What really happens when you bleed 

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4-Apr, 2021



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Ashley Elizabeth
Ashley Elizabeth 7 soat oldin
My sister when she bleeds : AAAAAAAA GET THE HOLY WATER AND HELP ME! Me when I bleed : **Calm** Everyone looking at me : •O• My sister : HOW ARE YOU NOT CRYING My mom : MY BABY IS TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A ScRaTcH Me : Calm down I don’t have blood **looks at my hand** Me agian : okay I am bleeding but wait **puts water and srubs with a towel** I do not see anything what were you talking about? :>
Sgtfireball 7 soat oldin
Platelets ftw
JERWIN. EXE 8 soat oldin
He thought he could have escaped
LilRedd Dane
LilRedd Dane 8 soat oldin
did u watch cells at work ??
Roger Trooper
Roger Trooper 8 soat oldin
Accually it would probobly like suck them out like falling out an air plain
Maria Serban
Maria Serban 8 soat oldin
It is like blood wants to come out as fast as it can
music lover 8906
music lover 8906 9 soat oldin
Im really starting to like these shorts on the body system add some medical terms and youll be makeing more views like usual and helping people learn and be inspired to go into the medical field the medical field work like a department for the body there's classes for only lung work liver work all the main part have people who only study on that part for me im a cardiovascularsnogfer student and im very proud of it and the work you're doing for these videos im aslo learning alot and re learning too and im really enjoying these video's thank you
Ashton Oak
Ashton Oak 11 soat oldin
Now this dude funny. Next gen of the self made comedians for sure.
Tiarnan 11 soat oldin
Rest In Peace comedy
Mae mae's world
Mae mae's world 13 soat oldin
Fredommmmmmmmmmmm. Oof 😂😂😂😂😂
Marie Yellow
Marie Yellow 14 soat oldin
Hilarious 🤣🤣
Slimkillac 15 soat oldin
I swear I learn more from UZblock than I ever have in 12 years of school
tokyo ms. teddy bear Afton
Just Lilly
Just Lilly Kun oldin
Can we leave this cringe on tiktok?
Kurt Berliner
Kurt Berliner Kun oldin
This guy is actually pretty funny, I am surprised because normally UZblock shorts are painful at best
baretrillz Kun oldin
What happened to the “human cells”?
No shoe Bri
No shoe Bri Kun oldin
This dude should be on cells at work like-
DSGO Kun oldin
Walmart Coryxkenshin, no hate.
Lonely Butterfly
I ran into my broken half tent today.. 𝘐 𝘨𝘰𝘵 𝘣𝘳𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘮𝘺 𝘦𝘺𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘶𝘵 𝘮𝘺 𝘯𝘰𝘴𝘦𓃲
DaPandacommanda yt
Just learned about this process today you wizard
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson Kun oldin
He cracks me up 😂😂😂😂😂
The anime reference irl be like:
watermelonoodle 's
Hes been watching too much anime
Mizuki Kumino
Mizuki Kumino Kun oldin
Cell at Work anyone?
Oliver Von arx
Oliver Von arx Kun oldin
Lol!! I don’t think they try to escape deliberately, it’s more like they get pushed out by all those behind them... Still funny!! 🤣
Mia Playes
Mia Playes Kun oldin
Me just drinking my blood:
Flash Zoomer
Flash Zoomer Kun oldin
This is stupid because ur blood is actually blue and then when it hits the air it turns red and if it did get out then it would turn red but ok
Grangadang Kun oldin
Fucking Ian
Shyreek Rhycerian
This dude could be the new bill nye the science guy, his acting and his moral is straight on point fr fr
Tottaly_NOT copyrighted Lol
Thats right that happens when you bleed
Sugacookie Kun oldin
Definitely not me simping for White blood cell from Cells at Work
good man
good man Kun oldin
It's all fun and jokes up until u realize ur card starts with B
MJFC129 Kun oldin
My name is Maurice!!
I just cut myself and bled
Nyzham Osman
Nyzham Osman 2 kun oldin
Depree Parks
Depree Parks 2 kun oldin
Why this remind me of coryxkeshin like 10 years ago him
Keith Basio
Keith Basio 2 kun oldin
being a stupid that ender dragon dont have full health by killing using bow
Blayne Smith
Blayne Smith 2 kun oldin
Every video I've seen from this guy is good.
Gacha PurpleCat
Gacha PurpleCat 2 kun oldin
This series reminds me of cells at work
Danielle Dolipas
Danielle Dolipas 2 kun oldin
*cries in hemophiliac*
Alex Gorby
Alex Gorby 2 kun oldin
Minecart Golden
Minecart Golden 2 kun oldin
Wild Tigerr
Wild Tigerr 2 kun oldin
Blake White
Blake White 2 kun oldin
Blood cells are actually blue but when they hit air they turn red
August :D
August :D 2 kun oldin
every time i see one of these videos i immediately think of Cells at Work but this is the first time i’ve seen any comments mentioning it before
David Ellington
David Ellington 2 kun oldin
So true
Ellie Bean
Ellie Bean 2 kun oldin
I gotta show this to my science teacher 😂
klein anthony
klein anthony 2 kun oldin
Cells at work but on tiktok
T Nugglet
T Nugglet 2 kun oldin
This man dumb af I seen a few videos and I'm contemplating life. Chill homie.
Mandy clark
Mandy clark 2 kun oldin
clara 2 kun oldin
me in class planning my escape bc i have nothing better to do 💀
Fornite crazy Sabin
SAME thing happened to me yesterday morning
Dawn Butler
Dawn Butler 2 kun oldin
I wasn't hereing Damn thing
finding my way back to me
Why can I not get enough of his videos??
dmcadik 3 kun oldin
Actually what happens Is 1. Beams of fire sweep through your head, thrusts of pain increasingly engaged. 2.Sensory receptors succumb, you're no one now, only agony. 3. crimson liquid so frantically spilled and the ruby fluid of life unleashed
Chowder Whillis
Chowder Whillis 3 kun oldin
This that new Osmosis Jones movie everyone talking about??
HardSleeper Music
HardSleeper Music 3 kun oldin
How dope and creative is this? Good job..
Cordelian Stewart
Cordelian Stewart 3 kun oldin
Janice Benjamin
Janice Benjamin 3 kun oldin
That is so funny
Mika-Chan 3 kun oldin
For real tho but in the anime they don’t escape they fall or get eaten by germs
FNaFGamerDragon 3 kun oldin
Can this dude be my science teacher?
Mystic Warrior
Mystic Warrior 3 kun oldin
This is why you don't think with your mouth open buds
Harry Simpson
Harry Simpson 3 kun oldin
Nallitha Krishnakanth
Your are amazing
Chance Gearhart87
Chance Gearhart87 3 kun oldin
Kadeem Johnson
Kadeem Johnson 3 kun oldin
Funny lol
Estrella Rivas
Estrella Rivas 3 kun oldin
Not me having the same poster 💀
Semaje Lewis
Semaje Lewis 3 kun oldin
Is that will smith son 😳
Unknown 3 kun oldin
So u have seen cells ar work I see
Johntyler Parvin
Johntyler Parvin 3 kun oldin
Blood is blue when in your body when it touches the air it turns red
Becka Horton
Becka Horton 3 kun oldin
You so silly. Lol I watched this over and over.
BLXCK.MXMBX824 3 kun oldin
Shouldn't u be wearing blue tho
dancing doggo
dancing doggo 3 kun oldin
This to true in my way when I cut myself
El Midgeto
El Midgeto 4 kun oldin
Ian here do be lookin kinda sus
Kou Vang
Kou Vang 4 kun oldin
You know....there is a 2 season anime like this. It's call Cells at Work
Drake Brown
Drake Brown 4 kun oldin
Is Ian a white blood cell
festus ewere
festus ewere 4 kun oldin
Good one
Brawn Puckett
Brawn Puckett 4 kun oldin
Thank you mister or missus platelets
Elizabeth 4 kun oldin
Now every time I bleed I will just think of this...
Bryce Mlinar
Bryce Mlinar 4 kun oldin
Dawg your videos are hilarious
George Dagel
George Dagel 4 kun oldin
Hahaha it's true though
Natalia Vielot
Natalia Vielot 4 kun oldin
Freedom is like no single file lines in elementary school now that I’m in middle school or teachers watching us or following us
Vicente Heredia
Vicente Heredia 4 kun oldin
It's so funny
Son Goku
Son Goku 4 kun oldin
I saw u in king Vader’s video 😏
Star Life
Star Life 4 kun oldin
Blood is blue not red 😂
bethany emberson
bethany emberson 4 kun oldin
This man is single handededly saving science students their diploma
Epicfury 4 kun oldin
These videos help me in science so much
Katie Bandy
Katie Bandy 4 kun oldin
Omg 👁👅👁
Cori Portis
Cori Portis 4 kun oldin
Cori Portis
Cori Portis 4 kun oldin
Two things why you run like that and the way he hit the door oh my gosh
CTI 4 kun oldin
Can I hire the dude who repaired the door? Dude works godspeed jeez
Jacob Stultz
Jacob Stultz 4 kun oldin
Wierd and I love it
Gian 4 kun oldin
5xp3nsive 4 kun oldin
Ya know these videos make me wanna take care of my body more, because I imagine these guys are in my body.
gabriel dominguez
gabriel dominguez 4 kun oldin
why are you at corys house
Kyle Grey
Kyle Grey 4 kun oldin
That's a good 1
Mambe 4 kun oldin
tiny ender world minecraft
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