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What Monitor Should You Buy? I walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know about buying a new Monitor in 2019 - Size, Resolution, Design, Panel type, Refresh rate, G-Sync & Freesync, Ports, HDR & More! This is the ultimate Monitor Buying Guide 2019! Recommended [Paid Amazon] Links Below 👇
My Current Monitor (LG Ultrawide)
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Best Laptop External Display (Thunderbolt 3):
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Best 5K Monitor:
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00:00 Intro
00:17 Size & Resolution
04:30 Design
05:08 IPS vs TN vs VA
08:25 Refresh Rates
09:15 G-Sync vs FreeSync
11:20 Response Time
12:54 HDR
14:55 Colour Accuracy
16:15 Ports
17:20 Roundup - What to Buy
Notice: [Paid Links] As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Tech Chap is a member of the Amazon Associate Program, and can earn fees from links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.
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The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 2 yil oldin
Hey Chaps - so what Monitor are you using right now, and are you looking to upgrade??
Emilia Smart
Emilia Smart 3 kun oldin
I’m late to the party but I bought an Hp Elitedisplay E23 for work, thanks so much for your video!!
Jonathan Mueller
Jonathan Mueller 6 kun oldin
Lol a Samsung Syncmaster 2033. It's old and I'm here cause' I'm looking to upgrade. Go figure.
Last Strand
Last Strand 7 kun oldin
David Crow
David Crow 12 kun oldin
I’m using a 27” Curved AOC monitor I got on Amazon. It was about $260. I wish I woulda watched this before I had bought it.
Michelle C.
Michelle C. 13 kun oldin
For 11 years I've enjoyed my Dell Ultrasharp u2710. Yes it was expensive back then but considering the use and it is still going strong over a decade later, it has been a bargain.
GuruTheCoder 4 soat oldin
u mean gamers are not professionals??????????
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 4 soat oldin
Are you paid for it?
GuruTheCoder 5 soat oldin
where can I get a techchap monitor
Prashant Ranjitkar
Prashant Ranjitkar 14 soat oldin
If I use a thunderbolt (type c) to displayport cable and connect laptop to monitor, will I get 144hz and gsync?
Karen Kun oldin
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith Kun oldin
We need an updated video pls?
Adel Alberk
Adel Alberk 2 kun oldin
yes that was alot to take in but that will make me close the other tabs i have open cause i think i'm will informed now, thanks man
Romie Miller
Romie Miller 2 kun oldin
I'm also interested in color space resolution. For example, my HP laptop screen resolves only 70% of the Adobe color space.
wixiswild 3 kun oldin
do i need a pc to use my monitor?
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith 22 soat oldin
@wixiswild I’m not sure since I’ve never done it but check a UZblock video on “how to connect a monitor to a laptop”
wixiswild 22 soat oldin
@Erwin Smith i can use a laptop to right?
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith Kun oldin
Yes or You can use it with a console if you have one (ps5 Xbox Nintendo switch).
No 1 Music Channel
No 1 Music Channel 3 kun oldin
Do we need cpu for this monitor
Maryam Omeira
Maryam Omeira 4 kun oldin
do you need a pc for the monitor to work?
Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith Kun oldin
Yes. Monitors only work when connected to consoles pcs or laptops/desktops.
ZulPrime 5 kun oldin
Bruno Vanherk
Bruno Vanherk 5 kun oldin
I want to order a game monitor for my Son’s birthday, to connect with his PlayStation 4pro. He play’s sometimes competitions. The budget is Max 350 to 400 euro. Which one do you recommend? Thanks a lot
N3RD Ch4nn3L
N3RD Ch4nn3L 6 kun oldin
Cristian Saucedo
Cristian Saucedo 6 kun oldin
Love to see some MHW representation
Techno Trading
Techno Trading 7 kun oldin
Which game is this one 13:52 ??? Great vid btw ))
Last Strand
Last Strand 7 kun oldin
This guy's definitely put a lot of efforts into this video
haeno 9 kun oldin
even tho i have electronic engineering background, I still struggle to understand this 😂
Felthorn Reaver of the Sun
I feel enlightened, thanks man , actually really helpful
DAVID smith
DAVID smith 10 kun oldin
hi are you able to help me connect my dell p2314t touch screen monitor to my mac. ive struggled all day with youtube videos and forums and can only get mirrored display i dont know how to activate the touch screen via the mac.
Erik L
Erik L 10 kun oldin
nicely explained. BUT I think you should divide it into a 2-set (or making entirely 2 different video tutorials) - for gamers, and for non-gamers. Seriously, with all due respect to you gamers out there, all I hear today (whenever I look for a monitor, or computer, or hardware) is Gaming, gaming gaming.... and it's get a little tiring just sifting thru what my needs (as a "regular" computer user) and to all these vast info, extras (and expenses alike) of the gaming world.
mahesh kulal
mahesh kulal 10 kun oldin
Lg 27QN600 is that best for graphic designer
richboi 0406
richboi 0406 11 kun oldin
I have a ps5 and not a huge budget, but I want the best monitor for a ps5 so it can be used at its full potential any suggestions
Chelsie Owens
Chelsie Owens 11 kun oldin
So the mid-ground recommendation at the end was an IPS 1440p 27" monitor .... but IPS monitors as you've said CAN and seem to be known for backlight bleed which would seem to me as a huge negative because who would want that? This feels a bit misguided. I definitely don't want backlight bleed. ugh...
Cee Jay
Cee Jay 12 kun oldin
Damn very nice video dude. Thanks!
Ni An
Ni An 14 kun oldin
Wow, this was great. Subbed.
Stevo Reno
Stevo Reno 14 kun oldin
I need a 22" or 24" monitor which I would use for word processing, web surfing, that's about it. I'm not a gamer, I'm a senior who still uses a desktop pc for Quicken, reports, word processing and very little web surfing. I use a laptop wirelessly in my living room with my legs elevated where I do about 90% of my web surfing.
Мартичан 15 kun oldin
these big monitors hurt my eyes and its so shit
Zeyad Zakaria
Zeyad Zakaria 15 kun oldin
Thank u. Your video was really helpful and it is very informative ❤️❤️
Alum Khal
Alum Khal 15 kun oldin
Wooh!!! The amount of information in a single video is just amazing..
Dávid Kovacsics
Dávid Kovacsics 16 kun oldin
Hey gentleman! Im planning to buy a new monitor, but for a rpg game like Diablo (not moba or shooters) do I need gaming monitor or a 4k tv could be a good option too? I never had a gaming monitor before so I cant even imagine how good is it.😪🤯
tester test
tester test 16 kun oldin
hhmmmm yes i now know what i can never buy
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis 18 kun oldin
What monitor is that on his desk?
Keshav Singh
Keshav Singh 18 kun oldin
Wow! Honestly it was a very exhaustive info. Need time to absorb the info presented. Thanks a lot!
Friki B
Friki B 18 kun oldin
You convinced me 🫂
Behzad Abdollahikhameneh
Oh... I guess I'll stick to my CRT then.
smileinurhand 20 kun oldin
Thank your for your suggestion. really help full . Can you explain how to color calibrate the monitor ?
John Doe
John Doe 21 kun oldin
Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !
Kavi Lathigra
Kavi Lathigra 21 kun oldin
What is the keyboard brand in your video ?
Bedless Billy
Bedless Billy 23 kun oldin
hi thank u tech chap
Kered Tionson
Kered Tionson 25 kun oldin
Thanks, it was so informative. . .
Love Kush
Love Kush 25 kun oldin
E2218hn dell monitor is $ 88
TofuMob 25 kun oldin
Minecraft gaming season hit me so I need help I want one but I don’t know when to get it
onlinedread 26 kun oldin
Smashing guide, thanks Tom 👍🏻
Ross 26 kun oldin
Great video! MAGA from Australia!
Ethan Trexler
Ethan Trexler 27 kun oldin
2 years later... what do you recommend now for under $1K for a not so serious gamer - I play sims that don't have such rapid movement as FPS, and run Adobe PS sometimes.
Aaliyah curlygirly
Aaliyah curlygirly 27 kun oldin
This such an informative video. Thank you!
mystery chemical
mystery chemical 27 kun oldin
If you are in dilemma of purchasing what resolution on what screen size then here is simple guide. 1. Calculate PPI(which is diagonal pixel length/ diagonal screen length) which can be done on website. 2. Now, if you want budget monitor with best value and not quality then 85-95(OK). And 95-105(Good but text may look very small and it depends to person vision) beyond that it is very good just because of high pixel density and the quality only. As PPI goes up 100 then visibility is difficult on native scaling of 100%. 3. So, for best quality monitor like getting 4K 27" monitor PPI goes 163 so seeing those tiny text is painful. Let's scale and make it around 100. So, scaling on 150% gives around 108 which is OK. Calculation is simple. 150% means 50% extra pixel of normal 100% pixel value is going to kind of waste(or used to scale). Say, if square is drawn of 10x10 pixel then 15x15 pixel is used after scaling. So, here is simplification. Scaling happens on multiples of 25 like 125%, 150%,175%. So, 150% scaling means 50%(2*25) going extra waste out of 100%(6*25) calculated value. So, 2(extra waste)/6(actual) means 33.33% waste. So, 163PPI - 33.33% = 108PPI. Scaling doesn't waste pixel but uses that extra pixels to scale according, it improves quality but working area decreases as all UI elements increases in size. 108PPI still seems small. We could purchase 4K 32" monitor having 137PPI and after 150% scaling, 2(2*25)/6(6*25) then again 33.33% extra pixel being used for scaling. So, similar value has to be subtracted from PPI. 137 - 33.33% = 91 PPI.
Neil 28 kun oldin
i was looking for tutorials about BenQ monitors and then I landed here. You are cute. That is all, carry on.
Angel Angelov
Angel Angelov 29 kun oldin
Great Video mate :) super relevant for the work-from-home time that we are in. Thanks so much for taking the time. I am using Iliyama ProLite B2783QSU but I am definitely getting a ultra wide to help with the amound of data I need to display.
Sai 29 kun oldin
Why are you playing DiRT on keyboard
Sabari PS
Sabari PS Oy oldin
Flex Everyday
Flex Everyday Oy oldin
what is your current wallpaper, love it!
Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire Oy oldin
What chair is that? Thanks!
Kunal Verma
Kunal Verma Oy oldin
What a great video - thank you so much - this was really helpful !
Dante Brizzi
Dante Brizzi Oy oldin
me trying to spot the difference between a tn and ips panel when watching on tn panel
Chumir Oy oldin
This video has been very useful, my brain just explode with the whole information. Thanks a lot.
Fabiano Pina
Fabiano Pina Oy oldin
It was a lot to take in. Im a graphic designer and I have a Samsung monitor with an hdmi only connection, someone at work told me there are better options if I connect through vgs or that other connection. Do you know what they are talking about? And based on what I said, what do you recommend I buy? Its all overwhelming. I stare at the screen all day...
Todd Rod
Todd Rod Oy oldin
I wanted to know what monitor would be best for gaming now I’m even more unsure what to get
Miguel Ornelas
Can free-sync premium work with nvidia gpu’s?
Daniel KaYne
Daniel KaYne Oy oldin
plz tell us how to get 200 pounds in the first place
Remi Adebayo
Remi Adebayo Oy oldin
Love this thanks for sharing
Suleiman Umar
Suleiman Umar Oy oldin
Great video
Scott Dodd
Scott Dodd Oy oldin
ooook well that was a good vid i can tell cuz now i have no clue what i need. i just want a new monitor so i can play Elite Dangerous [and see the best graphics] I have a Cyberpower pc with GPU Radeon rx580 and cpu ADM RYZEN 7 2700 Eight core.... lol it sux to be old. price point around $500 to $700 us any suggestion's p.s current monitor is 8 years old did not upgrade it with the new cp
Mackenzie Garrity
I've been drowning in specs - this video was the perfect level of explanation and organized impeccably, thank you!!
Carlos Vásquez
Wow! 💥
Filip Smiljanic
Whats the wallpaper youre using in the video?
Rodrygo Almeida
Is VA monitors good for Designers?
trovey02 Oy oldin
And here I am...just looking for a simple new monitor because mine has problems...LOL.
Chica AteFreddy
catches himself in 4K
Sophia Oy oldin
He didn't talk about the towers which are the most important part for the monitors or else they're useless :(
Elise Lappan
Elise Lappan Oy oldin
I've been thinking about getting the LG 49WL95C-W 49 Inch 32:9 UltraWide Dual QHD IPS Curved LED Monitor with HDR 10 for video & photo editing, and gaming. I've been really overwhelmed with what one to go for. This video is super helpful! Any opinions on the LG 49WL95C-W 49 Inch 32:9 UltraWide Dual QHD IPS Curved LED Monitor with HDR 10 is appreciated.
Alexa Renee
Alexa Renee Oy oldin
Do you have any suggestions for what monitor would be good for watching movies? Both of my tvs are always being used by someone else so having a monitor as backup would be so ideal.
Fluffy bunny
Fluffy bunny Oy oldin
There is one thing made me goes strrrressss!!!!Why did we need laptop for monitooooorr
Arkane Oy oldin
Love the way this guy does his videos, very informative and excellent presentation.
Kirk's Hope
Kirk's Hope Oy oldin
Is this real life? A tech video that’s not just some asshole begging you to buy shit through his affiliate links? A video with a fucking shit pile of great information? I don’t even believe it. Am I still on earth? This is peak UZblock content. You’re a fucking god bro. Thank you.
Ingenium Oy oldin
So does 1440p on a 24 inch monitor still make sense ? I was thinking about upgrading to 1440p, but i am not sure if 27 inches wouldnt be to big for me.
FaithCeil Oy oldin
It makes sense. Even at that size 1080p is too low of a DPI and will require you to sit too far to get a good looking image. 1440p is a good improvement on that size. Personally, I'd go with a 27" 1440 or even 4K. The extra screen space is really nice.
Saul on the Road
Best tech video ever !, Thank you so much
MGJ Oy oldin
Looking to upgrade my setup significantly, and love the idea of an ultrawide as my main monitor, however I still prefer to run multiple monitors for my multitasking purposes. So the top 2 I've been looking at are the LG 34WK95U-W and MSI PS341WU, is it possible to daisy chain either of these models with 2 Asus ProArt PA278QV monitors? I'm not a fan of curved displays so keep that in mind in case of other recommendations, thank you.
Đăng Khoa Trần Võ
Can you tell me what monitor name behind you in the video, please?
Vio Ciarnau
Vio Ciarnau Oy oldin
Is the one behind you a 21:9, 34” curved monitor? Or what size is that? You didn’t cover for the musicians what would you suggest:- a 34” plus an additional regular 24” on its side, or an Ultra Wide 49” ...which is double the price... (I have to keep in consideration to not cover the studio monitors/ Audio)... I’m considering a 34” ultra-wide, 21:9 -- Thank you for this video.
Notorious544d Oy oldin
Does anybody know the width of the desk?
juan argueta
juan argueta Oy oldin
I edit on an msi 5k 2k monitor and game on samsung g9 and i couldn't ask for more everytime is an absolute experience
jake thompson
jake thompson Oy oldin
Im going to be buying a house soon and will be having a gaming room. Ill be getting a pc but nothing too fancy my budget will be around £1000-£1200 for the pc. I will be playing a ps5 through the monitor and watching films on it. Is it worth getting a 4k screen? Or better just to use a 4k tv for ps5 gaming and watching films?
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Oy oldin
Even 2k quid will barely net you a decent PC for 4k gaming, let alone 1k due to current GPU price.
PumQueen •
PumQueen • Oy oldin
Me: I want dat ultra wide My wallet: NO.
Alinush Oy oldin
casually has all monitor types
Graeme Craven
Graeme Craven Oy oldin
I'm an M1 MacBook Air user - looking for an external monitor to colour grade, video edit and use with Excel/Word. Been looking at the LG 27" as I don't need anything bigger or wider but would like USB type C connectivity and clean (not funky LED lit) styling. The LG27UN850 would tick the box but isn't yet available for sale whereas retailers are pushing the LG27UL850 instead. I'm trying to fathom the advantage in waiting for the later UN iteration of monitor. Any advice would be appreciated.
Saijayavinoth T V S
27 inch 4k thunderbolt display....please suggest me a monitor....
AlvinJakeTV Oy oldin
at your back monitor, what model is that ?
Juna Johansen Iiga
I am going to buy my first monitor but i wasn't sure what i should get considering i would play games, video, photo, and music edit on there but this was very helpful thank you bro
Manky Frilla
Manky Frilla Oy oldin
I meant to say I only want the best for FCPX editing & logic.. 👏
Manky Frilla
Manky Frilla Oy oldin
Hey man good video.. Can you advise, best monitor preferebly wide screen, for my brand me mac mini M1 16G? Thanks 👏🍏
Banjo Kazuya
Banjo Kazuya Oy oldin
Should I buy an 144Hz monitor if I have a Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ and Ryzen 5 3500X? Is it really worth it even if I can't run most Triple A titles above 70 FPS? Apex and esports titles run over 140 however.
webworldfly Oy oldin
Wow. That is a lot of information for me to learn from you. No easy one. I am planning to buy an Apple Mini computer M1 for my sister. She likes to use the internet and check her emails. She might use photographs and maybe voice. I do not know much about a microphone or speaker because I am deaf. I realized that you talked so much about different monitors. I also realized that many monitor companies are a dirty business. I assume that LG owns Benq monitors. PD2700U and EW2780U are what I am trying to figure out which one for her because of the number of ports and also her iPhone for the USB port. For me, I would buy a wide monitor like yours - I forgot the name. I have an iMac 27" 2019 and later Apple Mini computer with a wide monitor. ;) I would be surprised if you reply me. One more thing I care about the quality text on a monitor - no blurry or no ghost texts. Thank you.
Ultimate Adaptation
Does a laptop running RTX 3070 allow me to fully use my 2K@240Hz monitors (even if the laptop's screen is 1080p@120Hz, for instance)?
Ultimate Adaptation
@Mr Anderson will stick to 3070. Thanks
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Oy oldin
@Ultimate Adaptation Is it 2070 or 3070? Originally you posted 3070, now 2070? Maybe I misread, but one thing for sure, 2070 will perform even worse than 3070(both laptop and PC version).
Ultimate Adaptation
@Mr Anderson yeah, don't have the space for desktop. Was asking because rtx 2070 laptop is cheaper and according to the manufacturer, 2070 should be able to do 2K@240Hz with the right connectors (e.g. displayport 1.4).
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Oy oldin
Laptop's rtx 3070 is weaker than normal 3070.
FELIX Warschburger
My brain: me need a ultrawide ips monitor. Me needs this now. My wallet: I dont wanna die
Ramon LaCour
Ramon LaCour Oy oldin
Love your videos. I'm crossing over to PC gaming. My question is: Can I use a 60 hz monitor for my streaming PC for chat etc.. And for gaming, go all out and buy a 165 hz for gaming PC, or do they both have to be the same or equal monitors?
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Oy oldin
Go all out, then buy a monitor color calibration tool as well.
Zach014G Oy oldin
you dont have to have the same monitors for them to work but would mess with your eyes if they are very different.
Peanut B
Peanut B Oy oldin
idamn this video covered almost everything i need to know ,my current old monitor has white cloud bleeding so im very afraid of getting a ips display, do all ips have this issue? which panel should i get, im not sure what panel i have but its not edge backlight bleeding , its like a cloud thing in the middle also i think my monitor is atleast 7 years old , im looking for something with adaptive sync or free sync (no tearing issue) ,ideally hdmix2, 60 -144hz ,full hd,decent color accuracy & mainly no display issues like glow bleed etc
Pap B
Pap B Oy oldin
sorry for the amount of 4k monitors im about to ask about but which one is the best , out of these based on making content online and best visuals / trading . 1. Philips E-line 278E1A 27" IPS 4K UHD Monitor 2. Philips E-line 276E8VJSB 27" 4K UHD Monitor 3. Philips 288E2A 28" 4K UHD Monitor 4. Samsung UR55 28" IPS 4K UHD Monitor
Nichad Goulamhoussen
Would you recommend the Asus TUF VG27VQ for office and gaming with a PS4?
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