What Really Happened at the Suez Canal? 

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Exploring the engineering principles behind the recent obstruction of the Suez Canal, which caused a weeklong disruption in global shipping traffic. I give a brief overview of the bank effect and dilatancy of coarse-grained soils. Hopefully, the video helps you understand a few of the engineering challenges associated with navigating massive ships through tiny canals and what can happen when they run aground!
- I incorrectly described the landform as the "Suez Peninsula." It is the "Suez Isthmus."
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20-Apr, 2021



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Practical Engineering
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Jocko Harpo
Jocko Harpo 2 soat oldin
Yeah..no clogs for over 13 years. Who do you work for?
Richard P Chase II
Well done! Straight-forward and understandable by mechanically-challenged, but fascinated, individuals like myself.
Lucas Janse van Vuuren
Here is a great example of what a big ship does when there is little water around it: uzblock.info/post/video/15OFiH96dqllnJI.html
Sebastian Falk
Sebastian Falk 5 kun oldin
I don't think it 's true that the squatting effect applies when passing under the Great Belt Bridge. I have heard this story before and passed under said bridge a couple of times with 19k TEU ships (400x60m). Every captain I've asked about this matter believes that it is not true. This makes sense, seeing as the depth is roughly 60m, which would make the depth under keel more than 40m with draught at 17m. If you have any sources to the story, I'd love to read them! Great content. Having passed through Suez just a couple of days after it was freed, and being a marine engineer, this was a very interesting video.
Louis Strapp
Louis Strapp 5 kun oldin
@Michael Onines nikki
clockguy2 Soat oldin
Excellent explanation! My father was a civil engineer and I appreciate you letting me nerd out like I used to do when dad was still alive. You even resemble him when he was younger.
Steve Span
Steve Span 4 soat oldin
I struggle with the pull-out resist as well
Lawrence Shuda
Lawrence Shuda 4 soat oldin
David Williams
David Williams 4 soat oldin
This helps explain why I waited so long for my airtags
Picasso Pablo
Picasso Pablo 5 soat oldin
So from my understanding, the water density wasn't enough to hold up that giant ship.?
trunk monkey
trunk monkey 7 soat oldin
Captain Ron tried to pull into port thinking they reached St Croix!
ousmane diallo
ousmane diallo 8 soat oldin
Dave Barrack
Dave Barrack 8 soat oldin
"This ability to resist pull-out..." I so want to believe the first draft of this script had a Cardi B joke right there.
thewildcard person
thewildcard person 9 soat oldin
Who's here from Corridor
Erik Knight
Erik Knight 9 soat oldin
How about the ACTUAL reason? It's tied to The Deep State Cabal and the now deceased Hillary Clinton. Our U.S. Military Special Forces white hats seized it. Inside they found tortured children in cages for Adrenochrome and advanced equipment Bill Gates intended on using for the next plan-demic, (anti-cow gasses) that's why he bought a lot of farm land recently, to grow his chemical infected crops. The equipment was destroyed and the children were rescued. The TRUTH about THE BIG LIE AND EVERYTHING else WILL come out to the public very soon.
Garfie489 9 soat oldin
No no, the ACTUAL reason was because Optimus Prime was known to be onboard, so Donald Trump stormed the ship with the power rangers and captured him - before revealing himself to be MEGATRON!!! In the ensuing fight, the ship crashed into the side of the canal. Now answer me, whose bullshit story sounds more fun? - US Military wouldnt allowed to be involved, its on Egyptian soil and it blocked the route their entire economy relies on. You realise Team America: World Police was not a documentary right? - thatd be a major international incident if it were true. Look i realise for average intelligence to be a thing, half the people need to be below it - but could you work on raising the standard please?
Tremayne Tyler
Tremayne Tyler 10 soat oldin
Bruh you smart AF
Stephen Doherty
Stephen Doherty 10 soat oldin
I didn't see any Egyptian canal company mention the Egyptian experienced pilot and why he was not able to fix the issue before it was too late. There is high winds there regularly so why has this not happened before as these large ships are regular transiters ??. If it was an Egyptian fault, you will not hear about it. If its a big canal design issue made more dangerous due to these supermax ships, then the Egyptians will bury this report as this would endanger such a massive money earner and potentially drive some shipping around Africa. If its a large ship issue then captains will need more training as the efficiency of these massive container boats is so obvious. The bad news is that the insurance payout is going to be so large as to require the insurance pool thats there for massive payouts that no one insurance company could provide and so that means higher insurance premiums and thus higher shipping costs. Expect your Apple Notebook from China to rise in cost unless fuel prices fall alot/shipping has its regular price war and there is a miracle cure to shippings dirty emission problem that will require trillions of cash in investment over the next 2-3 decades.
MC BigMac
MC BigMac 10 soat oldin
this guy looks like a mix between callmecarson and smarter everyday if they were older lol. amazing vid nevertheless.
John Christensen
John Christensen 10 soat oldin
"Foundering" means sinking. Stranding" or "grounding" would be more apt. Otherwise, great video.
PMKKO 20 soat oldin
too much talk...use pencil and paper.....
Lindsay Rixon
Lindsay Rixon Kun oldin
Brilliant, thank you Grady 👍
kathy duby
kathy duby Kun oldin
Really good info explained perfectly. Thank you for this.
yunas saxer
yunas saxer Kun oldin
Sunil Sivanand
Sunil Sivanand Kun oldin
@Practical Engineering: I had a question, that has been on my mind about the $ 1Bn claim made by the Suez Canal Authority on the owners of the Ever Given. No doubt the amount appears to be high. However, what I couldn't understand is if the ship was navigated by a pilot employed by the Authority, how can they make claims from the owners of the ship? I would assume it is complicated and they are holding the ship and cargo because they are in a position of advantage. I am sure, for an amount this high, this matter will be taken to all levels of international adjudication. Still would like to hear your views as an expert in this area.
Gaming With Memer
Help step excavator, I am stuck in a fricking canal.
Attila Pollak
Attila Pollak Kun oldin
Garfie489 Kun oldin
@Attila Pollak Megatron and Optimus Prime also do not get mentioned. This channel is based upon facts, and given child trafficking is a non issue in this incident - theres no need to mention it. If you believe it occurred, then you seriously need to improve the quality of your news stories. Its doesnt take much logic to work out a container ship is probably the worst way to traffic people
Attila Pollak
Attila Pollak Kun oldin
@Garfie489 Chidtrafficking doesn't get mentioned?
Garfie489 Kun oldin
Its a pretty good scientific explanation of some of the factors which likely contributed. A full answer is not available at this time
William Smith
William Smith Kun oldin
Speaking of channels, I'm glad that I found this one!
Helcostr Kun oldin
Oh wait... this event is now finished? Oh ok.
Rolando Vasquez
Rolando Vasquez Kun oldin
I have personally experienced this in my kayak when paddling near the bank in a shallow area and I can feel the pull towards the bank
Dan Bushilla
Dan Bushilla Kun oldin
Why are we not hearing much about the human trafficking that was found on the Evergreen?
Practical Engineering
Same reason we’re not hearing about other stuff that isn’t true and didn’t happen
Ch N
Ch N Kun oldin
good work
Excellent! Provides much greater understanding of this event even before it is totally investigated and reported on.
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau 2 kun oldin
Hey Grady, do you think they could have used air to dislodge the bow? I've seen videos where sand, when air is pumped through it, basically turns into a liquid. I feel like drilling to beneath the bow and stick air hoses down there might have helped?
keyfinder257 2 kun oldin
is an accident and accident if it's done on purpose?
Dedwarmo 2 kun oldin
I like your clear and thorough explanations.
Rachel H.
Rachel H. 2 kun oldin
Your video shed real understanding on what happened with the Ever Given for me. Awesome illumination and I thank you for helping me understand.
Andrew Eppink
Andrew Eppink 2 kun oldin
Think he's obviously right re dilatency. Never heard of it before but sounds right. Knowledgeable man, Engineer. Good man.
Kenny Gurley
Kenny Gurley 2 kun oldin
The Buchanan Dam pennant. Love it!
J J 2 kun oldin
One day I was trying to pull a wooden fence post out of the ground. It just would not pull out, despite the fact it would wiggle. Something told me to get a garden hose and run water into the hole. The post pulled out easily. I think the Suez Canal engineers should try using a garden hose next time.
john ballish
john ballish 2 kun oldin
Sue canal smugglers paradise
john ballish
john ballish 2 kun oldin
The evergiven was stopped on purpose to expose its content..hello....???DU...
Garfie489 2 kun oldin
Youd think if they wanted to stop it, theyd have done so in such a way it doesnt suspend the keystone in Egypts economy for an unknown amount of time - like take it to port, keep it in the Bitter lake, etc. All options available if that was the genuine reason.
Charles Cowan
Charles Cowan 2 kun oldin
First time watcher and I'm impressed! You stick to the facts and even gave warning when wondering into speculation. I enjoyed this and will watch more when the opportunity presents itself.
Happy Highway
Happy Highway 2 kun oldin
#3,514 I'm a old sailor and suspect that cross winds striking a high sided ship caused the grounding. I've observed some vessels get moved about like a sailing ship with substantial gusts. I think Captain Phil has it correct!
FireguyNtx 2 kun oldin
Love the crane model, have been looking forever trying to find one. Where did you get yours? Also, great video's keep up the good work.
vijay shetty
vijay shetty 2 kun oldin
vijay shetty
vijay shetty 2 kun oldin
vijay shetty
vijay shetty 2 kun oldin
Reverses the water
vijay shetty
vijay shetty 2 kun oldin
Bloch China using the channel save Australia
vijay shetty
vijay shetty 2 kun oldin
It needs tug boats
Tailgunner 69
Tailgunner 69 2 kun oldin
What really happened was a major socio political move by the DS...and why did he draw a male genitalia in his route plan before getting 'stuck...
Garfie489 2 kun oldin
He didnt. The boat was circling around a fixed point, as were all other ships in the vicinity at the time - watercraft are well known for not exactly staying still. During one of the circles, the ship needed to move out of the way of another ship moving through the area, hence once circle was elongated - this is shown and explained in the real time viewing of the map. Its not really the best conspiracy theory in the world - its a well understood topic.
Karl FLORIAN 2 kun oldin
Did you see the AIS-video: i would suggest, there was no "suction" - only a steering fault uzblock.info/post/video/qLp9epyclmykaaQ.html
Ken Engström
Ken Engström 2 kun oldin
Just imagine how hard ships will get stuck here: uzblock.info/post/video/ucesZ12Qh7CRgqQ.html
agnelo pereira
agnelo pereira 2 kun oldin
Any one on board ships know that without power being lost, steering control electronics failure can give little time in a narrow space.
Artur 2 kun oldin
Same effect in aircraft wings. Lift is not mainly created below wings but on top of wing by greater wind speed compared to below wing. It's not intuitive and thats why flat wing needs large attack angle to create difference between top and bottom of wing
Billy Williams
Billy Williams 2 kun oldin
They need a second lane.
Phil Spaces
Phil Spaces 3 kun oldin
I would really like to have a one on one nerd out session with you... well it would probably go smthin like this: me ask one question, then listen to you talk for hours
G Mc Innis
G Mc Innis 7 soat oldin
eyes glaze over after an hour or so as the transmission JUMPS out of gear.. motor is humming along.. but not going anywhere???? OH!!! back in gear.. rinse and repeat.
ashzole 3 kun oldin
1:05 greatest map of the flat earf!!!! the boat was intentionally setup to cause a blockage. it’s so obvious, look at the stocks of all the companies who had products on that boat plus the ones waiting. find which companies are being shorted, that’s you main clue
Clickmaster5k 3 kun oldin
As always I learned something new and interesting about something that seemed so everyday common place and simple.
Platform2020 3 kun oldin
Evergreen, Gates, chemicals, 5G Death
Sigal Smadar
Sigal Smadar 3 kun oldin
I hope Israel is taking lessons on how to improve on this "little ditch" for their canal from Aqaba to Med. Should be fantastic!
Syrian Hawk
Syrian Hawk 3 kun oldin
Evergreennd passed the Souez canal again and again !!! IT never get stuck
Christian Prepper
Christian Prepper 3 kun oldin
4:39 *FAILS ANSWER TITLE QUESTION* *Otherwise he does a fine job explaining the Canal's process, etc.*
Concerned CitiZen Garden
The entire event was orchestrated and manufactured to stifle global trade. This isn't conjecture. It's a fact.
Garfie489 3 kun oldin
Facts and conjectures getting easily confused nowadays it seems
You for real? This was a planned event..... Wake up people.
Awesome Video, thanks a lot
Pacaj Albert
Pacaj Albert 3 kun oldin
Mali chlapec v knihe som videl púšť hneď som videl vodu ovocie zelenú púšť farba sa zmenila otvoril som atlas v škole videl som obraz rozšíriť pevninu nad oceánom ľahšie na zemi než na Marse
Broc Luno
Broc Luno 3 kun oldin
I'm in the camp of big gust of wind pushed the ship to leeward and there was not enough room to swing the stern to push it back into the center. As they tried the bank effect took more toll on the volume of water on the leeward side. All the bow thrusters in the world were not going to keep it off the bank ... Imagine the forces on the Ever Given of just 20 kts of wind and all that sail area ...
Beti RyanMercer
Beti RyanMercer 4 kun oldin
Even I understood what you were saying. I almost failed geometry in H.S.
G Mc Innis
G Mc Innis 7 soat oldin
i did fail geometry in HS and got sent away because of it. still cant do higher level math. doesnt matter... the HAVES (that can do higher level math it takes to BE SOMEONE) and the "have nots" that do not have the BRAINS to do Calculus V. the difference between driving a POS Ford taurus all ur days and a new lexus/mercedes/BMW every few years... when it gets to 50,000 miles and starts to give a person trouble.. GET RID OF IT, trade it in on a NEW LEXUS/mercedes/BMW cute ute. problem solved... for $60... ahhhh i mean $80,000. it is after all, only $$$$$$.
Narcissistectomy 4 kun oldin
The inability to overcome pull-out force is the primary reason I’m now a father of three.
G Mc Innis
G Mc Innis 7 soat oldin
lucky not... 19 kids and COUNTING... time for SNIP SNIP!!! an hour in "the shop" taker ur magazine/headphones, drop ur drawers and... pressure test in a month. all done.
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 3 kun oldin
also called gravity
Daniel Warnes
Daniel Warnes 4 kun oldin
Excellent job of presentation to a general audience. Thanks
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 kun oldin
As a member of the Geotechnical fraternity, I must say this was an enjoyable presentation.
Cechieri 4 kun oldin
Nice! Thanks for explaining the physics/forces applied in the business on daily basis and in the incident. Cheers
Cechieri 4 kun oldin
@kolim jone I am not sure if the question was supposed to be directed to me but EVERGIVEN is the name of the ship and EVERGREEN is the name of the shipping company it is part of. One of the biggest container ships in the world BTW. Cheers
kolim jone
kolim jone 4 kun oldin
Why is Evergreen pronounced ever given?
Daniel Saunders
Daniel Saunders 4 kun oldin
Strap a jet drive on the bulbous in a giant inflatable water wing that can keep you in the lane for the crossing in strong winds.
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong 4 kun oldin
trump stopped the nuke thats the story
Garfie489 4 kun oldin
@Jim Armstrong Be the first time Trump would have been involved in the truth for a long time if thats the case xD
Jim Armstrong
Jim Armstrong 4 kun oldin
@Garfie489 the truth is coming
Garfie489 4 kun oldin
Given both Trump being totally uninvolved, and there being no Nuke - its certainly a story, but more in the fiction section of the library
Kevin Mashilane
Kevin Mashilane 4 kun oldin
You must demonstrate how the bank effect works💪
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 3 kun oldin
same as down force only this goes side ways.
Syed Akbar
Syed Akbar 4 kun oldin
Well, the answer is simple and practical: widen and deepen ... Egypt should widen it to accommodate two way traffic and deepen it to accommodate a draught of 35 metres ...that shall accommodate the largest of the large vessels. It shall also double the traffic with substantial earnings ...
Tridecalogism 4 kun oldin
Francesco Schettino and Jacob Rusli Bin were piloting, I bet.
Norman Harebottle
Norman Harebottle 5 kun oldin
Great discussion!
Reece Flexner
Reece Flexner 5 kun oldin
You are the best
Professor Kitchen
Professor Kitchen 5 kun oldin
What I got from this video: Be careful where you put your bulbous appendage. The last thing you want is to have to dig it out with the whole world watching.
G Mc Innis
G Mc Innis 7 soat oldin
that requires lots of money and lawyers. lessons learned... some ... men are slow learners on that one. i dont get it myself, but...
Tim Rutkevich
Tim Rutkevich 12 soat oldin
What I got from this video: you better pay good bribes to the pilots and other Egyptian officials, so they don't cause such issue and blame on you.
davida1hiwaaynet 5 kun oldin
I feel so sorry for the captain and engineering crew on this ship!
Old Stud Buck
Old Stud Buck 5 kun oldin
Very interesting
MrTench8 5 kun oldin
What do you think of this explanation for the ship being wedged across the canal? uzblock.info/post/video/nrtnnHardW5ulYY.html
MrTench8 4 kun oldin
@Garfie489 Go ahead and disprove it then. I have checked out the meetings with the Turkish Government, they did take place.
Garfie489 5 kun oldin
Basically a load of easily disproven or improbable conspiracy theories.
Brian Ligat
Brian Ligat 5 kun oldin
Another great video Grady. Tell me, is the wife ever allowed in the garage? 2:34 3-day blockage?- yep, I've had one of those once.
Michael Fjetland
Michael Fjetland 5 kun oldin
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 5 kun oldin
so this is absoulte proof see the scene on this video with the swimming pool at sea, its absolutely crazy, if we were on a spinning ball it would be chaos down here but yet our seas are super calm unless there is a storm of course, think for yourself question everything the governments of the world are lying to us on a monumental scale the bigger the lie the more dumb people believe it just live the covid scam people actually believe its real??? think for yourself analyze and you see the truth in plain site, like an aeroplane its called and aeroPLANE because it flies over a FLAT PLANE not called an AEROPSHERE because its not a ball, the truth in PLANE site you only need to switch your brain on and ask the right questions and u can figure it!!
Garfie489 5 kun oldin
I love how people 2000 years ago could work out the earth is not flat, yet you seem incapable of doing yourself.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 5 kun oldin
Tell me this you say the ships name is the EVERGIVEN when clearly on the side of the ship it says EVERGREEN??
Garfie489 5 kun oldin
Guessing you havent watched the video? Tell me, if you wear an Adidas shirt, is your name Adidas? - does your mum start calling you "Adidas" because you are wearing the shirt? Ships are giant billboards, thats why companies put their name on it
Pamela Carnes
Pamela Carnes 5 kun oldin
Why is Evergreen pronounced ever given?
Garfie489 5 kun oldin
Because Ever Given is the name of the ship, as explained in the video
rudy begonia
rudy begonia 5 kun oldin
test run to illustrate the effect of interupted prodoct deliveries
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon 5 kun oldin
Going North around Russia? Methinks the polar icecap prevents that.
petter derter
petter derter 5 kun oldin
could of just said it bottom out and moved the ship to the right or left but i get it ur thirsty for that add money or maybe ur excuse is well am into science i just wanted to make a fun cool video for my fans dont watch if you like to complain but then again you have ads turned on so it is about the money ever genius
556nutt 5 kun oldin
More likely someone got paid off to cause it
Ron Ellis
Ron Ellis 5 kun oldin
Great explanation. Learned alot.
The Builder
The Builder 5 kun oldin
clearly it was done to delay my packages
Solid Rock
Solid Rock 5 kun oldin
Merci,, bonne démonstration scientifique repoussant la spéculation de malveillance de la part du pilote et du capitaine.
James Riddlee
James Riddlee 5 kun oldin
Excellent video, so clear and easy to understand, thank you.
vampire11 5 kun oldin
Very good report.
Marty Schwebel
Marty Schwebel 5 kun oldin
Gig'em Aggies!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 kun oldin
needs to be made to make the Suez canal even wider and deeper than it is right now.
RAY pitts
RAY pitts 3 kun oldin
then boats/ships get built bigger same problem in panama bigger needs bigger.
Pierre-Marc Rioux
Pierre-Marc Rioux 5 kun oldin
Niiiiice! Thanks! 😊
olosnah1 6 kun oldin
BS? it was deliberately put there.... it was NOT an accident. it was a blockade, not an obstruction.
Dashcam & CCTV footage
Exactly ))
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 5 kun oldin
I'm expecting the canal pilot to be the problem. Suspect speed got too slow for adequate steerage.
Shu Meister
Shu Meister 6 kun oldin
Strangely I didn't want to watch the news for this Suez canal issue. But you did such a nice thorough explanation, that I really enjoyed it! Thank you!
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell 6 kun oldin
Well explained as well as entertaining. subbed and voted uuuup
Raman Shah
Raman Shah 6 kun oldin
My dear heart, that googly eyed toy boat labeled "EVERGREEN" wins cute on the Internet for the day
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