The Handmaid's Tale: Season 4 Teaser • A Hulu Original 

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Let freedom reign. The Handmaid’s Tale, the 15x Emmy-winning series, returns for Season 4 on April 28, 2021, only on Hulu.
About Season 4: The cultural phenomenon picks up where we left off, with June’s fight for freedom against Gilead. But the risks she takes bring unexpected and dangerous new challenges, and her desire for justice and revenge threaten to consume her and destroy her most cherished relationships.
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25-Fev, 2021



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Charity Vance
Charity Vance Kun oldin
So her being with Nick would make more sense at this point because Luke married a different person that June is dead all the trauma she's been through.
Joaquim Filho
Joaquim Filho 2 kun oldin
Aunt Lydia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eliav Zaguri
Eliav Zaguri 3 kun oldin
Unpopular opinion: I don't like Nick. everyone are waiting to see him and im just like..🤨
Madison Kim
Madison Kim 4 kun oldin
This better have a happy ending
C W 7 kun oldin
I want energy akin to Aria poisoning the Freys. Throughout the entire season please.
Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace 11 kun oldin
Been waiting sooo long for this! Can’t wait. 😍
KingZ 15 kun oldin
I'm lol'ing at the Billie Eilish music. Very lame, doesn't fit the feel of the series. Oh well.
latosha adams
latosha adams 19 kun oldin
But I don't see her child with her smh
latosha adams
latosha adams 19 kun oldin
If she don't get her kid this time I'm done
Nina F
Nina F 20 kun oldin
If it were not for the "handmaid"-practice and the "women should not read" rule, I would rather live in Gilead than in a "woke" feminist society...
Fabricio Silva
Fabricio Silva 21 kun oldin
Vai ser do C******!!!!!!
The Davis Zone
The Davis Zone 21 kun oldin
I don't like the scene of The Waterford's walking Free!!!!
mia 21 kun oldin
Ahum Stinum-alahbakbak
This show visually looks like a mess.
Soniya Tomar
Soniya Tomar 21 kun oldin
Adrian Crveatez
Adrian Crveatez 22 kun oldin
OMG a dream come true for my birthday my birthday is in April and this is my dream 🥳🥳🥳 and today’s been a pretty bad day for me so I’m happy now
Empanald0 Mell0
Empanald0 Mell0 22 kun oldin
MEU DEUSSS AHHHHHH OLHA O TAMANHO DA HANNAaaaahhh 😱 Gnt essa temporada tá me dando uma ansiedadeeee Q chegue logo aqui no Brasil🇧🇷 Gnt do céu 😭 eu quero logo essa série A 4 temporada vai estrear no mês do meu aniversário então é mais importante ainda
milo vich
milo vich 22 kun oldin
Blessed day may the lord open this season QUICK !!!! I can’t wait to watch. Under His Eye
Alexandria Lawrence
Alexandria Lawrence 22 kun oldin
I had cold chills the entirety of watching this! Can’t wait!!
JIMMY J 22 kun oldin
Cam Rase
Cam Rase 22 kun oldin
Does someone know what city’s landscape this is? Boston?
Taisiya Schieber
Taisiya Schieber 22 kun oldin
0:58 I saw a wife and is she Nick’s new wife or Joseph?
Roman 213
Roman 213 23 kun oldin
Don’t like the choice of a billie eilish song on top.. it makes the whole thing seem silly. The score you actually use in the show is so much better.. the ominous swells really add to the slow brooding atmosphere of terror. I hope this trailer isnt representative of the whole series. Please dont make the whole thing into a silly ott action packed thriller this is not what the handmaids tale is about nor what made it good and set it apart from other series.
ladydede88 23 kun oldin
It was supposed to be released today but I don’t see it on Hulu
djmovieloverdane 24 kun oldin
So this season is about a rebellion??? 😀
Amanda Hamel
Amanda Hamel 24 kun oldin
mark white
mark white 24 kun oldin
I can't wait for that pit of the stomach tense feel of Handmaid's tale. June the badeest ting since Smith met Weston.
Jessica Frye
Jessica Frye 24 kun oldin
I cannot wait!
Hee Haa
Hee Haa 24 kun oldin
Josh really did let the US govt go out of hand. Look at Zoey now... President Bartlet would be soo soo upset
Lee 25 kun oldin
I can not remember the story of the US...is some of the US still the US and some of the US is now Gilead? If so, the US that is still the US is war torn like this trailer looks or are some areas still living like normal? I remember hearing something about not all of the US being part of Gilead....maybe I was mistaken.
Curtis Munsey
Curtis Munsey 25 kun oldin
My name is June Osborne and I am a citizen of the United States.... anyone else get goosebumps?
Antonio Wright
Antonio Wright 23 kun oldin
No, considering how the real United States is leading to civil war or the very least being Balkanized. No thanks.
KATER 25 kun oldin
Man, I'm so glad I only started watching this show last month. Can't wait for season 4.
Erab 26 kun oldin
I love Nick and June. I’m sure they won’t end up together because that would just make me too happy lol
80s boy
80s boy 26 kun oldin
I'm reading the second book of Margaret Atwood and I have bad news, but I'll just shut it because spoilers are annoying
Pro Everything
Pro Everything 25 kun oldin
Sneha Mallikarjun
Sneha Mallikarjun 26 kun oldin
Looks like Nick is gonna be back❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
m S
m S 26 kun oldin
Rey Skywalker
Rey Skywalker 26 kun oldin
Who’s the radio announcer? It sounds like Oprah but I’m not sure.
Sara P
Sara P 27 kun oldin
June: I am a citizen of United States....goosebumps.
Pete laRosa
Pete laRosa 27 kun oldin
I just wanted to say that Jesus loves you and in Jesus died for you.
Sara P
Sara P 28 kun oldin
It’s only 10 episodes this season!!!😩🙁😒😢
Sara P
Sara P 28 kun oldin
The part they showed Hannah..did you see the hard reaching out for her? The scene goes so fast you have to pause it to see it. I wonder who’s hand that is???? June’s????
Sara P
Sara P 23 kun oldin
@osborne Yes that’s what I was thinking!!☺️👍🏼
osborne 23 kun oldin
Yes, it is June’s hand
Silvia Bohemica
Silvia Bohemica 28 kun oldin
Just finished season 3! Amazing show
Angelinabug 29 kun oldin
Did June make it out or is that last scene just a trap
Kayla Green
Kayla Green 29 kun oldin
I cannot waittttt ong
A. Noxsox
A. Noxsox Oy oldin
I hope there’s more to this than extreme closeups of June’s face while empowering music plays because season 3 became a meme
Joe Aribo
Joe Aribo 27 kun oldin
OMG! That started to annoy me so much as well. The close ups intensified with season 3 and they didn't tone down at all 😐
Francis Mozes
Francis Mozes Oy oldin
Anyone else think it would have been epic if they introduced Ronda Rousey at some point?
Kenan Skoko
Kenan Skoko Oy oldin
Remember y’all they have confirmed a season 5
MsFrenchFriez Oy oldin
Under his eye 🤗 I’m so ready
Salonee Karnik
Literally the only thing I've waited for
caitlin Nicathail
Question. On hulu will this season be released weekly or all at once like netflix?
Arnaud Brz
Arnaud Brz Oy oldin
Each season was weekly I believe, at least last season was
Arya saju
Arya saju Oy oldin
Goosebumps. I pray that it's comes on amazon soon
crucialreedy Oy oldin
i don't remember what's going on
shy Oy oldin
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
Omg can hardly wait!!!!
Axae CosmicLight
Aww I didn’t see no one from the inauguration of Jan 6 here, By then..
Taylor Pedersen
I can’t wait for season 4. Never been to hyped up for a show.
Zach Oy oldin
022 Liza Bora
022 Liza Bora Oy oldin
And oh my NICK 💓
022 Liza Bora
022 Liza Bora Oy oldin
OH YES Mr Waterfred "She" will start a war and rain a blood parade on Gilead
022 Liza Bora
022 Liza Bora Oy oldin
Aunt Lydia, your "righteous nation" is going down
Caramel Latte
Caramel Latte Oy oldin
We all know June wont leave Gilead without her Hannah Banana
Jacqueline Bolton
Just an idea , have had hulu for going on three months pretty awesome! Much love !
Jacqueline Bolton
Sorry I know this had nothing to do with the trailer for the series.
Jacqueline Bolton
Hulu subscriber not sure if hulu ever sees these. If so could there be a mute function for ads I know most ppl just have a remote for this .
Sharon Houghton
Cannot wait I watched all 3 seasons in one go loved it
soiceyki Oy oldin
I’m just tryna see how they start the szn off like how do they get back to gilead after getting the children out & how do they not get caught
Sam's HappyMom
I wonder who the ladies are in the yellow dresses?
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
Almost missed that. They look like teenagers.
rachel x
rachel x Oy oldin
Am I the only one that wants june back with luke rather than nick
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
No. I am torn, but would like to see them get back together too
meerkat1954 Oy oldin
Sorry but radical feminist nutjob terrorists are not welcome in my Canada.
Miranda Kohlbrecher
You can tell she gets out by the end of the trailer it looks like she’s on a boat
gn lilu
gn lilu Oy oldin
Why April and not March?
vera palavecino
Bailey Elliott
Okay they better bring it this season cause I am tired of this drawn out story.
Tammy Flowers
Tammy Flowers Oy oldin
I can't wait!!! Blessed be the fruit!!! 😆😆😆
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
May the lord open
Tiffanie B
Tiffanie B Oy oldin
Ive rewatched the entire series so many times. it needs to be April already 😩😩😩
Filia Medici
Filia Medici Oy oldin
I am so, as they say, “pumped” 🤩❤️
Rafael Gonzalez
I hope this doesn’t get any more woke because the show is indeed pretty good
Cindi Mams
Cindi Mams Oy oldin
I love June to death, but I’m down for a time jump to Hannah and Holly/Nicole for season 5.
Saif Oy oldin
Oh boyyy!!
Stephanie Pinto
There’s a little girl on the docs! Please tell me she finally get Hanna and is free. Also why is Moria in a war zone. I wonder if they blew up Canada or did she go to Chicago
Sarah Said
Sarah Said Oy oldin
Jessie Valentine
Omg, omg, omg... Somebody sedate me, SOMEBODY SEDATE ME!!!!!!!
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
Sharon Houghton
Cannot wait for season 4 loved watching 1 2 and 3 I'm hooked
Kendra Bennett
Just rewatched the first 3.. I’m ready!!!!
Shana alcius-noel
Bhuvnesh Thakur
and Amanda Bruegel (Rita) is gonna be in season four its confirmed I dmed her and confirmed it. I asked her on Instagram are you gonna be in season 4 of handmaids tale and she said yes like this comment so I gets on top and all handmaids tale fan can see this news...
Des irée
Des irée Oy oldin
i thought she said last year she wasnt returning? I LOVE THIS!
Bhuvnesh Thakur
why isn't anyone talking about emily she is super underrated and what about her I think she might break up with Sylvia and get in relationship with moira but what would happen to her son Oliver will it be joint custody or Sylvia gets whole custody.
Ana ToFind
Ana ToFind Oy oldin
She is one of my favorite
Tobrika Thompson
Yeeesss Nick, plz help June!
Mikey McKinnon
Blessed be the trailer
Uglypotato Oy oldin
I have to mentally prepare myself for June breaking Nick’s heart to go back to Luke I know it’s happening but I can’t take it :(
pcristiane 23 kun oldin
I do not think she'll go back to Luke. I think Fred was right about this. She's not the same June anymore. Like Gandalf (from The Lord of the Rings) said: "There are some wounds that cannot be wholly cured." I think June will end up with Nick if not alone or dead.
Alex Sifuentes
Alex Sifuentes
Okay byee
Alex Sifuentes
Wait I swear
Alex Sifuentes
Alex Sifuentes
Almost a month away
Alex Sifuentes
Alex Sifuentes
Hello eveyoneee
Alex Sifuentes
Don’t mind meeeee
Alex Sifuentes
Alex Sifuentes
Just Bc I love this show sooo much
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