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Who is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, and why doesn’t he have more than one facial expression? Here’s how Tucker Carlson went from entitled aristocrat to Fox News superhero. #DailyShow #TheDailyShowography #TuckerCarlson
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18-Fev, 2021



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Lou Towers
Lou Towers 6 daqiqa oldin
Tucker Carlson. LOL
Jason NoRegretes
Jason NoRegretes 17 daqiqa oldin
Even if you don't agree with him, you have to admit when he and fox are the only actually different news station, things start looking suspicious. And that's putting it lightly
Lex Blessed
Lex Blessed 23 daqiqa oldin
The steep toy orly complain because cook coincidently drag worth a noxious adapter. magical, callous morning
Avishek Chowdhury
Avishek Chowdhury 48 daqiqa oldin
A real great american...thats what tucker is
Abhishek Mukhopadhyay
Now do Hannity next, please!
Maureen Smith
Maureen Smith 2 soat oldin
why is he even on tv. tucker is a joke
Dutchess 2 soat oldin
Tucker Carlson is the only one speaking of great truths today on Cable News Network! As a Liberal, I now watch him daily. He has my favorite whistleblower Liberals on like , Glenn Greenwald , Jimmy Dore and Dr Naomi Wolfe! Btw, out of context clips are not exactly legit criticism! It is actually more like propaganda to indoctrinate the audience. Come on bring it on😎😇 BTW, you are no John Stewart!
Ja Beck54
Ja Beck54 2 soat oldin
Nice cut n paste editing job on what he really said to make it seem as horrible as horrible as possible while pandering to libs.
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims 2 soat oldin
Tucker is the man!
petercallinicos 2 soat oldin
That's always the strategy on the left. When you can't win an argument with facts, you attack.
Danny Steph
Danny Steph 3 soat oldin
He's a man with back bone
Matt NoName
Matt NoName 3 soat oldin
Haters in the house
Kri 4 soat oldin
I like to call him fucker carlson
Ezekiel Brown
Ezekiel Brown 5 soat oldin
Please invite him on your show and have a debate with him and we'll see.
Jordan W
Jordan W 5 soat oldin
Trying to cancel more people? Pathetic
karthik gowda
karthik gowda 8 soat oldin
You could have just tagged @nowthis
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez 8 soat oldin
All the comments are too funny to read but I have to admit Tuck delivers the news pretty well
Davis Kahle
Davis Kahle 8 soat oldin
Davis Kahle
Davis Kahle 9 soat oldin
Haha oh how the “Mighty” will fall in these days😃
Alain Koch
Alain Koch 9 soat oldin
Wish there would be a tucker blocker add on for my browser.
Alain Koch
Alain Koch 9 soat oldin
Wouldn’t be surprised if his family lives on a small island without tv, internet or phone line... and with a satellite signal blocker.
Alain Koch
Alain Koch 9 soat oldin
LOL.. anyone else who stopped watching the video after the first 3 seconds? 🤣
Alfredo B
Alfredo B 11 soat oldin
Carlson like Trump are bound to fail. Talk to much and will misstep due to the braised negative attitude. You know when they get to brave beyond their bridges. The kind of person that people which they were dead. I guess we have to have people like him to oppose, fight by inciting people because people listen to him as it’s okay to him.
• ash •
• ash • 12 soat oldin
That McRib shit got me rollin but I fuck with tucker
Vinnius Caesar
Vinnius Caesar 12 soat oldin
Immigration is a terrible thing at this point. All of you feminists will really regret it once you realize "😳 Somalians aren't okay with transgenders and gays?!" As they're getting stoned to death in the streets 🤣
John Coleman (DonnRock)
So you’re pro gay marriage and okay with trans people using bathrooms and against the military trans ban? You sound like you’re a liberal.
Vinnius Caesar
Vinnius Caesar 12 soat oldin
Trevor Noah wishes he had HALF the insight and the intellectual prowess of Tucker Carlson 😅
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims 2 soat oldin
Balaji Kartha
Balaji Kartha 13 soat oldin
what should people who listen and believe him be called!
VCU PIANIST 13 soat oldin
He’s one of the very few reporters actually telling the truth and not bought and paid for by big tech, big pharma and big government. He’s so despised by the post modernist left because he’s actually calling them out for the irreparable damage they’ve done to this country, particularly this past year. I’d be very surprised if more than 5% of his detractors actually sat down and listened to one of his monologues in its entirety.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
So he’s being taken out of context? I thought Fox is owned by a foreign billionaire?
matt darbyshire
matt darbyshire 13 soat oldin
Trevor is jealous.
JJ Rodriguez
JJ Rodriguez 14 soat oldin
Tucker is 10000 times better than you could ever be you annoying effing Trevor Why don't you go back to your country
John Coleman (DonnRock)
He’s making America great. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 14 soat oldin
I personally prefer Rachel Maddows' conspiracy theories, and Don Lemons racism. So much more authentic in their performances.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
@Todd Johnson not at all, no amount of evidence is ever going to be enough for you, trumpism is a cult, anyway Michael Coen has already said trump needs to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit. And did you know trump is so toxic I’m so proud to tell you the Irish head of state refused to meet him when he came to Ireland. How right he was. Speaking of which, data shows the lower your IQ and education level, the more you relate to the childish way trump speaks and are statistically more likely to vote for him. That’d be you, nice try though. According to Pew Research Center, 58% of conservatives believe higher education negatively affects society's direction. www.google.ie/amp/s/mavenroundtable.io/theintellectualist/api/amp/theintellectualist/news/republicans-increasingly-believe-that-education-is-bad-for-america-rxALKghssEuxfZ6Uu7Sz_g/
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 4 soat oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock)Lmao!!! Stormy Daniels? Soooo we're just going to leave my previous points completely unaddressed? Attempting a discussion with you leftist is like trying to have a discussion with a paranoid schizophrenic on meth.. I appreciate the banter, however you clearly don't have the mental acuity to continue this back and forth.. You're dismissed.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
@Todd Johnson Ya, but the big question is, did Individual-1 two-time Karen McDougal with Stormy Daniels with a number one?
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 4 soat oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock) Hahaha.. The old Liberal reading comprehension deficiency rears it's ugly head. Why don't you go back through that "news article" and tell me one point that isn't speculative.. Jusy one, I'll wait..
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 4 soat oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock) Was rigged, don't you remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to step down from the DNC because they got caught cheating Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. Try to keep up..
Patryk Olesiejuk
Patryk Olesiejuk 14 soat oldin
Do people actually believe the bs on this channel? Or is it just for entertainment?
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Those words did came from Carlson’s mouth, so I think I know what you mean.
James G
James G 14 soat oldin
Imagine how Trevor Noah feels watching TV stars who didn't get their jobs through affirmative action
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Affirmative action was civil rights marches against people like you.
optimeg 15 soat oldin
Tucker Carlson brings out some of the best stories out there and also provokes very thoughtful discussions. And in general has better guests from the opposite end of the spectrum. On top of that he actually lets them talk for a while instead of spinning them to his own narrative most of the time. Its what makes his show get higher ratings compared to other pundits on CNN and MSNBC. Switched over from CNN last year. To much emo-news after a while gets too repetitive. The people are more complex than race, gender, or whatever other abstraction you can think of.
optimeg 55 daqiqa oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock) Moderate democrat (centrist) actually. I disagree with the woke nonsense as it ignores the actual issues and reduces people and events to race, gender, and other irrelevant things. That is one thing to be admired from the other side - they actually focus on the issues that can be resolved as opposed to name calling people with labels. The media slant is clearly obvious too which is why Tucker provides another side of the story. If the media was more objective, you would not need Tucker for sure. Im fine with that. You look at the history of conservatives and liberals and you will see that they are not monolithic. They flip and switch. So no point in seeing things as a false dichotomy or ether liberal or conservatives. Just look at the history of the democratic party - they were the party of white supremacy, the KKK, the Confederacy and Jim Crow for more than a century and established the racism in the south as "Dixiecrats". Even the Black Panther party fought against the Democratic party, not the Republican party when they wanted to make a pro-black party. Just a sample of the compexity.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
You sound like you’re a liberal. Well done.
raul aguilera
raul aguilera 15 soat oldin
These are the people that don't give a shit about the working class, and what makes me more angry are the working class people that believe Carlson's bullshit
peggykris 15 soat oldin
Love tucker great show!!
John Coleman (DonnRock)
You sound like you’re a liberal. Well done.
Moonlit Summer
Moonlit Summer 15 soat oldin
It’s interesting this guy gives facts but out of nowhere gives a somewhat opinion toward whatever he covers. He does implement a comedy feel to the mix but that’s all it seems to be.... clowning
Apt Yaya
Apt Yaya 16 soat oldin
I think native Americans have more of a right to fight for their heritage than us.
DefinitelyNot CrazyRei
Why is Tucker Carlson?
rloomis3 17 soat oldin
Ah, that felt good. He _so_ deserves this (and plenty more).
Will Marks
Will Marks 17 soat oldin
I hate Trevor Noah and how did Tucker become a legend easy he’s awesome
John Coleman (DonnRock)
That’s some dire diarrhea.
DutchBakery 17 soat oldin
He's a right wing scarecrow of a trust fund baby who turned a sexual assault of his into a liberal outrage! Easiest way to summarize Tucker Carlson.
Marco H
Marco H 17 soat oldin
Tucker has a swc
joe wilts
joe wilts 18 soat oldin
The wet mattock observationally ban because hate cumulatively untidy outside a ancient octave. mountainous, dangerous link
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane 18 soat oldin
What you all probably don't want to hear: Tucker Carlson is playing a character (as displayed briefly and skewed by the career dossier shown in this segment). He is a mouth-piece for invested funds to push agendas. Trevor Noah is a mouth-piece for invested funds to push agendas. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person. Noah is an extraordinarily intelligent and cultured man (as Carlson might be... benefit of the doubt in this case, I have no idea). There is no objectivity in either of their bodies of work (media=money). Most of the people in these comments are merely fish grasping at whichever lure they fancy more. Please educate yourselves and realize that the "other side" much more similar in values to you than you perceive them to be. I know that comment will likely "trigger" people. But I can assure you, your political/media deities are surely not deities and are in the game for one reason.. and one reason only. Your monetized attention.
Duriel Caine
Duriel Caine 18 soat oldin
You seem a bit obsessed with Tucker Carlson, Trevor. I’m guessing it’s from envy. Perhaps if you were as intelligent and interesting as Tucker you’d manage to be relevant. 🤷🏻‍♂️
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Bella DiMambro
Bella DiMambro 18 soat oldin
The passive razzing that was the documentation of Tucker's weight fluctuation was *chef's kiss*
matthew thornton
matthew thornton 18 soat oldin
What is the point of this segment? To mischaracterize a man you dont even know? To continue creating a divide between the people? Ive watched it at least 4 times trying to pinpoint the moment when I was supposed to laugh, yet I may have to watch it a 5th time. This shit getting old man. You should find you some new writers or go back to telling jokes in the clubs. What I'm watching makes u look like a jerk for taking cheap shots at a man who is more successful at what yall do than you are.
downhilltwofour00 19 soat oldin
At 4:53 Snucker deflects form his lavish wealth and Elitist status just like tRump when he admits he went to the most elite schools and that's how he knows it's a scam. Implying that he's just one of the people. At 5:55 Snucker exposes his assessment of what he thinks his audience actually is made of, by implying that his audience would not be able to "get along with" or understand a neighbor that is culturally different, meaning his audience is intractable and stupid. And he assumes they can't accept that different people, including members of their own ethnicity, religion or geographic location might actually have both divergent and common values. As long as the poor and middle-class will accept him as their benevalent Guru, America will be hosed. I had to take frequent breaks to over-come my Gag-reflex while staring into his dead eyes.
DScharts 19 soat oldin
2028 Republican Nominee
Icon X
Icon X 19 soat oldin
Man my stomach is hurrrrrrting! I had to watch it again 😂 did she say “Swamp Thing” 😂 I swear to GOD I have not laughed that hard since before covid 😂 😂 😂
Sarah 20 soat oldin
Tucker Carlson and Meghan McCain are the poster children for why we need to stop giving rich, entitled brats microphones and platforms.
Ashley D
Ashley D 20 soat oldin
OrpheusCreativeCo 20 soat oldin
Hahaha, Tucker is so spineless 😂
DLM DLM 20 soat oldin
And I thought I hated Tucker before this but they did a good job
bdippold 20 soat oldin
Yay. Now do Anderson Cooper.
Ilovedogs 20 soat oldin
I was going to leave a like (I know it doesn't matter if i did, or didn't) but when the narrator said that Tucker hated immigrants, thats just completely false, and you took everything that he was saying out of context. He hates ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, not legal immigrants.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Mrs trump is an illegal, he doesn’t hate her, she’s white. On the other hand, if Obama’s wife...
Romulus Swiss
Romulus Swiss 20 soat oldin
Tucker is a great man! Love him!
John Coleman (DonnRock)
He’s diarrhea
Good Ear
Good Ear 21 soat oldin
Trevor Noah needs a speech language pathologist.
Bill Walter
Bill Walter 21 soat oldin
Tucker McFlurry 😂😂
griff501 21 soat oldin
Just another con man.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez 21 soat oldin
Funny you never got after his populism because your cia handlers wont like that
1xCE 21 soat oldin
Well, unlike Tucker you communists only use ONE big lie to fool the people...
John Coleman (DonnRock)
If I’m a commie you’re a Holocaust denier
IllyrianWolf 22 soat oldin
Hahaha, an affirmative action hire is speaking to you.😂😂😂
Scott Mills
Scott Mills 22 soat oldin
Sounds like Josh Hawley campaigning from the back of a flat bed with a piece of straw between his teeth. Hee haw. Phony bastard.
Kelly Corcam
Kelly Corcam 22 soat oldin
Tucker Carlson is by far the best journalist on TV!
John Coleman (DonnRock)
If you eat diarrhea
Jerry Crittendon
Jerry Crittendon 22 soat oldin
Trevor Noah totally destroyed Tucker! He made fun of his name, his face, and his attire. I feel like I’m back in junior high. Keep up the awesome work!
Q Broke
Q Broke 22 soat oldin
JJ Deadhead
JJ Deadhead 23 soat oldin
You just may be on to something....
Sooner Jon The Conservative
So, does who he is have anything to do with what he says? Are we judging people on their heritage? Are we judging people on their skin color? I know the dems do but do all of us. If the MSM were to practice journalistic integrity, I don't think we would be worried about who said it, just what they said.
BOBBY GLICK 23 soat oldin
If tucker carlson stays on his knees to trump long enough he'll turn into lindsey graham.
Christopher Nuzzi
Oooohh he said things some people disagree with! How horrible!
John Coleman (DonnRock)
You sound like you’re a liberal
Pascal G
Pascal G Kun oldin
I’m glad this video was made..I’ve literally watched this guy reinvent himself over and over again during the last two decades.
Pranav G
Pranav G Kun oldin
Tucker Carlson is what happens when you forget to use a condom when you are high!
esteban collazo
esteban collazo Kun oldin
The sincere rifle typically try because canoe iteratively preserve opposite a separate shirt. sedate, wanting swing
Alonso Gee
Alonso Gee Kun oldin
All 36 of his names. 😂😂😂👍
Creapture Kun oldin
They dont really have any criticisms other than personal looks?
moreuz1 Kun oldin
Tucker Carlsno - voice of sanity in murky times...
John Coleman (DonnRock)
He said no white supremacists attacked the Capitol, which is insane.
Kaushik Ji
Kaushik Ji Kun oldin
Look at his eyes, they show no sign of life.. even when his mouth pretends to show he is alive...
Elena King
Elena King Kun oldin
Mister Tucker is very intelligent bright person ,really gentleman. Exellent manners . Why you call every person ,who doesn't look like maggots from getto rasist?? The biggest rasists in USA antifa and maggots from getto.
ChuckDaddy13 Kun oldin
Love this concept I hope you do it also with the people at CNN and MSNBC plus the rest of the fox goofballs. Don't forget about rich lives matter Stephanie ruhle
Charlie Swanson
Charlie Swanson Kun oldin
Okay so am I the only one that actually watches and likes him? Just me? Okay.
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims 2 soat oldin
Tucker is the man
Johnie McGrath
Johnie McGrath Kun oldin
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Turey Taino
Turey Taino Kun oldin
So Tuckey calls what he does "work"? That is hilarious.
M.R Fox
M.R Fox Kun oldin
Poor liberals... #Trumpbrokeyou..🤣
M.R Fox
M.R Fox 2 soat oldin
Typical liberal.. trying to tell everyone else what they mean.. when you yourself have no idea what you mean... put your mask on take your meds ..
John Coleman (DonnRock)
@M.R Fox you mean you never even cared about debt? I know, it was all a ruse.
M.R Fox
M.R Fox 3 soat oldin
Told you #Trumpbrokeyou.. he has made a liberal concerned about the national debt... its a miracle..
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Yup, added trillions to your national debt.
Justforstyle santana
Some more news news did a much better indepth especially of the disgusted grifter he is
Guy LeDouche
Guy LeDouche Kun oldin
An actual journalist, not a propagandizing race baiter.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
@Guy LeDouche Fox Cartoon Network is owned by a billionaire. You misunderstood, I like him, he’s a SJW for the ‘little guy’.
Guy LeDouche
Guy LeDouche Soat oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock) mmm nope. but it does make me laugh how pathetically desperate you are to smear the man
John Coleman (DonnRock)
@Guy LeDouche he is, for billionaires.
Guy LeDouche
Guy LeDouche 2 soat oldin
@John Coleman (DonnRock) Not quite but nice try.
John Coleman (DonnRock)
Tucker only wants to make the world a better place, he’s a SJW.
rosset4music Kun oldin
Something is wrong with tucker carlson. He should be checked for drug addiction.
Brandon Kun oldin
No man The real legendary journalist is the one dude from the intro that was reporting the Iraq or Iran War man
OpenEyes !
OpenEyes ! Kun oldin
BECAUSE Tucker is ONLY one telling the damn truth
Sean Cohen
Sean Cohen Kun oldin
Reaching a bit huh, "Comedy Central"? Would your network still exist without Tosh and South Park? Nope. I get it. Still hanging on.
Gary Urgonski
Gary Urgonski Kun oldin
Funny and well-written but who was supposed to edit it. The word "wreaked" is NOT "wrecked." "Seamus" is NOT "See-mus" but "Shame-us." Oh well, the English language is shot to hell anyway.
Gary Urgonski
Gary Urgonski Kun oldin
Sorry, meant to put a question mark at the end of the first sentence, but punctuation now doesn't matter either.
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright Kun oldin
God I hate his voice, I pray Disney buys the rest of fox out and tosses him out! Or he gets sued and they make fox have a banner under him saying he is lying and is allowed to lie.
jesus loves me jesus cares
Tucker out here disproving any bullshit you guys dish out so what do you do? Make jokes? Idek what the point of this video was. The daily show LOVES to call people racist and have ZERO proof. This is daily show logic: are you likable? No? Well sorry you dont fit our image. I mean let's get real here when people hear "The daily show" they only think of Jon lol. Trevor's had almost 6 years to do something with the show and he tanked it :P. If anyone wants to know what Carlson is about I implore you watch videos in their ENTIRETY not the clipped bullshit this show puts on. Btw its hilarious you say tucker is a conspiracy theorist with a tin foil hat when you guys pushed the russian collusion and found NOTHING and also pushed the trump getting pissed on and they found ZERO evidence over that either. This is a huge joke and so is anyone who watches a daily show video and thinks "oh yeah trevor isn't gonna lie to me, how could he?" Dumb. Asses.
Heath Wallace
Heath Wallace Kun oldin
I remember when the daily show was good .
Heath Wallace
Heath Wallace Kun oldin
Carlson is a G
TheSuperSpeeder Kun oldin
This makes me like Tucker even more.
phil spd
phil spd Kun oldin
What makes him any different than anyone else in the media?
White Tiger
White Tiger Kun oldin
tucker carlson is cool, your show sucks
Steven Soto
Steven Soto Kun oldin
People actually listen to and believe piece of shit Tucker Carlson. Says a lot about them...
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