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This is part 2 of Tim Allen's shares his garage tour. Tim shares his private garage containing a diverse car collection of muscle cars, customs, Porsche, and Jag! Some celebrity garages only have new cars, but Tim is a genuine hot rodder and enjoys building cars and driving fast. On this two-part tour, you'll see all of Tim's cars and including the 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement.
Tim is an American actor and comedian. He is known for playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on the Last Man Standing.
If you missed part 1, click here to watch it: uzblock.info/post/video/zKqKaHafkWpvoqA.html
0:00 - Intro
0:15 - Ford GT350H
1:47 - 1950 Caddy
3:02 - Cadillac Fleetwood BDE
4:23 - Jaguar E-type
5:44 - Ford Falcon CJ
7:46 - Nova Custom
9:40 - 46' Ford Custom
10:50 - 33' Ford Custom
11:19 - Camaro Restomod
12:45 - Porsche 911s SWB
14:40 - Porsche 356

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4-Apr, 2021



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Ed Kelley
Ed Kelley 3 soat oldin
Hmmm.... you got... not shitty taste in cars... not eclectic. ... it's almost like.. .. it's a mongrel that you're getting for a deal. . .or.. ....home improvements was involved.... the GT 40 YOU GOT TO PROVE YOU COULD GET ONE.. YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE IT....THE JAG IS OK..THE Corvair.....the Demon we didn't see.. THAT YOU LOVE. .. I MEAN.... YOU SHOULD SELL MOST OF THOSE. YOU NEED A 60 TO 62 CHRYSLER 300....LOADED....A 70 440 6PACK PLUM CRAZY PURPLE.... WHITE INTERIORS....LOADED...4SPD ROADRUNNER..A 70 455 SUPERDUTY Trans Am.....4spd. . ..deep blue....blue or black interior...4spd 67 Corvette conv...4SPDR You can pick colors. If you know what I mean. ..but don't have the will power to do it and get some real.. FACTORY REAL......BEAUTIES...ILL COME OUT THERE .. AND SHOW YOU HOW MUCH HAPPIER YOU WOULD BE... NOT MUCH fun there bro ...I STARTED CLIPPING MY TOE NAILS BRO,???? THATS HOW BAD IT IS. Anyways...CHEERS
Johnny Vella
Johnny Vella 4 soat oldin
Tim Allen is my fav! Just a real man. No bs no nonsense just original !
JarrodLovesCars 6 soat oldin
The black wall tires on the Caddy DeVille look terrible. They look a size too big also.
Carl Trommetter
Carl Trommetter 11 soat oldin
Thanks for the tour Tim. Love Ya bud!
lanny allen
lanny allen Kun oldin
I wish you had the Nomad.
William Fugman
William Fugman Kun oldin
Awesome show very relative young man north east ohio. Trying to build a drag car with a engine ready cool to see what some time and desire will come I have been l9oking at some rat cars around but always wanted a 60 ish nova to put together. Thought s of American graffiti
Chad Nolan
Chad Nolan Kun oldin
Get the Nomad. I loved it on home improvement
Floyd Larken
Floyd Larken Kun oldin
The most interesting part of this to me was Tim’s honesty about these cars. Even though they are his cars and he’s proud of them he still Admits they’re not perfect.
crickle47 Kun oldin
You would be my friend. We have the same "ethics" when it comes to automotive. I'm from Benton Harbor, where my neighbor was an exec at Whirlpool, and always had great Chrysler stuff, '64 Sport Fury, '63 Backaruda, and the epic '62 Imperial! It was Anthracite grey, white leather, and black "shag" carpet.
Darrell Kuhn
Darrell Kuhn Kun oldin
I noticed no AMC's. Sorry my dad loved them. So I drove them till they sold out / went under.
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts Kun oldin
the 911s seems to have RHD wipers, but it's LHD (compare to the 356 and even the karmann ghia beside it around 14:00 )
jreyman Kun oldin
That black Cadillac is awesome, and the GTO and '96 Impala, Nova, and COPO Camaro are all bad ass.
Ted Tremendous
Ted Tremendous 2 kun oldin
Very Cool Video, Tim Has some great cars in his collection for SDS.
Max Power
Max Power 2 kun oldin
That was interesting, I always wondered what was in his collection. That being said maybe it is senility, he doesn’t seem to know as much as he should, about the cars he owns and the “dubbing” of things was terribly done.
Terry Havanka
Terry Havanka 2 kun oldin
No mopars? WTF Tim!?
Arnie Meyer
Arnie Meyer 2 kun oldin
fishtail harley davidson end mufflers on a 51 cadillac ! thats a cool custom idea !
chris johnson
chris johnson 2 kun oldin
"It goes like squirt". I have never heard that term before. LOL
Donna di Lode
Donna di Lode 2 kun oldin
Imagine what the insurance for his garage and contents much cost.
Bo Darville
Bo Darville 3 kun oldin
That Blue 33 is a pop culture icon. That is the car I will forever associate with you Sir.
59CADFINS 3 kun oldin
We restore Cadillacs and really enjoy seeing these classic cars especially the Caddy's. More people should buy them and work on them so we can see them on the road. Thanks for sharing.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 3 kun oldin
Fuck Tesla Timbo owns a lot of strange cars. All that fuckin EuroTrash shit. Yuck. The 409, the Nova, and especially the Camaro are the coolest cars he owns and the only ones I want. He whines a lot, too. Oh it doesn't drive good. The brakes aren't great. Waaa. Shut up, dude. It's supposed to be that way. Wait until you drive a real Hot Rod. Not those Home Improvement Street Rods. A true Hot Rod
-G- 3 kun oldin
Love Tim Allen! He's a man's man! Everyone been talking positive in the comments so I'm going to say... It breaks my car loving heart that he talks crap about the Tesla so much it seems like he drives it more than anything else. Just my opinion great collection though.
=UMPA= TAS 3 kun oldin
Tim! Quit referring to Jay all the time. Your style is yours man.
Michael Costeline
Michael Costeline 3 kun oldin
I love that Camaro . I would take that over all of them. Where did you say that Garage is?
Dean Pollmann
Dean Pollmann 3 kun oldin
Tim.. screw you because you love to brag about what you have. Impress us by donating those ugly cars to charity. 🖕
Jerry Lynch
Jerry Lynch 3 kun oldin
My sister was married to his wife's cousin, but is now widowed.
Mario Colarossi
Mario Colarossi 3 kun oldin
Loved learning and listening to your very honest comments about the vehicle's .Thankfully you are a real car guy!
Nine Eleven Heaven
Nine Eleven Heaven 3 kun oldin
What a privilege to get a tour of Tim's garage. I love the humor and how honest Tim is. Thank you!
Mike 3 kun oldin
I would have thought he'd have a Grand National or Regal T-Type, that's a classic car and insanely fun to own.
Marvin Henlock
Marvin Henlock 3 kun oldin
Did those VO pickups in the crapper.
Gemcor 3 kun oldin
Great collection Tim! Was a pleasure meeting you a few years back at one of your stand up shows.
Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman 3 kun oldin
Great guy wonderful cars wife has good taste. Hey she picked him right.😃
Klaus Von Schmit
Klaus Von Schmit 3 kun oldin
I never knew there was an Yenko Corvair! Never to old I suppose to learn something new! Thanks Tim By the way, Awesome man size building you have there regardless of sound to showcasing your hardware!
Gerry Gee
Gerry Gee 3 kun oldin
Fantastic collection, and yes - the E type is the car of the collection! Does Tim have any amateur radios fitted in any of the cars?
aceyorba 4 kun oldin
Thought tim allen would have at least 1 Hemi Cuda...
Jack Again
Jack Again 4 kun oldin
"You're not allowed in right now...." lol
Catamerican Whitman
What is the silver thing on the floor under the Home Improvement sign? Love ALL of your shows/humor/patriotism. God Bless
Mikey Demeno
Mikey Demeno 4 kun oldin
no saleens?
VICKI TAYLOR 4 kun oldin
So your the one that got grandpa's church car wow see grandpa only used it on Sunday and in his suit he would wash it and they would head out the cleanest car there lol 🤣 oh by the time at so we won't fight over the car grandma sold it and the 55 truck we were all mad and the grandkids do want the car if ya fight over it it's sold to him he gets them lol hy I don't know they still like this dude lol
Gregg Alletta
Gregg Alletta 4 kun oldin
He says he's not a big Porsche guy, but he's had a lot of Porsches.
FuquarProductions 4 kun oldin
It's clear he's just a car enthusiast with money, whereas Jay Leno knows all the details of every car.
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton 4 kun oldin
His wife is way cooler than him!!!!
Emily Lee
Emily Lee 4 kun oldin
ssur.cc/girlxxxg2pmf Improvvisamente, i partecipanti diretti al progresso tecnologico sono stati trasformati in uno zimbello, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza porti indubbi benefici alla societa. Un'esperienza diversificata e ricca ci dice che il percorso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato ci permette di valutare il valore delle nuove proposte. 私たち一人一人は明白なことを理解しています。かなりの共感で薄められた合理的な思考には、外国の経済政策の再考の定義と洗練が必要です。反対の見方は、第三世界の活発に発展している国々が世界的な経済ネットワークを形成し、同時に、マーケティングと財政の前提条件の文脈で排他的に考慮されることを意味します。突然、制度化の勝利の明確な兆候は、派閥の分裂を増すだけであり、暴露されます。そして、独立国家が世界経済ネットワークを形成し、同時に、重要な要素の役割の候補として示されていることは間違いありません。
Shane Steel
Shane Steel 4 kun oldin
Where's the 55 wagon
James McConnell
James McConnell 5 kun oldin
Tim Allen is rich!
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi 5 kun oldin
i work on 4-stroke lawmowers. flatheads are a piece of cake.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 5 kun oldin
Tim is a real car guy! Been there! 69 road runner 413 NASCAR block! Ruled telegraph 74 to 78 10 second car
HotRodder47 5 kun oldin
My favorite is the home improvement 40 Ford convertible
The Thinkerer
The Thinkerer 5 kun oldin
That 40 ford was stunning.
what yr is your deaNOM
Vic Senefsky
Vic Senefsky 5 kun oldin
The thing you see on the back of the 50 Cadillac is the glass backup light lenses. I robbed a pair of those off of a '50 Caddy in our field of beaters when I was a teen (around1977), and used them as front turn signal lenses covers on my '55 second series Chevrolet pickup. Had to purchase amber colored bulbs tho.
Corgan Earnheart
Corgan Earnheart 5 kun oldin
You know your old when 75% of the people you know have died lol.
Todd 5 kun oldin
There's probably $5000 worth of extention cords alone!
Cyumadbro summit
Cyumadbro summit 5 kun oldin
Convicted boomer crack dealer finally achieves exquisite car collection. Nice
Tom M
Tom M 5 kun oldin
When you own too many cars and have to do a voice-over to correct mistakes.....
Doug 5 kun oldin
I am so glad I caught these two vids. Tim allen made me laugh so hard I literally would roll on the floor. Great memories thanks to Tim. That 70 Falcon, Wow! I am guesing that is a 70 because I had the same 70 Torino Gt that shared that body. Made for high speed 4 wheel drifts, ah the old days. I realize these days it was the driver, not so much the car...
Steven Jennings
Steven Jennings 5 kun oldin
Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙌🙏
The Commentary
The Commentary 6 kun oldin
Dont tell anyone where you are... You said Burbank police stopped you. Then airplanes made noise and you mentioned that as well. So its safe to assume you in burbank next to the burbank airport or maybe even IN the airport.......
Jason Reynolds
Jason Reynolds 6 kun oldin
That convertible maroon ford is my favorite out of that awesome collection
Biggus Doggus
Biggus Doggus 6 kun oldin
Thank you for the tour Tim. Great collection and great stories. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your time at your hobby, great fan of your work. Be anonymous best you can and enjoy life.
Jerry Matthews
Jerry Matthews 6 kun oldin
Tim you have a beautiful collection, I love any of the older automobiles. Thank you for the very nice video.
Kevin H.W. Crabbe
Kevin H.W. Crabbe 6 kun oldin
I love that Volkswagen bug but whatever car you call it I love it anyways it’s beautiful
Kevin H.W. Crabbe
Kevin H.W. Crabbe 6 kun oldin
Now that’s is a beautiful car in the year flat head Motor in it that’s cool I love the most back in the days it was the best for cruising chicks for girls for those don’t know what I mean when chicks that is so beautiful that way
Kevin H.W. Crabbe
Kevin H.W. Crabbe 6 kun oldin
The falcon one that’s a beautiful car back in the days
Kevin H.W. Crabbe
Kevin H.W. Crabbe 6 kun oldin
Now that is a car there
Todd WH6DWF 6 kun oldin
Perhaps Tim KK6OTD will do a video of his Ham Radio collection like Joe WB6ACU has done for Ham Nation and Twit.TV, that would probably eliminate the, “Goes Like Squirt” phrase. I would be curious as to what Tim KK6OTD would come up with for Amateur Radio...😎
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
12, damn Utube!
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
You mentioned Corvair, when I was about 12 I was going with step-dad in a white Corvair, motor of course in the back! All of a sudden the front trunk lip flip back & blocked our vision! A true fault of not being truly aerodynamic!
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
Camarillo, damn Utube!
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
Loved the Dk. Green Camarillo! Sweet!
Bob Baker
Bob Baker 6 kun oldin
Car collection is interesting! So show me GM muscle cars! Loved Home Improvement, Last Man Standing! Awesome man!
Jaycee Combs
Jaycee Combs 6 kun oldin
Too Kool for school T. Allen!
Special k
Special k 6 kun oldin
Tim allen spent more money on trickle chargers than I did on cars
Black Toof
Black Toof 6 kun oldin
Tim better get his vaccine soon! Enough waiting Tim
Alan Poland
Alan Poland 6 kun oldin
TIM..you are SO MY KIND OF GUY....and of ALL you said here, the “I DONT BUY THEM TO SELL THEM BUT I BUY THEM TO (ᛕᗴᗴᑭ and) DRIVE THEM” just hits home with me...as THAT WAS and STILL IS MY WISH FOR MY RETIREMENT!!❤️🚘 UNfortunately, my retirement (5 years and dragging🥵) has consisted of being a caretaker for my wife. A (car) guys gotta DO what a (CAR!) GUYS GOTTA DO! But I still have hope..aspirations....And you just solidify them all! Can I somehow, someway come meet you, work with/for you????? I’ll get people to TCB with my Patti..I’m just LOVIN YOUR LIFESTYLE and your common-sense approach to all those fantastic vehicles you have! I’m one helluva detailer, have made a GOOD MARGIN ON my cars I’ve detailed, cause I pay ATTENTION TO DETAIL! Looks AND sounds like you do to!! Carry ON, Sir!! ❤️WE🇺🇸 NEED MORE GUYS LIKE YOU!! Amen and BE WELL Tim!
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 6 kun oldin
I miss home improvement
Rock Talk with Doc
Rock Talk with Doc 6 kun oldin
I need a t-shirt that says "Goes Like Squirt"
Pete Raybon
Pete Raybon 6 kun oldin
Awesome that you have a E Type and Yes Tim it was Enzo Ferrari that said it was the most beautiful car ever, I think my T Type is pretty dang cool too.. I think your wife has good taste in older cars too Tim.
jdsstegman 6 kun oldin
Wish I could look at that 56 cadillac series 61! I'm putting back together a 1955 series 61 2 door convertible and wow there is almost no information on these models. The entire care has been taken apart to restore over 10 years ago and now I'm hired to put it back together!
curtisimo032 6 kun oldin
Did he mean Hertz GT350? He said Herst
Levi Thomson
Levi Thomson 6 kun oldin
That voice during the occasional car detail cutaways ruins this video
Erek from Minnesota
o i thought u had all kindsa o collecables may b i herd wrong sorry
Erek from Minnesota
holy crap u still have the rod hey thats way cool
Erek from Minnesota
u probably have just about as many if not more cars than jay leno by now huh hes cool just joking but u probably r close
Edwin Morales
Edwin Morales 6 kun oldin
why collectors have extension cords connected to car for, can anybody tell me ty
Jeremy Vanderpool
Jeremy Vanderpool 5 kun oldin
The only thing I can think of ( and I am not sure of) is that they are plugged into a battery tender. So that way if he wants to drive it he can just unplug it and go. No dead battery.
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR 6 kun oldin
Goes like squirt? Making me cringe a little bit lol
Bob Rossack
Bob Rossack 7 kun oldin
Thankyou for showing us your wonderful car collection sir and thankyou for years of excellent entertainment. I sincerely wish you and your loved ones, very long lives, filled with love, good health and contentment. Be safe and well Mr Allen. Bob. Australia.
EvilScientistMoose 7 kun oldin
6:26 1970 1/2 Falcon
EvilScientistMoose 7 kun oldin
(Hertz, not Hurst?)
John G
John G 7 kun oldin
I'll have the Cameron resto plz.
S Hamilton
S Hamilton 7 kun oldin
Very cool collection and thank you for sharing it with us Tim Allen! Your fellow car guy, Buick Steve
Chad 7 kun oldin
Love the videos tim how could I send you a picture are awsome old 1920 mack truck?
Doctor Mustang
Doctor Mustang 7 kun oldin
Im surprised theres no Saleen in his collection
Shaun McCuin
Shaun McCuin 7 kun oldin
I like the 68 Camaro the best.
Vince Commando
Vince Commando 7 kun oldin
Tim's love & passion for cars is something we should all be so fortunate to have. One healthy obsession is often the greatest reason on earth to get out of bed & say "What new adventure is next up for me?" That's a life worth living in my opinion. Sure you got family to look after & other obligations to tend to & that's often all the best things to have. However all of those things are just a small piece of what life really embodies. If any of that makes sense to anyone out there in the big, bad, rough & tumble world. Find your passion it may very well save your life or give you a new purpose in life.
Chris Mantz
Chris Mantz 7 kun oldin
Lol he keeps wanting to yawn....it's a nervous tick.. I do the same thing. People always ask me why I yawn when I get asked a question or have to go into detail about anything lol
Chris Mantz
Chris Mantz 7 kun oldin
I have a cadilac brauhgam De' Elogance and the body is by Fleetwood . all my buddies love it it's a giant couch with all thee options . fish eye reading lights in the back and came with a factory c.b. and pistol holder built into the drivers door..lol. Mines maroon with maroon vinyl interior ..but it has options you'd only dream of inside full power 70 grand on the speedometer and a 5 litter.. You get stoned and you think your floating and while driveing you'll ask who is driving ..lol
Brain Fleming
Brain Fleming 7 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing!
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