This is radioactive uranium glass 

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Watch me make uranium glass: uzblock.info/post/video/uKitbZaRoKqObY4.html
Main channel: uzblock.info
I made this uranium glass myself and it actually contains uranium. What's cool about it is that it fluoresces under a black light, and it lets off a really nice green color. Because it contains uranium, it's radioactive, and this can be detected using a Geiger counter.
Nile talks about lab safety: uzblock.info/post/video/zNV3eoN-em58jno.html​

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29-Apr, 2021



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NileRed Shorts
NileRed Shorts 10 kun oldin
Watch me make uranium glass! Link in the description
Mila Sparaco
Mila Sparaco Kun oldin
@100wyyy plays uh ohhh
100wyyy plays
100wyyy plays Kun oldin
Just imagine a kid got a hold of your uranium glass thinking it was a cookie…
Mila Sparaco
Mila Sparaco 2 kun oldin
@Dan San probaly
hits*academic 2 kun oldin
Why do this? Can you stop? What if it's not fake?
PanikKezz ;0
PanikKezz ;0 3 kun oldin
I love the uranuium joke on the start of video
ze hole
ze hole 19 daqiqa oldin
eat it
Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos 45 daqiqa oldin
"Actually contains uranium* *FBI OPEN UP*
ashutosh kumar
ashutosh kumar Soat oldin
I fucking wish you were my chemistry teacher
William Barber
William Barber 3 soat oldin
Thought that was a radioactive condom 🤣
Third Form Freiza
Third Form Freiza 3 soat oldin
He over here playing with cancer
lolblitz gaming
lolblitz gaming 4 soat oldin
Nile reds children are gonna be tripping
Kyle 5 soat oldin
incrediblepick3 5 soat oldin
So pure uranium is the sound of a person flat lining
5 soat oldin
Kinda looks like trinitite
No Info
No Info 6 soat oldin
Next vid : making glass out of sperm
Totally Not Isa Silence
Why do I want to lick it-
Willy Ween
Willy Ween 6 soat oldin
holy shit I love these videos
hyobio h
hyobio h 6 soat oldin
those dosimeter clicks reminded me of Chernobyl
Mohamed CH
Mohamed CH 7 soat oldin
This dude finna cause the next chernobyl MARK MY WORD!!!
shivanshu sharma
shivanshu sharma 9 soat oldin
Not great not terrible.
Ethan Katz
Ethan Katz 9 soat oldin
Okay but where do I buy pure uranium? I MUST KNOW
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 10 soat oldin
next: vibranium glass
ZENmusic 10 soat oldin
:here, I have my uranium glass* :It actually contains uranium... What, what?
J-B Lore
J-B Lore 10 soat oldin
Ok, normal 🤣
Efthimis Kintsakis
Efthimis Kintsakis 10 soat oldin
Omg that's so interesting
Rishi Raj Upadhyay
Rishi Raj Upadhyay 10 soat oldin
Let's be honest. We were expecting him to play with Uranium some day.
faxr 13
faxr 13 10 soat oldin
That Green so so Damn Pretty 🔥
Scorpio Gacha
Scorpio Gacha 10 soat oldin
Damm I never knew it contained Uranium
Newtype 0085
Newtype 0085 11 soat oldin
I feel like it should be illegal to own that much pure uranium
y0gurt 11 soat oldin
I'm sorry, but i *really want to eat it*
The Antagonist
The Antagonist 11 soat oldin
Okay now let's see some plutonium and can you make it into a dust and release it into the atmosphere?
NotACommie 11 soat oldin
Lol you'll be glowing in the dark soon
Rianda Prasetya
Rianda Prasetya 12 soat oldin
Is that glass made from urine?
Brandon 12 soat oldin
Lol, “really nice color”...ya the color of cancer
bill o'reily
bill o'reily 15 soat oldin
Can you make a small atomic bomb and drop it somewhere safe
FL 16 soat oldin
year 2023: guy got nobel prize for analyzing uranium at his house.. rest in peace our beloved scientist
leizel dagaraga
leizel dagaraga 17 soat oldin
Where does he get all this stuff???
Marbz 17 soat oldin
Who's ranium?
Alvic Zafra
Alvic Zafra 17 soat oldin
I wonder if he's a muslim
Zara Eli
Zara Eli 18 soat oldin
You are soo smart 😯😯
Iain Lucas
Iain Lucas 18 soat oldin
Fuck yer 50/50 ... we want prop ...
LaAnn W
LaAnn W 18 soat oldin
We've located the uranium Sir. It was in the radiation cabinet the whole time. hehe
Bee 19 soat oldin
This scares me
sokin jon
sokin jon 19 soat oldin
“Dude where’s beer?” “It’s in the fridge behind the uranium.”
TheBigGuns 69
TheBigGuns 69 19 soat oldin
Forbidden lollipop Me wanna lick
????? le ????
????? le ???? 20 soat oldin
Imagine the police raid his home and they find this.
Artrysa 21 soat oldin
How the hell does one get their hands on pure uranium?
Artrysa 13 soat oldin
@sokin jon We're not commonly taught chemistry here so I do not get this joke. Hell, I'm not even a 100% if it's actually a chemistry joke.
sokin jon
sokin jon 19 soat oldin
Now I'm here to split U like 2 and 3 from 5
boxcar 21 soat oldin
Alex Bartolo
Alex Bartolo 21 soat oldin
Man you can take over the world...you know that right
ugh 22 soat oldin
"This is my radiation cabinent." Ah yes of course me too
Insert Name Here:
Insert Name Here: 22 soat oldin
*Casually approaches uranium, armed with nothing but rubber gloves. *
UniSpaceLlama 13
UniSpaceLlama 13 22 soat oldin
I wonder what would happen if you mixed everything radioactive and set it on fire
SpixiCafé 23 soat oldin
Now make corium glass.
JuanTwoThree 23 soat oldin
Everyone gangsta till it break
Thetvgamer 7788
Thetvgamer 7788 23 soat oldin
Casually says this is my radiation cabinet
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Kun oldin
Geiger counter sounds like the one in rust
Ben Johnston
Ben Johnston Kun oldin
Damn is this guy on a watch list or what
Just X It
Just X It Kun oldin
nothing to wake you up in the morning like a shot of pure uranium
shaquille griffin
My thoughts of this just being a regular person at home are thwarted
RyuKaze Kun oldin
This man has his lab in the center of Chernobyl.
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Leonard Kun oldin
*Now I'm here to split U like 2 and 3 from 5*
G Kun oldin
This man’s got one crazy kitchen
wed shed
wed shed Kun oldin
I have a disk of dabs that look like that
Tekeepa Aria
Tekeepa Aria Kun oldin
Well. It sure is pretty. Dangerous but pretty
flipnotrab Kun oldin
Homer Simpson approved👍
The People's Army
Can we just stop messing around with these things I beg you
Bosley Kun oldin
Umm anyone care to explain how a plastic looking bottle is stopping deadly levels of radiation from killing him? Is there lead in there or something. What about the glass? Nothing is projecting it?
Lapis Goblin
Lapis Goblin Kun oldin
Gonna need some rad-away and a stim after watching this
Press Kun oldin
Okay, i need this ... Hmm where 🤔 i can buy some radioactive material.
Turtle Warrior
Turtle Warrior Kun oldin
This guy is wild
Majid Nobles
Majid Nobles Kun oldin
Can i buy uranium on Amazon
SodaMustDie Kun oldin
Can I eat it?
AKz Effect
AKz Effect Kun oldin
Uranium fever
Chinmay Patil
Chinmay Patil Kun oldin
the difference in battle power is 1600 and 81000🔥
ronald mcdonals
ronald mcdonals Kun oldin
Why do you have pure uranium😭
kyle given
kyle given Kun oldin
How'd this fella get uranium???? Lmao
UwU Cat
UwU Cat Kun oldin
"So that concludes my house tour!" "Why does that have a nuclear symbol on it??" "Oh thats just where i keep things like uranium"
Nameless Ghoul
Nameless Ghoul Kun oldin
Dude just has a radiation cabinet
W K Kun oldin
Wait for fbi to come in
Tricus Kun oldin
Reminds me of "No full auto in buildings."
imbored dude
imbored dude Kun oldin
Lick it
vito Kun oldin
oh yeah i love uranium my family make it every christmas 😋😋
Rhinofire06 Kun oldin
You said it glows? Let’s put it everywhere!
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder Kun oldin
I collect uranium glass. It was rather common to make a while back, so you'll find it at thrift shops or just random used good stores a lot of the time. I bring a UV light with me, and you can usually tell what will glow under it due to the color of the glass. Always exciting to find a new piece. I also smoke cannabis concentrates and have glass pieces or "rigs" made out of modern day "uranium" glass rods. I have no idea if it's actually made with uranium or not, but it looks identical. The whole pipe is fluorescent, it's quite pretty. They also make "Blu-V" and "Pink Proton" rods, which glow bright blue and pink under UV light. I have one rig made with all 3 color rods, it's one of my favorites.
Jaime Martinez Cardenas
Big boom?
Justin Hackstadt
*Drops Demon Core lid* Oh crap
Marshall Redmon
Marshall Redmon Kun oldin
Radiation (Flashbacks of Chernobyl) Th horrors... the horrors....
Marouan Anzal
Marouan Anzal Kun oldin
Love you vid
areeb ahmad
areeb ahmad Kun oldin
Reminds me of chernobyl, it's only 3.4 roentgen. 😳
Anime Dude
Anime Dude Kun oldin
I don't know what's more disturbing the fact that he has uranium glass or the fact that he has PURE URANIUM???
Max Bennetts
Max Bennetts Kun oldin
*Chernobyl would like to know your location*
Mke Dildwr
Mke Dildwr Kun oldin
It’s nothing compared to pure uranium........which you also have 🤯
アニメKaguya edits
Can you show, you're are make a bomb.?
Austin Grunig
Austin Grunig Kun oldin
Remember the idiot scientist using a screw driver to keep space between two core spheres? Me: as soon as you don't respect it....... It kills you. No thanks 🤨
Bean Geist
Bean Geist Kun oldin
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Kun oldin
It's still very scary
D0zer unit
D0zer unit Kun oldin
The forbidden candy
Some Guy
Some Guy Kun oldin
Why do you even have pure uranium? Where does one even GET that?
`` Kun oldin
Chem Labs
I'm so Tiny!
I'm so Tiny! Kun oldin
If i've studied elements for the past few years, I knowthat uranium is very dangerous and very EXPLOSIVE and nuclear
The Raj Show
The Raj Show Kun oldin
I wont like to make this guy angry...
Teja editz
Teja editz Kun oldin
Where did you get these Uranium
Xzavier Noriega
Xzavier Noriega Kun oldin
I hope you're wearing protective equipment when using uranium
kaitlyn Kun oldin
“this is my radiation cabinet”
ADHAiiN7 Kun oldin
I went from “How is that not bad” to “Oh, now I see”
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