Woman shot after rejecting man's advances 

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Woman shot after rejecting man's advances



17-Apr, 2021



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Good Dad
Good Dad 8 kun oldin
So she was out with a broke a$$ loser. Oh and she was shot by a BLACK MAN.
Songbird Melody
Songbird Melody 9 kun oldin
Where the hell is the traffic Cam footage huh......Mayor Bottoms where is the traffic cam footage.........or any footage nearby...thats near the benz stadium has to be VIDEO FOOTAGE NEARBY or something that can lead them to the shooter.....
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins 11 kun oldin
That sucks. A cute date gone wrong. Why can't dude's handle rejection and how lame are you for trying to take someone else's woman!
Pastor Yoda
Pastor Yoda 16 kun oldin
Sore loser
Shay Hay
Shay Hay 16 kun oldin
ugh i freaking hate people sometimes like leave people alone they don want you get over it like gosh
aola wili
aola wili 16 kun oldin
with predatory behaviors to be better & decent human being
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj 16 kun oldin
Even being on a date with their significant other isn’t enough for some people to realize their love is unrequited.
aola wili
aola wili 15 kun oldin
He's so pathetic🙄 Ladies be careful!
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 17 kun oldin
And guys wonder why girls are scared of getting “compliments”🙄
aola wili
aola wili 15 kun oldin
And you people want to remove guns? Everyone should carry a gun so you can protect yourself from crazy people like that.
Blaze Hot
Blaze Hot 17 kun oldin
SMH! 😠
aola wili
aola wili 14 kun oldin
He's so pathetic🙄 Ladies be careful!
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 17 kun oldin
Omg I know Cynthia G gone gone go in on this messed up situation
aola wili
aola wili 14 kun oldin
And you people want to remove guns? Everyone should carry a gun so you can protect yourself from crazy people like that.
aweba25 17 kun oldin
Typical Atlanta stuff.
Mgtow Values
Mgtow Values 17 kun oldin
This is not a case of a woman rejecting a man's advances. No man seriously approaches a woman who is with another man, especially while driving down the road. This is an insane man in a car disturbing a man and his girlfriend. The action of the man in the car is not of an "approach" but of a psychopath out for fun. It is odd that zero attention was paid to understand the driver/shooter's motivations or mention of seeking his arrest. In addition, it is odd that the boyfriend's reaction was not addressed. The boyfriend failed to protect the woman who was with him: this is not good.
Mgtow Values
Mgtow Values 13 kun oldin
@pida siouy Snowflakes and globalists want to remove individual men (and women) from taking responsibility for self-protection. MGTOW supports individual responsibility and accountability.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 18 kun oldin
Omg I know Cynthia G gone gone go in on this messed up situation
Leela Crissy
Leela Crissy 18 kun oldin
And he wonders why no one wants his stupid ass
FeLauren Aurielle
FeLauren Aurielle 18 kun oldin
It’s sad but that’s why I always keep a separate number. I try to avoid conflict and accept numbers even though I state I am in a relationship. I make sure the number is linked because I have had men call right on the spot. Then I simply block the number or refuse to answer after I safely get away. I’m too skinny to play games with these arrogant ignorant men
Alicia Rideaux
Alicia Rideaux 18 kun oldin
The hateful, nasty perverts no longer takes "NO" for and answer. The stalk you, harass you, sabotage your life and even try to take your life. I HATE THOSE NASTY HATEFUL PERVERTS! 😒
Jakazu v2
Jakazu v2 18 kun oldin
Good, bet she won't refuse a man again.
SuperTabbat 15 kun oldin
Yea she will. She has a man already.
Brotha Hoskins
Brotha Hoskins 18 kun oldin
Dear Ladies...... Have yourself Strapped at all times These dudes are psychopaths,and creppy,and will take you out your misery because they can't handle rejection
Cliff Johnson
Cliff Johnson 18 kun oldin
Bad parents failed to teach right from wrong and sold out the race doing what they did not do. Too bad the parent were such bucket of pig poo.
Blackwolf MGTOW
Blackwolf MGTOW 18 kun oldin
This is tragic but not surpassing . Dudes raised by single mothers , often raised to be hyper emotional and then this happens.
Verden 18 kun oldin
And you people want to remove guns? Everyone should carry a gun so you can protect yourself from crazy people like that.
gummy bear
gummy bear 18 kun oldin
He's so pathetic🙄 Ladies be careful!
Guru Trips
Guru Trips 18 kun oldin
Atlanta different man
Nainaa Sahil
Nainaa Sahil 18 kun oldin
Where are we heading in this world too, so much violence-this is total madness.
S 18 kun oldin
Brothers. You have to understand she doesn't have to talk to you.
deFUND Thotiana
deFUND Thotiana 18 kun oldin
Freakin Incels man smh
Ms. Brown Suga 504
Ms. Brown Suga 504 18 kun oldin
People ask me why I stay to myself?????
Katie Harris
Katie Harris 18 kun oldin
But still no smoke for George zimmerman. These nakers are a joke. They'll forget be subjugated.
jim more
jim more 18 kun oldin
Cowards with a gun
Brooke Nation
Brooke Nation 18 kun oldin
That's terrible
A H 18 kun oldin
I've dealt with aggressive behavior from men who didn't like my ignoring of their disrespectful advances or saying no. I've had men spit at me, call me the b word just because I've politely declined. I've had men try to lower my self-esteem just because I wasn't interested. It's not easy for a woman out here. That's why I stopped going to clubs in my 20's and stayed away from certain places as much as possible. It's ridiculous having to go thru things like this when you're just trying to be happy and enjoy life. Church, gym, work, vacation with your man, it's crazy.
J B 18 kun oldin
Men are crazy. Ironic they call women everything they actually are. Men are more emotional too. Never seen a woman kill someone over not making a perfect dinner.
Eddwardo Chesterfield
This is why you teach children how to take rejection and denial.
Soldier Fields
Soldier Fields 18 kun oldin
Imagine being that down bad
ATX - Beautiful_Silver
Damn shame. The male ego is more fragile than ever.
lane owen
lane owen 18 kun oldin
jammingalways 18 kun oldin
No father. Expect more of this.
Neo Malapane
Neo Malapane 18 kun oldin
Americans and guns🙄
Lorenzo Burton
Lorenzo Burton 18 kun oldin
That animal who disrupted this couple’s life should be found and publicly whipped.
Wendy Camacho Padilla
Wow 😳 rejection definitely not an excuse to shoot her. Hope she is okay.
Darsi Dueñas
Darsi Dueñas 18 kun oldin
Males and their fragile ego 🙄 So sad
Rey Perez
Rey Perez 18 kun oldin
At least there won’t be a manifestation about this incident
Reflections of the Day
Dang. I'm old, disabled & home bound & already have tons of crimes committed against me with no rights. Now I can't say "no" to some thug who thinks he's hot sh----? What next? Judgment day......
NIM 18 kun oldin
I think it's important to mention that the woman's fiancee' intervined and, stopped the suspect from cat-calling his significant other before the fool shot at them!
Monique Jordan
Monique Jordan 18 kun oldin
Peter Pizzurro
Peter Pizzurro 18 kun oldin
Damn crazy white supremists!!
Lashes&Lipgloss !!
Lashes&Lipgloss !! 19 kun oldin
Im glad im ugly.
Cleveland nig in Cali
Haha...nigga she should have gave him a fake number and said I'm just out with my brother...😁
Mute 19 kun oldin
Our captivity is ending AHAYAH has redeemed Jacob
SINO - 19 kun oldin
WOW...smh Are people are wicked as hell. This Black queen was out with her Black King and you shoot her for being out in love?..Wow
Thomas Owes
Thomas Owes 19 kun oldin
I need more info. Was the man black or white?
Jessie KayLee
Jessie KayLee 19 kun oldin
What a cute date night so sad :(
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 19 kun oldin
Well it was Atlanta?
None2NV 19 kun oldin
So horrible
Myla pie
Myla pie 19 kun oldin
This is why women are afraid
La' Vy
La' Vy 19 kun oldin
What the hell?! Did they catch him? Can I get a description, car color ...something!!
Sandy brown
Sandy brown 19 kun oldin
Catch him before he starts dating someone's daughter!
Truth is power
Truth is power 19 kun oldin
P.S. that pussy boy at the end who ran away but felt bad when he heard the girl in pain, you are the problem! Grow some balls and run to the girl! Get a license plate! Use your 2a to defend her!
iAMDerek Williamz
iAMDerek Williamz 19 kun oldin
Black Li..
Jhaindoh5 19 kun oldin
Wicked Houston
Wicked Houston 19 kun oldin
its important to carry any kind of weapon. not only a gun. a pepperball gun, survival knife, fox labs pepper spray
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix 19 kun oldin
that guy that shot her is pathetic!
Sophilia Lark-Woodbury
This is why citizens need to be armed. People are crazy, and ain't nobody got time to die because they don't want to be accosted by a psycho.
Brenda Brown
Brenda Brown 19 kun oldin
That man weak asf. Hope they find him.
An Unkindness of Ravens
Find that idiot and lock it up for the 20 year max for aggravated assault.
Noir Fit
Noir Fit 19 kun oldin
The king of simps. Hope she makes a speedy recovery
NTBS 19 kun oldin
Corey Still
Corey Still 19 kun oldin
So what the fuck did the boyfriend do?
Willa Habersham
Willa Habersham 19 kun oldin
Thank GOD she's alive
C J 19 kun oldin
The only UPDATE I want to see, is the man found and LOCKED UP!
Davidson Moffat
Davidson Moffat 19 kun oldin
What color were they.
KelseyMarie’ 19 kun oldin
That’s tiny dick energy that mans got
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 19 kun oldin
something. Cmon guys, they have legit reasons to be afraid of us. Start with the bare minimum and not shoot a girl for rejecting you. 😓
Amy Harris
Amy Harris 19 kun oldin
I make my eyes go cross and pucker my lips like Sheneneh off Martin when rejecting a guy 😶🙏 to her full recovery
ChocoBabiChan 19 kun oldin
So we can't even say no now??? TF??!!!
Tuh-mar 19 kun oldin
THIS IS OUT OF FxxxING ORDER. The community needs to find whoever did this put his ASS under the ground. We need to clean this shit up ourselves. We need to protect our women!
Nastynati0527 19 kun oldin
If the police shot his ass after this would ya'll burn your city down too? Clowns.
Courteney Campbell
Courteney Campbell 19 kun oldin
A man who can’t take no for an answer is dangerous very very dangerous
sudilos117 19 kun oldin
When you tell someone that they are entitled to Everything. That means Everything. It's called being Spoiled and Violent as a virtue
hundedbarz718 19 kun oldin
I hate to be harsh if they already going to holler at your lady while your present you should have that thing off of safety and ready to go it's an initial sign showing they have no respect for you and do not fear/respect your presence where they will go after that is Limitless you got to shut that stuff down immediately before it grows like a weed. Men don't be scared even using your self as a diversion and giving your ladies the Escape Route as a last resort you got to do what you got to do ten toes down.
THEIDLESHOW 19 kun oldin
Nothing scarier than a human with nothing to lose. The scumbag will do it again and again until he gets caught.This psychology of rejection is explained in the book the Gift of Fear. The author says kids should be thought how to deal with rejection in school. I hope she recovers quickly physically and mentally.
Dustin Duvall-Black
Dustin Duvall-Black 19 kun oldin
Did they ever find the coward who did this?
Devontay Andrews
Devontay Andrews 19 kun oldin
How you got a name like Samuel Savage & start running when you hear shots 🤔😂🤦
Jason C
Jason C 19 kun oldin
What an absolute chad
Peter Owens
Peter Owens 19 kun oldin
This world has gone mad smmfh
Shy Shy
Shy Shy 19 kun oldin
Wtf Is this world coming too
Hftt Ghjg
Hftt Ghjg 19 kun oldin
"First world country" "Superpower" my a$$
bncfxbcf fh ngjfufhu
Kellie Hu
Kellie Hu 19 kun oldin
This on the back of the woman beaten up by a man for rejecting his advances in NY. This has to stop, and honestly men collectively have to be the ones to stop it.
miky carney
miky carney 19 kun oldin
BLM don't care
19 X
19 X 19 kun oldin
“Get more confrontational”
Lamar Holmes
Lamar Holmes 19 kun oldin
Unbelievable. Women start getting training with firearms and self defense(primarily BJJ). Get a concealed carry permit and arm yourselves. It's a sad and unfortunate truth about the evils that are in this world, which you must protect yourselves from.
tim vanderlinde
tim vanderlinde 19 kun oldin
Did this involve a white police officer and an “innocent “ black man?
Bryan Sumler
Bryan Sumler 19 kun oldin
You can’t no nice things in Georgia I sear
gray clary
gray clary 19 kun oldin
Leftys playing
JOEL00111 19 kun oldin
This is why I teach boy/men that we need to travel explore 3rd world countries, the west is gynocentric and not a healthy society for males. Males are treated as less in america for having a penis, there's no free services/shelter/mental health help for men everything is for females. Abandon this country just make your money and leave for your mental health, western females don't care they're in bed with big daddy government collecting child support/alimony from men!
Mone G
Mone G 19 kun oldin
Wow!! Guy in the car, was mad disrespectful. Now a days telling someone, I'm not interested gets you shot. 🤷‍♂️🤔🤷‍♂️🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
season Bowy
season Bowy 19 kun oldin
John Ames
John Ames 19 kun oldin
had a woman come talk to me at a bar, when she figured out I wasn't interested she told the bouncer I touched her...they threw me out. Women just make false allegations when they are rejected.
queer libtard hippie
Everybody makes fake allegations. You aren't special babe. Even the simple kleptomanic will try to convince you that you didn't see what you just saw.
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