank Dr godfatherspellcaster on UZblock, who brought back my Ex lover back
Qais Mohammadi
Qais Mohammadi 4 kun oldin
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 4 kun oldin
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Fa Sa
Fa Sa 5 kun oldin
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남궁민수 5 kun oldin
North korea is real nation. they have authenticity. i don't like communism but real nation is north
Pinoy Diskubre Channel
actually the only thing lacks in North Korea to be annihilated by US is OIL
l0boen 5 kun oldin
It’s grossness to crazy people. Well looks like this publication I garbage now too Luckily there are 1000’s of other choices now.
JamTheIdol 5 kun oldin
They said trump said the entire country but you specifically hear him say for himself as in Kim only
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 5 kun oldin
The iran nuclear deal has to be the weakest card ever played. What a waste that was. Not sure you can call it a deal.
David Kim
David Kim 6 kun oldin
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Rachmat Hidayatullah
I think ROK has own perspective about Korean Peninsula even his U.S alliance. ROK shown different approaches in unification issue with DPRK.
J N 6 kun oldin
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
Northern Korea is nothing to the powers in the US. Korea's just a finger (the middle finger) to a global handshake . China hates us... they're killing it on buying candidates.
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
China is the biggest threat to her United states. Low level military personnel conduct drills to successfully repel attacks from China
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
So China... no?... ok gotcha..
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
Lucky for us... covid happened.. no need to worry about north Korea
Ceckata Ceckata
Ceckata Ceckata 6 kun oldin
Denuclearization won't solve the problem. It will just make NK feel vulnerable. Nukes are ok if the regime is moderate, like France, India, UK etc. they all possess nukes. The talks should be about human rights, reformation and liberalization.
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis 6 kun oldin
Imagine getting handed a kingdom that's "perfect" and the most powerful and corrupt nation thinks it can tell you to change..
Reymark 6 kun oldin
Kim jong un
Stacey McSharry
Stacey McSharry 7 kun oldin
The wary net lilly curl because baker controversly turn without a squealing revolver. decisive, available passenger
Hlamogolo Phasha
Hlamogolo Phasha 7 kun oldin
If people were as outraged at America's many war crimes the world might be a bit better. But us propaganda machine transcends their borders and shores
똥마려 7 kun oldin
결국 쑈였지 ㅋㅋ
Albi S
Albi S 7 kun oldin
@national geographic you just tryingto brainwash people !!!!
Brendan Ryan
Brendan Ryan 7 kun oldin
Madeleine Albright is clearly entrenched in the old methods and ideas of diplomacy that have resulted in zero progress in the Korean Pennisula during her time as Secretary of State. Yet she can be acerbic and critical of any other ideas or approaches that she does no comprehend.
Ji Xin Ping
Ji Xin Ping 5 kun oldin
You think it is that easy to negotiate with a dictator?
S R 7 kun oldin
Dumb and Dumber Korean version.
Anastasia 8 kun oldin
Everyone: *Listening to the person and watching the video* Me: у него волосы, хотя я не могу
DohoonSean Kim
DohoonSean Kim 8 kun oldin
The guy that met a dictator is most pathetic who has just been a representative of him in SK.
MEOW MEOW AW AW 8 kun oldin
Public relations summit
Stupid audience
Stupid audience 8 kun oldin
President Moon is the best matchmaker :D
g davis
g davis 8 kun oldin
Trump hitpiece
amay negi
amay negi 8 kun oldin
11:14 Just leaving my timestamp
Storm Vatican
Storm Vatican 8 kun oldin
enough is enough. storm vatican seize gold and bring me 20%
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 8 kun oldin
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HEY KIM 8 kun oldin
문 재 앙
Andrei Mercado
Andrei Mercado 8 kun oldin
Jeez Kim jong un is young did not know that
Sloan Eisenbart
Sloan Eisenbart 8 kun oldin
ghost recon made a game out of this years ago. its on the original Xbox. at the same time paint ball had a spike in sales, ... im 30 now and can tell how i was influenced towards north DPRK
❤️❤️North korea
Samantar Samantar
Samantar Samantar 8 kun oldin
I like how Western media organizations whose government supports for example the Islamist, Alqaeda Saudi Arabia and other tyrannical regimes everywhere when it suits them would have us believe they are better and more humane when they discuss other criminal regimes they hate simply because these ones are not in their pocket! That is how I see this American propaganda! North Korea is Saudi Arabia that is not friendly to Western interests. Don't let these fake media lie to you!
J M 8 kun oldin
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J M 8 kun oldin
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Anthony Wakim
Anthony Wakim 8 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the napoleon hand gesture? @11:11
IBLizZaRD 9 kun oldin
I love the DPRK. What an amazing country
Fraser 1558
Fraser 1558 8 kun oldin
your crazy
Michael Insel
Michael Insel 9 kun oldin
All credit should go to trump, crazy how much it hurts them to admit jt
On Couch Arrest
On Couch Arrest 8 kun oldin
Credit for what lol? The DPRK didn’t denuclearize and seem to have ramped up their activities.
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus 9 kun oldin
I’d rather go live in Pluto rather than being in this planet , You all are just making it more complicated because of avarice ...
spooks 7 kun oldin
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 9 kun oldin
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ethereal5115 9 kun oldin
I would say, without fear of contradiction, that The Great Leader is a well established drug and alcohol abuser. Leave them all be in that country because they would leave en masse if the gates were opened and the problem would move else where.
제이크8926 9 kun oldin
If joining North Korean with South Korea, Who don’t like.. I think USA and japan
Dick Yang
Dick Yang 9 kun oldin
north korea have been 70 years of Isolation from the rest of the planet..there way behind everyone ...they like cavemen time.. to start a War you got to have Money be super super Rich.. and powerful backup, that y know Down
PREDATOR 7 9 kun oldin
How disrespectful to call dictator to the N Korea leader while referring to Trump as the president of the United States since Trump is another dictator.
Luděk Dromedár
Luděk Dromedár 9 kun oldin
Diana Ta
Diana Ta 9 kun oldin
Love it
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