The Lost Evil Farming Game SOLVED! (for real this time) - Gaming Mysteries Update 

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The mystery of the original Evil Farming Game has been solved! Here's a look at where it came from and what happens now.

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14-Iyn, 2021



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Whang! Oy oldin
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EasySneezy Oy oldin
Otis the fat guy in half-life?
Joey Bananas
Joey Bananas Oy oldin
Oh man, I was gonna say that I was disappointed that there wouldn't be an ad in an only 10 minute video. But alas! It must've been a full minute! Amazing! Keep it up bro!
Jay Rozes
Jay Rozes Oy oldin
Sounds like a scam
Soren Oy oldin
No thanks, but get that bag king.
Draco Blackheart
PunkRockFan9701 Kun oldin
b8 3 kun oldin
I think I played a game like that, it was a flash game which I dont remember the name of. Basically the whole game is you returning from work, your wife complaining, then you go to the store and you get to pick a choice to buy something for yourself or for your wife. Eventually on the last day you could buy a gun which you killed your wife with and the game ends with you throwing her in a river. I think there are 2 endings (good and bad) but I dont remember. The game is pretty old too.
B G 3 kun oldin
Who is Joel?
Tux Mux
Tux Mux 3 kun oldin
I legit can't believe that the funny snusk guy created this whole mess
Memorie __
Memorie __ 9 kun oldin
Oh boy the LEFG anime is getting really intense.
Jarl Kethesda
Jarl Kethesda 9 kun oldin
Well, that was anticlimactic.
Kyle H
Kyle H 10 kun oldin
surprised that joel hasn't commented on this yet.
Dashsouls the horny one
You are internet Explorer, right?
Freezing Jazzy
Freezing Jazzy 8 kun oldin
He did, like a month ago.
Egorence 10 kun oldin
mug moment
Pengaana 11 kun oldin
Considering how often Reap and Sow came up in the previous videos people might be confusing that game again in terms of the fishing mini-game aspect. The latest update to Reap and Sow (before it was canned) introduced fishing and it was side-scroll feeling like describing in other videos. Reap and Sow was a favorite of mine back in my Uboa-Chan days so it’s a game I remember pretty intimately. It’s very easy to see how different games can be cobbled together in people’s memories.
Dat Truth85
Dat Truth85 13 kun oldin
Love the new jack shirt
Hannah and Cailin Loesch
It is absolutely WILD that OP mixed up that short stick-figure video up with a fully fleshed out game. Not saying it's not possible, because obviously it is, but that is just insane...the mind is a crazy thing
Trickster Cat
Trickster Cat 14 kun oldin
While we're on the topic, are there 1some good games (or even stardew valley mods) that follow this farming simulator with a dark twist formula? This sort of subversion on what's usually a cute slice of life genre sounds extremely interesting.
Zetkero 13 kun oldin
there's several horror mods for startdew valley on nexus mods. like off the top of my head the people seeds mod, it probably doesn't work with the current version of the game at this point, there are videos of it though.
Roger Shoemaker
Roger Shoemaker 14 kun oldin
Awesome New Jack shirt!
Emmy 15 kun oldin
The real evil farming game is the friends we made along the way
Zetkero 13 kun oldin
nah, it's the one that will manifest itself into existence, once everyone forgets about this again.
NOISEf7 16 kun oldin
so its "1922 The game "
Ahenobarbus Henocied
Guys, this is the bad ending
Skeletal Wish
Skeletal Wish 16 kun oldin
Definitely makes sense that it could have been a dream. It doesn't really happen to me anymore, but there was a time in my life when my dreams were so vivid that when I had a dream about the real world, I would wake up thinking that an event that took place in it which was totally plausible in real life either actually happened in real life or may have actually happened. This lead to me having to ask someone if it did, or go about my life thinking it actually did until reminded otherwise. Just as one example, sometimes I would have dreams about RuneScape where I either obtained certain items, or died in a certain area and lost all my stuff, and I would get on and realize it never actually took place. Just thought that would be interesting to share.
Kiki Blair
Kiki Blair 16 kun oldin
It's called Earth Defense Force in the US.
Albeit_Jordan 17 kun oldin
what if the developer of that iphone app game mentioned in the last video was a vinesauce fan?
Stef Visser
Stef Visser 17 kun oldin
Kinda anticlimactic that this was just people acting on false memories. But at least i got a new game on my wishlist, Was going to play if it was real.
Sir Bone-Head
Sir Bone-Head 18 kun oldin
Wanted to throw out an extra bit of speculation about the fishing minigame. There's a game called the Legend of the River King, and it was apparently made into a spinoff of Harvest Moon in certain regions. Could be why people are thinking that there was a fishing minigame.
Torch 18 kun oldin
This is a good video to eat cereal to
Magma743 19 kun oldin
Aw man, I was hoping this would be found for me to recommend to my fiancèe 😭
Jack Taliaferro
Jack Taliaferro 19 kun oldin
I dunno if anyone is interested but ive been trying to remember the name of this ninja or fighting game show from the 90's! I just remember this black guy took his pony tail and turned it into a weapon like a whip or something. They had all these challenges were they had to jump really high and they would fight. I havent been able to find anything about it on the internet but maybe it was a spinoff of american gladiator hopefully somebody else remembers and im not crazy lol!
Pnmypool Does Stuff
Pnmypool Does Stuff 19 kun oldin
That is crazy that this whole time it was a dream while someone was watching a video
Angelo De La Rivera
Angelo De La Rivera 19 kun oldin
Years of search, just for Vinesauce streams? Big B R U H moment.
Richard Rafferty
Richard Rafferty 21 kun oldin
Looking back, I see my mans is rocking that New Jack shirt, RIP New Jack, the realest, most violent ECW Wrestler ever.
Ummm Help
Ummm Help 22 kun oldin
decaf coffee
decaf coffee 22 kun oldin
this was an idiot chase made up by an idiot.
23 kun oldin
when 12k peoples search for a game for years but it was actually just a joke that vinesauce created
Kerro 24 kun oldin
God damnit Joel
Tm M
Tm M 25 kun oldin
So, every husband ever back to murdering prostitutes in grand theft auto five while imagining... Gosh darn Joel....
Dynamite 26 kun oldin
This is genuinely one of the most disappointed I’ve ever been
pixcelation 26 kun oldin
OK I need someone to tell me what the chiptune track is that starts 08:06. It sounds so damn familiar and Whang doesn't put the tracklist in the description and it's gonna bug me so please. xD
Sam4733 27 kun oldin
At this rate, we'll solve Saki Sanobashi!
imwithyou38 28 kun oldin
isnt there a game on switch that is something like this?
Ladybug Cactus
Ladybug Cactus 29 kun oldin
is there/what's the Reddit for finding weird stuff? like games and songs! there's a haunting/sad song with a black and white music video I can not find! the lyric I think I heard turn up NOTHING!
Green Amber
Green Amber 29 kun oldin
I've fallen asleep while listening to a radio station, which lead to me my featuring dialogue from what I think was a credit card commercial.
k k
k k Oy oldin
yunglink :: NQ【年轻】
It.. wasn't.. a game? But? But??? What??????
Grim0514 Oy oldin
Mr Beegle
Mr Beegle Oy oldin
Whang! I've made this post several times in your comments but can't seem to find anyone who remembers this too. It was a spoof E! True Hollywood story about Zack Morris being a drug dealer at his school. The guy who made it was named Steve McClean and I even found the dude online, I guess he is a film editor now and actually gets work doing it. I've emailed him about it but never got a reply. I was hoping you knew something about it? Or hell, ANYONE. I know it's real and it exists somewhere but we know how Viacom is about cease and desist.
HorrorKing Oy oldin
Is it me or would the plot of this game make a great, psychological horror film? Also, this reminds me of the plot of a film called Diabolique, where two women kill a man and have to hide the evidence, but are plagued by complications such as the authorities. Interesting coincidence, IMO
GHOST Oy oldin
What I think that people are thinking of is a fishing horror game where the more you get into the game the fish you catch get more and more messed up (spoiler) And then you find your wife's hand which ties in with you find the foot then black out, but instead of blacking out you die in this game (This could be not actually with the farming game but that's what I think, I originally found a fishing horror game when watching markiplier play it on one of his "3 scary games" series)
GHOST Oy oldin
I forgot to mention that thats what I think people remember of the fishing minigame
Jason Muñoz
Jason Muñoz Oy oldin
I have this game on me old laptop to it still works do you want me to send you it
Oktay Yildirim
8:30 I think I think I know where the "fishing minigame" part came from. Vinny streamed a game called Earl's Day Off in part 47 of his "Gettin' Weird With It" series, which is thematically similar to the whole "hide your dead wife" trope.
Oktay Yildirim
EDIT: Wow, I'm surprised a game (I think) this obscure had multiple other people mentioning it here besides me.
Highbredsmoke Oy oldin
thank you this was crazy adventure
DDadams0 Oy oldin
What a fucking disappointment of an ending. Wow.
Mole Man
Mole Man Oy oldin
Joel is the key to all of this... Because he's a funnier character we ever had.
The green tweeter
Sponsor ends at 2:04
PickleJello Oy oldin
Joel wrote the Mysterious Song.
Occasionally the internet will accidentally fart out something beautiful during it's aimless, tortured throes of chaos. This is definitely one of those times.
JustShay Oy oldin
There was a set of 3 songs in a video called like "Castle Point Anime Convention 2008" though it may have been 2009. The thumbnail was a black man and white woman almost side by side. The 3 songs were like... happy go lucky reggae or something. One of them had lyrics like "blah blah I think I'll have a party on the dancefloor. Every night a little longer than the night before something something these days." Does anyone know if there's a way to possible get videos no longer listed? If so I wanna see if I can find the video, extract the audio and have people help me find the songs.
Major Oy oldin
You know, since you're a metalhead and all, and just discovered Mr. Fecal Funny himself, might I recommend to you his death-thrash band Scythelord? Their newest album literally just dropped on Friday. :)
MC-PS-PLAYA Oy oldin
*Sorry Nothing*
Asafe de Paula
Well, the game is being done now
zee dank b0i
zee dank b0i Oy oldin
Of course fucking Joel
Iszy Church
Iszy Church Oy oldin
I love this dude
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop Oy oldin
still a good game idea, someone make it already
i hate life
i hate life Oy oldin
is that a new jack shirt??
Cyrus Stryker
Cyrus Stryker Oy oldin
now Joel has to play the real fangame when it comes out. he caused this shit so it's only fair, lol
Connor Xitco
Connor Xitco Oy oldin
Multiple people claimed the game was from 2004
monterrang Oy oldin
I'm ruining the euphoria of finding some lost media bc for some reason that scene where Joel was playing GDF reminds me of a video game I've seen once in a friend's room circa 1999-2003. It was around that graphical quality (maybe ps2 or Dreamcast) and I think it was supposed to be some sort of boss before the end of a level or something but basically, you were taking control of a tank & you had to shoot enemies who were shouting at you from a cathedral. I'm not sure of the sound but the enemies were either shooting whistling bullets or lasers as it sounded more high-pitched for a simple "pew pew". Another detail I remember was that at one point, my friend was taking cover & had to hide behind a building next to a broken fountain. The theme felt really "after the end as the sky was dark & cloudy and shit... my guess was that it was probably some WW2 game but can't tell from how little I can retell seeing of that game.
Pokerface Oy oldin
Well, that's anticlimactic af.
Flux_Time Oy oldin
Literally the tale of Inception.
Toilet Articles
frussy moment
Endless Wanderer
I jumped over from Joel's stream. My dude, you are giving me early UZblock flashbacks with how much you are jumping all over the place every 3 seconds. Serious 2008-era UZblock/Philip DeFranco
Mama John
Mama John Oy oldin
I am so disapointed but at least it is solved
Asafe de Paula
Well, someone IS making a game now
Champigne Oy oldin
I knew from the beginning there was no game like that. I mean seriously, does that sound like a game that would have existed back then? FFS people are either stupid or straight up liars.
Asafe de Paula
Uh? There are games of all kinds out there m8, ppl believing this is nothing amazing
P.S. Visual
P.S. Visual Oy oldin
This is just idiots trying to replicate what the Candle Cove creepypasta did like a decade ago did, nothing more.
IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez
This will go down in gaming history as that one guy that mixed an animation with an actual game causing a lost media hunting for 5 years.
Waylon Oy oldin
He cant keep getting away with it.
timmy ho
timmy ho Oy oldin
Steve aoki wears glasses?
Zack Henderson
God dammit Joel. .... You guys realize there's no way he didn't know about this right? He's probably been giggling like a schoolgirl.
Joshua Waight
Joshua Waight Oy oldin
Doubt anybody would read this but that "joke" Joel made wasn't too funny BUT actually would've been cool if people did make it a psychological horror/stealth game. At first things seem nice and simple; you play a couple moved away from the big city in attempt to find peace and fix your relationship, farming brings solace, accidental death that is overheard by neighbors and cops are called, instantly it turns into a "what should I do? I didn't MEAN to kill her", the town sheriffs are a little demented themselves, your visited by the spirit of your dead partner, could even offer multiple endings HOW you tackle situations? Kill the cops, argue with the spirit of your spouse, end your life because you can't face the guilt, maybe you were crazy all along and never LEFT the city but are in a mental institute? There are SO MANY good ideas there for a good game, would imagine it's doable even something as basic as RPG Maker, and actually wish someone made it instead of just being a joke/internet conspiracy thing. -Mad Wolf
Luis San
Luis San Oy oldin
I have a lost media story i havnt solved if anybody wants to hear.
Seiban Oy oldin
I'm convinced Simone is just Reddit mystery John Wick, complete with a forced return to the business. "Simone is a NEET of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Things we know little about." Well, no longer a NEET since I guess she's in college now but still, I have respect for this amount of dedication to this sort of wild goose chase.
Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson Oy oldin
RIP New Jack 🙏
кролика родзинка
When the last page of the book is: "and then he woke up and it was all a dream"
zintosion Oy oldin
Aww that poor Simone chick spend hours and hours looking for a game LOL.
Kary V
Kary V Oy oldin
bjtgaming Oy oldin
If I was searching for the game from day one I would be punching the wall rn
Thurgood Jenkins
Well this is some bullshit.
Batman Oy oldin
Maybe the real evil farming game was the friends we made along the way
Zes Oy oldin
Someone got shitpost inceptioned by Joel huh.
Alpha Dragon Queen
○D○ Wowzers
Cavi587 Oy oldin
Fucking Joel xDDD
Typo Dev
Typo Dev Oy oldin
when do we die
I thought it was moirai
Endocrom Oy oldin
EDF! EDF! EDF! Wait... GLOBAL Defence Force? GDF! GDF! GDF! GDF!
Stand_By_Mimi Oy oldin
Joel Vinesauce
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Oy oldin
so you're telling me the evil farming game search is now also a vinesauce reference
Allie Wyman
Allie Wyman Oy oldin
Joel was the absolute last thing I expected to hear
Dire B
Dire B Oy oldin
yay another let down
Beau Maysey
Beau Maysey Oy oldin
Joel Vinesauce is now the propagator of the meme that would define seminal mashup channel SiIvaGunner AND of false lost media. Unbelievable the reach of this man, and how integral he is to online media.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Oy oldin
basic thuganomics
Is it possible people are also thinking of Graveyard Keeper? It's Harvest Moon/Stardew meets... being a graveyard keeper. And it involves fishing.
Mala Oy oldin
of course it was fucking joel
Sanka Tetsu
Sanka Tetsu Oy oldin
"It's all in your head, Luigi. There's no such thing as a murder farming game!"
You Equipped Socks
I find it pretty funny that both Joel and Whang are part of heavy metal bands and are related to this.
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