The Rarest Blood Type On Earth | Responding To Comments Ep. 23 

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Thank you to Abbott for sponsoring this video! Visit BeThe1Donor.Abbott to learn more about donating blood and plasma.

There is a worldwide blood and plasma shortage because of the pandemic. Today I decided to sit down and answer some of the most common questions you have asked me all about blood, how to donate, and dispel any misinformation. We’re talking eligibility to donate regarding COVID and vaccines, the safety of blood and plasma donation, and what your blood type may or may not say about your dating life. Anything else you want to know about blood or donating? Ask below!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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20-Iyn, 2021



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BlueMoon Warrior
BlueMoon Warrior 31 daqiqa oldin
2 Questions: What's the best way to prevent heart attacks or strokes also can you get heart attacks or strokes while you sleep?
Ardaran Mort
Ardaran Mort 2 soat oldin
During the study of forensic antropology, we had learnt about more than 50 basic blood types, not mentioning subgroups. Just blood type A had about 20 subtypes. We had also blood types like "K", "M", "S" and so on. And before anybody asks these blood types were specific with antigens on red cells. Mostly were specific for a tribe or relatives or etnic group.
Vicky Rubin
Vicky Rubin 3 soat oldin
Please do more videos with beer!!!!!!
Anne Vos
Anne Vos 3 soat oldin
Why doesn’t it hurt if you pinch sour elbow ?
Anne Vos
Anne Vos 3 soat oldin
My question: why do some parts of my body suddenly hurt (like my hip or knee) and then stop after a few minutes. Like where is it good for
Ziel Amerak
Ziel Amerak 4 soat oldin
I donate blood a few times, I'm B- so I can donate blood to my family but they can't to me (O+ and B+) then I was diagnosed with hypertension, and in my country I can't donate anymore because of that.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 4 soat oldin
Plot twist people in the medical field are all vampires which is why they need so much blood😂
bleep blob
bleep blob 6 soat oldin
i get REALLY bad headaches that makes my vision weird. It’s like a certain area of my FOV has no details and my brain is just guessing and filling in the gaps 🤷🏻‍♂️ its usually only on the left side. Why is this?? 😩😩
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark 8 soat oldin
UZblock google is lying about o negative Rh negative blood type. And we need to sue them
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark 8 soat oldin
I’m O NEGATIVE RH NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE , ONLY 10 of us on earth 🌍. I can donate blood to everyone on earth 🌎. I will die if I get pregnant with a rhesus positive blood type. Genesis 3:15. And revelations 12:3 to 4. , I’m fully human and can’t be cloned. I’m god the father son holy spirt who came into Mary to be born in the flesh to die for every race and sin . There is only 32 negative Rh negative blood 🩸 type. No we’re not aliens. We went right into Europe. The basque tribe of Judah ,
Jens Randsdorp
Jens Randsdorp 9 soat oldin
How do i know what blood type i have?
LightKnight 9 soat oldin
Hey Dr Mike, I recently learned about a method called hyperthermia cancer treatment or oncothermia. It seems extremely effective, but I would like to see the other side of the equation, because it seems almost fictional because of it's simplicity. What mechanisms would cause the treatment to not work?
GameDefuser 15 soat oldin
I am AB positive, so.... Universal receptor!
kellie Butler
kellie Butler 15 soat oldin
I can't donate blood because I'm on deadly medicine.
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 16 soat oldin
I am not old enough to donate blood but I will on the 12th of August cuz I'm turning 16 but I already have the appointment and they said I'm O- so I'm happy about that and my bloods clean I guess or there's nothing wrong with my blood but I can wait for da cookies
Gin Koruko
Gin Koruko 17 soat oldin
I really love to watch your videos, but when you showed that picture of the bone marrow. It instantly triggered my trypophobia.
Jessica Foster
Jessica Foster 17 soat oldin
I use to donate regularly but then we found out that I’m anemic and so it’s not safe for me to donate anymore..
Mohannad Alhayek
Are supplements taken by body builders safe to consume alongside regular food? Sometimes it's hard to make sure your body's needs of nutrients are met (like protiens, carbs ...etc)
Auetiss Kun oldin
I don’t know my blood type my doctor said that she don’t know it and my mom doesn’t want to tell me
ShadowZoro _GamingHD
Ayo some workers at the Minecraft hq knows about bone marrow, because there is something similar to that that is used to grow crops faster or saplings
Epic combination
If bones make blood. Say you got a bone from someone who had O+ and I had A- would the bone from the person with O+ make A- or O+ in my body?
Gabriela Rule
Gabriela Rule Kun oldin
I wanted to see if he'd mention the Gold blood type. When my bro was in basic military training he said one of his MTI's had this blood type. The guy said he had been in lots of dangerous situations throughout his career and I'm just thinking how incredibly brave he is!!!😱😱😱
Catboi95 2 kun oldin
Can eating any kind of food make blood?
Martins Viļumovs
Martins Viļumovs 2 kun oldin
How to prevent sleep paralysis or if it's happening right now how can i stop it?
Chantal Megson
Chantal Megson 2 kun oldin
I'd love to donate blood, but I'm anemic 🥴
Chantal Megson
Chantal Megson 2 kun oldin
Dr Mike, I'm type O so really want to pass it along. Thoughts?
Georg Henggeler
Georg Henggeler 2 kun oldin
I have rolling Venes my doctor sayd. Could this go away? Because he had to stitch me 5 times in order to take blood and both my arms hurted for a week.
reaper 2 kun oldin
fact: sometimes your blood type can change because of nothing but it can happen after some surgeries
kiki 2 kun oldin
I would donate but im too young 😔
Lincoln Shaw
Lincoln Shaw 2 kun oldin
I thought breathing make bigger blood cells
Happy Days
Happy Days 2 kun oldin
I have a question a good question why is it every time I eat hot food like a hole bag of takis or just any hot food please tell me??
Ziel Amerak
Ziel Amerak 3 soat oldin
what? what is the question?
/Sorrow_ 2 kun oldin
How the heck do you know your blood type? 👁👁
Mike Letsinger
Mike Letsinger 3 kun oldin
I used to be a regular donor, but all of a sudden they said I had hepatitis. They said they're pretty sure it was a false positive, but won't accept any more donations. Is there something I can do to get off the bad list?
Swordsmith2 3 kun oldin
When I was ten I got 4 vials taken to test it if I was going to have celiac disease my mom has I don’t and won’t but a few seconds often I felt like I was going to throw up and it hurt
Ishoo Naireen
Ishoo Naireen 3 kun oldin
5:40 Could you pls explain the treatment of Erythroblastosis foetalis...?
Batdalai Teo
Batdalai Teo 3 kun oldin
So can kids under 13 donate bloods?
Gys Seacord
Gys Seacord 3 kun oldin
I am B+ one pint away from the gallon mark . I started at the age of 47 during covid-19.
S vk
S vk 3 kun oldin
Is it free to donate blood?
Karl Laoun
Karl Laoun 3 kun oldin
He was so into it, he didn’t even represent the sponsor 😂
brodog alm
brodog alm 3 kun oldin
Fun fact if you go to the doctor or and you have to get blood drawn ask for a butterfly needle then you won't get a bruise
oh_ emm
oh_ emm 3 kun oldin
In some culture they give importance on bloodtypes when dating or marriage ..they have this certain attributes corresponds in each bloodtype, like in zodiac , that this type is compatible with this type etc..
Eclipes_raven 3 kun oldin
This was really helpful for me because I am gonna go to collage to become a phlebotomist (aka the person that takes your blood 🩸 )
TnxxRT 3 kun oldin
If someone died can you take the blood from them?
Faxbi Elliott
Faxbi Elliott 3 kun oldin
Why do i know when I dreaming
Nightmare Rei
Nightmare Rei 3 kun oldin
I will never donate. 8D I'm too much of a needle weenie.
Am a Simpleton
Am a Simpleton 3 kun oldin
If you guys watch cell at work, they blood cells graduated from bone school 😂😂😂
charanveer singh
charanveer singh 3 kun oldin
What would happen if you put wrong blood type in somebody
Dr.Lightning 3 kun oldin
i was subscribed a while ago and it unsubscribed me
Alex HeMa
Alex HeMa 4 kun oldin
what about hepatits A, i can donate blood afeter recoverd, ???
3Anne 4 kun oldin
Some country get certain benefit if actively donating blood. Mine have but dnt remember wht since i cant get my blood donate. Dnt knw why. Each time I tried, they said i dnt have enough bloid. My blood is floating in the middle. Hm
sunset weng
sunset weng 4 kun oldin
Btw will I die soon bc I get nose bleed a lot like a few times a month
gal anonim
gal anonim 4 kun oldin
Does the bone , for example knuckle, reconstruckt itself when it is crushed? I mean not totally broken but only part of this bone is crumbled and you can feel irregularity during touching. Does it reconstruckt the loss of the part of the bone?
Stephanie Fisher
Stephanie Fisher 4 kun oldin
I was able to donate once. The Red Cross was hounding me because of my blood type so I went back again. I wasn't able to donate due an iron deficiency. :[
Hugo Louëssard
Hugo Louëssard 4 kun oldin
That makes me think that it's been a long time I haven't donated. I'll go today. However in France, if you've had a tatoo or piercing, you have to wait 4 months to give blood
brad taasevigen
brad taasevigen 4 kun oldin
Can you donate I'd you are gay? Ive heard they don't let you
Soulifiedd 4 kun oldin
Crips watching this: 🧐
Jedijazz4 4 kun oldin
As a gay man it's hard to donate blood but hopefully things continue to loosen so I can
Alison Marshall
Alison Marshall 5 kun oldin
Hey Dr Mike. What are your thoughts on alternative medicine or treatments for example chiropractic and acupuncture. I was having a migraine every 7-10 days( my doctor and I were working together on cause/ treatment). I got my daith pierced and now have 3-5 a year and they have also reduced in intensity. I know there is no medical evidence this works but it has for me and many I know
Ziel Amerak
Ziel Amerak 3 soat oldin
cause you are relax and placebo effect.
Naruto 5 kun oldin
Did anyone watch the cells anime on Netflix after he said platelets I was thinking of the little cute platelets that help repair wounds
tallboi 5 kun oldin
I love my skullcandy crusher wireless headphones but im just wondering if the haptic bass is harmful for my ears? I usually listen to music decently loud and with the bass slider fully up.
Fantasy ファンタジー
I have a rare blood type as well but can’t donate because I’m anemic. 😩 I’m pretty sure my mom was told my blood is 1 in 6 million.
cute christa and fishy jay
My blood type isn't needed. I have MS & they won't let me donate :-(
Seemslegit 5 kun oldin
Would like to say thanks to all those people who have given blood. Being 24 & a Previous history of AML i've had hundreds of blood transfusions, all possible thanks to those donations.
Ashvath 5 kun oldin
Fun fact : When you remove a tatoo from laser you're not actually burning it off or something. You're just breaking it up to a simpler form that your blood can carry easily. So in other words, you're just literally shutting the tattoo out.
Nicole Ortiz
Nicole Ortiz 5 kun oldin
I am here for this hairstyle. Petition for Dr.Mike to always keep it like this...
Cream puff79
Cream puff79 6 kun oldin
My father was born with "golden blood", and I have his blood too. I've donated my blood twice and so far I haven't needed any blood transfusions
Cream puff79
Cream puff79 3 soat oldin
@Ziel Amerak I am aware of this.
Ziel Amerak
Ziel Amerak 3 soat oldin
Golden Blood is not a good thing to have.
CP368 Productions
CP368 Productions 6 kun oldin
Blood needles feel like a pick axe in your arm, not a pinch.
Riley Westerlund
Riley Westerlund 6 kun oldin
How do you find out your blood type?
•Foxie• 6 kun oldin
1:10 My sister has this blood type. She needed to have blood donated and hardly anyone would donate or had her blood type so if you are considering donating blood. I do recommend it.
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper 6 kun oldin
Speaking of blood donation, can you donate blood if you’re vitamin deficient? Personally I’m deficient in a few vitamins and others stuff, and I got curious
Jimmy Forrest
Jimmy Forrest 6 kun oldin
Would people with that are missing a limb have less blood production?
Merryn 6 kun oldin
Can a type 1 diabetic donate blood?
Zyq Carlos
Zyq Carlos 6 kun oldin
Where produce another 5 percent
Ethan Goerner
Ethan Goerner 6 kun oldin
I’ve donated blood two times
Gimiter 6 kun oldin
gallons they use it in 1 2? countries in the world?
Jonas Barnido
Jonas Barnido 6 kun oldin
Question:Any tips how to nake your hair grow longer faster?
Yury Tared
Yury Tared 6 kun oldin
Bro bro bro i have a rare blood type lets go
A guy without mustache
Lol I got RH null blood type 😐
Xx GalaxyGlitchGacha xX
I went to UCLA to get my blood drawn when i was 9 they took 18 ounces from 1 arm causing me to have a seizure so when I was 9 it took 18 ounces of blood from one arm so how much for a full grown adult male or female i wonder i guess its diffrent for everyone
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz 6 kun oldin
Doing good for people 🤣
Darius Șandru
Darius Șandru 6 kun oldin
Its Orange juice if you know you know
Brown lab
Brown lab 6 kun oldin
My blood type is AB-
Hailey Medeiros
Hailey Medeiros 6 kun oldin
I have POTS and I read that it can be harmful because blood already isn’t circulating enough to my head. So would I be able to lay down while the blood gets drawn? or would that be even more harmful?
R M 6 kun oldin
What if you took the Astrazeneca
Saifeldin Megalaa
Saifeldin Megalaa 6 kun oldin
whos B+ cuz I am.
Xia Qiu
Xia Qiu 6 kun oldin
Hi 👋
Piggly Wiggles
Piggly Wiggles 6 kun oldin
Ok....what about the other 5 percent?
Jayro Ayala
Jayro Ayala 6 kun oldin
Why is -A blood rare
Mahnoor Kamran
Mahnoor Kamran 7 kun oldin
Dr is it very difficult to become a doctor
Sarah Bérubé
Sarah Bérubé 7 kun oldin
When I turn 18 I want to donate blood. But is it safe if I faint very easily?
fate fate
fate fate 7 kun oldin
Plasma is also the forth state of matter
Hyperprojects 7 kun oldin
Me : *celebrates for getting A+* My blood doctor : wtfff???
Emma Bruffy
Emma Bruffy 7 kun oldin
If a blood type is common wouldn't that mean that more people with your blood type need that type more
Swanand Muley
Swanand Muley 7 kun oldin
ik the golden blood from greys anatomy lol
I have AB negative blood is it rare 😁😁😁
LionQueen106 7 kun oldin
I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and am on lots of meds, would I still qualify to donate blood or plasma? I’ve never donated before cause I never knew that. I have absolutely no fear of needles, I’ve spent my life getting blood drawn, have had cortisone injections in my hips, and had bone marrow biopsy, and aspiration so I think that would be a benefit in that situation of donating blood.
Dominic 7 kun oldin
This video is making me wanna donate blood when I’m older
Darren Hernandez
Darren Hernandez 7 kun oldin
I got denied to donate a while back because I had a small heart issue years prior
amerson pascua
amerson pascua 7 kun oldin
I don't know if Im late but if ever you have RH NULL type blood, can you donate blood to your future self?
Slayton Ferris
Slayton Ferris 7 kun oldin
I’m diabetic can I donate blood?
sssbeast 909
sssbeast 909 7 kun oldin
Im a kid but when im older i will i have o negitive
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