What happened to EVERY NCAA Football Cover Player? PART 1 

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NCAA Football is one of the greatest sports video games of all time. They've had numerous players who have graced the cover. What happened to their career after they left college? Let's find out.

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17-Fev, 2021



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Harris Highlights
Harris Highlights 9 kun oldin
What year was the first NCAA Football game you ever played?
Ty Smathers
Ty Smathers 5 soat oldin
Ohitzwavy 16 soat oldin
Profound 19 soat oldin
Ncaa 2003. I was born in 2005.
jerry janik
jerry janik Kun oldin
95 / 96
Chad Crawford
Chad Crawford 2 kun oldin
03 on the OG Xbox
Saikō no
Saikō no 7 daqiqa oldin
Anyone gonna talk about how he said Europe
Q Lee
Q Lee 10 soat oldin
2011 the best cover ever he15man 🐊.
Chris J
Chris J 14 soat oldin
Sticky Ricky at 3:35 LMAO!!
Ben Lauden
Ben Lauden 19 soat oldin
Would have been cool to see how Tommie Frazier was doing like all the others
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones Kun oldin
We’re not gonna skip passed him Pronouncing Europe, ‘Europa’ 😂😂
Papa Thunderbird
NCAA Football '98 was my shit
Phillip Pux Lucas
Run Ricky Run! But, by far Charles Woodson was the most successful of these "cover athletes" No Argument!
SVNTN Kun oldin
I thought this would be fun. But.. No
Blaine Russell
Blaine Russell Kun oldin
Broke Boyz
Broke Boyz Kun oldin
I had that same copy of 2005 with Fitzgerald on the cover. I played that tennis game and that may be the only tennis game I ever played!
Gino Bling
Gino Bling Kun oldin
Go tigers 🐅 #LSU
paysonfox88 Kun oldin
I'd say the only two truly Worthy cover athletes were Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer. Those two seem to have the best careers in the NFL and were worthy of the hype.
Jared Addison
Jared Addison Kun oldin
Geaux Tigers
jerry janik
jerry janik Kun oldin
I still play NCAA college football and the college basketball game and you had a playoff
Nate Stich
Nate Stich Kun oldin
Could you say Europe again?😂
Harris Highlights
It's called the Europa League
Dem Boyz Runnin
Dem Boyz Runnin 2 kun oldin
Carson Palmer was on the cover of the 1st NCAA football game I owned
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Morgan 2 kun oldin
Just legalize the weed already.....come on man....
Aphro Aqua
Aphro Aqua 2 kun oldin
Cool, but you didn't say what happened to tommy fraiser.
DoubleJ 2 kun oldin
03 with Joey Harrington was my first college football game, it was awesome. I loved how you could create a school and customize the colors, designs, size of stadium, and many more things. I totally miss that.
RMJ RMJ 2 kun oldin
When reebok use to be a big sponsor
Sean Snipes
Sean Snipes 2 kun oldin
Did you say Washington Redskins? Racist!
Chad Crawford
Chad Crawford 2 kun oldin
This background music will be embedded in my brain until the day I die lol
celli 21
celli 21 2 kun oldin
The combo with top spin tennis on XBOX 180 Yup
Desmond Scoby
Desmond Scoby 2 kun oldin
COMPTON R 2 kun oldin
Cant wait for college games to come back
Unknogne 2 kun oldin
moment of silence for me for not growin up on this game
Patrick Wayne
Patrick Wayne 3 kun oldin
Did I hear correctly that Shaun Alexander has 12 kids?
Rob Loc
Rob Loc 3 kun oldin
I used to love playing that game more than madden but bitching players had to ruin it
Joe E
Joe E 3 kun oldin
I got a Joey Harrington lions jersey because of that 2003 game.
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude 3 kun oldin
Weinke in that first Panthers uniform photo looks a lot like Brett Favre
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude 3 kun oldin
he currently has 12 children... wow!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 4 kun oldin
You are not your past sins. You are loved by God. If you know Jesus as your Lord and savior, He has wiped away every stain, every sin, every hurt. He has made us whole. We are children of God. Don’t let anyone or anything or the devil tell you otherwise. If you don’t know Jesus, He loves you so so much. He is willing and able to save and forgive you. Do you know Jesus today?
Danieko Givens
Danieko Givens 4 kun oldin
Just remember looking over like 😒 when the person I was playing chose Miami in NCAA 2002 and 2003
Cody Hughes
Cody Hughes 4 kun oldin
My friends made the pump video for NCAA 2007
A Duh
A Duh 4 kun oldin
My first memory is Joey Harrington's cover lol I'm a packer fan so I was a fan of him when he played for the lions 🤣
red H
red H 4 kun oldin
I really didn’t like 05
WYCW House
WYCW House 4 kun oldin
ncaa 2001 brings me back
Greg Froelich
Greg Froelich 4 kun oldin
I have played College football from the very start and own every title.
Colin Shotts
Colin Shotts 4 kun oldin
I had 2003 as my first
Johnny Castro
Johnny Castro 4 kun oldin
The first NCAA I own was 03 with Joey
Steve M
Steve M 5 kun oldin
My first copy was 2003
Mystic Pimp
Mystic Pimp 5 kun oldin
My first experience was Eddie George on the cover of NCAA Game Breaker. The Chris Weinke cover had everybody in that game. All the guys from Miami, Ohio State, you had Big Ben, Byron Leftwich, Carson Palmer, and the list goes on. I spent like 4 days updating almost every major teams roster on there. It was sick!
Swack Dot
Swack Dot 5 kun oldin
Woodson was the only perfect cover player that had everything done right for his career
Brady Banta
Brady Banta 5 kun oldin
I have 03 and 05
Finbar Gahan
Finbar Gahan 5 kun oldin
you know your in trouble when you get on the madden cover.
Civic Games & Sports
Oklahoma has been cheated out of cover athletes
Queso 5 kun oldin
Top Spin was fire tbh.
Floyd Kinney
Floyd Kinney 5 kun oldin
2003 NCAA was my first game in the series bought every game since until they stop production on the game franchise
CaptainKraken 6 kun oldin
05 was my first game to
MCETV 6 kun oldin
I use to crush everyone in ncca football 2005 on xbox
Juice WRLD
Juice WRLD 6 kun oldin
Were part 2 and 3 or maybe 4
Austin Moseley
Austin Moseley 7 kun oldin
2003 Harrington first game I had when I got the ps2
Ross Byrd
Ross Byrd 7 kun oldin
I know I’m not the only one who had to pause the video when my man said Shaun Alexander had 12 kids am I? Lmao this man is living humble. Got mad bills to pay! 😂😂👏🏾
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Antonio Cromartie got 14.. got a vasectomy after 12 n still had two more after vasectomy 💪🏿💪🏿😂
red H
red H 4 kun oldin
Dang 12 kids 👀🥶😳
Kendall Fach
Kendall Fach 7 kun oldin
No cap NCAA 06 my all time fav. No cap still have a ps2 and the only games i have for it is ncaa 06 and gta sa. Ncaa 14 pretty close tho hella memories playing with the fam soon as we got off the bus after highschool
Kyle Meerdo
Kyle Meerdo 7 kun oldin
Larry Fitz went to Pitt. No one calls it Pittsburgh.
Austin Shipp
Austin Shipp 7 kun oldin
5 ads for a 13 min video? Unsubscribed
Austin Windorski
Austin Windorski 7 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one with 05/Top Spin. It was my first football game I got when I was a kid, and it cemented my love for football
Mohamad Omar
Mohamad Omar 7 kun oldin
Madden 07 still the best of the games
ConnerPond 7 kun oldin
madden 07 was god tier
Johnny5 G.
Johnny5 G. 7 kun oldin
Great video, but you might slow down on the speed of your commentary. It all just runs together and makes it difficult to watch and listen. Cheers!
Alyssa Saunders
Alyssa Saunders 7 kun oldin
Lol I told another channel to do this video idea and they didn’t do it but it’s okay tho because HARRIS HIGHLIGHTS never fails
Zach Schendt
Zach Schendt 8 kun oldin
Keep on smoking ricky
Zach Schendt
Zach Schendt 8 kun oldin
Its coming back!!!!!
AGX SpookY
AGX SpookY 8 kun oldin
I really wanna pick up a copy of ncaa 14 for my ps3 but on eBay they are very expensive. Is there a cheaper way to get one?
Grant Morgan
Grant Morgan 8 kun oldin
Hey harris, when are game to remembers coming back? theyre been some good games so please make game to remembers again thank you harris
RayGunz 101
RayGunz 101 8 kun oldin
Been a true football fan since like 2016 love to know all this history great video 💪
Brad Myers
Brad Myers 8 kun oldin
Defensive players have won the Heisman three times. Woodson is the only PRIMARILY defensive player to win the award. Ernie Davis for example played RB, FB, and LB. Yes, semantics matter here. Don’t get me wrong, you do some good videos. Saying Garrett Gilbert went to Lake Austin high school is one thing, but I’m picky when it comes to college football.🥸😬 Keep up the good work, though. Even the supposed experts on the four letter network and Fox Sports make mistakes.
Caleb Templeton
Caleb Templeton 8 kun oldin
Is the game gonna to be mobile as well!?
Pixels 8 kun oldin
Now there are 4 names for the game. Cmon EA pick a name and stick with it 🤦🏽‍♂️
ThaTruth223 8 kun oldin
holy shit, Carson is top 15 in two major QB stats all time. that came outta nowhere
Francisco Vasquez
Francisco Vasquez 8 kun oldin
Never played the video games, but truly remember D.Howards super bowel
David Verderame
David Verderame 8 kun oldin
This was very interesting. The only other player I know for sure who was on the cover of a college football game and a Madden game is Drew Brees (he was on NCAA 2k2 and Madden 11). I’m curious about who all was (or will be) on both.
Liveaihh Zack
Liveaihh Zack 8 kun oldin
first NCAA game i remember playing was 05 on xbox
TryHard FinessedYou
Boys so hype for NCAA to come back like it's not gonna be exactly like madden lmao
Matt Habay
Matt Habay 8 kun oldin
Still bothers me to this day that Larry Fitzgerald lost the Heisman to the joke that is Jason White
Yaresi Hernandez
Yaresi Hernandez 8 kun oldin
Didn't Dan fouts go to orgeron
Dave Granger
Dave Granger 8 kun oldin
Ncca 03 with Joey Harrington. I was 12 and never looked back.
Allen Cartwright
Allen Cartwright 8 kun oldin
Been playing cfb video games since 94.
javi m
javi m 8 kun oldin
How can you talk Danny Wuerffel without talking about his helmet being turned half way around in a game
Daniel Hawkins Jr
Daniel Hawkins Jr 8 kun oldin
Joey Harrington cover was my first! Spent hours on that game with my best friend great times!
Cole Teachman
Cole Teachman 8 kun oldin
NCAA/topspin was my first as well, great time to be alive.
Nevin Drake
Nevin Drake 9 kun oldin
Why did you not do tommie Frazier
Clay Shrader
Clay Shrader 9 kun oldin
2001 Shaun Alexander
Juice'sJream 9 kun oldin
are we sure Harrington isn't Daniel jones dad? they look a lot alike low key 😂
Blaine Chaney
Blaine Chaney 9 kun oldin
Wait, why was Desmond Howard on 06? Lol
Wesley Maye
Wesley Maye 9 kun oldin
2006 Desmond Howard with the Race for Heisman got me glued to NCAA
Corey Blase
Corey Blase 9 kun oldin
I feel like you just breezed through the fact that Shaun Alexander has 12 CHILDREN????
DEEBS l 9 kun oldin
Alexander= the only seahawk player I liked hahaha
Big Hek
Big Hek 9 kun oldin
As a kid I was a big fan of Shaun Alexander (before seattle got cocky). I would always play as him in madden 07.
Nolan Fletcher
Nolan Fletcher 9 kun oldin
32 32
32 32 9 kun oldin
He drinks wine?....lets draft him 😂😂
Ben Estrada
Ben Estrada 9 kun oldin
Shaun Alexander with 12 kids? Dude can’t pull out of a driveway.
Marc McNall
Marc McNall 4 kun oldin
CancerExl 9 kun oldin
2006 was the best I loved that game
Ramuel Cruzada
Ramuel Cruzada 9 kun oldin
7:04 great face huh
Uncle ADezzy55
Uncle ADezzy55 9 kun oldin
Only played from 03 with Joey on da too when Fitzgerald was on da cover I thought Reggie Bush was on a cover as well but I'm 30 now so dont really remember but good video jack 🤙🏾
Michael Stinnett
Michael Stinnett 8 kun oldin
He was on 07... They stopped the video right before his year.
Christopher Clayton
Do a vid covering your 2021 top 25
Christopher Clayton
@Harris Highlights noice
Harris Highlights
Harris Highlights 9 kun oldin
Sometime in the next month!
94 McGovern
94 McGovern 9 kun oldin
2:45 hold up
James Johnson
James Johnson 9 kun oldin
You sound like matpat that’s who o thought I were
Connor McCrory
Connor McCrory 9 kun oldin
Joey Harrington or Larry Fitzgerald
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