The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD - GO (Official Video) 

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Official video for "Go" by The Kid LAROI featuring Juice WRLD.
Listen & Download “Go” out now: TheKidLAROI.lnk.to/GoGoGo
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Director: Steve Cannon
Editor: Steve Cannon
Producer: Steve Cannon
DP: Brian Beckwith
AC: Majd Mazin
Colorist: Aleks Ver
Stylist: Jenna Demaio
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11-Iyn, 2020



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Isaac Miles
Isaac Miles Soat oldin
Dude this gives me Jiraiya and Naruto vibes Juice represents jiraiya and Laroi represents Naruto
Arlene Cruz
Arlene Cruz 6 soat oldin
😭😭 rip juice wrld but go go go so sad 😭😭
Anthony Rocha
Anthony Rocha 7 soat oldin
Who’s here in 2021
matrix 8 soat oldin
DenimGotFanz1 9 soat oldin
all the real fans coming back to watch this got all my respect rip juice 🖤
Jacob Horton
Jacob Horton 9 soat oldin
Prank_God YeYe
Prank_God YeYe 10 soat oldin
This is sad tbh like every time juice pops up its sad cuz like we get to hear him again and he looked happy like he was living the life 999 gang respect to anyone who hears this over and over again🖤🖤🖤
Spencer Hoback
Spencer Hoback 11 soat oldin
I wish Juice wasn’t at his worst in this intro
Adrian Alvarado
Adrian Alvarado 11 soat oldin
You know juice wrld and laroi were true brothers when he’s comfortable with talking to juice wrld while his gf is asleep
Adrian Alvarado
Adrian Alvarado 11 soat oldin
Laroi is carrying on juice wrlds legacy!!! Respect to you brother
Damon Aspeling
Damon Aspeling 15 soat oldin
I just realised Juice said "lil bro"
Karbyeu 15 soat oldin
Nl Lyrics
Nl Lyrics 16 soat oldin
O mai god can't stay without listening 😘
ethan james
ethan james 20 soat oldin
IM the kid LAROI
Ashton in TRXM ツ
Ashton in TRXM ツ 12 soat oldin
OK @Ethan James
Pual 18 soat oldin
ok ethan
MrXdx 22 soat oldin
Juice wrld will see the fans,
MW2QSER1 Kun oldin
I miss you every day man mad love for you juice rip I know your in heaven looking down right now.
Super superplayz
West Coast Eagles Fan
The 14K people who disliked who are you this is KID LAROI Fam and Juice WRLD fam
Alf Coron
Alf Coron Kun oldin
does this shit come in english?
Kittypaws78 Kun oldin
Laroi plss don't do drugs don't take pills we need you you a legend keep juices legacy with you
tvtime2122 Kun oldin
This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...💕
Gina Ayres
Gina Ayres Kun oldin
Rip juice
Lil G Gg
Lil G Gg Kun oldin
Who still lissen to this in 2021
Damon Aspeling
Damon Aspeling 15 soat oldin
Everyday 🔴
Rahim Kun
Rahim Kun Kun oldin
Who came from Miley Cyrus remix
itachislayer67 op
I love ❤ juice wrld and laroi ahhhh
kevin roberts
kevin roberts Kun oldin
alex dunlap
alex dunlap Kun oldin
Love how he knows we will love his music 200,000 gift is how much he will make not what it cost to get juice on a song
Raph Games
Raph Games Kun oldin
This song has proof that juice is still alive
Pual 18 soat oldin
Raph Games
Raph Games Kun oldin
At the start he says “shit”to much
Link 123
Link 123 Kun oldin
Hector Camargo
Hector Camargo Kun oldin
I’m here for Juice verse
LA TU Kun oldin
When juice say that’s a 200thousand dollar 💵 gift bro
Denzel Taylor
Denzel Taylor Kun oldin
Laroi was it worth more than $200,000 juice ain’t lie my boy
Taylisha Jones
Taylisha Jones Kun oldin
ILOVEEEEEEETHISSS SOOOMUCHH IT BREAKS MY HEART ♠️😵🤯 the way he came in soooo smooth and outt Soo smooth
ANDERSSON 16 Fernandes
Fishy Jack
Fishy Jack Kun oldin
Love dis song
Icey y
Icey y Kun oldin
*juice* legends never die
Iztok Žakelj
Iztok Žakelj Kun oldin
Juice wrld is alive..........
Matt Tha stoner
Matt Tha stoner Kun oldin
I love it so much 🥺😔✨
Lollinda Numamurdirdi
My lil sis crying over the juice part
Team Vertice
Team Vertice Kun oldin
Th0mazツ Kun oldin
is jucie wrld stiil alive then?
mom's kitchen
mom's kitchen Kun oldin
Future juicewrld
Mic Oak
Mic Oak Kun oldin
2:40 juice's dance was so cute, 999 forever
Fishy Jack
Fishy Jack Kun oldin
It is 999 forever
gamer God
gamer God Kun oldin
gamer God
gamer God Kun oldin
Jess 2 kun oldin
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VerTix 2 kun oldin
ONE of the best songs every I would decade this song to a girl but I don't have one lol love your music !
Demar Productions
Demar Productions 2 kun oldin
sickkk spot, where is that in LA?
swager992 2 kun oldin
My neighbors listen to this everyday.it’s not like they have a choice
Timothy carr
Timothy carr Kun oldin
same bro
Rishab Roopesh
Rishab Roopesh 2 kun oldin
Why would 14k people dislike it that's actually sad and depressing.
SPPHALTER 2 kun oldin
I just love them, i fucking love these both fools
Naomi Mazango
Naomi Mazango 2 kun oldin
how is juice wrld in the mother-fuckin song
J Falcon
J Falcon 2 kun oldin
Everyone riding that white kid . I went to sleep . It’s all hyped just cause of where he From. I seee he’s energy die in 2 years
Gangster OG
Gangster OG 2 kun oldin
My heart brake absolutely after this 😭
Joseph Herrera
Joseph Herrera 2 kun oldin
Death sounds nice rn 🥲
Decon 2 kun oldin
The fact that you didn’t put Juice Wrld as a feature shows some respect 🕊
Compi72 2 kun oldin
love how juice called him lil bro
Tommy’s Pops
Tommy’s Pops 2 kun oldin
The 14k dislikes are haters LOL
Certified Pope
Certified Pope 2 kun oldin
Laroi was one of the people probably affected the most about Juics cuz he started Laroi's career and now he's carrying on Juice's legacy. LLJW, 999 Forever.
Garret Krivohlavek
Garret Krivohlavek 2 kun oldin
juice wasn't a legend, he is a legend
Tim Dye
Tim Dye 2 kun oldin
"You know I'm always aghahga"- The Greatest
Abhishek Thakur
Abhishek Thakur 2 kun oldin
Justine Ring
Justine Ring 2 kun oldin
Atleast he got to do a music video with him before passing 😭
Arlene Cruz
Arlene Cruz 2 kun oldin
hisham musthafa
hisham musthafa 2 kun oldin
2:31 is that ally lotty behind him?
Abdul Wassey YT
Abdul Wassey YT 2 kun oldin
I think your right 😅
Bidouil 2 kun oldin
Ron Whistley ?
Rocky LaFary
Rocky LaFary 3 kun oldin
We love you juice wrld 😢😭
Rocky LaFary
Rocky LaFary 3 kun oldin
Juice wrld we miss you rip I will never forget you and no one will
Payton Geddis
Payton Geddis 3 kun oldin
ay there best friend dont blame them
a tuck
a tuck 3 kun oldin
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez 3 kun oldin
Its bin two years and juice is still a legend
Brandon Magallon
Brandon Magallon 3 kun oldin
who else heard this song bc juice WRLD reacted to it
XYZ Generation
XYZ Generation 3 kun oldin
RIP Juice 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🕊🕊🕊
myung 3 kun oldin
His every song startup has a guitar aur piano and iam already become his fan🔥🔥🔥
Kuba X
Kuba X 3 kun oldin
How you can dis like this Song?
EPIC TDG 3 kun oldin
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall 3 kun oldin
0:28 is it just me or does that lowkey look like the same place MGK recorded one of his song, when he snapped during quarantine, sometime around April of last year?
WaitUp 3 kun oldin
who else get a tear in there eye when they hear juice
24kRoyalty 3 kun oldin
Dang big hit over here-
King Gutierrez
King Gutierrez 3 kun oldin
sagar bhasin
sagar bhasin 3 kun oldin
If u are listening to juice wrld in 2040 he was a legend and laroi will always be a legend
No Love Reflex
No Love Reflex 3 kun oldin
Ay one saw ally in the back on juce wrlds part
Josh Bolding
Josh Bolding 3 kun oldin
Who’s the stunt riders? What city? Nice!!
Devid Bhujel
Devid Bhujel 3 kun oldin
RIP juice wrld
Gael_Arias_214 3 kun oldin
If you're reading this and things are not going your way or you have too many problems in your life then this comment is a sign that you will make it through and will have a bright future
Zachary Payne
Zachary Payne 3 kun oldin
haha he died
Jrod Powersports
Jrod Powersports 3 kun oldin
I can't think of one reason to dislike this at all i just cant not vibe so why tf can 14 thousand people find a way to dislike it
Les Triplés
Les Triplés 3 kun oldin
An excellent song, an excellent feat. What you want more?
XYZSummoned10 4 kun oldin
suave smoove
suave smoove 3 kun oldin
🌚 11mins ago
Rav3nplayz34 4 kun oldin
This is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
gamer God
gamer God 4 kun oldin
Raghav Sehdev
Raghav Sehdev 4 kun oldin
Rip juice
Jaden Quavehema
Jaden Quavehema 4 kun oldin
Love u juice
crypt1cツ 4 kun oldin
2:22 juice wrlds part
suave smoove
suave smoove 3 kun oldin
Mzsty YT
Mzsty YT 4 kun oldin
R.I.P Juice... We are all praying for you
CLOUT WRLD 4 kun oldin
When juice cane on I was WOW
Nonick 4 kun oldin
b3dwars 4 kun oldin
2:24 its juice wrld, hes not dead but there is a chance that they recorded this 6 months before they uploaded it
Potatoes Are Better Than YOU
Juice works really hard he missed larois birthday for us