Version 1.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact 

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Dear Travelers,
Today Paimon brings you great news! The Special Program for "Genshin Impact" version 1.5 will be officially released on April 16 at 11:00 AM (UTC-5!)
During the special program, you will discover all the juicy details of version 1.5. In addition to that, you can get redemption codes and other incredible gifts that we prepared especially for you. Do not miss out!
Download FREE: genshin.mihoyo.com/en
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16-Apr, 2021



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If your reading this ilysm
Chibi Zhongli is so cute-
Norbert Klár
Norbert Klár 5 soat oldin
Mobile game with pc graphics. That's it.
Nio v
Nio v 8 soat oldin
did anyone else catch HuTao chasing QiQi in the trailer :sob:
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 8 soat oldin
Genshin Impact I'm upset with you I was on my pity on zhongli reroll banner and when I got 5 star I was so happy that I got Zhongli but it was Qiqi 😔
Mary Thanvi
Mary Thanvi 11 soat oldin
Palvis Panda
Palvis Panda 11 soat oldin
Is it just me or does zhongli sound like gabriel agreste?🤔
Euphyx 11 soat oldin
25:28 dont mind me
Anayah Khan
Anayah Khan 15 soat oldin
Plz make it playable on a Samsung tab A if you can plz plz plz
Kuchisake Onna
Kuchisake Onna 16 soat oldin
40:50 Heh we still can use elemental sight
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵
Me: Deletes The English Files. Also Me: "Just Kidding." 😄
kenma kozume
kenma kozume Kun oldin
those arent her... pigtails..?
"and now, the two of them are finally reunited... in the genshin📈imPACT📈VERSION📈1.5📈SPECIAL📈PROGRA-📈📈"
irrelevant Kun oldin
0:18 Zhongli: Hyper screams Me: woke up when tho i was awake
D M Kun oldin
What song at 9:59
ajit pawar
ajit pawar Kun oldin
The last Person in Chat is like omg inazuam
Void T-T :C
Void T-T :C Kun oldin
whats the code for free primogems i heard they said there was one in this video
Alter Sign
Alter Sign 23 soat oldin
It expired a long time ago (Usually it expires 12 hrs - 1 day after the stream)
ajit pawar
ajit pawar Kun oldin
The code exoiresd9a week ahi
The Pillowhead
The Pillowhead Kun oldin
Immu Kun oldin
remove the load limit from housing system. I am unable to create the dream home i want too :(
ZombiFeline Tuba
ZombiFeline Tuba 2 kun oldin
Daddy hawkmoth is god of contracts
swing ?
swing ? 2 kun oldin
just gonna save some timestamps for me and i voice.. *Zhongli* 1:05 AW THATS sO SWEET THANK YOU 1:33 in terms of primogems..we have primogems.. 4:08 1.5 trailer 4:25 HOT STUFF 5:19 EULAAAAAAA 6:03 z a c k 9:33 well, yes and *NO* 11:48 OOOOOO, TELL US MORE 12:17 -lipsmack- thanks 13:32 IN THE GENSHIN IMPACT 1.5 SPEACIAL PROGRAM!!! 0:00 You sound so cool 28:21 hahaha nope 30:43 Not done yet :p
Mochi_san lol
Mochi_san lol 2 kun oldin
Omg I got yanfei thanks for the luck:)
Scrish 2 kun oldin
Im always imagining Zhongli speaking to a cashier
Mike R
Mike R 2 kun oldin
GabrielNarGamer 2 kun oldin
💗💗💗💗💗Lets Gooooo💗💗💗💗💗
やしろ 2 kun oldin
Ян фэй топ!
25:33 Is so funny 😂
The Gacha
The Gacha 3 kun oldin
I hope i can get zhongli
incognito 3 kun oldin
Yoma Yoma
Yoma Yoma 3 kun oldin
I can’t believe I’ll miss all of this because I’ll be in school.
GDR- -YT 3 kun oldin
I wish they would tell us what day do the events start
Better Than Pessi
Better Than Pessi 3 kun oldin
FIFA is better
ItsPinkCherry 4 kun oldin
guys im trying to download genshin impact on my pc but when i go to the website its just a black screen please help meee
Autumn Koontz
Autumn Koontz 5 kun oldin
when will it be on Mac?
Sebi 5 kun oldin
Antonio 5 kun oldin
Ray 5 kun oldin
Jay 5 kun oldin
TheChadMonke 5 kun oldin
1:37 that was kinda cute ngl
Saint 5 kun oldin
Rakan Muyassar
Rakan Muyassar 5 kun oldin
Noah Anders
Noah Anders 5 kun oldin
Yo can you put ur unused character in your realm?
tamaki amajiki’s wife
question- every time the game updates will it just keep getting bigger and bigger? bc the app store says 3g but rn it’s at 8..
sakura yae
sakura yae 6 kun oldin
🥰Aether x Lumine the lover Birds We love you guys💖 I like Doing Event's
Woad_Brah 6 kun oldin
Free Hong Kong
ice frogz
ice frogz 6 kun oldin
this game became boring because the quest is to many dialoge and the quest just repetitive walking, talking, colecting and repeat😴
Tương mặc
Tương mặc 6 kun oldin
I want barbara for the live stream and I rather having house on the sky more than a house in a teapot.
Just someone
Just someone 6 kun oldin
25:31 23:10 39:17 30:43 Ignore this is because i love this part and i don't know why
MEGHA PAWAR 6 kun oldin
Kuru Ramcharan
Kuru Ramcharan 6 kun oldin
With Zhongli behind them, the english voice overs will never die.
Bayron Corrales rada
for the pc as we update genshin look everywhere but I have not been able to someone to help me
-ᴋᴀʀᴀᴍᴇʟᴋᴀ pNg.
Eclipse97 7 kun oldin
Still not much to do after 1.5
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
Wdym? There's a lot. Diona Hangout, Noelle Hangout (Permanent features) Serenitea pot (Permanent feature) Zhongli quest II (Permanent)
izzy 7 kun oldin
Me wondering when the whole update comes since it's just quest bosses free diona might of miss some stuff
izzy 7 kun oldin
@apple pie yeah I know I'm really just wondering
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
The events usually don't come out all in one day
Yuan Logan
Yuan Logan 7 kun oldin
Yuan Logan
Yuan Logan 7 kun oldin
Yuan Logan
Yuan Logan 7 kun oldin
Beedel • 2,000 years ago
My Brother Introduced me This Game and.... I LOVE IT!! 10,000 out of 10 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Genshin Impact! ❤️ MUCH LOVE!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Better Than Pessi
Better Than Pessi 3 kun oldin
moni 7 kun oldin
I just got Yanfei earlier omg Zhongli or Eula pls come home 😔😔😔
Temporary Netflix
Temporary Netflix 7 kun oldin
Genshin please allow android mobile players to connect game controllers to play genshin with a controller, i am just not having that much fun. I have fun on genshin on the phone but i just am not to happy that i can not join my controllers to my android phone
Temporary Netflix
Temporary Netflix 7 kun oldin
We android players have to use 3rd party apps that we should not be using we should have auto connect with our controllers it works for other phones but why not us, i find it a bit unfair
Anonymous Owl
Anonymous Owl 7 kun oldin
I wonder if they're trying to make a 4 and 5 star weapon set for the characters in party, like at 19:45 since the stye is the same as Elegy for the End bow, I would imagine if the main party wore a combination of set of like Skyward Set (pride, blade, atlas, spine) or the Favonius Set or Prototype Set in a party would give addtl bonuses.
Anonymous Owl
Anonymous Owl 7 kun oldin
Imagine if hypostases and regisvines have voice actors
sulthan tamimul
sulthan tamimul 7 kun oldin
CNDerpzzz 7 kun oldin
This entire steam was just Keith shitting on Zach
King JD
King JD 8 kun oldin
Where's the LOVE FOR EULA in this comment section?!!!! She will make you pay
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan 8 kun oldin
Can we agree genshin is the best game ever to play in mobile, ive been spending a lot of time playing the new housing system i am addicted. Love you 😭🥰
Archit Kadam
Archit Kadam 8 kun oldin
Traveler: Does it bite? Zhongli: no it doesn't It: STOMPS
Gêńšhįń įmpæçt _xx
this is such a good gameeeeee
Golden Experience AIRBUS
333chonky 8 kun oldin
me while watching this be like: 1.where paimon 2.where inazuma 3. where dendro char
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
Paimons Voice actor isn't here in this livestream since they are at the hospital. Also did you not see the very end of the video? Inazuma might be in 1.6 - 1.8
Bartozowski 8 kun oldin
Are roads gonna be added?
Zenitsu Agutsama
Zenitsu Agutsama 8 kun oldin
keith boyfriend
Manager Hu Tao
Manager Hu Tao 9 kun oldin
next new character ought be a geo bow or a cryo catalyst
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
Hopefully we get a Male catalyst or a new 5* or 4* Electro charecter.
Diona 9 kun oldin
Chance Xiong
Chance Xiong 9 kun oldin
You guys should make a trading system
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
It's a GACHA game they're not going to add one also It would be very confusing and glitchy.
Dear mihoyo please help me I cannot log in after the update and a get an error 31-4302 I have already deleted and downloaded the game it did not help
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
Did you update it?
Brooklynzi! 9 kun oldin
*Staring at 12 gb*
Adrian Diana
Adrian Diana 7 kun oldin
9.6gb on my device
Mxrphy 9 kun oldin
JM 9 kun oldin
4:08 "In terms of primogems, we have primogems"
Anime Simp
Anime Simp 9 kun oldin
Guys I have question is the housing system permanently staying on Genshin impact or is it gonna be gone if there’s a new update?
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
It's a permanent feature! :)
muhammad assagaf
muhammad assagaf 9 kun oldin
why the page to log in to genshin through Facebook can't be accessed so I can't play even though my signal and network are fine but still the genshin log in pack that goes through Facebook still can't be accessed, please answer as soon as possible because I often almost always play gesnhin impact
Adrian Diana
Adrian Diana 7 kun oldin
u should play in mihoyo account, sometimes fb is not showing so my suggestion is, create your mihoyo acc.
Geofer Ochotorena
Geofer Ochotorena 9 kun oldin
Still, nobody notices the fact that Zhongli's Stone Stele CANNOT WITHSTAND a Geovishap Hatchling's spinning attack, eventhough it can imprison the dragon, Azhdaha. Unbelievable.
kly Bi
kly Bi 9 kun oldin
здравствуйте!Я хотела бы рассказать об игре.Игра очень клёвая,прекрасный стиль рисовкий, интересный сюжет,всё прям всё мне очень нравится.Но я не могу полностью почувствовать комфорт,думаю из за того что играю через планшет.Это очень не удобно.Раньше до того как не играла в эту игру я проводила больше времени с друзьями нет не поймите меня не правильно,я проводила с друзьями времени очень много да и в геншине можно поиграть с друзьями.Но у меня планшет глючит и когда начинается вход в совместный режим у меня вылетает и эту проблему я никак решить не могу.Наверно потому что планшет слабый но у меня нет возможностей купить новый планшет или телефон на котором игра поддерживается. По этому очень прошу разработчики можете ли вы дать разрешение на игру всем телефонам андроида?Я вам очень прошу.Игра хорошая и мне очень нравится и я не хочу покидать. Пожалуйста сделайте всё возможное.Очень хотелось бы поиграть без глючение.Знаю вы не обязаны обратить на это внимание или выполнить мою просьбу но всё ровно.
LD Akira
LD Akira 9 kun oldin
Its weird how zhongli is the same voice actor as torbjorn from overwatch, and Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter
《Bruna》 9 kun oldin
Eu vendo os novos monstros: hmmmm vou ali chamar minha amiga com os personagens nivel 80 pra jogar cmg💅
Galaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon 10 kun oldin
Necesito ayuda, desde que salió la predescarga de la 1.5 no puedo descargarlo correctamente, o sea, cuando quise hacer la predescarga solo se trabó en el 23% y después me salía un aviso de que compruebe mi conexión a los segundos que le daba a descargar, cuando salió oficialmente la 1.5 me seguía pasando lo mismo, tuve que desinstalar y volver a instalar el juego como tres veces y me sigue pasando lo mismo solo que ahora directamente no puedo descargar el juego porque me pasa lo mismo que con la predescarga, y las pocas veces que llego a decir "examinando..." salió un cartel de que hubo un error,. Cabe aclarar que yo juego en una computadora portátil, no se cuanto pueda llegar a afectar eso. Por favor, si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradecería mucho.
Kōtarō Bokuto
Kōtarō Bokuto 10 kun oldin
Droplet Cloud
Droplet Cloud 10 kun oldin
Lumine: I hope you enjoy this Little game. little game Little game LITTLE GAME LITTLE GAME! We'll pretend that we didn't hear that.
Adrian Diana
Adrian Diana 7 kun oldin
is 9.6 gb game is little?!
Bullet Ganerator
Bullet Ganerator 10 kun oldin
can u do the codes again pls i was to late pls do it again
Bullet Ganerator
Bullet Ganerator 6 kun oldin
@apple pie got it thx tho
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
No. The codes only last 1 day and why would they do it again for you? It's meant to be limited for a reason. It's only for people who watched the stream
kdthehun 10 kun oldin
So.. they named a character EULA = End User License Agreement... how odd.
Cat RKade
Cat RKade 10 kun oldin
Now I finally know what is Hawkmoth's voice actor's name!
McKlee 10 kun oldin
Version 1.4 = Pokemon 1.5 = Minecraft Now what
Sep Ulchral
Sep Ulchral 10 kun oldin
I missed out on the codes. Feels bad.
Amiw's Channel
Amiw's Channel 10 kun oldin
Why in the world did you make the cryo hyposthases so damn hard??!!!
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
It's not hard as long as you have a shield user and stay near the heating.
$M4NU$ 10 kun oldin
16:53 "Yes, indeed. It is called Lothric, where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge."
カイデン McKlee
カイデン McKlee 10 kun oldin
Thing is..where is granny gonna live now..? I mean she is good though :..(
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
She created another tea pot for us
Adrian Diana
Adrian Diana 7 kun oldin
she created another teapot for us travelers.
Kurapika 10 kun oldin
Zhong Li's english va has relaxing and atractive voice omfg!!!!!!!1
eeeyyy cindy
eeeyyy cindy 11 kun oldin
1:07 wait a dang minute are u the voice of Hawk Moth/agreste in miraculous ladybug :0 don't lie
Splatgirl 11 kun oldin
Did anyone notice they have 100 dogs? 31:49 is the timestamp
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
No the dogs cost 100 you can only buy 1 dog.
Jelly x7
Jelly x7 11 kun oldin
Got zongli so happy but don't have good weapon
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