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5-Apr, 2021



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SHAWSTRENGTH 15 kun oldin
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Beiiinx H
Beiiinx H 11 kun oldin
I wanna see this w Khabib
matt benson
matt benson 12 kun oldin
This was so good.
Ray gang Yt
Ray gang Yt 13 kun oldin
L Nn
Johnny G
Johnny G 14 kun oldin
Great video great class shown by both athletes
Tim Esparsen,jr
Tim Esparsen,jr 14 kun oldin
And he was already a giant in preschool
raztubes 15 daqiqa oldin
"You need to turn your body to generate strength". Brian: Nah...
MrZega Soat oldin
Woa See how the bag is already swinging So much without a proper stance from Brian 💪💪
Jake Wood
Jake Wood Soat oldin
Gentle giant
Jonathan Dunne
Jonathan Dunne 5 soat oldin
Connor watch out he's Goin for that injured leg.. Blow it up like a balloon again.. 🇮🇪
Randall Radke
Randall Radke 5 soat oldin
Martins Licis did some brazilian Ju-Jitsu with a world class dude and it was the same thing. Sometimes extreme strength and size do overpower form. Hell the muscles get in the way most of the time for the other dude
Joshua 6 soat oldin
With a bit MMA training porier would have zero chance
Zain Shah
Zain Shah 6 soat oldin
so you're telling me brian shaw has a better ground game than conor? sweet
mradamariff 6 soat oldin
Bautista Powerslam
Bautista Powerslam 6 soat oldin
Brian says 'Gotcha' and 'definitely' = I ain't clue, someone get me a cheeseburger!
Bryan Campos
Bryan Campos 7 soat oldin
Now all Conor has to do is gain 300 pounds on the rehydration stage and he good money 💰🤣👍🏽
Pablo Lotta
Pablo Lotta 7 soat oldin
This was so wholesome
Dwmoneyman 24
Dwmoneyman 24 7 soat oldin
They should put u and a super hero movie 🤔
Darren Taylor
Darren Taylor 7 soat oldin
With some training Brian Shaw could become a pro MMA fighter, his shear strength would let him dominate in the ring!!
Tommy Warisnaked
Tommy Warisnaked 7 soat oldin
11:21 Shaw have muscles in the head
Goblins and Unicorns
That’s not Mark Henry
A A 8 soat oldin
no matter how good you are there is a reason for a weight class...lol
Chris Wong
Chris Wong 9 soat oldin
Dustin has no interest in making a video he just wanted to train you and your trying so hard to get good content other than him training 🤣
Johnny Gallardo
Johnny Gallardo 10 soat oldin
two so special and cool guys... very nice to watch
Yogranny Bae
Yogranny Bae 10 soat oldin
Brian Shaw could have just dropped on his back when Dustin had him in the choker and ended his career
Double- V
Double- V 11 soat oldin
It’s funny to see how un athletic Brian is at fighting but can probably take on everyone in the gym at the same time
Michael Wingender
Michael Wingender 11 soat oldin
This had me smiling the whole time
el raes
el raes 12 soat oldin
Jajaja 😂
Necronaut 12 soat oldin
As a man I am disappointed on how little Brian punched that punching bag, I mean wtf lol I wanna see him hammer that thing!
Douglas Harley
Douglas Harley 13 soat oldin
in a fight, SIZE is very important. even though dustin poirer is infinitely more skilled than brian shaw, he'd stand little chance against him in a fight...lol, brian shaw could just crush him in his arms, and no matter how hard he hit him it would have little effect other than being painful.
Ackerman Merc
Ackerman Merc 14 soat oldin
Just body weight too much😅
ya boi huck
ya boi huck 15 soat oldin
I'd love to see Brian's movement after a solid month or 2 or kickboxing. If he learned how to use that weight it would be phenomenal to see
Braldey Briggs
Braldey Briggs 15 soat oldin
Brian, when your head turned purple you looked like thanos!
TheKmaru 15 soat oldin
When Shaw said 'Oh, Yea!' I thought to myself...Oh, no! He is going to enter him!
maxime cohen
maxime cohen 15 soat oldin
Daaaaamn hell of a video !
Aristides Gonzalez
Aristides Gonzalez 15 soat oldin
Brian Shaw looks like an over grown Dana White with a beard
Francis nagannou would beat him very easily. He’s big slow and clumsy
Paul Schweissbrenner
Paul Schweissbrenner 15 soat oldin
I was smiling the whole video.
Isaiah Silva
Isaiah Silva 17 soat oldin
Mad respect to this guy for humbling himself in front of Brian shaw
Kyle Gregory
Kyle Gregory 17 soat oldin
Two incredibly nice dudes
Isaiah Silva
Isaiah Silva 17 soat oldin
So very true. I really like what I see.
Pritpal Singh
Pritpal Singh 18 soat oldin
Dustin could submit this guy but not Khabib 😀
Olivér Varga
Olivér Varga 19 soat oldin
Strange the pink gloves onto the trainer, but the video is good. Such as enormous man, with less of tecnique could be win.
motu patlu games world
Love from PAKISTAN
motu patlu games world
Be aware of Enemies
motu patlu games world
Awesome content
motu patlu games world
Awesome game playing
motu patlu games world
Well done
motu patlu games world
One of the best moment of sports history
iyadart 20 soat oldin
10:11 UFC 1 in a nutshell...
Flying Legfist
Flying Legfist 22 soat oldin
If Brian learnt how to put real pressure from side control people would die.
Isaiah Silva
Isaiah Silva 17 soat oldin
Their organs would prob burst lmaooo
DillyPickle Kun oldin
Imagine brian in a slapping tournament, shockwave from the slap would be felt across the room
jay71512 Kun oldin
I can feel feel what you're trying to do here but... pmsl
Joel387 suzuki
Joel387 suzuki Kun oldin
No not 100% 🤣🤣🤣
Joel387 suzuki
Joel387 suzuki Kun oldin
Dustin diamond 💎
Brushogun Kun oldin
Can you imagine your opponent being brian jesus
1.21 Giggitywatts
"I can feel what you're trying to do but...it's not working" This is also what Eddie's wife says on a regular basis.
Leon DH
Leon DH Kun oldin
Deam the technique of Dustin it's sharp!
Frogmanpipes Kun oldin
This is the best thing on youtube right now
Frogmanpipes Kun oldin
Imagine if Brian Shaw had Joe rogan's power
AVP2Ftw Kun oldin
That dude at the gym with the pink gloves that destroys everyone else
Toma Tomov
Toma Tomov Kun oldin
That video was so fun to watch !
Dave Ryan
Dave Ryan Kun oldin
On quick glance I thaught Dustin was wearing a t shirt that says Cletus.😂😂😂😂😂😂 my bad.
Philip Tonne
Philip Tonne Kun oldin
...that´s a good one, too... ;)
iQQ RELOADED Kun oldin
11:11 Small guy: Fuk, well he is my friend and he is not going to rape me. 11:13 Big guy: I feel like this is a great position. Small guy: fuk, I am so fuked please don't rape me.
Quinlan Conroy - Fit Mint
god dog brian shaw on top is the scariest thing I have ever seen
lexusrcf lover
lexusrcf lover Kun oldin
The video is amazing at showing both there strengths.....Dustin is a top level elite level UFC athlete with insane combat skills yet the sheer weight and strength of one of the biggest and strongest humans in the world can still give a hard time yet you can see how strong and skilled he is he honestly almost got out from underneath shaw at one point and I can't imagine how crushing that pressure must feel
Tom R
Tom R Kun oldin
Its a clickbait that i actually dont mind. Great fun workout.
leman ahmad
leman ahmad Kun oldin
I think this man doesn't need a technique to win the fight.
Georgy Anatolyev
Ayo you sus as hell
John Kun oldin
Khabib vs Brian in mma
Killing Time
Killing Time Kun oldin
Looks like father and son playing around 😄
Bayyinah Awesome
Okay get this guy francis ngannou. He was making the heavy bag look like a bag full of wool.
Croatian Warchild
Hahaha very good. Should do some fighting
jacob mills
jacob mills Kun oldin
When you're a fan of 2 people in 2 different worlds its fucking awesome seeing them come together, literally goosebumps and they're both insanely nice people
United Air Co.
United Air Co. Kun oldin
OMG! Brian looks like a ripped af Dana white
United Air Co.
United Air Co. Kun oldin
I seriously love Dustin and it’s really interesting how he’s show and practicing south paw
Dale Hunter
Dale Hunter Kun oldin
Gonna tell my kids this is Dana white
Salvador Luciano
francis matuszak
This was awesome Train with Francis nugannu
Cam Kun oldin
6 months of Jiu Jitsu he would be a world champion.
olddirtytshirt Kun oldin
He looks like a massive Dana or is it just me
Samuel Szmajda
Samuel Szmajda Kun oldin
Very good & interesting.
raul gamma
raul gamma Kun oldin
Could you just imagine if Brian did actually squeeze Dustin 😂
oussama azzzouz
oussama azzzouz Kun oldin
shawn try to do it with khabib annd see if he can get out
Pranjal Dutta _ MMA
Brian should make a training vlog with Francis Ngannou 💪💪
It'sYoBoiGucci Kun oldin
that guy can kill you just by being top on you lmao
Daniel Plainview
It is unsurprising that Brian is so nice he doesn’t know how to throw a punch.
The Guardian
The Guardian Kun oldin
Dustin is a great fighter. However, I'm pretty sure Shaw could have killed him. 😄
The Hitman
The Hitman Kun oldin
Imagine if Bryan was experienced and wanted to hurt someone.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 8 soat oldin
It would be the end of the world
Ahmed Alnajar
Ahmed Alnajar Kun oldin
Khabib: I wrestle with a bear Dustin: hold my beer
MS Archive
MS Archive Kun oldin
Brian is my favorite strongman so chill, easy going, and humble. He often brings other up all the time 2:05
James Clemons
James Clemons Kun oldin
“I would love to show you that” 😂😂
Arturo Holman
Arturo Holman Kun oldin
His Jordan 10s are fresh
TJ Worker
TJ Worker Kun oldin
That kind of power, as well as agility. Trained by a professional grappler and boxer? Would be dangerous beast of a man! As it was, Brian made him poriar tap by just laying on him😂
Nicholas Morris
Nicholas Morris Kun oldin
Jake Paul vs Poirier 😂
Arturo Holman
Arturo Holman 2 kun oldin
3:41 ooouuuu Brian I know you didn't🤣🤣
the big kangaroo !
the big kangaroo ! 2 kun oldin
would like to see brian roll with like a heavier mma fighter seeing poirier try to get out of half guard really made me wonder if a bit heavier of a guy could of got out of it
Roberto Wolfo
Roberto Wolfo 2 kun oldin
What a great episode.
Bob Downie.
Bob Downie. 2 kun oldin
If Brian could wrestle that would be one scary dude!
Juan Ignacio
Juan Ignacio 2 kun oldin
One of your best's videos Shaw, good work and ty!
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 kun oldin
Brian Shaw vs Francis ngannou
Limberth thiago nuñes
Brock lesnar pls.
Aaron Falk
Aaron Falk 2 kun oldin
Could you imagine if he was angry and serious. 💀💀💀💀💀
Aaron Falk
Aaron Falk 2 kun oldin
This is scary! One of the world’s strongest learning how to move his massive body into a weapon.
FUNNYFUNTOK 2 kun oldin
08:56 :D
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