VALKYRIE ... For Noobs 

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Thank you to EA for sponsoring this video! Apex Legends LEGACY is out NOW, check it out here: www.inflcr.co/SH71Q

Valkyrie is the 17th legend in Apex, and her addition adds a lot to the game! The skies belong to her, so let's find out why in another episode of "For Noobs!"

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Thumbnail art by Halmey: tishalmey

The Intro song is "I Think I'm Normal" by Carter Ace
Check him out here: awal.lnk.to/nWCQv

The Outro song is "Bone Theme" by Michael Wyckoff, check him out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=snAWs...



8-May, 2021



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Macro Oy oldin
The skies belong to those who follow me on twitter @theMacroShow
COMRADECHOnKy44 3 kun oldin
@Mindless its not similar to apex
COMRADECHOnKy44 3 kun oldin
@Mindless ok good game
Rispy 11 kun oldin
@Jack Wiewel well i started again this season (had it at season 1) and within a week i got like 100 total kills and i aint even dat good
Simba Oneal
Simba Oneal 12 kun oldin
Damien Jackson
Damien Jackson 12 kun oldin
red eyed pro
red eyed pro 2 soat oldin
We have rhe same shoes
Elizabeth Sánchez
Elizabeth Sánchez 10 soat oldin
Idk why but i hate valkirye and octane and i main wattson and rampart and only use Lstars wingmen sentinels boceks and longbows i am a very unusual player
Harry McCartan
Harry McCartan 22 soat oldin
Multi million titan to jet pack lol
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Kun oldin
If northstar was a pilot:
tom hanks
tom hanks Kun oldin
The harsh march puzzlingly need because air exclusively fade to a low dinghy. careful, alluring shelf
Jörmungandr Kun oldin
2:47 just cause of that, I'm gonna dislike
Ninjaro 64
Ninjaro 64 Kun oldin
Valkryie and fuse is superior because fire circl valkrie's mussues boom SUPERIOR
Faith Blue
Faith Blue Kun oldin
She needs buffs she to easy for me
KittenChopper Kun oldin
Is your father actually a pilot?
HorrorGeek9 Kun oldin
Great video dude.
Ramen boy6
Ramen boy6 2 kun oldin
If I spray-paint a orange blue is it called a blue
Nahje Masukat
Nahje Masukat 2 kun oldin
2:06 Do you think she'd know that while sitting at home? It's not like you get a notification from someone who died about who or what killed them on your phone
Another Sheev Palpatine
"So you can't really use this passive to fly into someone's face expecting to destroy them" Valkyrie players: *This sign won't stop me because I can't read*
Acid the dragon
Acid the dragon 2 kun oldin
Lastimosta gave Cooper his Titan and helmet during his last-a-moments and Cooper went on to kill viper
sbr focus
sbr focus 2 kun oldin
For pc its easy to hold but for controller its more easier to toggle for controller Why: because for controller you can not move your L stick to scout the area However for pc you can move your mouse to scout whilst holding the space bind
Ethio Eri
Ethio Eri 2 kun oldin
Day 18 of asking brawlhalla for noobs
Manthan Sohoni
Manthan Sohoni 2 kun oldin
You were the chosen one... You were supposed to the DESTROY the Sith(EA)! NOT JOIN THEM!
PICCIONE 2 kun oldin
I have trauma from wen i did the viper boss
Kyi 1317
Kyi 1317 2 kun oldin
I think her jet refills needs a buff
Diego Barela
Diego Barela 3 kun oldin
stfu im not a noob im THE noob
Amreen Jairaj
Amreen Jairaj 3 kun oldin
Kimber Liezel Jonkers
9:24 you forgot to mention that if you spam like that ur gas goes down faster
hi bye
hi bye 3 kun oldin
arena is also a way level up fast in apex so if u want to level up fast but tired for matchmaking just try arena ur gonna to a match fast in singaporean servers
hi bye
hi bye 2 kun oldin
@Swendell gimme ur apex id
hi bye
hi bye 2 kun oldin
@Swendell Ikr
hi bye
hi bye 2 kun oldin
@Swendell IKR
Swendell 3 kun oldin
Yeah that's so true!
Neon Gaming Eternal
SW4 _gaming
SW4 _gaming 4 kun oldin
In the beginning you had a really clean cut between the finisher and her ultimate so before I got to play her I watched this video and I thought that was her finisher
christos piperis
christos piperis 4 kun oldin
Valkyrie and macro created their suits by their dads' titan I created my suit using my dad's flesh
MarcoTheDog 4 kun oldin
Lets apreciate for a moment how good costumes Macro is making
Ticc cat
Ticc cat 4 kun oldin
Valkyrie's face looks constipated in the thumbnail
Raul ticu
Raul ticu 4 kun oldin
How can u be sponsored by ea The worst game publisher of all time
ZRain Dude
ZRain Dude 4 kun oldin
Macro is valkyrie husband
Jesus Chris
Jesus Chris 4 kun oldin
Bonsai Tennoheika banzai
Rafael Najera
Rafael Najera 5 kun oldin
will there ever be a legend that Macro doesn;t clasify as medium dificulty? we'll never know
txrtle 5 kun oldin
I hope you were joking with planes>cars
noahfn 5 kun oldin
im new to apex, what are those apex storylines called?
tekiitou 5 kun oldin
she sounds op lol
Bro Jangles
Bro Jangles 6 kun oldin
Peep the sambas tho?
80% toaster
80% toaster 6 kun oldin
lol i was smoking that viper pack rip bozo
FaZe Hamster
FaZe Hamster 6 kun oldin
She kicks the enemy in the finisher just like North star
Deon Vermeulen
Deon Vermeulen 6 kun oldin
04:54 Is that how she tanks Ram for her jet pack?
Jax Gamez
Jax Gamez 7 kun oldin
R.I.P kings canyon
Yeeted Child
Yeeted Child 7 kun oldin
Her tactical needs a big buff like dmg buff, but besides that she's pretty good
Rok games widziewic
She's my new main :)
Digital Phantom ZX
Digital Phantom ZX 7 kun oldin
Subbed. Just got into Apex and already I found my guide.
Jack is your dad
Jäger-sama 7 kun oldin
IDC how hard she may be for a noob like me. She can fly and that's all I want!
Nexus X #
Nexus X # 8 kun oldin
Why did you ea do this to you
JubeeX _
JubeeX _ 8 kun oldin
Claudette Medeiros
Claudette Medeiros 8 kun oldin
Macro plz dont compare your self to apex preditors
Joonas Mitt
Joonas Mitt 8 kun oldin
My opinion I love characters who can fly And yes ALL OF THEM NEED A NERF
That one bespin guard who died #3
Valk is super cool. A shitty player with valk, will do shit. And a good player will do great, she is such a balanced legend (:
Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Yousaf 8 kun oldin
macro explain why is it always medium dificulty
Justin Studer
Justin Studer 9 kun oldin
Im the dude ho plays Wraith since season 1
Laytoya Thomas
Laytoya Thomas 9 kun oldin
The gullible gusty sheep namely brush because broccoli intialy paint over a envious propane. berserk, spooky stopwatch
Hands Man and pals
Hands Man and pals 9 kun oldin
Little dose he know his dad was in India “collecting the milk” a few years ago
Magikalpaper 9 kun oldin
Why not just give us a titan
Flungy Mungy
Flungy Mungy 10 kun oldin
He's really good at making cardboard costumes
Kobe likely Likelykl eui nd
She needs a speed buff for her jets
Graudaco 10 kun oldin
Valkyrie is a lot like wattson but it’s the air element
Mindless Sandtrooper
Smells like Pharah abit
Venture Sculk
Venture Sculk 10 kun oldin
Some of her funniest quotes come from her ultimate, trust me
Nooberoni 11 kun oldin
Macro thick af
jc siguan
jc siguan 11 kun oldin
3:39 I thought he gonna say "ya noob" 😀
Nico 11 kun oldin
But they can get out of the Ult when attached to her
GRAPEFRUIT MAN 11 kun oldin
Is Titanfall and Apex in the same universe?
Swendell 3 kun oldin
yes they are, like Valkyrie is Vipers daughter from Titanfall 2
Project 07
Project 07 11 kun oldin
What I want in apex is an event every year where we get titanfall movement and can just go all out, with Valkyrie, Respawn has shown they can do Titanfall type movement in a battle royals, I think people would enjoy it.
Mico Ramoso
Mico Ramoso 11 kun oldin
I think her q needs a little buff, bc it already warns the enemies that they are getting attacked. Can't it deal a little more damage??
Rufus 2.0
Rufus 2.0 12 kun oldin
You should do an arena tier list.
Simba Oneal
Simba Oneal 12 kun oldin
ArchSight 12 kun oldin
Apex Legend devs did a good job breaking their role based balance. She's a whole new role of her own with mixed offensive area denial and mobility that she brings. Almost like they decided to combine two roles into one. Compare her to the other legends. Each of them have a design pattern that follows their marked role that she just broke.
Saucecicle !
Saucecicle ! 13 kun oldin
I hate the nerfs on the passive that make her unable to stay in the air for stupidly long times by holding her tactical but then again it makes sense
Asma 13 kun oldin
If ea was like Activision with warzone it would be like 100 damage per missile and range the whole map 😂😂
Historias de terror
Historias de terror 13 kun oldin
Ok, so I think she es hard to play becausr i'm a noob with a gaga gugu gigi gege gjgjg que no se si se puede!!!!!!!!!!
Ruchira Anand
Ruchira Anand 13 kun oldin
Blue-Slime 13 kun oldin
For me shes easy and needs buffs
Noob Speedo
Noob Speedo 14 kun oldin
She needs buffs
plasma rex
plasma rex 14 kun oldin
stand by for titanfall
Ethan Ritchie
Ethan Ritchie 14 kun oldin
daan dyen
daan dyen 14 kun oldin
3:29 wtf ph
EKAAfives 14 kun oldin
One other tip to cancel the animation for the Tactical melee to cut down your time in the air
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 14 kun oldin
Valk= you killed my father Jack cooper= yeah blisk why
Weird Rabbit
Weird Rabbit 14 kun oldin
Cowboy Gorilla
Cowboy Gorilla 15 kun oldin
She need a little buff for her jet packs and fuel
Mateo Ordaz
Mateo Ordaz 15 kun oldin
Cloud for noobs
uh oh stinky
uh oh stinky 15 kun oldin
An easy tip ive been useing for Valk is that if you are falling to cover and in a fight Start healing midair so it takes less time by the time you land Of course only do it in safe spots Pretty useful though
Absolut Hobbylos
Absolut Hobbylos 15 kun oldin
Oh no, a new ...for noobs and i missed it FOR 3 WEEKS :(
Sombrero 15 kun oldin
I thinks she's one of the more difficult characters for noobs. Really difficult to not be an idiot with her power....
Deku-kun 15 kun oldin
Plot twist snipermokey is his dad
Keith Sheehan
Keith Sheehan 16 kun oldin
What's next apex for noobs. What if someone likes her or him. All you are doing is making people think that Legend sucks and makes them regret there decision on picking that Legend Plus everyone just has there own play style and if they like her or him you will make them think that Legend sucks so don't do this. Thanks
tartipouss 16 kun oldin
but..she isn't a pilot... she's not even close to being one, 1st where is the titan ? 2nd where is pilot ability ? 3rd no wall run 4th a real pilot would go at least 4 times faster that her even in the air and remember kids: the pilot is the true dominant force of the battlefield Valk couldn't master the movement so she decided to creat a jetpack to be able to fly, such a loser /s
Angie Abdelmonem
Angie Abdelmonem 16 kun oldin
What type of titan did Macro have
King DeZmoji
King DeZmoji 16 kun oldin
So North Star in apex
CudliO 16 kun oldin
Think being he’s neighbour like what do they think when they se macro då weird stuff and is like om normole
Derrick Wilmot
Derrick Wilmot 16 kun oldin
E A is pay to win
Red 16 kun oldin
Im eating Doritos
Cameron Wallis
Cameron Wallis 16 kun oldin
Valkyrie I am the sky
Cameron Wallis
Cameron Wallis 16 kun oldin
I am
Disruptor 17 kun oldin
she needs a buff with her refuel make it a bit faster i was using her once and i was refueling the circle was terrible there was a huge gap in the ground and the circle was on the other side with the enemy i died bc i couldnt make it and i blamed it on the refueling
MasterGmanRules 17 kun oldin
Please nerf the time for her tactical stun! Dude imma be 90 before I’m out of that stun
Nash Bruner
Nash Bruner 17 kun oldin
She needs a buff to her flight flight so if u shut it off in air u can pull ur gun out it would be nice in arenas
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