The Most Controversial Parts of Every Pokemon Generation 

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In this video I describe the aspects of each generation and region of Pokemon that split the Pokemon community and spawn controversial opinions.
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19-Sen, 2020



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Truegreen7 2 oy oldin
"The Most Underrated Parts of Every Pokemon Generation" video is out! - uzblock.info/post/video/tpKJfGGYlayglo4.html
Cody Lucas
Cody Lucas 2 kun oldin
After all but skipping the last two gens, I picked up sword and the dlc to play through. My only real gripe is that the gyms do feel basically like a cake walk. I'm sure the late game has separate challenges, but all in all when you can one shot the whole team it's not as epic as it should feel. This is likely because of the wild are (which I like), I just wish they tuned up the difficulty
Free Palestine
Free Palestine 2 kun oldin
I've learned a lot about my own biases from this video. Thanks for the excellent video.
K Max
K Max Oy oldin
What is the ost at 10:08
Michael Harry
Michael Harry Oy oldin
@Shiny Sea Salt l¹
Shiny Sea Salt
Shiny Sea Salt 2 oy oldin
Dante Takari
Dante Takari 19 daqiqa oldin
Does anyone have a reliable site where I can order black and black 2? I know these days they’re well over $100 but I’m willing to pay so long as the site is verified and reliable
Seductive Bard
Seductive Bard 2 soat oldin
I like a lot of unovan Pokémon in fact samurott line is my favorite starter line and chandelure is my favorite fire type but the region itself I don’t like
TheRealSpinster4000 2 soat oldin
The cutscenes were awesome in gen 8, not constant cutscenes but it’s was kinda cool and added depth to the game. That’s just my opinion tho
TheRealSpinster4000 3 soat oldin
its sad that Gen 5 got that much hate, GF put a ton of effort into making the games really good, and because of all the hate its why we didnt get a gen 6 sequal, Pokemon Z. They decided not take a break and re think what theyre gonna do, but in actuality gen 5 was probably the best.
Felix 5 soat oldin
*but I love the tiny purple haired man :(*
Hunter tall boi
Hunter tall boi 7 soat oldin
Weeeeeeeeee controversy!
Shaina Lopez-mckeown
i know this is an old video but i like the gen 5 only pokemon thing a lot since gen 5 is the gen i love the most and i believe there pokemon are awsome
Smustang Kun oldin
I don't get the mega evolution one. It was meant for people's favorite pokemon to actually become stronger and more usable in every situation, so I don't get why people hate free buffs to cool pokemon.
chaps john
chaps john Kun oldin
I think the games looked much better before 3D
Angel Medina
Angel Medina 2 kun oldin
Stop playing Pokémon after mega evolution. If they made them permanent and not temp I'll be back.
River_On_Down 2 kun oldin
I had such a hard time with the Totems, especially in Ultra Moon but when it came to Ultra Necrozma: I one shotted it
Justus Dinut
Justus Dinut 3 kun oldin
Gen 5 used to be my least favorite Gen but now its Gen 7. Havent played Gen 8 due to national dex, but it looks ok.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 3 kun oldin
Controversy seems to be the wrong word here
Martin 4 kun oldin
I reckon after diamond and pearl Pokemon started looking like Digimon lol
Light1090 4 kun oldin
My personal controversy is that I took Hop seriously until I hit the Wild Area; pretty much because of the immersion aspect of being the one "less experienced in battles".... I didn't have a single badge to my name until I was lvl 40 🤣 Same as my emote... Hop was just an overly optimistic joke (which is a shame because I'msure I would have seen his attitudein a better light had I not gotten wrapped up in the Wild Experience. Oh, and I could never take "Mr. Pink excuse maker" seriously because of how big a head I had at my level. 😅
Clown 4 kun oldin
Gen 8 isn't too good but it's not the worst either. I like a lot of what Gen 8 did but I can't overlook the negatives. Also I'm mainly salty about how I transferred my shiny Prinplup from "Pokémon Go" to "Pokémon Home" just to find out that you can't transfer it into sword or sheild at all. Since you can't transfer the Pokémon back (which I understand the balancing reasons) I basically just lost my favourite Pokémon that I managed to get a shiny of
Balootzi Yaga
Balootzi Yaga 4 kun oldin
Are the dlcs worth it in sword and shield
Ollie J.
Ollie J. 5 kun oldin
Watching this video made me realise how much I love the original pixel style. I think pokemon should return to the pixel style. Pixel games are back in fashion and I think gamefreak's move go 3D pokemon made them soulless and dull.
Anotherordinaryguy 499
The fanbase of this franchise is a complete civil war.
Josh Payne
Josh Payne 5 kun oldin
Gen1 N 2 legendaries made sense. After that I literally stopped using them
Marcos Benitez
Marcos Benitez 5 kun oldin
I loved every game but x and y and sun and moon I still have my old pokemon crystal which is my favorite game
Ludi Antiqui
Ludi Antiqui 7 kun oldin
The most controversial part of this video? The aspect ratio.
daniel pirie
daniel pirie 7 kun oldin
i cant be the only one that thinks charizard looks stupid in 3d
aslindehecate 8 kun oldin
I found every other point easily subjective, so I could agree or disagree on both points for everything, EXCEPT gen 8. I think the DLC is a joke. Should've been free, tbh. That's just my opinion though.
OmnimonX12345 8 kun oldin
One thing I have to disagree with is the part about "villains being set in their ideals" making them interesting, specifically Thanos. The part that makes him interesting isn't him being headstrong about his goal, him being so despite feeling very remorseful and sorry for people who need to die for rhe good of the universe. He's a villain, but not without sympathy, and that's what makes him compelling imo. Aside from that, great vid my dude!
Evan The great gamer
literally only gen 5 had a story that was worth paying attention to
João Brito
João Brito 8 kun oldin
Kalos is easy regardless of exp share because you can mega evolve and decimate every single gym leader while they can’t mega evolve, and even in the elite 4 only Diantha has a mega and her team sucks ass due to having 2 trash Pokémon in it. If gym leaders had mega evolutions it would for sure make the game more challenging or at the very least if every elite 4 member had their aces mega evolve
Boomega 8 kun oldin
People who hated the 3d era are the equivalent of harley Davidson fan boys who want the same bike for the next 8 decades
Ghastly Soul
Ghastly Soul 8 kun oldin
I never knew people hated the contests from gen 3, I liked them a lot :)
AuTheWolf 9 kun oldin
How the fuck did you ignore Sinnoh's incredibly slowness?
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 9 kun oldin
Azurite 9 kun oldin
For me: Gen 1 - Glitches Gen 2 - Not that many new pokemon Gen 3 - Not compatible with previous gens Gen 4 - Its slow Gen 5 - No past gen pokemon and it being linear Gen 6 - The change to 3D Gen 7 - No gyms Gen 8 - The graphics and lack of national dex
DigitalRagdoll 10 kun oldin
What about the pole walker, dream world, the dream radar??!
César Rojas
César Rojas 10 kun oldin
Okay we all agree that Gen 6 is the worst right?
No Name
No Name 11 kun oldin
I started with Pokémon Platinum, and had no conception of generations until Black came out. I have played Gen IV more than anything of course. I was really excited for SoulSilver, it felt like I had a new world to explore. But when I bought Black, it felt like a completely different game. All the Pokémon were unfamiliar, and looked really different from what I was used to. Also, the colors were much darker and toned down, compared to the brightness of Gen IV. I honestly didn't enjoy playing it at all. Maybe I just got old, but then Gen VI felt really cool! Anyway, I never got myself to really play Gen V. I have more than 2000 hours on Gen IV games, most of it after 2010, and less than 50 on Black.
Alex Pearson
Alex Pearson 11 kun oldin
Funny thing about the hoenn games is that I like Groudon and pokemon Ruby over Kyogre and pokemon Sapphire but I like team Aqua over team Magma plot wise XD
ThatFamiIiarNight 11 kun oldin
Truegreen7: x and y is easy Me who got stuck on the furfrou puzzle: :(
Princess Saria
Princess Saria 11 kun oldin
15:24: they're just pixels Me: inhumane noises and facial expressions
Nav Nav
Nav Nav 11 kun oldin
My dislikes Gen 1:didn't play Gen 2 : the god damn lv22 Pokémon on Mt silver Gen 3: too much water Gen 4: the need to have a Pokémon with only HM moves Gen 5: a bit too linear Gen 6: easy Gen7: really easy
Almighty Slime-Slayer
Gen 8: Gen 8
Boogs Boogie
Boogs Boogie 12 kun oldin
The mega evolutions back then were one of the coolest back then, imo!
Morgan Roberts-Theaker
i havnt touched battle frontier in any pokemon game
Wahoo_Goat 12 kun oldin
I love Unova it was my first game but it is just the best. It makes my smile everytime i think of the music or pokemon. I know everyone has a different opinion and most people’s favorite game is their first but Unova was just the best. The more realistic 2D animation is also very great.
Wahoo_Goat 9 kun oldin
@Amelia 411 lol thanks I will change it :)
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 9 kun oldin
Memento mori
Memento mori 13 kun oldin
Now I look at every generation closer, Gen. 5 is a disaster hahahahaha
Josh Hartley
Josh Hartley 13 kun oldin
How can anyone complain about the distortion world?
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Yeah, the Distortion World was amazing
minty 13 kun oldin
You're correct that the lack of Battle Frontier in ORAS was probably the first huge turning point for my view on Game Freak. There was no excuse in the first place, and the excuse we got was absolutely terrible.
Didyou seethat
Didyou seethat 14 kun oldin
Pokeblocks, poffins and contest were some of the most useless aspects that you never even use
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
They're just a waste of time
ItZ EaZy5
ItZ EaZy5 14 kun oldin
Sinnoh is the best region when discussing major flaws. The only huge flaw I see it fire types, but you don't NEED fire types and I always found chimchar more appealing plus they totally fixed this in platinum and had amazing terrain although long and gruesome. Plus battle frontier was AMAZING. I personally find sinnoh the best
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
But for people who like the other starters or just don't like the Chimchar line, it's bad. They're forced to choose Chimchar even though they love Turtwig or Piplup. But if they really want to play a Sinnoh game, they can just play Platinum and use Houndoom as their fire Pokémon. But that doesn't change the fact that you can only get 2 fire types in Diamond and Pearl. If you choose the water or grass starter, you HAVE TO USE RAPIDASH. The Unova games I think are the best because they have a great story line and Black and White only have Unova Pokémon. I don't need to talk about the amazing characters.
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 14 kun oldin
Least favorite legendary is heatran and. Pretty sure that's not very controversial 😅
Nuclear Hawk
Nuclear Hawk 15 kun oldin
I’m just sad that I can’t get the dlc
Jeffrey O'Donnell
Jeffrey O'Donnell 15 kun oldin
True green is true gay
The Stalwartine from Stalwartinople
Most of the controversies mentioned are pointless complaints.
Etzala 16 kun oldin
Gen 8 was awwwwwwwwful
Etzala 12 kun oldin
@Pacific Poke Yeah you're right, the starters were all pathetic. But oh my god, not only the starters are horrible in this gen. What about the Story, the graphics, battle Animations, Characters etc? This game was the worst of all
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Mainly the starters. But you can't blame a whole new gen just for the starters.
AceJay 16 kun oldin
Although not My Original Pokémon Game,I Enjoy Pokémon DPPt....
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
I love how 90% of Pokémon fans would likely die if they ever had to play an actual JRPG Half the controversy in this franchise is just silly compared to the hell of old games
nickgreu4ever 17 kun oldin
So to summarize: 1. Game freak releases new Pokémon game 2. Poke fandom hates it 3. Game freak releases next Pokémon game 4. Poke fandom loves previous generation and hates the new one It’s a never ending cycle 🤦🏼‍♂️
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
It's just because because of the stupid Charizard fans who just want Charizard in every game.
Toasted Swich3
Toasted Swich3 14 kun oldin
Down to the t
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Kurumi 17 kun oldin
"A new way to make more pokémon relevant" You just HAD to show footage of my boi Mawile huh? :/
SpicyMustard 17 kun oldin
I was usually that person that was like kanto only please , I ended up getting sword and man this is my new favourite Pokémon game , so good!
Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson 17 kun oldin
In defense of gen 5 is that in most games the gym leaders have 3 Pokemon, but they should of had rematches.
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 9 kun oldin
kris198921 17 kun oldin
A lot of the stuff you mentioned i doubt most people complained it and i would assume you made up just to make your video longer
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Never underestimate this fandoms insanity Just look at the oldest comments on forums and UZblock related to Pokémon and you'll find complaining everywhere
Flint Pet
Flint Pet 18 kun oldin
I loved gen 5 animation
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Flint Pet
Flint Pet 18 kun oldin
I loved gen 5 so much new stuff
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Van Turks
Van Turks 19 kun oldin
I lost my eon ticket now I can't go to the southern islands so I kinda didn't like the eon ticket part
MsTheCommentator 19 kun oldin
People when Ruby/Sapphire came out: ugggggh so much water, worst game ever, 0/10 People when ORAS was announced: YEEAAAAH, BOI BRING BACK THE TRUMPETS
George Sikorski
George Sikorski 20 kun oldin
Folks, let's not forget, and say it with me so you don't: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are *NOT* main-series games
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Halite Games
Halite Games 20 kun oldin
Gen 5 Pokémon are hit and miss. I hated gen 5 initially and it's still the gen I've played the least, but it's grown on me. For every terrible Pokémon I can't stand (klinklang, the monkeys), there's a great one I love (hydreigon, sawsbuck)
Pacific Poke
Pacific Poke 12 kun oldin
Samurott, Serperior, Haxorus, Chandelure, Excadrill, Bisharp, Krookodile, Reuniclus, Golurk, Mienshao, Scrafty, Sigilyph are amazing Pokémon. Let's not ignore them.
Neb 20 kun oldin
I think the graphical criticisms of sword and shield are so unbelievably nitpicky, considering the scale of the game and what was included, battle animation and graphics are absolutely fine, the overworld has never looked better than in-battle and considering battling is what you'll spend most of your time doing, especially post-game, I really don't think overworld graphics matter that much
Neb 20 kun oldin
People disliked the distortion world??? I adored it
Assasin Zoro
Assasin Zoro 20 kun oldin
We cant all agree on one thing. *Do u agree?*
316 Ray
316 Ray 21 kun oldin
I loved Unova for the most part honestly. Don't know why there was such a problem
Alice H
Alice H 21 kun oldin
The problem with the DLC of 8th gen is that it proves GameFreak lied. They'd said they had to cut out those Pokemon for space reasons, and then we caught models of bulbasaur and squirtle in the game that were unused, and then they added them right back in but at a price! I can't trust what they say anymore.
Ari Blue
Ari Blue 21 kun oldin
Best Pokemon game I ever played was White and my only complaint was the lack of fairy types on gen 5.
Ari Blue
Ari Blue 21 kun oldin
I don't understand how someone can "hate" the share exp thing...
Lord Fawful
Lord Fawful 21 kun oldin
The whole "Ultra Beasts are too different thing" always irked me. THEY'RE ALIENS. FROM DIFFERENT UNIVERSES, TOO. OF COURSE THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE NORMAL POKEMON.
John Violette
John Violette 22 kun oldin
Ok and the totem dewpider is total bulls**t. But that was also when i was confused when told about type advantages.
John Violette
John Violette 22 kun oldin
There was the Jynx controversy too with... i’m not gonna say it, but you know what I mean.
Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson 22 kun oldin
The only thing I actually hate is the DLC, I would've preferred if they just put the games out later with all the DLC stuff.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 22 kun oldin
To be honest sometimes i feel annoyed by encountering well known pokemon in new generations so i would rather have them post game so I dont want to choose them haha
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 16 kun oldin
@Aadarsh Khanduri This what I actually do - but i would wish that for future generations even though i guess most people wouldnt like it
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Play Black and White than
11:50 yeah they looked really desaturated to match the official art that isn't a great decision imo
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 23 kun oldin
I don't like how you label people who disagree by calling them whiners.
Baby Killer
Baby Killer 24 kun oldin
I'm 99% sure someone said it already but The most controversial part of pokemon is it's community.
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Eddy Marz
Eddy Marz 18 kun oldin
Joshua Fajardo
Joshua Fajardo 24 kun oldin
Here’s a controversial take: All Pokémon games are good games. Yes, each one will have their drawbacks but overall, I enjoy playing through each and every one of them
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Fusion Flair
Fusion Flair 25 kun oldin
If hoen has to much water then y did u stop team megma (*gottem*)
Yenne 25 kun oldin
pokemon contests were literally my favourite things idc
First to Infinity
First to Infinity 25 kun oldin
It's called Recency Bias. Gen 1 was perfect for it's time. Of course if you play sword/shield and then go back to Blue, you'll find it's very lacking. But for the late 90's, it was exactly what it needed to be.
Mario Liggieri
Mario Liggieri 26 kun oldin
Bro past gen 4 and if I’m being generous past 5 suck assssssss. It’s just like spongebob nobody likes the new eps. It’s literally y they remake old gen Pokémon all the time lol
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 16 kun oldin
Sigh.... People hated Gen 3 back in the day Now they're praised Same will happen to Gen 6, 7 and even 8 in time
strongsmith1897 26 kun oldin
To me, gens 3 - 5 were the best gens. Not all of each were good, but I personally enjoyed those gens the best. I personally loved gen 3, 4, and 5's worlds, honestly if they were combined, to me it would be the best open world. Big open areas with their own dangers and obstacles and ways to get around, throw in some non-linerarity and on occasion some backtracking so you can revisit places you've been through and take new routes around the place. Finally toss in the distortion world, but make it where it's something that you come and go from here and there as foreshadowing to the box legendary, rather than as an approach to the final boss. I LOVED the secret base mechanics, and dearly hope that they come back, along with Pokémon that follow you. I personally enjoyed the overworld bases of Hoenn than the underground of sinnoh.
Remy Jaime
Remy Jaime 26 kun oldin
I love gen 7 mainly due to the difficulty it had compared to gen 6 and 5 however gen 4 is by far the hardest
Benjaminlee 92
Benjaminlee 92 27 kun oldin
Gens ranked and graded. I enjoyed playing them all 1) Gen 3 A+ 2) Gen 5 A 3) Gen 4 A 4) Gen 8 A- 5) Gen 1 B+ 6) Gen 7 B 7) Gen 2 B 8) Gen 6 C+
Alex garcia
Alex garcia 27 kun oldin
Johto was my first Pokémon game it was pretty difficult for my young mind to play the game and learn it
Alex garcia
Alex garcia 27 kun oldin
Honestly about the nat dex people don’t understand how much work goes into putting a single Pokémon into that game not just that but there evolution like
Markus_lng 27 kun oldin
I always only have pokemon of the gen I'm playing on my team
Markus_lng 27 kun oldin
I miss the rival picking the starter that's stronger
The Dragon
The Dragon 28 kun oldin
I get why people hate the contests, but if it's between trade evolutions or contests, I'll take contests all day every day. I will never get over finding my Feebas thinking I just had to raise its beauty only to learn I was on the wrong gen and needed to trade it.
Big Man Dan
Big Man Dan 28 kun oldin
Since we're spitballing opinions on gens- Gen 1: Good because of nostalgia, I very specifically remember getting my Gameboy color with pokemon blue in the late 90s. Gen 2: bigger, better and more polished. Still very nostalgic but I revisit it significantly less. Gen 3: Probably my favourite gen and the one I replay the most. Gen 4: I remember enjoying it and played all 3, but was at the time I cooled off to pokemon for a while. Gen 5: no strong opinion, I played it but don't remember it. Gen 6: warmed me back up to the franchise, enjoyed it a lot. Gen 7: didn't like, but rockruff is cool. Gen 8: Oh no.
Nella Deraj
Nella Deraj 28 kun oldin
The plot of gen 5 is really good? Bro I could never beat it, I’m so stuck and I skipped all the text until then as well cuz I was so young. I tried to return but I still don’t know where to go
Kiwi The Parakeet Tiger!
i don’t care if sw/sh has bad graphics or lazy animations (ok maybe i kinda care a little bit) i get a lot of enjoyment out of the game. it was my first dip into pokémon games so it’s not like i really have anything to compare it to... but i genuinely enjoy the game. i like the characters designs and personalities. i know how flawed it is, and i don’t necessarily disagree with those who dislike the game, but i find it fun and that’s all that really matters to me.
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain Oy oldin
Jesus Christ loves whoever reads this!😁
A. G.
A. G. Oy oldin
Sun and Moon and Sword and Shield are not even controversial to me, they are just frauds.
CJ Oy oldin
Technical Difficulties in Gen 1 made it bad?? i loved it more due to those issues
4984christian Oy oldin
I started at johto. But i have to say that hoenn was the peak for me. I can accept sinnoh but just borderline. And reject everything after gen 4 conpletely aside a few good animalistic pokemon designs. :D